Spelman College Acceptance Rate and How to Get in Easily

Spelman College is a historically Black college and a world-leading institution for teaching women of African descent. The Spelman College acceptance rate and how to get in easily have been covered in this article. 

Spelman is committed to excellence in the liberal sciences and arts and the intellectual, creative, ethical, moral, and development of its students’ leadership. Spelman helps the entire person connect with the diverse nations and cultures and motivates students to make a difference in positive social transformation.

This article covers Spelman College’s history, why choose Spelman College, history, student life, Campus, Spelman College acceptance rate, and how to get in easily.

Spelman College Acceptance Rate and How to Get in Easily

About Spelman College

Spelman College is a private institution established in 1881. It has an enrollment of 2207 students in the undergraduate program (fall 2020). The campus is urban and the campus covers 39 acres. It uses a semester academic calendar. Spelman College’s rank for 2022 in Best Colleges was National Liberal Arts Colleges, #54. The cost of tuition and fees is $28,181.

Established in 1881 under the name of Atlanta Baptist Female Seminary, Spelman College is the oldest historically Black female-only College in America. The College is situated just five minutes away from downtown Atlanta. Spelman is part of the Atlanta University Center Consortium, the largest organization that includes historically Black higher education institutions worldwide.

Students in the first and second years must reside on the campus. There are more than 60 groups that students can choose from, including Greek activities, the largest number of students on campus. Spelman College does not compete in intercollegiate athletics, but instead, it provides an overall wellness program to all students.

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Why Choose Spelman College

High Rankings

BestColleges.com placed Spelman as one of the 20 best “Best Women’s Colleges” in 2016.

Spelman College has been recognized as one of the nation’s top 100 liberal arts schools and, for the tenth consecutive year, it is at the top. First historically Black College and university in the United States in the latest U.S. News & World Report “Best Colleges” rankings.

Impressive Graduation & Acceptance Rate

At present, Spelman’s graduation rate is 75 percent (six years standard), ranks as the best of all HBCUs, and is above the national rate of graduation (44 percent), which is the norm for African American students.

The school’s acceptance rates are 41 percent. Spelman ranks among the top women’s colleges across the country. Spelman is home to a greater percentage (43) of Gates Millennium Scholars than any other university or college nationwide. The College is recognized annually as one of the top-producing institutions for Fulbright Fellowship winners.

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Top Scholars

12 Spelman students have received the honor of being selected as Truman Scholars and Five Marshall Scholars. From more than 300 applicants from across the U.S., Spelman is one of two institutions in Georgia and one of only three historically black institutions across the nation that was named one of the 2014 First in the World (FITW) grantees from the U.S. Department of Education.

Within the faculty are internationally acknowledged and awarded scholars, heads, as well as officers from disciplinary bodies, and several patent holders. Eighty-eight percent of faculty hold doctoral degrees or the equivalent in their field of study.

World-Class Graduate School

The majority of Spelman College students go to professional or graduate schools immediately following college graduation, which results in Spelman being among the top producers in the country of Black female medical students and doctoral students in engineering, science, technology, and math.

Spelman is acknowledged as a result of Spelman’s National Science Foundation as the top maker of Black women who get doctoral degrees in science.


The school’s origins can be traced to 1881, when two Boston women, Sophia Packard and Harriet Giles, started teaching an uninvolved group comprised of African American women, mostly former slaves in the basement of an Atlanta church basement. The school was later relocated to the location at Fort McPherson, which had been a Union training center throughout the American Civil War. 

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The donations from the industrialist and philanthropist John D. Rockefeller from 1884 onwards assured the school’s safety and development in the early years. This school is known as Spelman Seminary for Rockefeller’s wife’s mother. It began to award college degrees in 1901 and then became Spelman College in 1924. In 1929, an agreement was signed between Spelman College, Morehouse College (for African American males), and Atlanta University established what would be known as Atlanta University Center. 

Atlanta University Center, which comprises Spelman and the five additional African American institutions in Atlanta that share students, faculty, facilities, and curriculum. Some notable alumni include civil rights activist and lawyer Marian Wright Edelman, musician and historian Bernice Johnson Reagon, and the writer Alice Walker.

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Spelman was ranked the 54th top spot among the national liberal arts schools and is ranked first for historically African-American colleges within the United States by U.S. News & World Report for 2021. Additionally, it placed Spelman 4th in “Social Mobility”, the tenth “Most Innovative”, tied with 19th for “Best Undergraduate Teaching”, and 100th in “Best Value” among liberal arts colleges. Spelman is the top liberal arts college in the country. Spelman ranks first in the nation for enrollment with the highest proportion of Gates Millennium Scholars.

