Reed College Acceptance Rate and How to Get in Easily

Are you in search of the Reed College Acceptance Rate? Reed College GPA Requirement? Reed College SAT/ACT Requirement? And More about Reed College?

If so, your search is over. Note that the acceptance rate is the first thing to check in any college or university that interests you. Looking at Reed college’s acceptance rate, the college is highly competitive but that doesn’t mean you don’t stand a chance. Reed College has a very unique standard on the type of students they admit. Note that:

Reed College accepts students who are committed to academic inquiry and scholarship. who will flourish in a classroom or lab set up like a conference room, who will respect the plurality of viewpoints that comes with a wide variety of philosophical and cultural variances, and who will be enthusiastic about exploring their concerns and passions? 

Your educational performance, as well as your particular talents, aspirations, and perspective, are all factors to consider before applying to Reed college.

This article will provide you with all the information you need to know about Reed college. Keep scrolling to see all the details.

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Reed College Acceptance Rate and How to Get in Easily

About Reed College

Reed College is a college preparatory, private liberal science and technology school established in 1908 in southeastern Portland, Oregon. Reed College is noted for its high benchmarks of academic performance, innovative thinking, and concerned citizenship, and is considered one of the most cerebral universities in the country.

Reed College students can earn a bachelor’s degree in one of 40 disciplines and programs. A year humanities program, broad circulation criteria, and a senior thesis are all part of the program. Faculty members can genuinely coach individuals and encourage them in personal conversations. A 9:1 college route and small conference classrooms. Reed also has a graduate program in liberal arts that leads to a master’s degree.

Reed College is a liberal arts college dedicated to the inherent worth of intellectual endeavor and guided by the rigorous quality of academic practice, critical thinking, and innovation.

Its undergraduate program, which leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree, is difficult and intensive, balancing depth of understanding across the coursework with the depth of expertise in a given subject of study.

Students develop and display rigor and flexibility in their modes of thought, investigation, and expression as part of their Reed experience.

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Reed College Education

Through degree standards specified by the institution, the Reed college education blends broad study in diverse fields of human understanding with disciplined, in-depth study in an intellectual pursuit.

Close engagement between students and professors in an environment of version consists and academic concern and active studying characterizes the academic program’s approaches. Students get the opportunity to display intellectual curiosity and creative participation in smaller conferences and laboratory classes.

All students receive a foundation in the concepts, basic conceptual frameworks, methodologies, and present literature of several different disciplines, both human and technological, through college-wide dissemination standards.

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The curriculum in a student’s field of study involves a thorough analysis of the educational discipline’s objectives, literature, conceptual concerns, and case studies.

The accomplishment of a yearlong graduate thesis focused on initial research or artistic presentation, as well as a smooth and effective oral defense of the thesis in front of a multidisciplinary faculty council, are among the prerequisites for the major.

A 12-month multidisciplinary humanities program, mandatory for all first-year students, distinguishes the Reed college curriculum.

Multidisciplinary study is also encouraged at the college via topmost humanities programs and form interdisciplinary majors that reflect fields of research and knowledge that cross traditional fields.

To guarantee that its students receive the best possible education, the college fosters and promotes faculty research as well as the implementation of that research all through the school curriculum.

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Campus life at Reed College

On the Reed campus, social life is relaxed, and all events are available to anybody interested. There are no sororities or fraternities on campus. 

Almost seventy-five % stay on campus, and the resident buildings’ small house groups provide a friendly social climate without being elitist. 

Traditional affairs, volunteer work, and sports activities all offer a wide range of extracurricular possibilities. 

The college creates an atmosphere for student life that is free of extraneous structure and restriction. An honor principle governs areas of behavior that aren’t governed by college rules. 

The college’s activities are managed by democratic governance in which students are represented through an appointed student senate and appointments to college bodies. A college is a place where people can freely share ideas.

A campus is a place where ideas can be freely exchanged and openly discussed. This form of critical inquiry-driven education is a benefit in and of itself, but it also adds significantly to goals like social responsibilities and professional achievement. 

The exceptional achievements of Reed graduates in academic interests, professions, government service, instructing, commerce, and fine arts demonstrate the usefulness of such an academic experience as a cornerstone for a wide range of occupations.

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Reed college acceptance rate.

Is it difficult to get into Reed and will I get accepted?

Reed College’s acceptance rate is 42.3 percent, which places it first in Oregon for the weakest acceptance rate. Reed is a much more competitive college to get into, with a decent possibility of acceptance for qualified candidates. Last year, 2,391 was admitted into Reed college out of 5,647 candidates that applied to Reed college, causing it a more competitive college to get into. 

