Top Academic Transcription Services to Reduce Loads

Finding room to complete all tasks is not a possibility. In the outer world, which is overloaded with information (valuable very often) and assignments, it may be difficult to find some balance and process all sources well.

With the recent trend of making all classes and lectures online, there are many long-lasting video and audio materials. Reviewing those is not always possible because of a simple lack of time. Is that a point to fail at managing priorities and completing all tasks on the agenda? Is there any point in refusing interesting learning materials and courses that are also presented in video form? That is surely not so. A solution is always available – academic transcription services can assist you a lot. 

How Can Academic Transcription Services Solve Your Problems?

There are many ways in which a high-quality transcription service may help you in your daily study life:

  • You may be limited in time for managing all the priorities and study courses you have. Making content transcribed is one option to studying smarter, but not harder, and releasing time for passing additional courses. It is reasonable to pass as many courses as you can on the matters that truly interest you during college time. At the same time, you will also have enough time and opportunities to prepare well for exams and complete other important things thanks to the time that is released after making some content transcribed. Have doubts about that? You may have materials that require hours to look through and work with well. Having the content transcribed may take 5–10 minutes to look through the same materials and notice the most important things.
  • You may be able to grasp the essence of a course or material while reading through a text rather than listening to audio or watching a video. It is easy to transfer such materials to a textual form and facilitate your review and learning.
  • Preventing mistakes while dealing with different types of audio and video materials is important because you may lose attention after a long time working with study materials, you may miss some important things, fail to understand words pronounced with accents, with background noises, and fail to clarify other important things. Professional transcription software and assistants can prevent you from making these mistakes and deliver the exact result you need for a clear understanding of study matters.

This is a list of general benefits you may get after ordering transcription services. Such services may easily facilitate the resolution of any other non-standard tasks you may have now. Do you need more concrete examples of services that can assist you with transcription matters?

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Have you already realized that you need some spots to submit your learning materials for transcription and save a bit or lots of time, but need more clear suggestions of companies that can be helpful? Among the platforms that provide video and audio transcription services, the following should be noted in the first place:

  1. Transcriberry

This online company provides one of the best transcription services. It has been providing quality services, including academic transcription services, for years and has, therefore, gained lots of positive reviews from previous customers around the globe. Why is this company appreciated by customers? It ensures an important matter for any student—cost-quality balance. At the same time, this service manages to complete all tasks on time. Zero complaints about likely broken deadlines were revealed during the search and assessment.

The service has many professional human transcribers and also applies automated transcription software; these 2 types of services are major ones for the company. The quality standards are high here. Professionally-made transcriptions may have a level of accuracy of 99–100%, while automated transcription can provide 80% accuracy at least. Practically, this rate is higher and depends on the quality of the recording and its specifics (accents, noises, professional terms, interruptions, and similar inconveniences).

What kinds of learning materials can be transcribed? These may be lectures, audio recordings, video courses, webinars, seminars, or even dissertation-related materials. The major areas that are covered by this company are media, business, education, entertainment, marketing, etc. If you have any specific requests for making transcriptions, it is best to clarify this point with the company’s support agents.

What about time? Automated transcription services may be provided within a couple of minutes. The service has a fast-working advanced AI that can provide transcription results swiftly. If we speak about professionally-made services, they may be rendered within 12 hours or even less – that depends on the circumstances of the case. 

Prices? Rates are moderate for the quality of services rendered by this company. Payment for automated transcription services starts at $0.25 per 1 minute of recording, and professional services may cost a customer around $1.25 per 1 minute of recording.

The company has well-working customer support that is always available and helpful in searching for the best solution for transcription challenges a customer may have. This service is available 24/7. If you are looking for fast and quality solutions to your study matters, ask this company to help you with those in the first place.

  1. Transcription US
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This company is among the most reliable in the market. It renders human-made services of very high quality. Why so? The level of accuracy reaches 98-100%. That is a good indicator that a company is doing well and naturally gets many positive reviews from its customers. Among the services offered, you may easily find transcription services for educational purposes. The prices for services are affordable — $1.5-2 per 1 minute of recording that needs to be processed. This can be done in 1-2 weeks after sending an inquiry for transcription. But, the quality is very good here.

At the same time, the service is ready to provide results quickly. You will need to contact their support team to get more information on the matter. It is good at providing instructions and searching for service options that will fit a concrete customer’s case.

  1. Rev

This company is another long-standing player in the market with a decent quality of transcriptions provided in most cases. It adheres to high-quality standards and applies modern AI to ensure the high quality of results for customers. Education is one of the specializations this service has.

The prices requested for services are more than affordable. For automated services, such rates start at $0.25 per 1 minute of recording, and, for the services rendered by certified transcriptionists, charges will start at $1.25 per 1 minute of recording.

It is easy to place an order here. The website is easy to navigate and its support team is always nearby to provide details and assistance with choosing an option for transcription.

  1. GoTranscript

Dealing with various academic transcription matters is one of the specializations this company has. It can assist you with transcribing different lectures, study materials, webinars, and even dissertation materials. 

The time and rates for transcriptions vary. If you order 5-day services, this may cost you $0.90 per minute of recording. If you choose the 6-12 hour option, this may cost you $2.50 per minute. The services provided here are human-made and of high quality. If you have any questions on the matter of pricing or making an order, 24/7 support is always available to help customers. 

  1. GMR Transcription

This is a last must-have option we suggest you look through and save. Do you know why? It also has many positive reviews from previous customers and high standards of performance. The service takes and copes with complicated cases. If you have some non-standard inquiry for making transcriptions, this company may be the right one. 

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What about rates? Such is always determined by the time needed for making transcriptions. Same-day offers are a bit costly – around $4.50 per minute of recording. But, the cheapest option is $1.25 per minute of recording. There are many other pricing options in the middle. Why do we recommend this service? The quality of transcriptions is decent here.

Criteria Used for Assessment (May Be Applied for Independent Searches)

If you are wondering how these services were selected and need more information about the criteria applied, it is easy. Get criteria that can be applied even for making your independent searches:

  • Accuracy of transcription results. Do you need an accurate result that 100% matches the initial materials? Pay attention to this indicator while assessing a potential service provider. This indicator should be at least 80% for automated transcription services. For human-made services, this indicator should be 99-100%. That is more than a possible thing to provide as the effort of professionals is supported by advanced AI.
  • Speed of operation: good transcription services provide results quickly; that is a general rule. For automated services, this time of operation should be around a couple of minutes, and for human-made services, the results can be provided even within 12 hours. Variations of this rule may be taking into account the loads a concrete platform has and the approaches it applies to rendering services.
  • Costs are charged. These should be moderate. That is especially important for students. Reliable companies offer moderate rates for their work. Why so? They manage to apply advanced AI to make the transcription process more optimized and faster. That impacts costs in a positive way for customers. The rates for automated transcription services can start at $0.25 per minute of recording, and for human-made services, such rates can start at $1.25 per minute of recording.

These are must-have criteria for assessment. You may use those for independent searches in addition to the options suggested in this article.

Final Words

Do you need to optimize your study loads and process more materials in less time? Transcription services may help you a lot with that. There is no need to spend endless hours watching or listening to materials. You may easily transfer those into a textual form and have them look fast, even very fast. The options suggested in this article provide specialized academic transcription services and charge rates that are affordable for students. Save those for the future. Make your life easier with reliable and pocket-friendly academic transcription services!

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