Is Purdue University an Ivy League School?

Purdue University is a Public University. Located 65 miles North West of Indianapolis Lafayette, Indiana U.S.A.

It was founded in 1869. It was named after a businessman whose name was John Purdue. He donated lands and money so the college could be built in his name. 

Purdue University is home to Science, Technology, and Agriculture. As we read on, we would get to find out the fascinating things about Purdue.

It’s Ranking, Acceptance rate, Scholarships/ Grant aids, Tuition Cost, and how one can qualify to get into Purdue. 

Even though Purdue is an Elite school, it is not an Ivy League School like so many people think it is. Now, let’s dive in and find out more about Purdue University.

Is Purdue University an Ivy League School

Why is Purdue University so Prestigious?

Purdue University is a member of the Big Ten. It’s an Internationally renowned Institution. It houses STEM fields most especially Engineering. It is also a research and resourceful powerhouse.

The School’s graduate and undergraduate programs in Engineering rank in the top ten (10) nationwide. Purdue is home to over 400 laboratories for research! It has a well-distinguished faculty.

These few characteristics of Purdue pose it as an Ivy League University. When it is technically not one. We would get to know more about Purdue and its amazing little secrets as we go on.

Why is Purdue University so often Misplaced as an Ivy League School?

There are two reasons why people are confused about Purdue being an Ivy League School. The first reason is that it is a research powerhouse as we mentioned earlier. The other reason is because of its popularity as an international Institution.

Purdue is so amazing that it dedicated an entire area of the campus for research purposes. They call it the ‘Discovery Park’. It is home to different kinds of Research and Innovation cut across different fields of study. It is located in the South-West of Purdue with 40 acres of land to itself.

The faculty at Purdue University harbors experts, award-winning Nobel Laureates, and even world-renowned scientists. These are experts in their various fields and disciplines.

Their past faculty who taught and worked at Purdue University include the Golden Gate designer – Charles Alton Ellis, Amelia Earhart (Aviator), and even the President of the National Association of Mathematicians (NAM) – Edray Goins.

In any case, the teaching faculty at Purdue are not the only ones who have acquired exceptional reputations. Many alumni of Purdue have also made great names for themselves. They accumulate high-ranking positions in their respective niches and also in society.

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Rankings/ Achievements of Purdue University

Purdue University has nurtured Astronauts, Award-winning Scientists, and CEOs of great establishments. Some of which include: McDonalds and Walgreens.

The alumni of Purdue University are also in Government as Heads of State and even recipients of the highest civilian award in the United States, which is the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Purdue University has gotten several national and international recognitions. These are some of the reasons people argue it to be an Ivy League University.

Below are a few of Purdue’s recognitions worldwide:

  1. Top 25 colleges for Aviation Degrees.
  2. Top 200 Universities in the World.
  3. 11 Most Affordable Tuition to International students.
  4. 10 Best Aviation Schools in the U.S.
  5. The Top 30 Best Data Science M.Sc. Program.

With these heights, Purdue has reached excellence in Research and Elite faculty and alumni. It is little wonder why people think it to be a part of the Ivies.

Because of Purdue’s track record of STEM field research and the amount students from other international countries. It is globally known as a first-class Institute. 

Acceptance Rate

Purdue University is way larger than most Ivy League Schools. The number of undergraduates at Purdue is over 30,000 entries. While the population of the undergraduates of most Ivy League schools ranges from 4,500 to 15,000 maximum entries.

Purdue is not selective like the Ivy League Schools. While Ivies acceptance rates are very low single numbers, Purdue accepts 67% of its applicants. Which is 10x the rate that Ivy League schools accept. Most of such applicants are within the states of Indiana and other International countries.

Purdue’s rate of acceptance can be quite deceptive. In 2021, the admissions cycle recorded that Purdue accepted 52% of Indiana applications. 34% of applicants were out of the state and then just 14% of international applications. 

So, the acceptance of any student into Purdue largely depends on where the student resides and is applying from.

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Purdue’s Statistics and Reputation

With all this information; there’s no arguing why Purdue ranks so high in the National and International publications. 

In U.S. News and World Report, the dominant college rank system rates Purdue as number 53 nationwide. Together with Ohio State, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), Santa Clara, and Villanova.

