NYU Gallatin Acceptance Rate, Courses, and Scholarships

Everyone wants something that’s focused on them or made for them. NYU Gallatin School of individualization is a school focused on passions, interests, and career goals. Thus, your desire and request are what prompted us to put together this article and also, with NYU Gallatin acceptance rate, you are more likely to be accepted.

However, you are opportuned at the NYU Gallatin to create a specialized degree that’s set around the knowledge and skills you want to learn, and that fits your ambitions.

Some certain questions might be running through your mind. What is a school of individualization? What is so special about NYU Gallatin? Is NYU Gallatin a good school to enroll in? What is so special about NYU Gallatin? What is NYU Gallatin acceptance rate? And Many more.

Your questions are what made us put together this well-detailed article to clear your mind of the fuzzy questions.

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NYU Gallatin Acceptance Rate, Courses, and Scholarships

What is Individualized Study?

Individualized Study is an interdisciplinary major option for students who wish to create a program of study by combining selected courses from two or more departments.

Students are to identify a central organizing theme for the major and design it under the guidance and supervision of a faculty member and an Individualized Studies adviser. The Individualized Studies major also currently supports two faculty-designed majors, Disability Studies and Musical Theater.

Students in the School of Individualized Study are distinctive. But they all share one common trait: their interests don’t fit neatly into a traditional degree program. They have ideas about what they want to study, and where they want to go after they graduate. They require a roadmap on how to structure a degree program that takes them where they want to go.

About NYU Galatian

The Gallatin School of Individualized is a study of a small interdisciplinary college within New York University. Students design their interdisciplinary program that meets their specific interests and career goals.

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What is So Special About NYU Gallatin?

Rather than prescribing rigorous major requirements and offering several particular prerequisite courses, they offer students the chance to follow a path to a degree similar to a choose-your-own-adventure novel. 

At Gallatin, student-generated programs of study deduce courses and professions to blend and craft a unique specialty. Due to the unique nature of Gallatin’s academics, the university attracts various groups of students. 

Some come to Gallatin to study a specific personal interest from many different viewpoints. others come to Gallatin because they have too many disparate passions to select only one as a major, as a more traditional college might require.

Another aspect of studying at NYU Gallatin is that there is no set of required courses. Instead, they have kernel requirements, which are broader subject areas, such as the Historical and Cultural Requirements. 

To fulfill this requirement, you could take courses ranging from art history, computer engineering, anthropology, and more.  

NYU Gallatin students can register in courses at the other four schools in the NYU system, offering all students access to the enormous wealth of resources available. NYU Gallatin is Located in the heart of New York City’s charming Greenwich Village.

Is NYU Gallatin a Good School to Enroll in?

For students who feel that they would profit from the lack of specific required courses, the great liberation in the ability to design a personalized concentration, and the interdisciplinary, holistic education philosophy that NYU Gallatin offers, it is worth looking into this university. 

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As talked about earlier, Gallatin is a great fit for students looking to pursue a highly-specific passion and do not expect to discover a traditional major program that pacts with their niche interest.

NYU Gallatin may also be the perfect place for students who do not have one particular area of study they would like to seek, but would instead like to explore and synthesize subjects or ideas from many different professions. 

Of course, the particular freedom NYU Gallatin gives its students in crafting a concentration does not guarantee that the concentration is unique and well-designed, and will be attractive to potential employers. 

While established degree programs show employers that a student has a reasonably clear set of skills or knowledge within a particular domain, a Gallatin degree attributes the responsibility to the student to ensure that their specialization will have practical value for whatever career path they intend to pursue.   

For this reason, the self-motivated students who work towards specialties that work for them are likely to feel that their time at NYU Gallatin was worth it.

Even if a student’s concentration does not directly conform to a particular professional field, NYU’s good reputation will speak volumes to employers. 

Taking these employment stats and the remarkable academic ordeal they offer all together, it is safe to say that NYU Gallatin is worth it. 

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How to Enroll in NYU Gallatin

Just like their highly individualized process to degree programs, the admission prerequisites at NYU Gallatin are not formulaic, cut-and-dry specifications. 

Instead, the university aims to admit a distinct, exciting class of individuals with a broad range of varying aspirations, ideals, and experiences. Furthermore, they do not have a threshold on how many students they will admit each year. 

NYU Gallatin also cackles one of the most flexible policies concerning standardized test score submission of any university. In acknowledgment of the COVID-19 pandemic, the school agreed on considering standardized test score submission as an elective supplement to one’s application rather than a requirement for admission.

If you are not a native or a primary English speaker. You will have to pass an English language proficiency test to ensure that you will thrive in a rigorous, demanding intellectual environment. 

However, there are no minimum score requirements even on the English language test. Instead, Gallatin solely offers guidelines for the scores they expect competitive applicants to earn. 

There is an application fee of $80, but fee waivers are available for students who cannot cover all the costs.

Applicants must submit records of all previous college courses they received credit on, if any. 

After submitting your application, you will also submit a Self Reported Academic Record. The record contains the grades you received in high school specifically as they appear on your transcript.

What is NYU Gallatin Acceptance Rate?

The acceptance rate at NYU Gallatin is about 30.5%. 

NYU is a highly selective school, and its selectivity is increasing as time goes on. The school stated that their acceptance rate for the Class of 2025 was only 12.9%, less than half what it was as recently as 2013. 

The national average acceptance rate for all colleges and universities is around 67%. 

The class of 2026 has broken the university’s previous record for high median SAT scores of accepted applicants, with an impressive 1541 out of the possible 1610. 

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The average unweighted GPA for the incoming first-year class was 3.71. Additionally, over 21% of accepted students had earned a perfect 4.0.

