How to Get Samsung Student Discount in 2022

If you’re a student looking to get products from Samsung at mouth-watering prices, look no more! This article presents the best way to access the Samsung Student Discount. Being a popular electronic brand known for its TVs, Smartphones, Headsets, and Earbuds, Samsung is known for its attention to quality. This makes them the largest South Korean business conglomerate. If you intend to learn more about Samsung student discounts, Samsung promo codes, Samsung vouchers, Samsung Employee discounts, Samsung student account, and much more, make sure you read this article to the end.

Samsung Student Discount

The Brand Samsung

On the 1st of March 1983, the Samsung Group was founded by Lee Byung-Chul. Providing a range of products from clothing, home appliances, consumer products, chemicals, and more, the Samsung Group is even believed to be more powerful than the President of South Korea. This brand continues to change the world by providing disruptive and transformative ideas through technology. It has redefined smartphones, wearable devices, tablets, network systems, digital appliances, and more.

Benefits of the Samsung Student Discount

  • When you shop from Samsung, you get an amazing 30% off all the products as a student.
  • Free 28 Day Returns. You take advantage of the free delivery and stand a chance for a 21-day trial to return anything you don’t like.
  • Massive trade-in. You get a chance to swap any of your Samsung gadgets for new ones and get up to £390 instant discount.
  • Flexible Payment Options. With Klarna, you enjoy payment options that are well suited to your needs. You can choose to buy now and pay in 30 days, buy now and pay in three months or buy now and spread the cost over four years.

The discount program offers savings in the following categories:

  • PCs: 15% off
  • Tablets: 15% off
  • Phones: 7.5% off
  • Audio accessories: 7.5% off
  • Vacuums: 25% off
  • Wearable tech: 7.5% off.

Besides the huge discounts for students, Samsung has also developed two new initiatives as introduced in its online store. These initiatives are Samsung Referral Program and Samsung Shop 20K Advantage. The Referral Program enables users to save up to 8% when their friends and family patronize products from Samsung. The 20K Advantage Program helps people to win coupons worth $270. The Samsung Discount Program was initially awarded to students studying for a degree or workers in the industry to access tech devices at a low cost.

As a result, people can get superior technology at a low cost and a smaller budget. Recent additions to the Samsung portfolio include the Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, Galaxy Watch 4, and Galaxy Buds 2. These devices provide more battery life, long-lasting performance, and better noise cancelation.


Is There a Student Discount from Samsung?

Yes. Student discounts are available from the Samsung Group to its customers who are students. The discounts range from 15 percent to 30 percent. Here’s how it works: students, educators, and parents of students get a 15% discount on the Galaxy Book Pro or Galaxy Book Pro 360, as well as free earbuds and a 30% discount on Samsung Care. With the Samsung Student Discount, you can save up to 47% on all Samsung devices, including smartphones, tablets, headphones, and more.

The card you present at the time of purchase determines where you can get a discount and how much of a discount you can get. If you have a student ID, however, most malls and outlets will give you a 10% -20% discount.


How To Get A Samsung Student Discount?

Are you looking for a Samsung discount? Let’s get this party started. When you shop at, you can save up to 30%. To maximize your savings, combine your discount with most other offers. Furthermore, no promotional codes are required. During the purchase process, you may need to provide additional verification. The following is a step-by-step guide to getting the Samsung student discount.

1. Get into the Samsung Student Program.

First, log in to and create an account with them. Sign in with an existing Education Discount program account or create a new one to get the limited-time offers. Verify your identity and that you are a student, a student’s parent, or an educator.

2. Verify your email.

The next step is to confirm your email address in order to save up to 30% on most purchases. A verification link will be sent to your email. Click on the link to go directly to the Samsung store. Voila! So there you have it.

3. Start shopping.

After you’ve registered and are browsing the platform, try to combine your Samsung discount with the majority of the deals to maximize your savings. As you decide on which products to buy, check on the Special Offers button to access the Education Discount. Customers can decide to shop by category or explore the All Student Offers to see what products are available. The discounts affect products from home appliances, phones, computers, etc.
Although the discount is for all, it is only limited to Education Discount Program Members. This is why you must endeavor to register and complete your Samsung profile. The prices displayed on the website are only accessible online, so online payment gateways have to be set up. Samsung also has limited purchases to two products a year.


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Samsung Referral Program

This program enables users to save up to 8% on all Samsung products when they refer their friends and family to the Samsung store. Every successful purchase completed by the person you referred stands a chance of getting vouchers worth $20. It works on all products, including wearables, televisions, and smartphones. If you’re a student, this is your chance to save a lot of money. You have to connect your student email with Samsung, and in return, they will provide you with a lot of discounts and offers that only the students can avail themselves of.


Alternatives To Samsung Discount Program.

