7 Best Online Master’s in Forensic Psychology Programs of 2022

If you are hoping to enroll in one of the best online master’s in forensic psychology programs of 2022, then this is for you.

By taking one of the online master’s in forensic psychology programs on our list, you will be well on your way to a fulfilling profession combining law implementation and modern psychology.

Forensic psychology is a field of forensic science that deals with the inspection and assessment of information from criminal cases to aid in the investigations and conviction of criminals. You can also regard the implementation of clinical specialties in the law field as forensic psychology.

Law regulation, criminal investigations, and the legal system, in general, are all tied to forensic psychology as career options.

Having seen some of the career opportunities tied to forensic psychology, continue reading to learn more about the online master’s in Forensic Psychology programs in this list and how to get started.

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Latest Best Online Master's in Forensic Psychology Programs

What is Forensic Psychology?

Simply said, forensic psychology is the cognitive evaluation of people who are engaged in the legal system, whether they are targets, eyewitnesses, law enforcement officers, legal professionals, or offenders.

On the broad subject of forensics, forensic psychologists frequently specialize in a specific field. Most forensic psychologists, for instance, work primarily with various practitioners such as lawyers, judges, and law enforcement. Others provide psychological assistance and services to murder victims, eyewitnesses, and perpetrators.

Advanced instructional technology, teleconferencing, and virtual, comprehensive lab experiences are used by academic institutions to conduct forensic psychology degrees online. A completely online forensic psychology program is possible.

Students that study online frequently have a lot more freedom in their schedules. However, some online courses need some restricted in-person laboratory time at some moment during the program. This detail is available on the websites of specific programs.

For a range of factors, online programs are frequently less costly than in programs. Keep in mind that if you reside in the state, several public state colleges have reduced tuition. When looking at online programs, irrespective if they are offered in your location, be sure they are accredited. Then, whether via the government or the school itself, see if there are any loans or scholarship opportunities.

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Online Master of Science in Forensic Psychology

If you desire to apply psychology to criminology or other legal situations, you should earn a Master of Science in Forensic Psychology. Numerous professionals in similar disciplines, such as lawyers and law enforcement personnel, may pursue forensic psychology degrees in order to change careers.

A master’s degree in forensic psychology gives individuals the skills they need to become licensed counselors. A PhD is required for people interested in becoming licensed psychologists. Online counseling programs may involve in-person practicums in the profession to obtain licensure.

While many students pursuing a master’s degree in this discipline are already employed, several online master’s programs are relatively accessible and can be completed at any time.

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Online Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology Accreditation and Cost

When evaluating any school, accreditation is certainly of the most crucial factors to check. This is especially true for online programs, as you must ensure that the school will provide you with the necessary learning and certification to get begin in the area. Accreditation is available at the domestic, state, and federal levels, as well as for individual degree programs

Cost is always a factor to consider, and online programs are usually the most economical. Consider that certain state colleges may provide lower tuition to inhabitants of the state. Otherwise, look into financial aid, grants, and scholarships for each degree you’re interested in.

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Online Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology Entrance Requirements

These programs require candidates to have a foundation in psychology, criminology, or law. A bachelor’s degree in a similar profession and job experiences in one or all of those professions could be included in this foundation.

Your earlier degree may have provided you with an internship, fieldwork, or charitable work experience. Most schools will also need you to take the GRE and submit your scores.

Online Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology Tracks and Specializations

There are numerous specialties and focus options available in the discipline of forensic psychology. Some colleges ask candidates to select one of several specialization tracks. A student might go for a legal and criminal justice route, while others would opt for a mental health worker and first course.

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Best Online Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology Programs

Individuals who earn their master’s degree in Forensic Psychology online possess greater options than those who finish the course in person. This is because individuals frequently require the increased flexibility that online classes provide.

This is certainly relevant since experts pursuing a master’s degree in Forensic Psychology are typically enrolled in a Doctoral program as well. The leading master’s degree in Forensic Psychology online programs are listed below.

1. Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University, or NSU in Florida, provides an excellent online Master of Science in Forensic Psychology degree. The curriculum involves 36 credits, which include 24 core program credit points, nine credit specialty route courses, and three major credit program culminations.

