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STEM careers is an abbreviation for careers that drive technology and human progress. Literally, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These are core aspects of technological advancements that contribute immensely to what shape the world takes.

STEM careers
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Previously, SMET, STEM has been in existence as long as education itself has been. Over the years, educators have always been keen to pass their knowledge across to the next generation. This was the reason why scholars took on students back in the days. These already knowledge-rich tutors become masters and have several subordinates (students). These students live their lives in the company of this master, hoping to learn his ideas from him. This used to be the style of education years ago. And even during that time, the STEM idea also existed then.

Scholars of engineering, biology, mathematics, sciences e.t.c all had students who were subordinates to them. These students had the same goal. To learn from their master. They wanted to learn ideas from their masters, sharpen their minds and also advance the studies of their masters. And as such, the masters themselves got to realize that this was just the necessary move to ensure that the world doesn’t stop growing. They saw this as an avenue to prepare the students to provide for the future. And that is all STEM careers are about. Some of such students and masters include famous scientists like Galileo, who had Benedetto Castelli as a student. Many other famous scientists were also students and masters to many more respectively.

In our world of today, STEM careers are careers in areas of science and technology. These careers are careers that contribute immensely to the development of the world. STEM careers possess professionals that contribute to defining the world. As you already know, STEM stands as an acronym for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. This means that every career in science, technology, engineering as well as mathematics is a STEM career. 

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This leaves a very large diversity in this sector. Very often, people think that all the careers under STEM cannot be unified because they are too diverse. However, upon the realization that the world relies on these careers for its figure, one would definitely agree. The world requires electrical engineers to power it. It requires the biological scientist to define it. It requires a robust field of professionals to direct it. And it is at such realization that the idea of a single STEM degree is brought into consideration.

Today, there are several colleges and institutions that offer the STEM degree as a major. This program is built for students who desire a general knowledge of all forms of sciences. Although students may work in just one field at a moment with this degree, it still gives students fluidity. This means that students who possess this degree would have the flexibility to work in any area of science. Judging by the shape of things in our world today, graduates of STEM degrees are becoming favorites.

STEM Careers list for students.

Today, the STEM careers list for students has grown immensely. Comparing times, our technology requires more hands to rely on. This is because of the vast extent of technology across various fields. However, it was only until the 2000s before it became an awardable degree. Presently, there are dozens of jobs that require STEM graduates. And as technology advances, graduates with relevant knowledge in the STEM field are becoming necessary.

These graduates could work in sectors such as;

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Healthcare: STEM graduates can work in the healthcare sector. They could work as doctors, nurses, surgeons, lab technicians, etc. This all depends on the requirements of the employer. 

Biotechnology: Biotechnologist, researchers, etc are all careers fit for STEM graduates. These graduates combine their general knowledge of STEM to solve and create biotechnological advancements.

Engineering: This list cannot be complete without mentioning engineering. Civil, electrical, and even mechanical engineering are all fit for STEM graduates. The knowledge from the general STEM degree sets them apart from the knowledge of how to create future-friendly engineering solutions.

Other areas of STEM careers include micro/nanotechnology, cyberspace, AI technology, etc. All these careers are careers that define our technology and as such, STEM graduates are perfect fixes for the job.

Colleges to pursue STEM careers in.

It wasn’t until the 2000s before the governments realized that a general study of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics was necessary. The governments realized the need for these graduates after a trend for the demand of such graduates became common. Today, the American government spends over two hundred million dollars ($200,000,000) as grants for STEM undergraduates every year. This money serves as a contribution towards urging students to consider this not so new, yet budding sector. This is however only still a fraction of the manpower this sector requires.

As the degree has continually become more and more relevant, more colleges now offer this degree. Consequently, today, several colleges and institutions scattered across America and Europe offer this as an undergraduate program. 

Examples of such colleges include

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Rice University, Houston Texas. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge. 

New York University, New York. 

Stanford University.

Olin College of Engineering, but to mention a few.

All these colleges have over the years, have shown their dedication and commission to development.

Statistically speaking, in 2007, only over 200,000 of the over 1.7 million high school graduates who got admission into colleges in 2001, were STEM graduates. This means that only about 13% of the students in 2001 became STEM graduates in 2007. This shows the gap between the demand and availability of STEM graduates.

And as such, many colleges today have begun to offer STEM degrees in major programs. This is to increase the availability for students who chose to study a STEM career list as a student.


As the world continues to change its shape and form, the need for technological advancements grows. And as such, STEM is a solution to the present requirement of the future of our today’s technology. So for students who believe they are capable of taking on this industry, we encourage them. The development of the world rests on the shoulders of such students. And to that, we advocate more inclusion of this degree in more varsities and colleges. Begin your journey to a STEM career today, and watch yourself soar.

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