Pharmacy Colleges That Do Not Require PCAT.

Have you heard about an exam called the PCAT? Are you keen to know what it is and how it is used? Do you aspire to become a pharmacist or attend a pharmacy college? If yes, then today’s topic is for you.

Pharmacy colleges that do not require PCAT
Pharmacy colleges that do not require PCAT

For an aspiring pharmacy student, the importance of PCAT cannot be underestimated. The PCAT stands as an acronym for Pharmacy College Admission Test. This test is a pre-enrollment test. It helps rate and qualifies students eligible to attend pharmacy colleges. It evaluates the general academic ability as well as scientific knowledge of the student. This test is specifically for students who want to study at pharmaceutical colleges.

Since 1974, colleges in the US and Canada have been using the PCAT to grade students. 

The exam tests students’ knowledge in maths, biology, as well as chemistry. These are the core subjects that the PCAT will use to grade the students. The PCAT consists of 192 multiple choice questions that test the student’s basic scientific knowledge; math, verbal, reading comprehension, and writing skills; and overall critical thinking skills. The test consists of 192 multiple-choice questions and one writing topic, placed in five separate sections. The exam lasts for four hours with a short break after the first 2 hours.

PCAT Score and Grading.

Immediately after writing the exam, students will receive a preliminary score report. This report will show the student scores and percentage ranking for each section. However, the scores are still subject to verification. However, the official score report is made available 5 weeks after the exam. The pharmacy colleges which you have in mind will make use of your official score report rather than the preliminary.

Official Scores are never made available over the phone, email, or fax.

The official score report contains six separate scores. One of each being the score for each section of the test. To know if you have passed, the scores are calculated thus. The first score which was received is converted to a scaled score. The scaled score ranges from 200-600 and is used to calculate the composite score. The composite score is calculated, by finding the average of the scaled score on each multiple of the choice section. And it is with this scaled score that a student will be found worthy or not. An average composite score should be 400.

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This has been a consistent practice in the US and the western worlds. Students had to go through this rigorous screening to be found worthy of a pharmacy college or not. 

However, as time continued to go on, there became a need for colleges to decline their PCAT demands. Presently, over 80% of pharmacy colleges in the US do not require PCAT. This shows that lesser attention is still being paid to the PCAT requirement. 

Although 20% still require it, there are also plans to ease the requirement among them. This thus means that there are several pharmacy colleges that do not require PCAT. And so, we want to give you a list of 10 pharmacy colleges that do not require PCAT as a criterion for admission.

Pharmacy Colleges that do not require PCAT for admission.

1.University of California.

The University of California is one of the biggest schools in the world that doesn’t require PCAT. Over the years, the school has consistently given admission to hundreds of students. The university does not place the PCAT as an admission prerequisite. Its school of pharmacy is the oldest school of pharmacy in the western US. The college also has a rich history of clinical research and scientific accomplishments. Although the college does not require a PCAT score, students who feel like they need to can provide it. The exam has no rating value during screening. 

Tuition at the University of California School of Pharmacy is about $11,500. The school also offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Find out more and all you need to know at

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2. Purdue College of Pharmacy.

For over 120 years, the Purdue College of Pharmacy has produced pharmacy leaders. This college of pharmacy is also one of the oldest and does not require the PCAT score. Purdue offers Pre-pharm, pharmaceutical sciences, Pharm D, as well as graduate programs to students. The school does not require students to provide their PCAT results at all. 

Although Purdue University does not require PCAT, applicants must have a GPA of over 3.2.

Total tuition for nonresidents at the Purdue University College of Pharmacy is about $20,200. Visit to find out all you need to know. 

3. Chicago State University Pharmacy College.

The Chicago State University Pharmacy college offers undergraduate as well as post-graduate programs. As you should expect, the Chicago State University pharmacy college does not require the PCAT score from students. Students only have to provide other relevant documents which will be necessary for admission.

Tuition and fees for the pharmacy college of CSU are about $12,000 per academic year. Visit to know more.

4. Michigan College of Pharmacy.

The Michigan University College of Pharmacy was created in 1876 with fewer than 100 students. But today, the college has become a world-class college. It is also one of the strongest members of the Michigan health system. 

The college maintains a record of excellent students and successful research. As such, one would expect such a high rating school to require PCAT from its students. However, that isn’t the case. To study pharmacy at the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy, students do not have to provide a PCAT score. However, there are other prerequisites that the students must satisfy. To find out more about the prerequisite as well as tuition, enrollment, etc, visit

5. University of Toronto Pharmacy College.

Although the University of Toronto pharmacy college accepts the PCAT score, it does not treat it as a prerequisite. It is also known as Leslie Dan’s faculty of pharmacy. The college of pharmacy only requires that aspiring students have at least a 2.50 GPA for consideration. It also conducts a Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) for the eligible students. This interview aims to test the students’ situational and behavioral responses to several situations. Tuition at the University of Toronto Pharmacy College is about $36,000 for international students. However, visit their website at to find out more precise information you will need before applying. 

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6. Ohio State University Pharmacy College. 

Ohio State University Pharmacy College is another of the several pharmacy colleges that do not require PCAT from applicants. The pharmacy college maintains its excellence by thoroughly screening its applicants. Although the college does not require a PCAT score, it still advises students with less than 2.7GPA to take the exams. This exam helps them stand a better chance at the screening process than not. However, it is not a necessary prerequisite. Visit the school at to find out more about tuition, programs, and credit hours. 

Other Pharmacy Colleges that do not require PCAT include,

7. West Virginia University Pharmacy College. 

8. The University of Wyoming. 

9. University of Kansas Pharmacy College.

10. Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and health sciences.

Although we have made a top 10 list for you, it should not limit your options. In fact, it is more likely that any pharmacy college you want does not require PCAT than otherwise. This is to let you know that although PCAT is still in use, it is not exactly compulsory. Nowadays, students can decide to take the PCAT just to fancy better chances. However, we want you to know that there are more pharmacy colleges that do not require PCAT than those that do. So as you continue your search, know that a PCAT score does not guarantee you admission. So go on and make your choice from our list of pharmacy colleges that do not require PCAT.

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