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Undergraduate Scholarships 2022 for Social Science Students

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There is a popular notion that a good number of International Scholarships favor mostly those in Sciences and Linear professional courses. However, due to popular searches on Social Science Scholarships 2022 for International students, Scholarships for Social Science majors, and Social Science Scholarships for developing countries 2022 Xscholarship has compiled a list of Undergraduate Scholarships […]

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Countries Offering Free Education 2022 to International Students

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Did you fail to get an international scholarship to fund your dream course? Then our update today might just be for you. In our regular way of keeping our visitors constantly informed of scholarship and education opportunities, we have discovered countries Offering Free Education 2022 to International Students. Our update today will be of immense […]

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Cheapest Universities in Malaysia 2022: Tuition Fees and Visa Requirements

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Spreading across two regions separated by about 1030 kilometers of the South China Sea, Malaysia is a federation of 13 states and three federal territories. It is a country with a lot of ethnic groups and a lot of religious gatherings. Nonetheless, communities coexist in peace but at times, express racial and religious divides. The […]

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Drake Scholarships in 2022-2023: How to Apply

Are you talented and have been looking for a fully-funded scholarship in the United States? Then, you are on the right post. You just need to read up Drake Scholarships in 2022-2023: How To Apply as it offers several scholarships to students, artists, and athletes in different spheres. Want to know more? Drake University Overview […]

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Boston University Scholarship Opportunities 2022

Boston University (BU) offers some of the best scholarship opportunities for international students. Read on to know about the Boston University Scholarship Opportunities 2022 Many students want to study in the United States of America. The reason is that American Universities are among the top-ranked all across the world. The US has one of the […]

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Canada Study Visa and Permit Processing Time 2022

Canada records a high number of immigrants every year and a large majority are students. Institutions in Canada remain one of the most desirable for scholars all around the world. Canada has some of the best and relatively affordable schools in the world. International students who desire to study in Canada would need to know […]

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Yale University Scholarship Opportunities for International Students 2022

Yale University is one of the greatest universities in the US, founded in 1701 in New Haven, Connecticut. This university ranks 3rd in the US by US News and 15th in the top Universities of the world due to its notable and remarkable academic standard. This US university is part of the Ivy League schools. […]

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Statement of Purpose for Canada Study Permit 2022

Many prospective International students want to know how to write a Statement of Purpose (SoP). The reason is that SoP is essential for your admission into a University. In fact, this document is as essential as any other immigration document. Writing a statement of purpose is not difficult. All you need to do is get […]

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University of Regina Tuition 2022: Cost of Living and Scholarships

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The University of Regina is one of the most popular Canadian universities, among both local and international students. And one of the information these students seek out the most is the University of Regina tuition. And if learning about the tuition fee of this school, is what landed you here, then you’ve done a good […]

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10 Tuition Free USA Universities for International Students 2022

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It is many student’s dreams to study abroad. Most especially, in a beautiful place like the USA. However, it has been discovered that a lot of students give up on this dream. This is as a result of unaffordable high tuition fees of many institutions. But, not to worry! This post shows 10 Tuition-Free USA […]

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