How To Get A Tidal Student Discount In 2023

Wondering how to use a small subscription to listen to your favorite songs? If yes, then this article details how to get the Tidal student discount that allows you to play all your favorite songs at a discounted amount.

Undoubtedly, one of the easiest means to easing oneself off boredom, anxiety, and even stress is music. This is because music serves as a type of psychotherapy to calm a troubled heart. It also makes us feel relaxed and puts off a stressful day.

Most of us today can’t just do without music, as it’s a means of elevating and inspiring the soul, body, and heart. The newer generation sees music as the headspring of taking up their mind and spirit when down. The effectiveness, efficiency, and importance of music had made it necessary to have as many songs as possible on our electronic devices. However, does streaming music come at a cheap price?

Most recently released music tracks are much more expensive, but we can still have them on our devices at a discounted amount. This is where the Tidal student discount comes into play. Tidal student discount helps you stream as much music as you wish at a decreased or no price at all.

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How To Get A Tidal Student Discount

About Tidal

Tidal is a Norwegian-American subscription-based video streaming, podcast, and music service that provides music and audio videos. In 2014, Tidal was established by the Swedish public company Aspiro, now majority-owned by Block, Inc. which is an American payment litigating company.

By the distribution agreement and concurrence with all three main record brands and also many independent brands, Tidal declares to give access to about 350,000 music videos and 80 million tracks. It tenders two stages of service: HiFi Plus which is about MQA – 24-bit/96 kHz and Tidal HiFi which is also up to CD quality – FLAC-based 16-bit/44.1 kHz.

Tidal professes to pay the biggest percentage of allowances to the songwriters and music artists within the music streaming studios.

Tidal History

Diverging from WiMP, which was launched in Norway in 2010 and later readily available in Poland, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden, Aspiro now launched the Tidal brand in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom on October 28, 2014. The launch was aided by Sonos and 15 other home audio producers as alliance partners.

Tidal launched five more European countries in January 2015, which are: Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, and Ireland.

In January 2015, Project Panther Bidco Ltd bought Aspiro. A businessman and an American rapper by name, Jay-ZAspiro operated Aspiro for SEK 466 million (USD 56.2 million). Before buying Aspiro, Jay-Z professed in an interview report with Billboard that he was ready to partner and associate with other streaming markets to carry out his plans.

On 16th April 2015, it became a public notice that Tidal was shutting down its main Aspiro offices in Stockholm, aborting the employment for all Swedish workers, and also, sacking the CEO, Andy Chen. The company commented on closing down the offices but surprisingly, Andy Chen became the CEO of the company. In September 2015, Tidal started having sales of digital CDs and downloads. But in December 2015, Tidal commissioned Jeff Twig as their CEO. By March 2017, Jeff abandoned the company. In August 2017, Richard Sanders was the CEO.

In January 2017, the company declared an association with British company Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) which profess to render master-worth recordings at predominantly 96 kHz / 24-bit with the greatest possible rectification to its HiFi subscribers. Tidal is the only streaming company to provide MQA (a remiss format).

On January 23, 2017, United States mobile carrier Sprint purchased a 33% stake in Tidal, and it continues to provide exclusionary products to Sprint customers. In September 2017, Tidal and Mercedes-Benz’s portal app collaborated. American rapper Nicki Minaj performed in a commercial enhancing the Mercedes alliance. The index available in MQA on Tidal presently includes special albums and singles from Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, its associates, special independent distributors, and even the AvidPlay service offered by Avid Technology.

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Since November 2020, the largest part of the MQA index readily is available on Tidal as Warner Music Group and its partners, which is part of a new bargain with MQA and Warner Music Group. Back then, Sony Music also provided special singles and albums from their index in MQA on Tidal, but their value later decreased; exceptions were the Live Album and Beyoncé’s albums (Homecoming and Lemonade).

Parkwood Entertainment released both and Sony Music’s label Columbia Records disseminated it. Come to think of it, the main reason for these albums’ exceptions was the fact that Jay-Z, the company’s CEO is Beyoncé’s husband.

In 2017, Tidal revealed a series of Livestream to launch. American rappers Fat Joe and Joey Badass hosted the “47 minutes” while Fat Joe hosted the “Coca Vision”.

