NYSC Portal Login | NYSC Dashboard, Login Guidelines

The National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) is an important mobilization program to the career of Nigerian Youths. This post contains everything you need to know about NYSC portal login and how to log in to the NYSC portal to begin your 2021 mobilization registration.

NYSC Portal Login | NYSC Dashboard, Login Guidelines, NYSC Remita
NYSC Portal Login | NYSC Dashboard, Login Guidelines

In Nigeria, NYSC is one of the ways citizens can prove their patriotism and love for their fatherland. It is important for Nigerians in the country as well as for Nigerians studying abroad. Therefore, Nigerians who studied abroad still have to return to Nigeria to serve after their college education.

In this article, you will get to know about the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), when and why it was formed, what it entails, and how much it pays. You will also learn about the NYSC Portal Login, how to register at the NYSC portal, and pay the necessary registration fee via Remita.

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NYSC Portal Login | NYSC Dashboard, Login Guidelines, NYSC Remita

Why was NYSC Created?

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program was created in 1973 under the military regime of Gen. Yakubu Gowon. Decree No. 24 of 22nd May 1973 began the scheme with the plan of rebuilding the country

The aims of the NYSC scheme as stated by decree No. 24 is, “with a view to the proper encouragement and development of common ties among the youths of Nigeria and the promotion of national unity.” This binds the scheme to date.

Therefore, the NYSC program hopes to foster the oneness and brotherhood of all Nigerians in Nigerian youths as well as infuse a spirit of selfless service to the community. So, irrespective of social or cultural background, the youths of Nigeria can learn to collaborate together through the NYSC program.

What Do Nigerian Graduates Do in the NYSC Scheme?

In the NYSC scheme, there are four major activities that make up your service year. They are:

Orientation Courses (Camp): This is a three-week orientation exercise. All graduates who have received their call-up letter are expected to attend. The orientation course involves drills; physical training; lectures on understanding the people of your host state and their tradition;  social activities; professional lectures; and skill acquisition programs.

Primary Assignment (PPA): Once they have completed the orientation program, the NYSC management posts Corp members to the places where they will work for the duration of the service. While considering the corp member’s areas of specialization when posting them to their Places of Primary Assignment (PPA), the scheme places more emphasis on rural areas. This is done to ensure that the serving corp member truly becomes a change agent to his new community.

Community Development Service (CDS): This involves a series of activities corp members perform to solve the pressing needs of their communities. Hence, NYSC organizes corp members into an interest group to embark on community projects using their 

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creativity, innovativeness, skills, and financial resources.

Winding–Up or Passing–Out (POP): This is the final event of the NYSC scheme whereby corps members will rehearse for a final parade towards the twelfth month of their service year for receiving the Execute Governor of the State they have served. It is also the day they receive their NYSC discharge letters.

Who is Eligible for NYSC?

To be eligible for the compulsory one-year compulsory NYSC service as a Nigerian, you must be a graduate below 30 years.

If you are above 30 years on your year of graduation, you will receive the Certificate of Exemption, which is equivalent to the NYSC Discharge Letter.

However, if you graduated before the age of 30 (say, 22 years) from any higher educational institution and skip service, you will still be eligible for NYSC in the future irrespective of your age. 

As far as you have no physical disability as a Nigerian youth, NYSC is compulsory for you. Without it, you can’t hold any notable position in the country if you don’t have the NYSC discharge certificate.

Asides from citizens with a disability, you will also be exempted from service if you have served in the military or paramilitary for more than a year.

Meanwhile, Part-Time graduates (CEP) are not eligible to serve. But, they will receive an Exclusion Letter that serves as a discharge certificate for them. An exclusion letter is lesser than a discharge certificate and some employers would not employ graduates with an exemption letter.

NYSC Portal Login 

How Can I Register for NYSC?

Before NYSC calls you up, you have to register online for the one-year compulsory service.

Online registration is through the NYSC Portal. Simply go to a  local cybercafe, logging in to portal.nysc.org.ng because part of the registration process involves biomedical and thumbprinting exercises.

The online registration at the NYSC portal dashboard requires applicants to create an account. Follow the process below to be able to create an account and login into the NYSC portal in 2021:

Provide your full name, including surname and other names

input a valid email address

Confirm the email address

Create a new password

Confirm the new password

Provide a valid phone number

Select the institution you graduated from

Select the program you graduated from

Click the button “Continue.”

It is compulsory to pay a registration fee of N2,965.68 with the Remita pay engine. This payment means you agree to get an alert by SMS when your call-up letter is ready and you would like to print it out online.

How Much Does NYSC Pay Serving Corps Members?

Presently, Corps Members are paid N33,000 monthly as payment (allowance) for serving their fatherland. In 2011, it was increased to N19,800 from N9,775 and then increased to N33,000 by former President Goodluck Jonathan.

