Top 10 Online Bartending Schools

In this article, we will be discussing the Top 10 online bartending schools and free bartending courses online with certificates. Bartending can lead to a fantastic career and way of life. As a result, many people are looking into online bartending schools and courses to help them get their first job as a bartender. I can’t say I blame them! Bartending is a fantastic job with “never a dull moment.” You never know what you’ll find at work next – it’s the polar opposite of working in an office. You’ve come to the right place if you enjoy mixing drinks and socializing for a living.

However, education is necessary for all skills and careers. Joining online bartending schools and online mixology courses can better prepare you for the skills you’ll need to succeed if you truly want to excel at the job. Bartending is a legitimate way to earn money. In 2022, the average bartender’s salary will be around $24,000 per year plus tips – some bartenders will earn over $100,000 per year! Working a regular job during the day and bartending at night is also an option. When you factor in the tips, you can make a lot of money.

If you want to be a bartender, there are a few things you should know before starting your career this year. You’ll need to know how to mix drinks properly, interact with customers, and the psychology of working behind a bar. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 online bartending schools, bartending classes, and online mixology courses to help you get ready for a fun and lucrative bartending career. Examine all of these online bartending schools before deciding which one is best for your future bartending career!

Not everyone can afford to study in a foreign country. These are low-cost options that will help you improve your craft.

Top 10 Online Bartending Schools

Why Should You Take Bartending Classes Online?

Enrolling in online bartending courses is a viable option for those who require some experience on their résumé. Bartending schools typically take less than six months to complete and are less expensive than a post-secondary credential, allowing you to start earning money almost immediately. Online bartending programs, unlike traditional bartending schools, are self-paced and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing students to fit their studies around work or family obligations. Many BBB-accredited online bartending schools will prepare students for the ServSafe Alcohol Primary Exam, which employers will value. 

Making rookie mistakes mixing cocktails during online bartending training is preferable to providing poor service to thirsty, paying customers. Online bartending classes can help you learn the basics of bartending and get some practice before your first job.

What Kind of Skills Will I Learn from Online Bartending Classes?

The difference between success and failure in the bartending world is a skill. Although bartending isn’t rocket science, it does require more than the ability to memorize cocktail recipes. Online bartending courses, in general, provide a stress-free environment in which to learn these skills. These courses will teach you how to avoid wasting money by pouring too many drinks. Most online bartending programs devote an entire section to cleanliness skills to ensure that health hazards do not become widespread. Customers’ service dos and don’ts can help to bartend students improve their confidence, charisma, time management, organizational, and decision-making skills.

Is It Possible to Take Bartending Classes Online?

You can, and it’s usually less expensive than enrolling in a traditional bartending school. The disadvantage of getting your bartending degree online is that you won’t get any hands-on experience. Online bartending classes cost between $50 and $200, while in-person bartending classes cost between $400 and $800. If you’re brand new to the industry and want to start with a bartending 101, it might be worth it to spend the extra money. It will ensure that you know how to physically interact with the equipment and tools you will be using. 

And you’ll learn how to put each bartending technique into action. Also, how to upsell beverages in a bar. It’s possible, however, that you’re only looking for legal work. If that’s the case, get any municipal permits or certifications you’ll need to run a bar by going online. A formal bartending school is unnecessary. Now that you know why you need an online bartending class and what your chances are of getting one, let’s get into the meat of the matter: the Best Online Bartending Classes!

Top 10 Online Bartending School

1. Bar Smarts

The BarSmarts course for beginning bartenders covers the fundamentals of mixing drinks and lays the groundwork for all bartenders to know in order to provide excellent service. To begin, they offer a course called “Spirits and Wine Knowledge for Beginners,” which covers the following topics:

  • Basic Production Techniques
  • Introduction to Spirits and Liqueurs
  • Essential Concepts for Proper Service
  • Fundamentals of Bartending
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“Comprehensive Bartenders Spirits Training,” their other main course, includes the following courses:

  • How to Taste Like a Pro
  • In-depth Drink Production
  • History of Spirits and Liqueurs
  • Comprehensive Cocktail Compendium
  • Service Management Techniques

There are tests along the way to assess the students’ understanding and application of what they’ve learned. They will be awarded a bartender’s certification online if they successfully complete all assessments and events. Online bartending schools like this one have produced a lot of great bartenders. Some bar owners claim that unless their bartenders are certified by this school, they will not hire them.

2. A Bar Above Mixology Certification

This online bartending school is more advanced than BarSmarts, but it incorporates many of the same skills taught in BarStarts and BarSmarts. Chris Tunstall, the owner, and founder created this course to help bartender students advance to the next (more advanced) level and to share his passion for creating great drinks with others. He considers mixing drinks and cocktails to be an art form, and he enjoys experimenting with new combinations of drink components, such as bitter and sweet elements, to create his own unique drinks.