Spelman was ranked as one of the top colleges that are baccalaureate-based institutions for African-American women who have earned engineering, science, and mathematics doctoral degrees. Spelman is ranked as one of the 50 top colleges and universities that produce Fulbright and Gilman Scholars and is the second-largest producing college graduates of African descent who go to medical school. The College was ranked second in the nation by The Princeton Review, ranked Spelman among the top 373 colleges and universities in America in 2017.

Spelman was accredited through the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Spelman is an active participant in the Coalition of Women’s Colleges, National Association of Schools of Music (NASM), National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, The College Fund/UNCF National Association for College Admissions Counseling and the State of Georgia Professional Standards Commission (PSC). 

Spelman offers bachelor’s degree programs in more than 30 academic fields. Additionally, Spelman has strategic partnerships with more than 30 accredited universities to assist students in more efficient ways to finish degree programs that are not available on campus in healthcare, engineering, law, and other fields.

The Ethel Waddell Githii Honors Program is a four-year, comprehensive academic program open to students who meet the strict standards.

Spelman offers a range of research and pre-professional programs that are designed to help students become more attractive for admission to highly selective graduate school programs. About two-thirds of Spelman graduates have graduated with advanced degrees.

Spelman is a well-established exchange program in the country and a well-established study abroad program

Spelman is the school with the highest percentage of graduates among HBCUs. It has a graduation rate of 76% after just six months. Additionally, it has a student-to-faculty ratio of 9:1.

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Students Life

Spelman provides both informal and organized activities that are both informal and organized. The school’s more than 80 student groups include community service groups and special interest groups. Morehouse cheerleaders and choral groups, dance ensembles, music ensembles groups, drama/theater groups, marching bands, intramural sports, and student governments. 

Spelman’s campus, which is gated near Atlanta’s downtown Atlanta, comprises more than 25 buildings over 39 acres.

New Student Orientation

Every new Spelman student must take part in a six-day orientation for students (NSO) beginning in August, immediately before the fall semester. The orientation includes activities that include workshops, sessions, and other activities that are designed to educate the new Spelmanites about the purpose and traditions, culture, history, and the friendships and sisterhood of Spelman College; students are given guidance on how to successfully apply to Spelman women (graduates) and other requirements, including registration, advice, placement and scheduling classes schedules. Student leaders conduct the orientation referred to by the PALs (Peer Assistant Leaders) and Spelman alumni. During the orientation period, students are required to stay on campus. The PALs must authorize any leave that is taken. 

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Residential life

Spelman College has 11 residence halls on campus, with around 1,400 students in the halls. Each hall is unique and has its distinct features and identities. Three of them are first-year student-only residence halls, a residence hall for honors (mixed with students in the first year and upper-class women), and seven exclusive upper-class women’s housing units. All students in the first year and sophomores must be on campus, and it is common for first-year students to participate in friendly competitions for residence halls (i.e., stroll-offs, chant-offs, pranks, fundraising, etc.) during each school day.

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Spelman sports teams were the Jaguars. The school was part of the Division III level of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and participated in the Great South Athletic Conference (GSAC) from 2003-04 until 2012-13.

Spelman played in seven intercollegiate varsity sports. Women’s sports include basketball, cross country, golf, tennis, soccer, softball, and volleyball.

In 2013, Spelman College decided to remove varsity athletics from the school and leave the NCAA. With the money that was originally allocated for sports programs and wellness programs, they developed wellness programs for every student. 


Spelman College offers several student services, including a women’s center, nonremedial tutoring with placement services and health services, and health insurance. Spelman College also offers campus security and safety services such as 24-hour foot and vehicle patrols and late-night transport/escort services 24 hours emergency phone lines, lighting pathways/sidewalks and walkways, and restricted access to dormitories (key card, security card, etc.). Of all the students at Spelman College, 10% can drive on campus. It is illegal to drink alcohol to students of legally-assured age in Spelman College.

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Spelman College Acceptance Rate and How to Get in Easily

Spelman College Acceptance Rate

Admission Requirements

When it comes to Spelman College admission requirements, the important requirement is:

  • GPA requirements
  • SAT and ACT requirements, and/or testing requirements
  • Application requirements

Keep reading to know the admission requirements based on Spelman College’s acceptance rate. 

