13 Top Online Italian Courses For 2021

An Italian course can be very helpful in learning Italian. Here are the top online Italian courses for 2021. 

Top Online Italian Courses
13 Top Online Italian Courses For 2021

When it comes to finding an ideal online Italian course, there are lots of options and it may be hard to make a perfect choice. 

But we’ve made that a bit easier with our comprehensive list of 13 online Italian courses for 2021. Read on to know;

  • Why you should study and learn Italian
  • The 10 top online Italian courses for 2021
  • Cost
  • Benefits
  • And lot’s more

Why study and learn Italian?

There are many reasons why people want to learn and speak the Italian language. They include:

  • It’s a very popular and desirable language for many.
  • If you desire to travel to Italy and communicate well, you need to learn Italian. It’s the official language of Italy
  • Italian is a great language to learn for business & professional development, relationships, and more. For example, Italian translation jobs pay well.
  • Lastly and honestly, Italian is just a fun and fascinating language to learn. 

Now, to the main part, here are the best online courses for anyone who wants to learn Italian or improve their Italian. 

The 13 Top online Italian courses for 2021

You will also get to know what to expect from this Italian course, their price, pros, and if any, their cons too.

  • Rocket Italian
  • Coffee break Italian
  • ItalianPod101
  • Babbel
  • Glossika Italian
  • News in Slow Italian
  • Pimsleur Italian
  • italki
  • Italian Uncovered
  • Italy Made Easy
  • Mondly Italian
  • Wyzant Tutors: Italian
  • Mimic Method: Italian

1. Rocket Italian

Cost: $99.95 (auto-applied discount)

The Rocket Italian course is one of the oldest and most popular Italian courses. In 2021, it is still highly popular and is first on our list of top recommendations. The Rocket Italian is designed to be followed in a linear progression and perfectly suits anyone who wants to complete everything in the course.

However, you can skip lessons in this course if you want to. There are audio lessons and audio dialogues in Rocket Italian delivered in an easy-to-follow podcast-style format.

Rocket Italian’s course completely covers all basic language skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The course also has an inbuilt voice recognition that uses  Google’s Web Speech technology and is very accurate.

If you are a structured learner, this online Italian course is your best option.


The Rocket Italian course is the oldest and most comprehensive Italian course of its kind that is currently available.

It has a clear linear progression method for learners who want a structured course of learning. Structured learning is not compulsory.

The course covers all 4 major listening skills completely. This includes listening, speaking, reading, writing.

Rocket Italian

2. Coffee Break Italian 

Cost: $28 Per Course

This freemium course offers podcast-style lessons with a few extra features such as relatively short, and unintimidating lessons that help you improve your Italian and be more confident. 

There are various free podcasts in the course. This includes Katie learns Italian grammar podcast, vocabulary, and culture from Francesca and Mark. Alternatively, there’s a premium course you can opt for: the standard Coffee Break Italian; Travel Diaries; Reading Club. These courses offer audio lessons alongside weekly texts; and lots more.

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In this course, you’ll get the ad-free podcast lessons, a video version of the course, access to lesson notes, and a bonus audio lesson with additional vocabulary and translation exercises.

The benefits of this course include

  • Italian Culture insights
  • Lots of free material
  • It’s fun and interesting, 

However, most lessons in this course have no writing and reading practice.

3. ItalianPod101

Cost: $4 a month.

The ItalianPod101 is an app through which teachers provide lessons with a basic roadmap, to students. However, the various Italian lessons are not convincing enough as many students have complained that they are unstructured and incomplete.

For those who are just starting to learn the Italian language, it’s very important for the course to be simple and straightforward. 

However, the ItalianPod101 course does not serve this purpose as the lessons are grouped thematically. Therefore, those looking for a structured progression in their lessons should choose any of the other courses in this article.


4. Babbel

Cost: From $12.95/Month

If you are a casual learner who seeks a one-stop course that’s not too challenging, the Babbel Italian course is best for you. 

The Babbel Italian is a gamified course that uses independent (pre-advanced) speakers to provide standard level-based courses for newcomers. Other additional courses include courses for speaking and listening, grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing, business Italian, idioms, and Italian culture.

Babbel mainly focuses on the Italian language. It combines vocabulary and grammar drills with comprehension exercises to make the lessons and explanations well-structured, and useful. It’s a good option for 

Babbel Italian

5. Glossika Italian

Cost: $30 a month.

The Glossika Italian is an innovative language learning sensation course. It is a very popular course and is among the best online Italian courses for 2021.

Glossika course focuses and combines various lesions. This includes syntax learning, practice speaking with reception, and more, all taught by native Italian speakers.

Glossika uses genuine speakers for its carefully crafted materials, lessons, and covers grammar, vocabulary, and more. 