This is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring bartenders who want to advance their skills. The program includes high-definition HD videos, interactive quizzes, and lifetime access so you can learn more from Chris at any time. This is a great second course to take after completing the BarSmarts certification program if you want to be the best.

3. TIPS Certification

TIPS is a bartender licensing program that teaches you how to be a professional, ethical bartender who keeps customers happy and problems to a minimum. When working in an alcohol-related job, such as bartending, where you are directly serving customers, you may encounter difficult situations. If guests have consumed too much alcohol, they may become agitated, moody, or even violent. How can you tell when someone has reached their limit? 

This course delves into the specifics of detecting behaviors that may indicate the onset of intoxication so that you can keep an eye on both your customers and other visitors. “Training for Intervention Procedures” is the acronym for “Training for Intervention Procedures.” TIPS received the Intercontinental Hotel Group Award for responsible bartending from the National Restaurant Association. TIPS is a required certification for bartending due to the high number of negative incidents, such as car accidents, that occur as a result of patrons becoming overly inebriated in bars and restaurants. 

After completing this course, you will be able to demonstrate your understanding of what it takes to be a responsible bartender. Depending on your state, you may be required to take this course because it also serves as your online bartending license.

4. Mix World-Class Cocktails

This course combines the fundamentals of successful bartending with a variety of useful pointers for becoming a professional drink mixer. This course, which was created on the Udemy platform, which is home to many other online bartending schools, features Paul Martin’s mixology mastery, who holds the world record for speed mixing and is the best at many of the expert bartending skills you’ll need to succeed. Martin has perfected the art of bartending by training over 30,000 of the world’s best bartenders over the last 25 years.

Classic cocktails, modern cocktail mixing, and garnishes that add flair to your drinks are all covered in this online cocktail course. Paul demonstrates both the tools of the trade and how to master your craft in order to be the best.

5. Bartending Mastery

This is an excellent overall course that showcases the skills of bartender Michael Miller. He learned to bartend in Barcelona and has worked all over the world. However, he emphasizes that obtaining a bartending license in another country is quite costly. Instead, he offers the “Barmastery Course,” a bartending course that teaches you how to master all of the skills you’ll need to succeed as a bartender. Customer service is one of the aspects of this course that makes it worthwhile. In many ways, customer service in the bartending industry differs from that of other industries. 

Miller discusses how the way you present your cocktails and your presence is important in attracting repeat customers. Presentation, social adaptability, and ordering knowledge are all important factors in becoming a great bartender. This means you’ll need a good “show,” the ability to understand how different people have different needs, and the ability to order what your customers will buy. The importance of personal grooming to your customers in this industry is discussed, as well as body language and eye contact. Learn how to build a strong relationship with customers that will pay off handsomely for you.

6. Bartending 101

This is one of the best free online bartending schools because it teaches you how to make seven of the best cocktails in style and flair. This Udemy course, hosted by Michael Rego, teaches you how to make these drinks in just a few easy steps. The videos on the site are in HD quality and make it easy to see what he’s doing. You’ll also learn how to blend and shake like a pro, as well as create some unique and creative drink blends you never thought possible as a beginner, thanks to this free course.

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7. Bartender Barista Training

This is the course to take if you want to become a bartending guru. It is not recommended for beginners, but once you have a firm grasp on the fundamentals, you may want to consider taking this course to advance your knowledge. This online bartending school teaches customers how to make exotic cocktails, barista-prepared coffees, and a variety of other unique tropical drinks. This course is similar to an online simulation game in that it builds on levels that you can complete before moving on to the next.

As you build your portfolio of drink mixing skills, you’ll pick up a lot of useful skills and may even be able to open your own cafe! You’ll learn how to mix coffee and become a professional bartender. The course begins with the tools and equipment you’ll need, then moves on to techniques for style and presentation, pouring and mixing, and much more. Building your skill set while learning from the pros is a great way to pass the time. This course is extremely thorough and covers a wide range of topics that affect bartenders and baristas all over the world. If you want to work in Australia, online bartending schools like this one are a great place to start.

8. Bartender Barista Training

If you’ve worked as a bartender before and want to improve your skills while building your brand, this is the course for you. They argue that, while the average bartender earns around $20,000 per year, most bartenders earn closer to $30,000, with a few earning more than $100,000 per year. This course delves into the branding process and how to increase your demand so that you can demand higher pay and tips. Blogging, video ads, social media, and other aspects of branding are all part of the process. This course will teach you how to streamline your web presence as well as publicize your business in your town or region.

9. Harvard Bartending Course

Did you know that, in addition to Business and Law, Harvard also offers an Ivy League bartending program? Yes, that is correct! Ben Stoller hosts this online bartending school, and he provides you with insider tips and tricks to help you succeed in the industry. This course is based on more than two decades of professional bartending experience. Stoller has been teaching this course to aspiring bartenders for over ten years. His philosophy is that it should be enjoyable and exciting, and he demonstrates how to make any drink using only the color and flavor of the drink.

