Proctored Exam: What is an Online Proctored Exam ?

In this article, we will be discussing how online proctored exam and how it works. Online proctored exams are timed exams that you take while proctoring software monitors your computer’s desktop, webcam video, and audio. The proctoring software’s data is forwarded to a third-party proctoring company for analysis.

Webcam Proctored test may or may not be required for your course and enrollment track. However, If you’re required to take an online proctored exam for your course when taking the proctored exam, you’ll need to install the proctoring software on your computer.

Different Types Of Proctoring

During webcam proctored tests, proctoring software for online exams is used to allow you to sit the exam wherever you like. To ensure that the online Proctored exam is secure and dependable, proctoring software for the online exam is utilized to track you and monitor you through video, ensuring that the webcam online test does whatever is free of fraud. Webcam Proctored tests come in a variety of forms:

1. Subsequent Proctoring:

As you take the online Proctored exam, images and logs are captured and recorded on video. Later, a proctor (also known as an invigilator) will be able to see if you cheated in any way. The evidence from the collected photographs is used to make the choice. Because everything is recorded, you can take the exam whenever you choose – simply log in and start taking the exam, unless your qualification institute informs you differently.

2. Live Proctoring:

This simulates a real exam environment. An online proctor uses a webcam to monitor you as you take the exam. They can interfere if they see anything out of the ordinary, just as in a real classroom. You’ll need to schedule the online proctor exam ahead of time to determine if a proctor is available to oversee it.

3. Automated Proctoring:

Computer software is used to detect any instances of possible online Proctored exam cheating or outside assistance in webcam proctored exams. It can identify whether new software is installed or if another person is present in the area. Any such instances are reported to the online proctor exam authority, who is then able to review them.


How Online Proctored Exams Work

You must authenticate your identification at the outset of the online proctored exam by taking a webcam photo of your face, photo ID, and any other information the software requires to validate the exam environment. You must follow the proctoring regulations and requirements for the software you are using when taking the exam. If your course exam has different rules, instructions will be posted in your course.

Also, while you take the webcam proctored test, the proctoring software monitors your computer. The exam data is streamed to the proctoring software over the cloud, including any software that is running. The app also records the video and sounds from your webcam. After you end your online proctored exam, the exam session is reviewed by the proctoring service.

Results are normally available within 5 days of submitting the test, however, reviews may take longer if there is a higher-than-normal volume of exams, online Proctored exam cheating or if your exam is marked for review by the course staff. We attempted to depict the overall appearance and feel of the online proctored exams.

It also explains your responsibilities as an exam authority and how you can prepare your examinees for online proctored tests at the same time. An online proctored exam is essentially the same as any other exam, but with the internet, infrastructure to support all of the associated activities. And most importantly, invigilation, to maintain the sanctity of the exam room.


Eligibility for the Online Proctored Exam

To be eligible for online proctored exam course credit (where applicable), you must pass the webcam Proctored test and also receive a Satisfactory result for the proctoring review. Like offline proctoring, online proctored exams also begin with authentication. During the webcam Proctored test, the proctoring software verifies the examinee’s identity and removes any questionable conduct or online Proctored exam cheating.

The software ensures that the candidate is sharing a screen with video and audio recording even before the online proctored exam begins. It’s also unlikely that someone will impersonate you. Students must normally show their photo IDs to the online proctored exam system at the start of each examination.

Only when the proctors have verified their IDs does the test begin. Also, an important computer System requirement is that you must have a working webcam, and we recommend 1GB of free space on your machine.


Online Proctoring Exam Software

Usually, the whole infrastructure is driven by a cloud-based system. Given the global rise of e-learning, it’s difficult to fathom how online proctored exams will function without a cloud-based system, although some older firms still rely on archaic legacy systems. A reliable, robust, and dynamic proctoring software for online exams is always at the heart of any webcam Proctored tests and services are supplied by either of the two 3rd party vendors:

  1. Proctor track
  2. Software Secure
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Students are encouraged to read their course material carefully to identify which proctoring software for the online exam is required by the course. For all of its proctored tests, each course can only use one piece of proctoring software. If you need assistance locating proctoring software for online exams, please contact your course administrators.


Limitations of the Online Proctored Exam:

In present times, the online Proctored exam at home is a new routine for educators and students. Institutes now have the opportunity to take learning online, thanks to a plethora of technological instruments. As a result, the educational sector is reaping the benefits of e-learning and online proctored exams at home, such as cost-effectiveness, time-saving, consistency, and flexibility, among others.

The major drawback of the online Proctored exam at home is that it takes a long time, and pupils attempt to be as quick as possible. Furthermore, some examinations prohibit copying and even highlighting. Students then attempt to circumvent the restriction by manually inputting the query into Google Search. Nevertheless, this takes even more time. Some students cheat by acquiring the answers from test banks and posting them as their own to save time.


