Top 6 Military Schools In Canada 2022

Are you interested in acquiring military cadet education in a military school in Canada? If yes, read on to know the top 6 military schools in Canada 2022 to choose from.

Military schools are a form of the military academy and can be found in various countries. They are just like any regular high school but they offer a structured, disciplined learning environment, with an extra curriculum of military training. Different scholarships and financial aid opportunities are also available just like every other military school in America.

Cadets, as military school students are called, rise early in the morning and do physical training. There are academic classes after breakfast and self-study classes sometimes in the evening. Just like in a military institute, seniority is important and juniors must obey the orders of their seniors. Cadet grades are determined by their ranks. For lower grades, cadets from the same batch are also of the same rank while prefects or seniors lead the normal cadets. 

Below is a detailed list of top Military Schools In Canada 2022 you can apply for.

Top 6 Military Schools In Canada

5 Reasons You Should Join the Military

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1. A enduring sense of belonging

Being in the military fosters a sense of camaraderie that is difficult to achieve in the civilian sector. Mutual self-sacrifice and effort under potentially difficult circumstances can create enduring connections amongst military personnel. Some of the friends you make in the military will stick with you after you leave the service.

2. Global travel

You may be stationed anywhere in the world, which is hardly a vacation experience, but you would gain the unique life experience that goes with it. Traveling to various nations and seeing different cultures is not in and of itself a motivation to join the military, but the life perspective you gain while serving in the military will be invaluable.

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3. Financial aid for education and training

You may learn a trade while serving in the military, put it to use, and then continue it when you leave the military and become a civilian. Today, the GI Bill provides significant benefits for active-duty military personnel and veterans, such as paying for tuition and fees, providing a monthly housing allowance, and providing a stipend for books and supplies for up to 36 months. Military personnel members are also entitled to free or reduced-price education and financial aid for tuition.

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4. Additional benefits of health care

Having free HMO medical and dental care while on active duty, 30 days of paid vacation each year, and access to a 401(k) retirement savings and investment plan are just a few advantages of entering the military. Additionally, many private companies will express gratitude.

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Military Schools In Canada 2022

Royal Military College Saint-Jean

Commonly referred to as RMC Saint-Jean, the Royal Military College Saint-Jean (RMCSJ; French: Collège Militaire Royal de Saint-Jean), was originally built in 1666 but was established in 1952. It is a Canadian military college situated on the site of Fort Saint-Jean in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu town in Quebec, 40 km south of Montreal.

The Royal Military College is an arm of the Canadian Military College system with the primary purpose of ensuring the smooth transition of selected cadets from Quebec high schools to university education by providing Pre-university (Quebec’s separate College-level) programs.

The programs are the same as those taught at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC). It’s a 2-year program with affiliations with AUCC, IAU, AUFC, COU, CIS, CVU, PPC, UArctic, MAISA, Cégep de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

RMC Saint-Jean’s four components of achievement are Academics, Leadership, Athletics, and Bilingualism. The school offers a low teacher-student ratio, teaching, physical fitness programs, intramural sports program, recreational facilities, social clubs, and leadership activities.


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Robert Land Academy

Robert Land Academy (RLA) is the only private non-university level military academy in Canada established in 1978 as a Boys Only Private Boarding Military institution. The school is located in West Lincoln town on the north shores of the Well and River five kilometers west of the hamlet in West Lincoln, Ontario.

The academy Tuition fee is about C$52,000 and the academy barracks were named in tribute to famous military figures in pre-Confederation Canadian history, such as Major John Butler (leader of the irregular militia regiment), Major-General Isaac Brock (leader of British forces at the Battle of Queenston Heights during the 1812 War), and Joseph Brant (a Mohawk military and political leader closely associated with Great Britain during and after the American Revolution).


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Canadian Army Command and Staff College

Formerly known as the Canadian Land Force Command and Staff College, the Canadian Army Command and Staff College (CACSC) was established in 1946 at Fort Frontenac, in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The school is meant for officers of the Canadian Forces and is also part of the Department of National Defense and the Canadian Army.

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The Canadian Army Command and Staff College is the army’s formation operations center of excellence and is responsible for preparing headquarters for domestic and international deployments. It has a pledged Allegiance to Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada.

The school’s headquarters is located in the Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre. There are specialized staff and army operations courses which include; the Army Junior Officer Staff Qualification, the Army Operations Course, and the Command Team Course.

The courses are offered as training for staff duties and operational command. It is compulsory for the promotion of army officers of all classifications and tactical helicopter pilots.


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Royal Military College of Canada

The Royal Military College of Canada (French: Collège Militaire Royal du Canada, commonly abbreviated as RMCC or RMC) is a military college of the Canadian Armed Forces, and the only federal institution in Canada with degree-granting powers. It was established in 1876 and has the power to confer degrees in arts, science, and engineering under the Royal Military College of Canada Degrees Act, 1959.

There are undergraduate and graduate programs offered both on-campus and through the distance learning program via the Division of Continuing Studies. Officer Cadets are trained in academics, officership, athletics, and bilingualism.

The school’s campus is located on a 41-hectare peninsula east of downtown Kingston, Ontario; Waterfront CFB Kingston. Their students are called ‘’Paladins’’ and the military college’s Athletics is called CIS – OUA. The college has Affiliations with institutions like the AUCC, IAU, ISMS, AUFC, COU, CVU, UArctic, CUSID, CMA, DRDC, and Ontario Network of Women in engineering. 


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Canadian Forces College

The Canadian Forces College (CFC) is a military college that provides Graduate-level military education courses for senior and general officers of the Canadian Forces. The courses are meant to enable officers to provide good leadership within the Canadian Forces in a whole-of-government framework.

The Canadian Forces College has affiliations with RMC PPC, DRDC, and OCGS.


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Randolph-Macon Academy

Randolph-Macon Academy (R-MA) was established in 1892 located in Front Royal, Virginia, US. It is a private coeducational college preparatory school for students in grades 6–12 and postgraduates, both boarding and day programs. 

The academy is a part of the Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States (AMICUS). It’s affiliated with the United Methodist Church and is one of six private military schools in Virginia. 

Programs offered include; Air Force Junior ROTC; College-Prep; Flight; Drama; Art; Chorus; Band; CyberPatriot; Middle School, JV, & Varsity Sports; Speech and Debate; Interact Clubs at Middle School and Upper School. The academy requires all Upper School students (grades 9–12) to participate in the Air Force ROTC program which teaches the importance of community service, leadership skills, and citizenship responsibilities.


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Does Canada have military high schools?

Robert Land Academy (RLA) is Canada’s only non-university-level private military academy. Located in the township of West Lincoln on the north shores of the Welland River five kilometers west of the hamlet of Wellandport, the Academy began to accept students in 1978. The Academy is an all-boys institution.

Is there a military school for kids in Canada?

For school-aged children, there is one choice for private military schools in Canada as listed in Our Kids’ directory of military schools: Robert Land Academy near Welland, Ontario.

How much does military school cost Canada?

Overview. Whether you’re thinking of going to college or getting your post-grad degree, the CAF can help you get there with one of our paid education programs. If you qualify, the CAF will pay 100% of your school fees, including your tuition, books, and academic equipment!

Is military school free in Canada?

Whether you’re thinking of going to a military university or getting your post-grad degree, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) can help you get there with one of their paid education programs. If you qualify, the CAF will pay 100% of your school fees, including your tuition, books, and academic equipment.

What is the youngest age for military school?

What’s the minimum age to attend military school? Every military school in the United States has its own acceptance requirements. The norm is between the grades of 6 to 8. So that would place students between the ages of 12 and 15.

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