He’ll show you how to pour and mix the most popular drinks, as well as a few more unusual concoctions. He demonstrates how to make The Black Russian, a cocktail made with Kahlua, a coffee-flavored liqueur, and Russian Vodka. When you see him in action, you’ll notice that he’s a true chemist who knows how to combine different types of liqueur and colors to create exciting and delicious drinks. This course covers the fundamental bartending techniques developed by the Harvard historic class in 1963 to educate the next generation of bartenders! Believe it or not, it is taught on the Harvard University campus! This isn’t just another frat party. There, they take it very seriously!

10. Bartend Like a Mad Man

Katrina Rodzon hosts this final online mixology course, which is a lot of fun. She is a professional bartender with ten years of experience, and you will undoubtedly learn some new cocktail techniques from her. She explains how to make four popular modern cocktails and shows you how to “mix and match” different liquors and colors to create unique drinks that your customers will enjoy. This is a fun, and informal course taught from the instructor’s home. In her bartending class, she has a creatively different approach to bartending that we can all learn from.

What Is the Difference Between a Bartending License and A Liquor License?

There is no formal national bartender licensure like there is no formal national bartending certification. There are two types of bartender licenses. To begin, consider what you will receive from a bartending school once you have completed the course. Second, what is required by local laws to be prohibited? As an example, consider the state of Texas. To obtain a bartending license in Texas, you must enroll in a bartending school and complete approximately 40 hours of training.

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To work as a bartender in Texas, however, only the TABC certification, or Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission certification, is required. This certification focuses on alcohol awareness and prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages to minors or inebriated people. To obtain a bartending license, you must first complete an online or traditional bartending course. On the other hand, if you want to work in a bar, you can research your state’s local laws. When it comes to time commitment, it’ll take you about 40 hours.

Is a Certificate in Bartending the Same as a License?

This is a question that the majority of people have. The answer is a resounding YES. When you finish a bartending course, you should expect to receive a bartending certificate or a bartending license. The terms license and certification are used interchangeably in the industry. This is the case because no nationally recognized paperwork or training is required to legally bartend. Because the requirements differ in different parts of the country, people use different terminology.

To summarize, bartending is an interesting and exciting job that can pay off handsomely at the end of the day. The intriguing aspect of it is that you can quickly acquire the necessary skills by enrolling in one of the best online bartending courses listed in this article. The ball has now been placed in your cot!


These bartender classes will help you get started if you want to become a great bartender this year. We attempted to include a variety of bartending and mixology courses that we believe will assist you in learning new skills, regardless of your experience level. Just keep in mind that these courses are meant to be used in conjunction with real-world training and experience. Working behind a bar, rather than in front of a screen, will teach you the most. Bartending is an art that necessitates a serious approach to technique combined with a dash of creativity and good humor. 

That said, knowledge is essential, and by taking some of these bartending classes, you should be able to pick up some great tips, get your bartender certification online, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Definition of an Online Bartending School?

An online bartending school is a school that teaches bartending online rather than in a traditional classroom setting. Classes cover a wide range of topics and can be taken for fun, as a hobby, to expand your knowledge, or to earn a bartending certificate upon completion. Keep in mind that this certificate is not available in all classes. The following should be included in the curriculum of an online bartending school:
Popular cocktail recipes
Types of liquor, history, and pairings
Bar cleaning and maintenance
Money handling
Alcohol awareness
Bar etiquette
Upselling and maximizing profits
Industry legalities
Types of liquor, a brief history of the industry and its bartending pioneers, and how to set up back and front bars should all be included in the curriculum.

What is the difference between a license and a bartending certification?

There is no distinction. When you finish a bartending course, you should expect to receive a bartending certificate or a bartending license.

What Does It Cost to Attend an Online Bartending School?

The cost of online bartending school varies depending on the course you take, who teaches it and whether you receive a certificate at the end. In most cases, online bartending schools are reasonably priced. Classes can cost anywhere from $29 to $147. Some classes also have monthly subscriptions available, which start at $10. Schools provide a variety of class formats, ranging from single classes to bundles.

Who Should Enroll in an Online Bartending Program?

If you want to work as a bartender but don’t have the time to attend an in-person class, you should enroll in an online bartending school. If you’re a bar owner or manager who wants to train your bartenders or learn proper bar protocol, an online bartending school can help. If you enjoy mixology as a hobby and want to learn more so you can impress party guests or make a fantastic cocktail, an online bartending school can help.

Is it Worth It to Enroll in an Online Bartending School?

If you want to learn more about the industry, pick up bartending skills, get some great recipe ideas, and be more in the know about what goes on behind the bar, enroll in an online bartending school. Upon completion of most classes, you will receive a certificate, which can help you improve your resume and may be required by some employers.
Keep in mind that state regulations differ, and some states require you to complete certain programs, such as TIPS, in addition to an online bartending school (Training for Intervention Procedures).

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