We all know the perils of college life. Looking for great deals on textbooks and feeding while occasionally spending time on hangouts. The silver lining to maximizing your funds for college is student discounts. Whether it is in the form of financial aids, referral programs, or affiliate services, big companies make it easier for those in college to have access to their products and services at a low cost. With a valid student ID or a .edu email address, you can sign up and begin to enjoy huge deals from big tech companies. They are:

1. Amazon Prime Student.

College students can get access to Prime Student at $6.50 per month or $60 a year, and it includes the same benefits as a Standard Prime member. This includes two-day shipping, free day delivery in some parts of the country, and access to the entire Prime Video Library. With the six-month free trial, you can pay even less than you originally intended.

2. Best Buy:

Although Best Buy does not have any student discounts yet, Best Buy has student deals that you can take advantage of. The only requirement apart from providing a valid means of identification is to be part of the My Best Buy program – which is free. Best Buy also offers site-wide sales, which are cheaper for all members.

3. Apple:

Apple is also among the big tech companies offering discounts to students. Whenever you buy a Mac or an iPad, Apple gives a set of earpods for free. You can also get the Airpods pro for approximately $90. This is very significant because Apple knows how popular the Airpods are and it wants every student to have one if they are thinking of getting a computer as they head to college. Although these are devices dependent, Apple offers a flat rate discount for all their products. Right now, you can get a Macbook Air M1 at $899 which is $100 less than its original price.

For the Macbook Pro and the new iPads, you can save as much as $50 to $100. These deals are amazing for those considering getting a new Apple product. Others with a tighter budget should opt-in for Apple’s refurb program.

4. Microsoft:

Microsoft also offers education discounts at 10% off their products. Although this discount only applies to selected products, the offer excludes digital games, digital apps, in-app content and subscriptions, movies, TV shows, and their related content, Office software and apps, Xbox consoles and games, Windows 10, products that have been customized – gift cards and subscriptions like Skype, Xbox Live. But for Surface devices like the Surface Laptop Go, Surface Go 2, Surface Pro 7 and 8, Surface Pro X, Surface Go 3, Surface Laptop 4, Surface Type Cover, Surface Book 3, and Surface Pro Signature Type Cover, you can get all these at amazing discounts and save up to $250.

5. Adobe Creative Cloud:

Whether you be in the digital space or arts, you probably are using one or more of Adobe’s products. Adobe CC is the standard in this world of tech, but its products are expensive, costing about $53 a month. But with the education discount programs, the creative suite is given at $20 a month for the first year. This includes Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Premiere Pro CC, Adobe XD, and Lightroom CC. After the first month, the price increases to $30 a month. While this may not be ideal for professionals, it is still very affordable for students.

If you are not a huge fan of Adobe products, you might consider Affinity Photo, Designer, and Publisher apps from Serif. These apps compete well with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

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6. Ulysses:

This is the ultimate writing app that provides a convenient way for note-taking, thesis writing, and more with features like the WordCount, DropBox integration, auto backup, and autosave. With $11.99 for six months, you get access to Ulysses on all your devices from Macs, iPads, and phones; iCloud seamless synchronization; Feature additions and new releases automatically delivered through the app store; and more. That’s not all; the subscription also ends automatically if you don’t have a chance to cancel it. The Student offer lasts as long as you are enrolled.

7. Ebuyer:

This is one of the foremost online electrical retailers in the United Kingdom. Luckily, it was founded by a group of IT experts and computer retail professionals who wanted computer accessories to be readily available at a low cost. It had now become a famous site for PC enthusiasts and had now begun to sell laptops, TVs, and digital cameras. You will find discounted deals for students with 40% of their products on the website. Currently, there are no available discounts for students at the time of this writing, but you can do well to check their site.

8. eBay:

This is the largest auction site for students. People make money off eBay by buying and selling second-hand goods at market prices. In case you don’t know, eBay has retail outlets for most of the huge brands in the world. These outlets are very easy to find on the internet, and you can get access to premium deals that most brands will never offer.

9. Google Store:

This is the store for all Google devices and products. From Google Pixel phones, and Nest smart speakers to Chromecasts, there are a variety of high-tech products which you can get at the Google Store. Google offers a 10% discount on all its products. Previous deals on Google Store include Free delivery, Free Google Nest Mini for Google One subscribers, £199 off Google Home Max, and so much more

10. Skullcandy:

With a Unidays account, you can get access to a generous student discount from Skullcandy at 25% off your purchase. They are currently the largest headphone brand globally and offer a wide range of headphone and earbuds styles for users. Their styles include in-ear and over-ear, wired and wireless, power accessories, speakers, and more. You can take advantage of their free delivery, 30% of selected styles, and an extra 20% on all sale items.


Samsung Partnership With Unidays.

UNiDAYS is a website that enables students worldwide to get access to discounts on various services. It was launched in 2011 and boasted 200 million users as of 2020. The Samsung brand offers up to 10% discount at mouth-watering prices via UNiDAYS and offers more significant discounts across a range of selected products. As regards quality, Samsung is one of the best brands you can think of.

Bringing a high range of devices at a significant discount offers students and educators the chance to get access to smartphones, TVs, tablets, PCs, soundbars, memory cards, computing accessories, headphones, earbuds, smartwatches, wearables, washing machines, fridges, freezers and so much more. The only requirement to get access to Samsung Student discounts through the Samsung website is to have an active UNiDAYS account. Registering on UNiDAYS gives you access to Samsung products and gives you access to a huge range of products and services at discounted prices.

