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Cambridge International Scholarships 2022/2023

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The list of top Ivy League Schools in the world would be incomplete if Cambridge University has not been mentioned. Today our team here made out time to bring to your notice the ongoing Cambridge International Scholarships 2021/2022. Our update will touch areas like Cambridge Trust Scholarship, Cambridge International Scholarship scheme, Cambridge scholarships for international students, Vice-chancellor’s Awards & Cambridge International Scholarships.

Cambridge International Scholarships 2020/2021 | Cambridge International Scholarship scheme

Cambridge International Scholarships 2021/2022

Through resource materials and recommendations from experts, our experts have gathered all that is to be known about Cambridge International Scholarships 2022/2023 Cambridge is a pacesetter with an academic history of excellence. Scholarships at the institutions come with prestige and are highly contested. Additionally, The school equally presents an enabling environment that allows individual growth to thrive.

Cambridge International Scholarships 2022/2023

The institution is looking at providing sound intellectuals financial aid in their academic pursuit. The Scholarship is sponsored through Cambridge Trust. Applicants are picked mainly based on academic excellence. Recipients would also be picked for Vice-chancellor’s Awards & Cambridge International Scholarships.

Cambridge Trust Scholarship remains accommodating with everyone getting an equal opportunity of applying. The financial state of Applicants has nothing to do with the Cambridge International Scholarship scheme as the selection is based mainly on academic records. The University of Cambridge will offer, through the Cambridge Trusts, approximately 250 Cambridge International Scholarships to Overseas Students who embark on a research course in the next academic year.

Cambridge International Scholarships Requirements

  • Sound Academic background
  • Only intending Ph.D. students. However, there could be exceptions by the scholarship officials.
  • Vice-chancellor’s Awards & Cambridge International Scholarships differ. While the Vice-Chancellor awards are for the UK and Irish residents, Cambridge International Scholarships is open to all international students.
  • Community development activities and social leadership qualities would also be an advantage.
  • Recommendation from the department of higher institutions.

Cambridge International Scholarships Worth

The Scholarship covers living expenses and tuition of awardees. However, the scholarship worth for  Vice-chancellor’s Awards differs from Cambridge International Scholarships.

Applicants are to indicate their chosen area in the Application form. Cambridge scholarships for international students comes with other incentives

How to Apply

All applicants should complete the funding section of the online application form through the Application Portal expressing their ‘wish to be considered for funding’. Applicants who wish to start their PhDs in 2021-22 must apply by either the 3 December 2021 or 7 January 2022 deadline, whichever deadline is appropriate for your course.

Visit the Application Portal to commence your Application and more.

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Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship 2022

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated a huge sum of US$210M to the establishment of The Gates Cambridge Scholarship program in October 2000 at the University of Cambridge! Therefore, Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship 2022 took upon being the largest ever donated scholarship to a UK university. Apparently, they are pleased to invite applicants once again to this edition of the Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship, 2022.

Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship 2021

Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship aims at “Building a global network of future leaders committed to improving the lives of others”. The Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship 2022 readily sponsors students who are willing to study a full-time four-year degree program or engage in postgraduate courses, masters and PhD programs in the US or specifically in the University of Cambridge. The scholarship covers the cost of attendance which for instance includes tuition, housing, books, transportation, and may also cover personal costs.

So are you one with same mission? Then this post is just for you!

Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship 2022 Facts

For 2022 entries;

  • Gates Cambridge is bestowing 80 full-cost scholarships to remarkable applicants outside the UK to fulfill a full-time postgraduate study program in any subject offered at the University of Cambridge. About two-thirds of these funds will be awarded to PhD students, with an estimate of 25 awards presented in the US round and 55 in the International round.
  • Over 225 Scholars from c. 50 countries study in Cambridge at any given time pursuing the full array of subjects available at the University and distributed across its departments and Colleges.
  • Did I mention Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship is extremely competitive?
    Then just bear that in mind that it truly is. No need to fret! There are tips for winning the scholarship as you read along!

Meanwhile, there are other easy reach scholarships. Check these;

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So are you awaiting the tips to scoring high on this scholarship?

Then read this!

Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship 2022 Ideal Candidate

In other words, an ideal candidate for Gates Cambridge surpasses 4 criteria. They are;

Firstly, Academic Excellence:

Bill and Melinda Gates Cambridge accesses a prove of academic excellence through transcripts, references, experience and the aptitude to succeed on the chosen course. The University of Cambridge Academic departments recommends ONLY the most academically excelling applicants in order to maintain excellence at Cambridge.

