Ohio University Acceptance Rate and How to Get In Easily

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Ohio University Acceptance Rate and How to Get In Easily

About Ohio University

Not just for students, but for the overall southeast part of the state, the OHIO experience is distinctive and powerful. OHIO is one of the greatest character universities in the country, including over 28,000 undergraduates across 7 regional campuses and the main campus in Athens.

The Carnegie Foundation has ranked OHIO as an Extremely Outstanding Research Intensity University, and its researchers have more than 250 patents globally. OHIO is one of the top generators of Nobel Award-winning undergraduates in the country, according to the Chronicle of Advanced Education, and the institution now ranks among the best in the state for nationwide competitive prizes earned by its students.

OHIO’s initial Guarantee scheme has been extended to also include completion programs that assure on-time graduation, In a new initiative called OHIO Guarantee+, the university has increased accessibility to alumni-only scholarships for ongoing education as well as life career guidance.

The academic and personal growth of its students is important to Ohio University’s mission. Ohio University is noted for its great staff of experienced professionals whose research and innovative activity improve understanding across many fields, as well as its rich legacy, varied campus, worldwide population, and gorgeous Appalachian environment.

Why study at Ohio University?

1. Transportation and Safety

Ohio University is situated in the peaceful town of Athens, Ohio, wherein students can participate in a variety of cultural festivals, concerts, athletics, hiking, as well as other activities. The GoBus connects students to a number of major Ohio cities, namely Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland, as well as smaller cities. All students who present their Ohio University student Identification to the Athens City Public Transportation enjoy a free bus ride. 

Also, there are 21 kilometers of clean and safe walking and bicycle trails for students and the Athens community(opens in a new window).

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2. Professorial Excellence

More than 100 OHIO faculty members have been honored for their accomplishments in knowledge advancement, professional service, lecturing, and mentorship. 

Faculty at OHIO are working on cutting-edge research initiatives in fields as diverse as alternative energy and health care. The national media has taken notice of OHIO professors’ accomplishments and competence.

3. Research That Has Been Recognized Around the World

The Carnegie Foundation has ranked OHIO as a Really High Research Productivity Institution, and its researchers have more than 250 patents globally.  OHIO is known for its research. There are dozens of institutions, institutes, and facilities at the Institution that supports world-class research, scholarship, and creative endeavor

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4. Everyone can find something that suits them.

Ohio University has courses all over the world as well as in the United States. The duration of a program might range from a week during winter or spring vacation to a semester or school year. 

The majority of courses are open to students of all disciplines, and several of them satisfy OHIO academic requirements, such as Tier II, Tier III, Freshman Writing, and international language coursework. 

You don’t need to speak a foreign language to travel overseas; many programs provide English-taught courses. You can also do an internship or volunteer work around the world if you choose.

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5. You can study while staying within your budget.

There are semester-long programs that cost the same as or less than a semester of college for an in-state student. 

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Take into account winter and summer vacation courses for tuition savings, as credits earned during these times are included in tuition and fees for the Summer Session. 

Implement all or components of your current OHIO Financial Aid and Scholarship bundle during qualified terms. Additional foreign scholarships can be found on the Ohio University funding website, as well as our Financial Aid and Scholarships 101 preparation template.

7. You can still get your diploma on time.

Did you know that students that study abroad have a 17.8% higher chance of graduating in four years than those who do not? 

Finish Ohio University Go International and Graduate on Time template with your school counselor to identify which semester you possess the greatest flexibility to go.  For busy school year schedules, explore winter vacation, summer vacation, and spring break choices. Make preparations ahead of time to allow yourself the greatest amount of flexibility.

8. Outside of the classroom, you’ll get a taste of education.

Ohio University places a premium on hands-on learning. Studying abroad allows you to expand your horizons outside the classroom and gain new perspectives on your studies. 

Do you have an interest in biodiversity? In the coral reefs off the coast of Australia or the Costa Rican rainforests, you can witness it firsthand.  Are you a history buff? Explore the historic Incan city of Machu Picchu or follow the Holocaust’s path across Europe. At Ohio University, you’ll find opportunities to broaden your horizons regardless of your field of study.

9. Your resume will benefit from it.

According to a recent survey, 60% of CEOs said that global expertise was important in their recruitment and promotion strategies.  With skillsets gained on a worldwide course such as individualism, collaboration, flexibility, cross-cultural communications, ability to solve problems, and assurance, studying abroad will help you stand out from the rest of the applicants for your future professions. 

The entire Ohio University office staff spent their college years studying abroad or away. Ohio University has firsthand knowledge of the advantages and wants to assist you in realizing your dreams of studying abroad.  Discover more about our office’s consulting services and how we can help you find a study abroad opportunity.

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Ohio University Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate is the primary aspect to look at if you intend to get in. This indicates how selective the institution is and how dedicated they are to its criteria. 

Ohio University has a 78.3 percent acceptance rate. Only 78 out of every 100 applications are accepted. 

This indicates that the school is not overly selective. The institution will have its own set of GPA and SAT/ACT criteria. You’ll almost certainly be offered admission if you match their prerequisites. You’ll be one of the unfortunate few who are excluded if you don’t pass Ohio University’s requirements.

Ohio University GPA Requirement

Numerous institutions set a minimum a specific minimum GPA requirement, but this is regularly the basic requirement to apply without being rejected right away. 

The only GPA requirement that matters is the one that will allow you to have a realistic chance of getting in. We do this by looking at the school’s present students’ average GPA. 

3.54 is the average GPA.  At Ohio University, the average GPA is 3.54. 