A study thesis or a field excursion can be used as the culmination. For candidates who are certain they want to pursue forensic psychology at the doctoral level, the institution suggests the study route.

This is a research course meant to give learners an overview of how psychology might help lawyers with licensed clinical matters. Clinical and intellectual science will be the focus, with both functional and experimental implementations.

Other topics will involve the permissibility of psychologists’ expert evidence in courts, the evaluation of numerous psychological operations to fulfill legislative responsibilities for basic competence, derangement, abuse congenital anomalies, and other psychological damage, operating in law enforcement, and custody cases, and reliance issues. The legislation as a whole will be examined, with a particular focus on how the law pertains to imprisoned and violent offenders.

The law’s origins, the Supreme Legal cases that shaped today’s regulations, equity between physical and psychological health for detained people, and current advancements will all be discussed. Students will be needed to examine and comprehend the laws as well as the analysis tools used to perform legal and psychological investigations, such as research resources. The social-cognitive underpinnings of trial counseling, criminal trials, and the limitations of eyewitness identification will also be investigated.

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2. University of California, Irvine

California Irvine’s University Departments of Psychological Science collaborate to offer this Master of Legal and Forensic Psychology. This program’s main coursework is entirely online.

Furthermore, at the start of their first quarter in the session, candidates must complete a one-week induction program on campus. Because potential students from California and adjacent states will be expected to visit Irvine once at the start of the program, the above program will be more expensive for them. A thesis project is also required

3. University of North Dakota

This involves a 35-credit online forensic psychology program from one of the leading state colleges in the upper Midwest.

This program offers a diverse set of electives as well as core courses. In 2years, part-time students can finish the program.

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They can also choose to finish field expertise in their area, either in a clinical or community context. Instead of going on a field trip, participants can study in the classroom, diving into topics like questioning, eyewitness testimony, and psychology.

Forensic psychology and criminology are two branches of psychology that are fast expanding. The University of North Dakota’s online master’s degree program will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Advanced psychological notions and theories are required.
  • Excellent intellectual, quantitative, and evaluative abilities
  • forensically relevant information
  • Detailed knowledge of our legal system
  • The majority of the program is devoted to the intersection of law and psychology.
  • Students learn the expertise and skills they need to work in forensic psychology, such as how to:
  • Carry out research and support lawyers with jury inclusion and trial preparation.
  • Implement the most appropriate and apply the most effective analysis or assessment techniques.
  • Offer program assessments research-based.
  • Support courts and government entities with forensic difficulties.
  • Police departments, the military, service organizations, and clinics are among the places where students can work.

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4. Arizona State University

ASU, or Arizona State University, is one of the nation’s biggest online course providers. Its forensic psychology online master’s degree is not unusual. Eleven classes are required for the 33-credit program.

Each program is taught separately and is considered a 7.5-week course. The Program in Law and Behavioral Science at ASU provides this degree. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, criminal justice, or similar comparable social science to be considered.

5. University of Southern New Hampshire

The last program on our lineup is not a master’s degree in forensic psychology. It’s an online master’s degree in psychology with a focus on forensic psychology. This is an excellent alternative for a candidate who wants to grow in psychology but does not desire to restrict their understanding of the discipline.

Applicants can opt to concentrate on forensic psychology despite devoting time to other core psychology courses. The specialization program focuses on allied areas such as law, criminal justice, and psychology. This is a 36-credit course aimed at focusing on the interface of psychology and law.

6. Liberty University

Liberty University takes roughly 1.5 years to finish, according to the school.

The Helms School of Government at Liberty University offers this program. Crime investigators, intelligence analysts, and criminal justice and law enforcement instructors can all benefit from this degree.

Liberty will consider 50 percent of the program’s 36-course credits as transfer credits. A research or non-thesis route is available to students.

Liberty University’s enrollment for this degree has not changed in 4 years as a charitable university. Candidates for the program must hold a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

7. University of Houston-Victoria

According to UHV, many students go on to work at fieldwork sites following graduation. The master’s program, which comprises 63 credit hours, includes two work terms.