The Washington Monthly puts Purdue University at number 39 nationwide. Just behind Dartmouth college and Brown Ivy League Schools. 

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It also ranked Purdue as number 25 for research nationally.

Website gave Purdue an A+ grade. It also gives it these rankings. Number 15 Public Universities in America. Number 16 in the Best Big Colleges in America and Number 36 among Colleges with the Best Professors in America.

As a matter of fact, all of these statistics highlight the obvious that Purdue is a great first-class Public University with a renowned reputation.

Entry Price for Purdue

The entry price/ tuition fee for Purdue according to the U. S. Department of Education (IPEDS). For graduate students who are from Indiana (in-state), their entry fee is an average of $22,782 for a year. For which $9,992 is for their tuition fee. While, $12,790 is the cost for books, a campus room, and aboard.

For students on grant aids, what they will pay is a total of $13,986 for a year.

Now, for out-of-state, that is students who are not originally from Indiana, they are to pay an average cost fee of $41,584 a year. This is for students without aid grants. This $41,584 is further split into $28,794 for the tuition fee and $12,790 for the cost of books, on-campus room, and board. 

Financial aid is not available to international students who do not meet the financial aid citizenship requirements. Aid is offered financially on merit to both graduate and undergraduate students. This is only applicable to students from private sources.

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How to Get into Purdue University

As we earlier mentioned, Purdue’s acceptance rate of 67% is misguiding. Because the number of applicants accepted is mostly the students that are from Indiana state. The international students have a more difficult process entering this elite school. 

The admission statics at Purdue is very impressive. But it is not as perfect as the Ivy League Schools and Colleges. 

The CGPA of the students admitted is an average of 3.5-3.9. This shows that the successful applicants score mostly A’s and take challenging disciplines. The SAT rate of the admitted applicants is an average of 1120-1400. While the ACT range is 26-33. 

This generally means that for you to stand out amongst the large pool of applicants, you need to have very high scores in order to rank high.

Purdue admits more men (58.6%), than women (41.4%). Despite the high strides women have made in their very male-dominated STEM fields. This might probably be because more men apply to Purdue than women.

In addition to the demographics, grades, and test scores, Purdue cares a lot about admission essays. The applicants need to send in quality essays in a request for admission. Asides from the Common App essay, students are required to take two special essays. Where their abilities to passionately express themselves in 100 words will e tested.

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Great recommendations from your previous teachers and impressive participation in extracurricular activities win the day for a nice application.


In conclusion, Purdue University is a lot of things. A renowned STEM hub for research and innovation, a high-ranked public University. An abode of an elite faculty, who are experts in their different fields.

An alumnus of great scholars at the pinnacle of their different industries. As broad as politics, sports, writing, arts, and even engineering. 

However, what Purdue University isn’t is an Ivy League University. It is although, one of the best schools in the US. Purdue is a part of the Big Ten Conference, the Division, and other strong athletic teams.

Purdue is very well recognized in the U.S and abroad. It shows in its reputation as a high-ranking research outlet. In comparison with other Public Universities in the U.S, Purdue leads.

It continues to be more popular and very competitive. It attracts more students within and outside Indiana who are eager for STEM research.

Purdue University places a great value on undergraduate research. This way, students get to play active roles in discovering new and fresh knowledge. This further improves Purdue’s progress in creating a better world.


Does Purdue University offer financial aid to international students?

Financial aid is not available to international students who do not meet the financial aid citizenship requirements. Aid is however offered financially on merit to both graduate and undergraduate students. This is only applicable to students from private sources.

Is Purdue good for international students?

Purdue is good for international students, it ranked number 4 for the international student population at public universities. It got the 23rd place for study abroad. It is one of the leading public universities in the U.S.

What GPA do you need to get into Purdue?

With an average of 3.69, you can get admitted into Purdue University. You need to be well above average in your high school class tests. A mixture of more A’s than B’s in your results will help you scale through.

Is it worth studying at Purdue?

Yes, studying at Purdue University is worth it. It has great value nationwide. It ranked number 161 out of 1472 colleges. For the Best Colleges for Money. This ranking gave it great recognition and value reputation.

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