With a 3.54 GPA, Ohio University expects you to be in the middle of your high school class. You’ll need a mix of A’s and B’s, with a few C’s thrown in for good measure. If you have a poor GPA, you can make up for it by taking more difficult courses such as AP or IB subjects. This will help you raise your weighted GPA and demonstrate your capacity to take on new challenges.

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SAT and ACT Requirements

Each school has its own set of standardized testing standards. The SAT or ACT is required by most schools, and many also need SAT subject assessments. 

To apply to Ohio University, you must complete either the SAT or the ACT. More significantly, you must do well in order to submit a strong application. 

Many colleges claim that they do not have an SAT score threshold, but the reality is that they do. This is calculated on the average score for the school. 

The average SAT score is 1170. On a 1600-point scale, Ohio University’s average SAT composite score is 1170. Ohio University is competitive.

SAT Score Policy

“Highest Section” is the score choice policy at Ohio University. 

“Super scoring” is another term for this. This means you have complete control over the SAT tests you transmit to the institution. Your application reviewers will evaluate your best section scores among all SAT test periods you submit out of all the scores they get.

As a result, if your SAT superscore is currently less than 1070, we strongly advise you to prepare for the SAT and retake it. You have a high probability of improving your score, which will increase your chances of admission dramatically. 

Much better, the Superscore allows you to concentrate all of your efforts on a single segment at a time. If your Learning score is lower than your other parts, focus your preparation solely on the Study guide before taking the SAT. Then, for the next test, concentrate on Math, and so on. This will result in the highest attainable Superscore.

“Super scoring” is another term for this. This means you have complete control over the SAT tests you transmit to the institution. Your application reviewers will evaluate your best section scores among all SAT test periods you submit out of all the scores they get.

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Ohio University ACT requirements

Ohio University, much like SAT, is unlikely to have a rigid ACT cutoff, however, if you get too lesser, your application would be rejected. 

The average ACT is 24.  At Ohio University, the average ACT score is 24. For ACT scores, this performance places Ohio University in the Moderately Difficult category. 

The ACT score for the 25th percentile is 21, and the ACT score for the 75th percentile is 26. 

Despite the fact that Ohio University undoubtedly states that there is no minimum ACT score, if you apply with a score of 21 or lower, you will have a difficult time obtaining it until you have something else noteworthy in your application.

Ohio University ACT Sending Policy.

If you take the ACT instead of the SAT, you have a significant advantage in terms of how your results are sent, which has a significant impact on your testing approach. 

Here’s the deal: you have complete control over whatever tests you transmit to colleges when you send ACT scores. You could take ten tests and just send the one with the best score. Despite the SAT, where so many institutions ask you to send all of your past trials, this is not the case. 

This indicates you have a better possibility of improving your ACT score than you believe. You should attempt the ACT as numerous times as possible to try to meet the school’s ACT requirement of 21 or higher. When you’ve arrived at a satisfactory final score,

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Ohio University ACT Superscore Policy

Most universities do not superscore the ACT in general. (When you present a superscore, the institution takes your top sector scores from all of your assessment dates and aggregates them to give you the best attainable combined score.) As a result, most colleges will only consider your best ACT score from one session. 

Researchers were unable to locate the school’s official ACT policy, implying that it does not Superscore. However, you can send Ohio University your greatest ACT score, so you can prepare until you attain your suggested target ACT score of 21.

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Subject Test Requirements for the SAT

The SAT subject test requirements differ by school. Generally, competitive schools need them, although the majority of public institutions do not. 

Researchers couldn’t uncover any evidence that Ohio University required SAT subject examinations, therefore it probably doesn’t. You should double-check at a minimum of six months prior to applying to ensure that you have adequate time to take the assessment. 

Even though this institution is just lightly competitive, you have a good chance of getting in if your grades aren’t too low. If you score 1070 on the SAT or a 21 on the ACT, you’ll almost probably be accepted. You’ll be accepted as long as you achieve the other of the application requirements.

Ohio University Application Requirements

Every institution demands an application that includes the absolute minimum of information, such as a high school transcript plus GPA, a registration form, as well as other important details. SAT and ACT scores, as well as recommendation letters, application essays, and screenings, are all required by many colleges, as described above. Here, we’ll go through Ohio University’s specific criteria.

  • Common Application 
  • Electronic Applications are also available 
  • An essay or Personal Statement 
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
  • Application Fee ($50)
  • Is a fee Waiver Available? (Available)
  • Other Notes
  • SAT or ACT
  • SAT Essay or ACT Writing
  • SAT Subject Tests


Ohio University is highly competitive doesn’t mean you can’t in easily. Follow all the above-listed procedures and make sure you provide all the admission requirements in order to stand out during the admission process. Good luck as you embark on your admission. 


What is Ohio University best known for?

Distinguished by its rich history, diverse campus, the international community, and beautiful Appalachian setting, Ohio University is known as well for its outstanding faculty of accomplished teachers whose research and creative activity advance knowledge across many disciplines.

Is Ohio University safe?

 In 2019, Ohio University – Athens Campus reported 403 incidents related to crime and safety that involved students on campus. That works out to 14.73 incidents per 1,000 students, considering that the student body population is 27,367.

Is Ohio a good place to study?

Those considering studying at universities in Ohio will no doubt also be attracted by the Lake Erie Islands, widely reputed as a top party destination for students – and of course by the state’s thriving higher education system, which includes five entries in the 2013/14 QS World University Rankings® (read more below).

Is Ohio a good place to live?

Consistently ranked one of the best states for business, Ohio offers residents many benefits too, including a low cost of living, excellent schools, and good recreational opportunities.

Can I get into Ohio University with a 3.0 GPA?

Is your high school GPA good enough for Ohio University-Main Campus (OU)? The average high school GPA for admitted students at Ohio University-Main Campus (OU) is 3.54 on a 4.0 scale


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