Procedures For Taking The Online Proctored Exam

The first step in this online Proctored exam at home is the authentication of the Candidate’s facial recognition. The second phase entails keeping an eye on candidates while they take the exam to avoid online Proctored exam cheating. Typically, an algorithm continuously examines candidates to indicate any suspicious cases of online Proctored exam cheating.

For example, Dr. Proctor, an online proctor exam program, is powered by an AI system that can detect situations of misconduct. But it is not limited to incidents in which a candidate is not appearing on the screen if a mobile phone or odd eye movement is observed, or if there is another person in the room.

The exam audio and video recording data are saved in the cloud. So, after the exams are over, the cases and results of the webcam proctored test can be reviewed by the exam team. You may ask these questions;

  • What if a candidate goes online to look for an answer?
  • What if they have a book or a document open on the screen?
  • What if they have a cell phone with them?
  • Or a person in the exam room next to the candidate?

The truth is that the proctoring software for the online exam ensures that the web search function is disabled. At the same time, the screen sharing feature enables your invigilator to consistently monitor the exam. Even if the invigilator misses the online proctored exam cheating, they may review all of the recordings online.

Digital proctoring services have likely rendered cheating impossible for students as they cannot bypass the security framework.


Rules Guiding A Proctored Exam

If you’re conducting an online proctored exam for your students, you must instruct them to utilize desktops or laptops with the recommended specifications. You should also request that they choose a location with strong internet access. The students need to have a webcam and mic on which a candidate is taking an exam.

  • Students should also be situated in front of a plain background.
  • Make sure the room is well-lit.
  • The room should be as silent as possible.
  • Ensure that you are alone in the room for the examination.
  • Before the exam, make sure you have a sufficient quantity of sheets.

Also, here’s what your candidates must avoid:

Students should not try to navigate from the exam window as their exam screen window will be proctored for the entire exam. The exam will be canceled if any suspicious activity online proctor exam cheating is discovered during the exam. Candidates must know that they are not allowed to talk to anyone during the exam.

Additionally, throughout the exam, the candidates are not permitted to use any digital device, including cell phones or Bluetooth speakers. It will be considered online Proctor exam cheating if the same is observed. The use of multiple devices at the same time is not allowed because if the system detects this the exam can be terminated for that candidate.

Before the webcam Proctored begins, a test screen appears. The candidates must stay on the test screen the entire time.


How Students Cheat During Online Exams:

When it comes to conducting online Proctored exams, most educational institutions are faced with the problem of online Proctored cheating by students. This has become a difficult problem, especially with the introduction of proctoring software or apps such as Zoom or Google Meet to carry out online tests. Students take advantage of loopholes when proctoring is in place.

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We do not advocate or encourage cheating, and this article is for informational purposes. If you’re trying to figure out how to cheat during any webcam tests, you’ll be surprised at how difficult it may be. While it is difficult to carry out an online proctored exam cheating on proctored tests, we will look at the methods students employ. We’ve noticed that kids employ a variety of methods to get around the systems.

As we have noted above, universities and colleges are now embracing online Proctored exam courses and students have taken this as an opportunity to cheat during online tests. Most students look for ways to cheat in online Proctored at home, even if this is not always possible. This is because students take those tests from their remote places, making it impossible for higher education institutions to oversee their online students’ activities.

Students have devised innovative ways of online proctored exam cheating during online webcam tests, although certain colleges and institutions are creating new measures to counteract cheating on online assessments. Let’s take a look at some of the most prevalent methods used by pupils.

1. Sending Screenshots To An Expert

This is sending questions to an answering service. This is the most common and perhaps the safest way students cheat on their exams, especially if they are not proctored. Students simply hire an essay writing service specialist and provide them with the relevant information as well as course resources to study. When the exam is shared on apps like Zoom or Google Meet, among others, this is conceivable.

That effectively assigns him or her the task of studying and comprehending the entire course as if he or she were a student in the class. The pupils then communicate queries to the hired expert by taking screenshots of the questions. In fact, in some cases, students build trust to the point where they transmit college login information to have others log in and take their examinations on their behalf. This is extremely dangerous, and only a negligent student could pull it off.

2. Screen Sharing Or Mirroring To Cheat:

Screen mirroring/sharing allows students to work on many monitors or proctoring software for the online exam at the same time, in this case, while taking an online test. Because online courses allow several students to take the same test from different locations, such candidates can use multiple monitors. In this case, some students view the online Proctored exam questions on one monitor while the contents of the other monitor(s) are mirrored on the other monitor(s).

This allows the student’s friend to access the webcam Proctored test questions and provide answers at the same time. Screen mirroring/sharing has long been recognized as one of the many ways students cheat on webcam Proctored tests. It’s simple and effective since everything happens at the same time. At their desk, the student or candidate appears to be online.