One coursework concentrates on treatment, while the other concentrates on case evaluation. Each one takes at least 150 hours of monitored effort.

There are 21 credit hours of basic courses and 33 credit hours of specialty studies in the master’s program. Graduates of the program will be qualified to work as psychologists or psychological specialists.

Candidates must have taken analytics, research methodologies, and clinical psychology as part of their undergraduate study. In contrast to a bachelor’s degree, candidates have to fill out the following documents.

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Why get a masters in forensic psychology?

Forensic psychologists do work that is both relevant and mentally demanding. An online forensic psychology degree can enable students further their professions in a fast-expanding sector.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not keep records of forensic psychologists. Nevertheless, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 16 percent increase in forensic science technician positions between 2020 and 2030. Psychologist positions are expected to expand by 8% over the same time period, according to the association.

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A master’s degree in forensic psychology allows you to work in various settings. You’ll emerge with tangible knowledgeable skills that will help you enhance your personality psychology career. You’ll discover how to deliver psychological assistance to the legal environment.

You can work for a range of companies having a master’s degree in forensic psychology. These companies include:

  • Addiction treatment facilities
  • Child-care and advocacy organizations
  • Psychiatric health clinics in the community
  • Courts of family, civil, and criminal law
  • Clinics
  • Naval
  • Institutions
  • Department of enforcement agencies
  • Detention centers
  • Services for a suspended sentence
  • Security services
  • Risk assessment/research organizations
  • State-run forensic services
  • Community services organizations
  • Services for trial counseling
  • Courses in Forensic Psychology
  • Students can choose a concentration in several forensic psychology degrees. Criminology and chemistry are two popular specialties.

What are the 3 Main Courses in Forensic Psychology?

3 main courses in a forensic psychology master’s program are listed below. Please keep in mind that not all programs provide these courses.

1. Theories on Criminal Behavior

Students investigate views on what motivates criminal behavior. Students are taught how to put these theories into practice. Part of the training examines how psychological failings can lead to people harming others. Learners participate in conversations and study research articles to back up their theories.

2. Cognitive Psychology

Students investigate inner psychological operations ideas. Learners use a criminal investigative lens to explore concepts including perceptions and problem-solving. Participants engage in debates regarding how criminals process news from the external world. Students who pursue a degree gain a greater knowledge of the ways cognitive processes affect behavior.

3. Research Methods

Students learn how to do research in the best possible way. They understand the value of client permission as well as the ethics of doing forensic research. Defending the confidentiality of a criminal investigation is also covered as a component of the course. A research project is usually completed by students.


Those seeking to engage in psychology and the judicial system should consider forensic psychology. It is the ideal fusion of these two areas, and it offers the psychological competence required to enhance the criminal justice system.

A master’s degree in forensic psychology is likewise a big undertaking. It not only necessitates time and works, but it is also the first phase in obtaining your PhD.

Candidates with only a master’s degree will lack the requisite qualifications to work as forensic psychologists.

Because the outcomes of a school search might be complicated, we created this post to assist you in sorting through all of the fantastic programs available.


What can I do with a master’s in forensic psychology?

Graduates can pursue various forensic psychology careers. They may also enroll in a doctoral program to earn licensure.

What degree do I need to become a forensic psychologist?

Most states require a doctoral degree to practice. Doctoral applicants usually need a master’s in forensic psychology

What degree do I need to become a forensic psychologist?

Most states require a doctoral degree to practice. Doctoral applicants usually need a master’s in forensic psychology.

How many years does it take to become a forensic psychologist?

Aspiring forensic psychologists spend about 10 years on higher education and supervised experience.

How Much Do Forensic Psychology Majors Make?

Psychologists earn a median annual salary of $82,180, according to the BLS

How Much Does a Forensic Psychology Degree Cost?

master’s degree costs an average of $66,340, according to EducationData.org.


  1. Liberty University
  2. Arizona State University
  3. University of North Dakota
  4. University of California, Irvine
  5. Nova Southeastern University
  6. University of Houston-Victoria
  7. University of Southern New Hampshire
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