In July 2019, Tidal enlarged its credits characteristics and launched conjoint official music credits on the platform, making streamers click on musicians and other contributors. These credits are provided by the artists and labeled direct from Tidal.

On 2nd March 2021, financial technology company Square, Inc. reached a bargain to get the majority ownership of Tidal. Square will pay $297 million in cash and stock for Tidal, Jay-Z will acquire a board rank and square would pay $297 million both in cash and stock for Tidal. Those who would remain stakeholders are Jay-Z and other artists who own shares in Tidal will remain stakeholders.

In November 2021, Tidal established a free tier for the first time, though it’s especially for the United States. CD-quality HiFi audio opens to all paid plans. it keeps MQA-quality audio complete and unique for the new HiFi Plus subscription.

Tidal Streaming Service

Tidal is a world music streaming service that brings music lovers nearer to artists via creative experiences and high-quality audio.

Tidals foundation’s mission is to correct the wrongs of the music industry and pay artists wholesomely for their work.

Just like Spotify and Apple Music, Tidal gives you access to about 80 million songs and about 350,000 videos. These you get on this music streaming and viewing app from artists around the globe. One advantage of owning a Tidal student account is that you would not have to pay the whole subscription amount to stream your cherished music. Once you verify your student status, you can now start enjoying the Tidal student discount and listen to millions of songs for a lower price in comparison to the premium subscription.

Many other music services give discounts to students. Music streaming websites like Spotify and Apple Music do this. Moreover, there is this offer that Spotify and Apple can’t provide but only Tidal. Tidal is the only one that offers Master quality audio and HiFi For online music streaming.

Additionally, it operates on a wide range of devices. These devices can be computers, smartphones, tablets, smart speakers, tablets, smartphones, computers and platforms like Android TV and Apple TV.

Also, Tidal guarantees you receive music that’s much better than CD quality. It renders HD music in HiFi and a better brisk master quality than other providers like Apple Music or Spotify.

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What is Tidal Student Discount?

The tidal student discount is a 50% discount off the cost to stream music on the Tidal app. Students can select between two plans using the Tidal Students Discount. The plans include the Student HiFi plus package and the student HiFi plan. The Tidal Student HiFi plan for College students is $4.99 per month, but the Student HiFi plus is $9.99 monthly. You’ll enjoy free access to about 230,000 videos and 57 million pieces of music, of which all are ad-free.

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Tidal is a type of streaming service that permits you to stream as much music as you can ever think of. Tidal has lots of music list-box, Livestream, music videos, and Live concert recordings for your streaming happiness. You will need to verify your student status before you can open an account.

In addition, Tidal is just the only music streaming service that provides a discount for both military and first responders. Every student who gets to sign up for the Tidal student discount has a 30-day first free trial.

Student HiFi

Furthermore, some of the student HiFi include:

  1. The Carefully curated editorial.
  2. High-resolution music video.
  3. The elegant sound quality.

Student HiFi Plus

On the contrary, the Tidal Student HiFi plus are:

  1. Expertly organized editorial.
  2. High-resolution music videos
  3. Also, be careful with High Fidelity of Sound Quality.

How Much Does a Tidal Student Plan Cost?

Tidal has two types of subscriptions, namely: HiFi and Premium.

Firstly, it offers qualified college students a 50 percent discount on registration.

Therefore, the Tidal Student Premium (HiFi plan) for a college student is $4.99 months while the Student HiFi (HiFi plus) is $9.99 monthly.

Your membership is very necessary because your membership determines the price given to you for streaming. You will pay 100 percent of your subscription if you are not eligible for the discount.

This is the same process as Spotify and SheerID in validating students for different promos. Ensure to double-check if your school is eligible and falls under the category for the Tidal student discount.

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Tidal Student Discount Eligibility

All you have to do as a task is register and enroll in an account to make use of the Tidal free trial period. Surprisingly, you can say that this is a discounted account.

To register an account, you visit If you are qualified for the offer and also have an account on Tidal, you can as well access and divert to the Subscription page.

After that, select the suitable discount link. Put up the relevant documents you want to show. Be aware that the document you would be presenting must have your complete name alongside the name of your school and its fee receipt having a date not more than the last three months.