Secondly, Reasons for choice of course:

For a particular postgraduate degree at Cambridge, a strong and convincing case is presented. Ph.D. applicants (and most research MPhil applicants) are required to contact potential supervisors with whom they will develop a research project, of which a summary is part of the application. In all, Gates Cambridge prefers Scholars who expound on an academically transformative experience at Cambridge, so it is advised to fully grasp your research and justify the intending course choice. Also, be able to propose the effect of research on a career path.

Thirdly, A commitment to improving the lives of others:

Recall that the aim of Gates Scholarship is to improve lives so as a Scholar, it is an obligation. This criterion is flexible to applicants as they can define it themselves based on their commitment to the societies in the past, currently and in the future where they live and work.

Lastly, A capacity for leadership:

Subsequently selected applicants are to prove their leadership capacity through any possible means. Updated evidence of leadership experience in career and prospective impacts are expected.

That is to say, you must currently possess all of the above to be enlisted!

Moreover, are you interested in watching Gates Cambridge, Watch here.


And if you need more information, then this is how Gates Cambridge scholarship selects;

1. Departmental ranking
2. Shortlisting
3. Interview

In greater details, learn Here.

Eligibility Criteria Requirements

To qualify for Gates Foundation scholarship as an international student, you first get FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) then you can check for other eligibility;

  • a citizen of any country outside the United Kingdom.
  • applying to pursue one of the following full-time residential courses of study at the University of Cambridge:
    • PhD
    • MSc/MLitt
    • One year postgraduate course (with some exceptions listed below).
  • From at least one of the following ethnicity: African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian & Pacific Islander American, and/or Hispanic American
  • Pell-eligible
  • A US citizen, national, or permanent resident
  • A minimum cumulative weighted GPA of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale.

However, the courses not eligible for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship 2020 are;

  • Any Undergraduate degree such as B. A (undergraduate) or B. A affiliated (a second B. A)
  • Master of Business (MBA)
  • Master of Finance (M. Fin)
  • P. G. C. E
  • MBBChir Clinical Studies
  • MD Doctor of Medicine degree (6 years, part-time)
  • Graduate Course in Medicine (A101)
  • Part-time degrees
  • Non – degree courses

Further inquiries regarding eligibility please email info@gatescambridge.org with details of your situation.

Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship 2022 Application materials

Gates Cambridge Scholarship requires applicants to complete a section on the University’s Graduate Application Portal for an admission, a College place and the Gates Cambridge scholarship. Both applications are reviewed during subsequent selection. Similarly, the following are to be submitted;

Gates Cambridge Statement

Applicants are asked to write;
“In no more than 3000 characters (approximately 500 words) please explain why you are applying for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship and how you meet the four main criteria”.
Further details on how to apply can be found here.

The statement distinguishes applicants who have been highly ranked by departments on the four main criteria. This is the only part where applicants are specifically asked about their fit with the Gates Cambridge program and you should fully utilize your background, achievements, experiences and future aims to illustrate how you would be a good fit.

Research proposal (PhD applicants only)

Gates Cambridge requires PhD applicants ONLY to submit a research proposal as part of their application for funding. The research proposal for Gates Cambridge should be about 2 pages but inquire for length and format requirements from your intending department.

Gates Cambridge references

Most importantly, Gates Cambridge requests for two academic references who will extensively describe the applicant’s qualification for admission. Greater details on the reference letter format, content, and who to provide a reference is found at the application materials site.

How to Apply

Applications for entry in the academic year 2022/23 are now closed. Applications for entry in the academic year 2022/23 will open in September 2022. Precisely, the 2nd of September for both rounds.

But, Gates Cambridge follows the  rule of University of Cambridge application deadline time midday rule (UK time) on the relevant application deadline day. As a results of that, deadlines must be adequately reviewed. Check “deadline” on Gates Cambridge portal.

Also, you may apply for admission to a postgraduate degree, a College place and various sources of funding (including Gates Cambridge) via the  University’s Graduate Applicant Portal.

On the other hand, to view the first cohorts for the October 2022 entry, click


Immediately begin your prep to the most magnanimous scholarship of the world!

Visit the Bill and Gates Scholarship Official Website or contact https://www.gatescambridge.org/contact NOW!