The Spelman College acceptance rate tells you how competitive the University is and the requirements you must meet.

Spelman College Acceptance rate

The Spelman College acceptance rate is 43.4%. For every 100 applicants, 43 are admitted, hence Spelman is quite selective.

Yet, the university expects you to meet the requirements for GPA and SAT/ACT scores, which are quite flexible. It will also make your application stronger if you exceed these requirements. If your score is less than the minimum GPA and SAT/ACT scores, you won’t stand a chance of getting in easily.

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Spelman College GPA Requirements

Below is Spelman College‘s average GPA for its current students. 


Spelman College‘s average GPA is 3.76. A very competitive score for GPAs.

If you get a GPA of 3.76, you are expected to be above average in your high school class, especially with more A’s than B’s on your transcript. Hard AP or IB classes will help boost your weighted GPA.

SAT and ACT Requirements

Spelman College’s requirements for standardizing tests include the SAT or ACT.

You must take the SAT or ACT and perform well on the test before you apply to Spelman.

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Spelman College SAT Requirements

Spelman College Acceptance Rate

The average SAT score composite is 1155 on the 1600 SAT scale. Therefore, Spelman College is quite competitive in SAT scores.

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The New SAT 25th percentile score is 1090, while the New SAT 75th percentile score is 1220. What this means is that a New SAT score of 1090 places you below average, while 1220 places you up above average.

Below is the section breakdown of new SAT scores:

SectionAverage25th Percentile75th Percentile
Reading + Writing595560630

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Spelman College Requirements

Just like for the SAT, there’s no known hard ACT cutoff mark based on the Spelman College acceptance rate. However, if your score is low, you won’t be accepted.

The average ACT score at Spelman College is 24. The university is strongly competitive for ACT scores. The 25th percentile ACT score is 22, and the 75th percentile ACT score is 26.

Take the ACT as many times as you can and aim for an ACT score of 24 and above. When you have the best score that reaches or exceeds the minimum requirement, you can then send only that score to Spelman College.

SAT/ACT Writing Section Requirements

Spelman College has an optional essay section for SAT and ACTs. They recommend you take the SAT Essay/ACT Writing section as it will help make your application stronger if you do well.

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SAT Subject Test Requirements

Every school requires an SAT subject test score and this varies with different schools. It is unknown if it requires SAT subject tests, but you should check 6 months before applying. This will help you have enough time to take the test.

With a strong academic performance and an SAT score of 1220 or a 26 ACT or above, you can increase your chance of getting into Spelman College.

Spelman College is quite selective and competitive to get into, that is why it is very crucial to have a strong academic performance to increase your chance of getting admission.

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Spelman College, a historically Black college that is a world pioneer in female education of African origin, is committed to excellence in academics in the sciences and liberal arts and its pupils’ intellectual, artistic, ethical, and leadership growth. Through various learning modes, Spelman empowers the whole individual to be a part of the diverse nations and cultures and motivates students to make a difference in positive social changes.

The Spelman College acceptance rate is 43.4%. You must meet the requirements for GPA and SAT/ACT scores, which are quite flexible. It will also make your application stronger if you exceed these requirements.

FAQs on Spelman College Acceptance Rate and How to Get in Easily

1. What GPA do you need to get into Spelman?

Spelman College’s average GPA is 3.76. A Very competitive score for GPAs.

2. What high school grades do I need to get accepted into Spelman College

If you get a GPA of 3.76, you are expected to be above average in your high school class, especially with more A’s than B’s on your transcript. 

3. Is it hard to get into Spelman?

Admission into Spelman College admissions is selective with an acceptance rate of 43.4%. Half the applicants admitted to Spelman College have an SAT score between 1090 and 1220 or an ACT score of 22 and 26. 

4. How prestigious is Spelman College?

For 15th consecutive years, Spelman has earned the distinction of being the No. 1 historically Black college. In 2020, it was ranked from No. 57 to No. 54 on the list of Best National Liberal Arts institutions.

5. What major is Spelman known for?

Popular majors at Spelman College include Political Science and Government, Psychology, Biology, General; Economics, Health, and Wellness, English Language and Literature, International/Globalization Studies; Computer and Information Sciences

6. Does Spelman give scholarships?

A limited number of merit-based Spelman Scholarships are awarded by the Office of Admissions awards to new incoming first-year students. Recipients are selected based on their academic profile and application details.

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