The approved documents required for students to provide are the Current term class scheme, official registration letter, tuition fee receipt, and Transcript.

Be aware that if you still want to continue having the joy from the offer even when the first year of your subscription is over, then, all you gotta do is re-verifying your studentship at the end of the year.

5 Best Student Discount Providers to look out for

The best providers that offer discounts on a wide variety of retailers are:

1. UniDays

The Uniday app gives you access to offers from many retailers. You must first register with your university details and verify your account to prove your student status. You will show our UNiDAYS pass on the UNiDAYS app before you can use it in-store. While shopping online, add your promo code to your order at checkout. You will also find promotions exclusive to students only.

2. Student Beans

if you use Student Beans, you will get a free digital student discount card that grants you access to savings and discounts while shopping on top brands. 

You can easily sign up and verify your student status to get a discount if your college or university is signed up on student beans, to get a discount. You do not have to be 18 or above before you can register. 

The website connects top brands to their audience of over 163 million students in 50+ countries worldwide. They have lots of exclusive student discounts in more than 10,000 online stores. 

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3. Amazon Prime Student

An Amazon Prime Student discount from Amazon is valid for four years or until you graduate. Benefits of using Amazon prime students include exclusive offers and discounts from top brands, free two-day shipping, unlimited streaming of movies and tv shows in the first six months, unlimited photo storage, access to Twitch Prime e.t.c. 

4. NUS Discounts

You must also be 16 years or above, and be a student to use NUS discount. Your course of study must be ongoing before you can apply. With NUS discounts, you can get 50% off any purchase.

5. ISIC UK Discount

This is an internationally accepted proof of student status worldwide. ISIC students get access to over 150,000 discounts. You can order your card from issuing offices in the UK or online. To do so, you must provide a passport photo, and proof of student status.


The tidal student discount is a 50% discount off the cost to stream music on the Tidal app. Students can select between two plans using the Tidal Students Discount. The plans include the Student HiFi plus package and the student HiFi plan. The Tidal Student HiFi plan for College students is $4.99 per month, but the Student HiFi plus is $9.99 monthly. You’ll enjoy free access to about 230,000 videos and 57 million pieces of music, of which all are ad-free.

Tidal is a music service that offers Norwegian-American subscription-based video streaming, podcast, and music service. It provides music and audio videos. Swedish public company, Aspiro, was established the company in 2014. An American payment litigating company, Block, owns Aspiro now.

With the Tidal student discount, you can stream music at low costs on a wide range of devices such as smartphones, computers, smart speakers, tablets, smartphones, and platforms like Apple TV and Android TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions – How to Get a Tidal Student Discount in 2023

What is Tidal?

Tidal is a Norwegian-American subscription-based video streaming, Live Streaming, and music service. It was established by the Swedish public company Aspiro, now majority-owned by Block, Inc. which is an American payment litigating company. It has a subscription style that combines high-quality music videos and music audio with innovative features and original content.
Additionally, it is a world music streaming service that gets fans closer to artists via high-quality sound and innovative experiences.

Can I Purchase Music With Tidal?

Yes, you can. You just don’t need to subscribe to Tidal before you can purchase music from the Tidal Store.
Typically, the prices vary heavily depending on the artist and also the file type. Therefore, you will need to enroll in a free account to keep access to your order.

Who Is Qualified for a Tidal Student Discount?

One must have attended a qualified Title IV college or university or college in the United States. Also, you must be 18 years and above before you could get a Tidal student discount.

How Can I Apply for Tidal Student Discount?

To start creating an account, visit and sign up with a Facebook account, Twitter, or email account. After creating a fresh account, you can select from Military, Student, Family, or Standard accounts.
So, select “Student” and round up the registration and enrollment procedures by presenting your payment details. Get to follow the steps above to get verified and start enjoying your Tidal student discount.

How Much is a Tidal Student Plan?

For the Tidal student discount, the Student Premium price is $4.99 monthly. The student premium includes high-resolution music videos, professional Choice editing, and standard audio quality.
In contrast, the student Hifi price is USD 9.99 monthly. The student HiFi includes an expertly picked editor, well-defined music videos, and high-quality non-loss audio.

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