However, the test is being taken on their behalf by someone who is better knowledge about the test. Institutions have devised several methods in response to the prevalence of this type of online Proctored exam cheating in online tests. Using encrypted web browsers when taking online tests is one way that colleges and universities have attempted to combat screen mirroring/sharing.

Secure browsers, on the other hand, can prohibit a student from leaving the exam room. This is accomplished by limiting their access to display settings that allow pupils to mirror or share the content of their screen across several displays. The use of proctoring software is another approach for preventing this type of online exam cheating.

This proctoring software for online exams enables screen mirroring with the live proctor, allowing the online examiners to keep an eye on what’s going on on their candidates’ monitors. Despite this, screen mirroring/sharing is still one of the most popular ways to cheat on online tests.

3. Cheating With Technological Devices:

Technology advances at a breakneck speed in today’s environment. New gadgets and devices are being developed and released to the public continuously. Humans have been able to achieve things that were previously unthinkable just a few years ago because of such technologies. Smartphones have made it possible for online proctored exam cheating in recent years.

Some students are employing tiny and undetectable Bluetooth devices during online Proctored exams, according to some companies that provide webcam Proctored tests, such as Prometric. Some powerful scientific calculators can now be programmed. Students can store data and formulas and use them during online exams to help them score highly.

Candidates, on the other hand, have admitted that the charge is true. While the majority of candidates would prefer online Proctored exam cheating on webcam Proctored tests using high-tech equipment, others may prefer to employ more traditional means such as writing on their palms or using cheat sheets.

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4. Impersonation Or Using A Friend

Students can simply hire another individual who is more knowledgeable to help them take their online examinations on their behalf because it is done remotely. In this case, the candidate will just hire another individual and be ready to go. To prevent impersonation, online ID authentication such as face ID and biometrics can be employed. Allow a group of people to work on your paper. To ensure quality and original paper, a team avoids plagiarism and has checks and balances in place.


The Wrong Application of Tech and Gadgets in Online Proctored Exams:

Here, we are not arguing against emerging technologies. Technologies are good because they help human life to be better and more comfortable. Technology, on the other hand, can be employed for both good and negative purposes. Using technical equipment to cheat on online tests is a poor use of technology. Higher education institutions are attempting to counteract this type of cheating on online assessments.

One of the most effective methods that can be used to combat online Proctored exam cheating during webcam online tests using technological devices is applying auto proctoring together with live proctoring. Because proctoring software for online exams monitors candidate’s head, keyboard, and eye movements while they are completing their online Proctored exams at home, this helps to prevent candidates from online Proctored exam cheating during webcam Proctored test

Proctoring software for the online exams can also be used to record audio during online Proctored exams. It is possible to distinguish between the test candidate’s voice and other emerging voices that may assist the student in online Proctored exam cheating. Now that we have discussed the most common methods used by students to cheat during webcam online tests, proctoring technologies are utilized to counteract various sorts of online Proctored exam cheating, particularly when it involves an online Proctored exam at home.



In case you don’t know, online proctored exams are timed exams that you take while proctoring software for online exams monitors your computer’s desktop along with webcam video and audio. The proctoring software for online exams supplies data that has been forwarded to a third-party proctoring company for analysis. Your course of study and enrolment track may or may not necessitate webcam proctored tests.

Only a small percentage of educational institutions use Zoom or Google Meet to conduct tests. Others employ ProctorU to identify cheating, which has proven to be effective. This is due to the lack of an online proctored exam in Zoom tests, which makes cheating incredibly easy.

Though we have discussed the various ways of cheating during an online proctored exam at home, you should try to uphold academic honesty.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How is it possible to cheat in online exams in 2022?

People cheat in different ways, some methods are safe, other methods are risky. These are the following ways to cheat in online exams-:

  1. Screen sharing to another hi computer
  2. Utilizing cutting-edge technological devices
  3. Using mobile apps and taking notes on smartphones
  4. Creating false identities to obtain third-party assistance

Is it possible to cheat on a highly online proctored exam?

It depends on the exam, it is possible to cheat online because no one is there to stop you from opening books, Google, etc for searching answers. It is, nevertheless, a really bad habit. In our exams, we should be honest.

“It is preferable to fail with honor than to win by cheating.”

How do people cheat on online proctored exams?

No technology is foolproof when it comes to cheating during a webcam online test. Candidates can use a variety of ways to fool the proctoring software for the online exam. Candidates can cheat by using a ‘virtual machine’ in which they run two operating systems on the same computer. Other non-technical approaches include using an actual textbook or a smaller laptop to search for answers. The webcam is used by the proctoring software for online exams to track your eye and head movements.

What are Online Proctored exam requirements?

Candidates must have their laptops with a webcam. It is also important for candidates to be in quiet places with a good network connection. During the online Proctored exam, however, candidates should avoid making any excessive movements that could raise suspicion. If more than one candidate is taking their online exam on the same computer, make sure there are no digital traces left behind, such as browser cookies or the use of the same IP addresses.

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