The amount was initially like that because the Act that began the NYSC scheme stated that NYSC pay corps members an amount not lower than the minimum wage. And the minimum wage in Nigeria as of 2011 was N18,000.

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In 2019, the minimum wage was increased to N30,000, and corps members then were receiving N19,800 until it was increased to N33,000 which corps members are currently receiving.

At the turn of 2021, the allowee payment for Corps Members who are currently serving in 2021 dropped in on the morning of January 31st and the figure read N33,000 instead of N19,800.

Has the NYSC Allowance Increased to N33,000?

Yes, the national minimum wage has increased to N33,000 and therefore, there will be a corresponding increase in the allowance for corps members.

NYSC Portal Login FAQs

How Can I register on the NYSC portal?

You can register on the NYSC portal by creating an account, inputting your full names, providing the necessary requirements, choose the institution and program you graduated from, and continue with the mobilization application process.

How Can I check my NYSC call-up number?

You will have to get your call-up letter before you get your call-up number. So, to get your call-up letter:

First, log in to the NYSC portal at https://portal.nysc.org.ng.

Click on “Login Here” to log in with the email you used during your online registration. Input your password as well.

Click on “Resume”.

Now on your dashboard, click on “Print Call Up Letter” to view your call-up letter and see your call-up number.

How do I log into my NYSC portal?

To log into your NYSC portal, visit https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc2/ and click the “Login Here” at the top right end of the page. Input your registered email address and password to enter your NYSC Portal dashboard.

How do I check my NYSC senate list?

To check your NYSC Senate list:

Visit the NYSC portal, scroll down and click on “Check Senate List or its equivalent.” Pick the Nigerian institution you are attending (or attended), type in your date of birth, matriculation number, and surname, and in the boxes and drop-down options available. To see if NYSC has mobilized you for the one-year service program, click the search button.

How do I pay on the NYSC portal?

Log in to the portal with your right email address and password, click on “Click here to make A payment with the Remitta Payment Engine and select either option A to pay with a card or online wallet, or option B to pay through a bank branch. Ensure you provide all the necessary details and make your payment.

How do I print my NYSC green card?

To print your NYSC green card, visit and log in to portal.nysc.org.ng with your accurate account details to be on the dashboard. On the NYSC Portal dashboard, scroll through your basic details, look for the Print Slip button and click it. This allows you to get a preview of your NYSC Green Card. To print your green Card, click on the printer icon on the top right corner of the preview. You can also choose to save it as a PDF by clicking on the other small icon beside the print icon.

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What is the age limit for NYSC?

The age limit for NYSC is 30 years. If you are 31 years and above when you graduate from a higher institution, you are not eligible to serve. However, you can serve in the future at an age higher than 30 if you graduate at an age lesser than 25 and didn’t serve after graduation,.

Is NYSC compulsory in Nigeria?

NYSC is compulsory in Nigeria because it is the very foundation upon which graduates begin and build their careers. Employers in the private and public sectors will not employ you without completing your one-year national service.  If you choose not to go for NYSC, you also will not be able to hold political positions in the country.

What are the requirements needed for NYSC registration?

The requirements needed to begin your NYSC registration are a valid email address, a strong password, a valid phone number, and information about your higher institution such as the name and the program you graduated from.

Is NYSC compulsory for foreign graduates?

Yes!  For Foreign Graduates who wish to work in Nigeria, NYSC is Compulsory. It’s similar to students who studied Law Abroad attending law school in Nigeria so as to be able to practice law in Nigeria. 

How many times does NYSC mobilize in a year?

NYSC Mobilization in a year differs. It can be 5 mobilizations a year or even 6 per year. In 2018, there were 5 mobilizations a year and in 2019, 6 Mobilizations.

How long is NYSC in Nigeria?

The National Youth Service Corps program in Nigeria is a one-year program that starts with a three-week orientation camp. After that, corps members are sent to their place of primary assignment.

How do I get an NYSC exemption letter?

If by Law a student couldn’t participate in the NYSC scheme, an Exemption Letter is issued to him/her. this will be done whether such a person attended a regular program in a University or graduated from a Polytechnic.

What is a green card in NYSC?

NYSC Green Card is a slip issued after successfully registering on the NYSC portal. It helps in clarifying that you’ve paid and registered for the NYSC online registration for mobilization.


Maintaining good grades in the university is never enough, as the one-year compulsory national service is compulsory once you’ve graduated. The current program of study and the institution you’re studying will also be considered to determine if you’re eligible to participate in the NYSC scheme. Through the NYSC Login Portal in 2021, you will be able to do several activities like printing your NYSC Call-up letter, green card, and even redeployment letter. 

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