How To Get Samsung Student Discount Program Through The Unidays Account.

  • Go to the Samsung official website at and click on the Samsung Student Discounts Page.
  • Sign in through your UNiDAYS account.
  • Click on Activate Discount.
  • Go to the Samsung Students shop and select the range of devices you want.
  • Click on the shopping cart icon.
  • Click on the checkout page if your order matches the view on the tab.
  • Enjoy your savings.

Being the students’ favorite, there were a lot of deals in the past that made purchases cost-effective. These were shown in Samsung Student Discount UK. They are:

  • £380 off the Samsung Galaxy S20.
  • Amazing Trade-Ins
  • £40 off the Samsung Galaxy Buds.
  • £14.99 off the Samsung Galaxy VR Headset
  • 50% off Samsung accessories.

Other products available through the Samsung Student Account are:

1. Laptops and Tablets.

  • Save $100 when you get the Samsung Galaxy A7 Tablet with a trade-in from $179.99
  • Save $350 when you get the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2. This is available with Intel Core I3 with trade-in from $349.99
  • Save $350 when you get the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 with a trade-in from $479.99
  • Save $550 when you get the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex2 Alpha. This comes with Windows 10 Home, 13.3-inch screen, Intel Core i7 processor. Also available in this device are 16GB RAM and 512GB storage with trade-in for $499.99.
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2. Smartphones.

  • Save $52.50 when you get the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE from $647.49
  • Save $250 when you get the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G from $949.99
  • Save $50 when you get the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G for $949.99

3. Headphones.

  • Save $99 when you get the Samsung Galaxy Buds with a trade-in of $70.99.
  • Save $15 when you get the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 for $134.99.

4. Monitors.

  • Save $30 when you get the Samsung 28-inch UE570 monitor for $269.99
  • Save $50 when you get the Samsung 32-inch M7 4K smart monitor. This device comes with amazing streaming services for $349.99
  • Save $30 when you get the Samsung 34-inch SJ55W ultra WQHD monitor for $369.99



At the start of the semester, you should keep an eye out for Samsung student discounts where you can get more tech tools for a low cost. These tools include smartphones, laptops, wearables, and other items to help you stay in college. The Samsung website is always updated to reflect huge bonuses on their products so you should always stay glued to the site and follow them across all their Sofia media handles.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Can all students get access to Samsung Student Discount?

Yes. As long as you are enrolled in a university and have a valid means of identification as a student, you will sign up for a UNiDAYS account that gives you access to a huge range of Samsung products. You will need a valid student email address ending with .edu to prove your student status with UNiDAYS. Both full-time, part-time, distant learning and online learning students have access to these deals.

Are there any items excluded from the Samsung Student Program?

Although the Samsung Student discounts affect all the products on their site, some products will have significantly more discounts than others. Unlike Microsoft, which excludes many products from discounted offers, this does not apply to Samsung. Whatever you need from Samsung, there is a possible way to get it for less than the original price.

Can I use my Samsung Student Discounts in-store?

Yes. Although this only applies to standalone stores, you can conveniently use your Samsung Student Discount in-store. Unfortunately, you cannot use the Samsung student discount if you are buying our products from third-party websites. However, there are some discounts on third-party websites that cover-up for your expense.

How can I redeem a Samsung Voucher code?

Click on the Show Voucher button, and a code will appear on your screen when you are on the Samsung site. This redirects you to the Samsung Online Store in another tab. Enter this discount code at the checkout for your discount to automatically be applied.

How do I use a Samsung Student Discount Code?

Applying a Samsung discount code on your purchase is very intuitive. This is a method where you can apply a voucher in your existing orders:

-Pick a voucher on our website and click on the See Code button.

-After this, highlight then copy the code that will appear.

– When step two is complete, Head over to Samsung’s website and select the items you’d like to purchase.

-Proceed to checkout and paste our code in the promo code box.

-Click on ‘Apply’ and enjoy your discount!

How do I place my order?

Once you have selected all the items you want to purchase, go to the top right-hand corner of your screen and select the Shopping Cart icon. Then you will have the checkout option.

How do I know that my order has been successful?

There will be an order confirmation email for all successful purchases. If you haven’t received the email, check your junk and spam folder. Otherwise, please call 1800-7267864 (1800 SAMSUNG) or email for any inquiries.

Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, you are unable to do that. But if you need help or feel there has been a mistake, please call 1800-7267864 (1800 SAMSUNG) or email for any inquiries.

Can I purchase over the phone?

All purchases must be made through the Samsung website.

How do I complete my Samsung Educational Discount Verification with

You can submit the following supporting documentation to verify your eligibility on

  • Driver’s license state ID with your social security number.
  • Photo of your passport with your social security number.
  • Photo of your passport card with your social security number.
  • Verify using your phone number.

When verified, you will be directed to the checkout page to complete the payment. Please contact support or dial 1-866-775-4363 for any issues verifying your eligibility.

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