Reed College admits and receives “A-” level high school graduates with a 3.9 GPA on average. The vast majority of new students graduate in the top 10% of their respective high school graduating class. Only 15% of those accepted chose to attend the school.

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Reed College SAT and ACT Requirements

According to CollegeSimply, Reed’s college ACT and ACT score requirements, have not been reported. However, candidates who submitted their ACT score to Reed college is 51% while candidates who submitted for SAT score to Reed college is 61%.

Reed College GPA Requirement

To get into Reed College, what GPA are you required to have? 

To get into Reed, candidates must have extraordinary grades. Reed College’s approved freshmen class had a typical high school GPA of 3.9 on a 4.0 scale, showing that mostly A- candidates are enrolled and subsequently attend. The school has the second-highest average GPA in Oregon. Even if you have a strong GPA, getting into Reed will be difficult because the school rejects more applications than it admits.

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Reed College Admissions For First-year Candidates

The Coalition for Access, Affordability, Success and the Common Application are the two platforms that Reed College accepts applicants from. 

Only one application per year is allowed, and applicants must choose one of these platforms. 

In the admissions process, neither of these applications is favored. Finally, starting the fall 2022 cycle, Reed College will not require or use SAT or ACT testing scores in its admissions evaluation. 

1. Common Application

And over 600 colleges and universities are members of the Common Application consortium. 

The Common Application receives around 3.5 million applications annually. 

Students who apply through the Common Application must send the Common Application, a personalized essay, and a Reed language supplement, all of which can be mailed.

2. Coalition Application

The Coalition for Accessibility, Cost, availability, and Accomplishment is a new application platform created by over 150 institutions that believe that the college admission process should be open to all candidates. 

The Coalition Application permits candidates to collect items in their “locker” throughout their secondary school years, which they can communicate with their support system and the institutions they are applying to if they so desire. 

Students who apply through the Coalition Application must provide the Coalition Application, a Reed essay supplementary, and an object from their locker, which can be an essay, an additional bit of writing, or any other creative works.

Reed College is a co-founder of the Coalition for Accessibility, Cost and availability, and Success, a group of over Ninety public and private universities working to make the college application and selection procedure more accessible. 

The Coalition proposes the following to further its vision: 

  • a free online toolkit for finding colleges and collaborating with your supporters; 
  • an online locker where you can keep your best articles, videos, music, and photographs; 
  • and a third application that combines the first two.

Why is Reed College a Coalition institution?

Reed has a longstanding knowledge of bringing together students from many walks of life. An audio, video, image, or file contribution is one of the Reed College Coalition Application’s requirements. 

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As a Coalition candidate, you’ll have the opportunity to convey a lifelong passion for the news that feels genuine to you. Reed is dedicated to ensuring that all admitted students have equal access to the university. 

Reed satisfies your stated financial need to the fullest extent possible. We believe that everyone should be able to afford to attend the country’s most intelligent college. 

Reed College Coalition members share a commitment to accessibility in higher education. Reed College plays an important role in the Portland community. This fall, Reed college work with non-profits to show how the Coalition toolbox may be used to gather individual artifacts that communicate your academic experience. 

Reed College Admission Requirement

  • Reed admission requirement 
  • Reed writing supplement 
  • High School GPA              
  • Official school transcript 
  • Official college transcript 
  • 2 Recommendation letters from teachers
  • Recommendation letter from counselor 
  • Demonstration of Competencies
  • Personal essay
  • School Report 

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Reed students are intelligent, creative, self-motivated, and passionate. They have an insatiable need to study and an uncanny tendency to comprehend contradictions. Their intellectual zeal is clear in their educational study, but it is as apparent outside the course, where their activities are as varied, complex, and remarkable as you can imagine.

I know you want to be part of this amazing uniqueness of Reed college. Yes, you can. You can go through the article again to know your chances of being accepted into Reed college. I wish you the best of luck. 


Is Reed College a prestigious school?

Reed College’s 2022 Rankings
 Reed College is ranked #62 in National Liberal Arts Colleges. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence. See all scores and key ranking factors.

What kind of students goes to Reed?

Reed students are creative, self-propelled, passionate, and analytical. They have boundless enthusiasm for learning and an unexpected ability to embrace paradoxes. And they love Reed, one of the most intellectual colleges in the country.

Is Reed College a party school?

Reed parties are pretty cool. There is usually alcohol available, but no pressure to drink. There are sometimes other drugs, depending on who is in attendance. There’s usually an off-campus party every other weekend, and there’s something on campus every weekend.

Do students like Reed College?

Reed College has strong academics and an interesting student body. Its quirky dynamics are not for everyone, but sufficiently eccentric students will love it here. Reed is a small school with a strong sense of community. Be willing to work a lot.


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