On top of the high level of academic accomplishment, the record-breaking class has exhibited, the group is also geographically diverse, with 102 countries and all 50 US states represented. 

Fortunately students who are concerned that their academics are not strong enough to meet the more severe criteria for NYU’s other schools. Gallatin’s acceptance rate of 30% is much more achievable than the single-digit rates for three other unidentified NYU undergraduate schools. 

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What Courses does NYU Gallatin Offer?

At NYU Gallatin, there are no majors. Rather, students formulate individualized programs for study centered around their specialty. 

In preparing a personalized plan for their studies, students have great freedom to explore interdisciplinary studies. Also, incorporate self-reliant studies, seek internships, and develop a dynamic conception of what their educational backgrounds will give them by the end of their time at Gallatin. 

Gallatin students work with an adviser to create a specialty corresponding to a grounded, interdisciplinary, intellectually-driven curriculum. 

Although Gallatin’s concentration system lets students seek significantly individualized programs of study, there are still some prerequisites all Gallatin students must complete. 

Course Break downs

First-year students will take three seminar courses, including a research seminar a writing seminar, and an interdisciplinary seminar. These seminars constitute the First-Year Program.

The interdisciplinary seminar comprises about 18 students, aimed at familiarizing students with the multidisciplinary philosophy for undergraduate pupils at Gallatin through small-group discussion rather than lecture. 

During the first-year research and writing seminars, students acquire the skills they will need to succeed in other classes down the road.

Preceding Gallatin students have designed degree specialties including Mathematics and Economics for International Development, Multimedia Storytelling: Performance and Production, and many other unique interdisciplinary programs. 

in their first year at Gallatin, the originally designated concentration students develop will refine and revise throughout their time. 

By the end of their second year, students must finish an Intellectual Autobiography and Plan for Concentration, in which they must define their academic experiences thus, reflect on their studies, and exert a plan for the continued improvement of their concentration.    

In the last semester of senior year, Gallatin students have to pass a verbal examination called the Colloquium to qualify for graduation. The Colloquium comprises of a long discussion between their adviser, the student, and two other faculty members. 

Does NYU Gallatin Offer Scholarships?

The NYU Gallatin offers scholarships to students by offering students financial support in the form of fellowships and scholarships. The School works to increase the number of enrichment opportunities available to students.

#1. Gallatin Supplemental Scholarship

Eligibility criteria: Any graduate student with demonstrated financial need, especially students experiencing sudden change in financial circumstance.

  • Gallatin students in good standing (GPA 3.0 or better; no grade of incomplete); New graduate students enter 0.0.
  • Current FAFSA on file with the Office of Financial Aid.

The scholarship will cover tuition fees only

To qualify for the scholarship, complete the online Application for Supplemental Scholarship Aid, accessible on the first day of registration; applications close on the first day of the fall, spring, and summer term

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Contact info: Linda Reiss lwr1@nyu.edu

#2. Graduate Thesis Support Fund (GTSF)

The Gallatin Graduate thesis Support Fund (GTSF) was created to support the costs of the non-performance-based thesis associated with the development.

Eligibility criteria: Gallatin MA students who have received approval of the thesis proposal

GTSF grant will be used to support the purchase of necessary equipment, travel, or any other reasonable and justified expenses. GTSF grant funds may not be used to cover expenses incurred during the receipt of the award. The application will be reviewed by the student’s faculty adviser and the administrative director of the M.A. program. Also, awards range from $500 to $1,500.

Contact info: John Bradley, jwb9@nyu.edu

#3. Siff Performance Thesis Grant

The SIFF M.A. performance thesis grant through the generosity of Gallatin master’s alumna Karen Siff. To help you write a performance thesis with the costs associated with the production of your performances. A sum of $750-$1000 grants will be awarded.

Eligibility criteria: Students working on or presenting thesis performance for Gallatin MA

Expenses covered: the scholarship grant covers the renting of performance and rehearsal space. The use of video and film equipment, and other miscellaneous expenses incurred through the production of a performance piece. Students will receive the award in the form of reimbursement toward payments made; therefore, you must retain and submit all necessary original receipts.

Contact info: Sharice Burroughs, sharice.burroughs@nyu.edu

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You are opportune at NYU Gallatin School of individualization, to create a specialized degree that’s set around the knowledge and skills you want to learn, and that fits your ambitions. Therefore, it’s a school for the people.

Also, after reading this article we are sure that you have gained some knowledge on what individualized study is all about.

We are always here to assist you if you find anything confusing.

FAQ’s on NYU Gallatin Acceptance Rate, Courses, and Scholarships

Is NYU Gallatin easier to get into?

The acceptance rate at NYU Gallatin is around 30%. NYU is considered to be a highly selective school, and that selectivity is increasing as time goes on. The school stated that its acceptance rate for the Class of 2025 was only 12.8%, less than half what it was as recently as 2013

What degree do you get from Gallatin NYU?

Every Gallatin student completing the undergraduate degree program will earn a BA Individualized Major. The final transcript for Gallatin students who earn the BA will contain a section called Degrees Awarded.

How does the Gallatin School work?

A Gallatin degree brings together academic rigor and flexibility for creative and self-driven students. At the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, you work with a faculty adviser to build a unique curriculum and create a concentration (they’re not called majors at Gallatin) that fits your interests

How many credits do you need to graduate from Gallatin?

To be eligible for the Bachelor of Arts degree, students must complete 128 units within 10 years of matriculating at Gallatin. A minimum of 64 units must be completed after matriculation at Gallatin.

Is NYU Gallatin test optional?

The Gallatin School does not require standardized test scores such as the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), but applicants who have taken such examinations may submit their scores.

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