Visit Glossika Italian

6. News in Slow Italian

Cost: $19.90/MONTH

This is an interesting quality course for beginners. Learners get access to a complete beginners course (G.U.T.S.), a grammar course, an expressions course, news-based podcasts, and stories (fictional and factual). There’s also a transcripts course for intermediate and advanced learners, at all levels.

The course begins with an audio recording and transcript, which contains pop-up translations. Others may have grammar lessons, vocabulary flashcards, pronunciation practice, and quizzes The expressions course and the stories don’t have any additional materials while the news-based podcasts only have just the pronunciation practice. 

The benefits of this course include

  • Interesting recordings
  • well-organized and easy-to-understand lessons.
  • Lots of Comprehensive lessons

6. Pimsleur Italian

Cost: $14.95 a month subscription (or $119.95 per level)

Pimsleur is an audio-based program only, and no visual component is available at all. If you want an online Italian course you can outrightly buy, then this course is what you need. The Pimsleur Italian website sells the individual Italian course set on CDs for around $345 while the total Italian course set, a total of 5 levels, on CD goes for $1,190. 

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The Pimsleur Italian course method is very effective, and focuses on encouraging participation, to the user’s benefit. However, not everyone can afford it because of its inaccessible pricing. Learners need to be active so as to make a huge impact on their learning experience. 

The major downside of this online course is that there’s no visual component. Therefore, it is not the right choice for visual learners and those who want to practice how to write in Italian.

Pimsleur Italian

5. Italki

Cost: Varies widely. Can go as low as $4 an hour.

italki is an Italian online course where a facilitator connects interested learners with tutors, teachers, and partners. It is similar to Wyzant, and no content or curriculum is available to instructors.

italki has a huge reputation online as one of the best Italian courses with a structured learning program. There are also well-trained and vetted instructors. This course gives learners the opportunity to facilitate great connections with expert Italian teachers.


Like we have already mentioned, there is no content or set curriculum and that means you could be paired with an inexperienced new teacher who doesn’t fully understand the italki’s review system.


6. Italian Uncovered

Italian Uncovered

Cost: $297. A one-time purchase

If you are a fluent Italian speaker already, then Italian Uncovered is the best course for you. This Italian course is quite different from other courses as it gives learners long blocks of story-based texts to study from.

If your Italian speaking and writing are already good and you want to test your reading skills using some interesting material, then this course has a lot in store for you. There are story-based ideas that are interesting for advanced Italian speakers. 

However, Italian Uncovered is not recommended for brand new learners.

Italian Uncovered

7. Italy Made Easy

Cost: $197 to $248 for each course. For installment payments, $50/month.

Italy Made Easy was created by guru Manu who produces lessons for beginner to expert Italian learners, on the website. Italy Made Easy lessons have high quality, are quite exceptional, and have an “Ask Manu Italiano” series for free on YouTube.

While taking the course, it feels as if you are being taught one-on-one lessons because Manu is the only face and voice of the website.

There’s a large catalog of courses to choose from and each Italy Made Easy module includes assignments and quizzes to check for understanding.

Italy Made Easy courses are very informative and quite costly for learners. 

Italy Made Easy

8. Mondly Italian

Cost: $9.99/month.

The Mondly Italian course is different from other module-based learning courses because it teaches learners Italian through playing games.

With the use of advanced technology, users can choose between Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), options to fully commit themselves to learn Italian.

To get the knowledge necessary for the weekly test, learners are encouraged to participate in daily lessons because missing a day means you won’t be able to participate in the weekly assessment. 

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Mondly course requires commitment and regular class presence. It uses the science behind practices to make addictive apps addictive for learners.

However, some learners may find the Mondly VR and AR settings to be off-putting.

Mondly Italian

9. Wyzant Tutors

Cost: As low as $16 an hour. The total price you pay entirely depends on the hours you want to spend learning Italian. 

Wyzant tutor is an Italian online course that allows you to hire a personal tutor. This is an entirely new and great experience while learning an online Italian course.

One-on-one web conferences are offered to provide learners with a unique designed, personalized course experience which is going to vary greatly from tutor to tutor. 

As a learner of this online course, you get a unique experience and can recommend the topics you’d like your Wyzant tutors to cover.

With the help of the tutors and their knowledge, you can craft a personalized curriculum.

However, you may not know if a particular tutor’s style will suit you until you have a class with them.

Also, you will have to depend on the tutor’s expertise and assume what they are teaching is correct, instead of using a set curriculum.

Wyzant tutors

10. Mimic Method Italian

Cost: $197. Lifelong access to their materials.

The Mimic Method Italian course focuses on Italian speakers seeking while the students listen so as to get familiar with the language firsthand. So, it’s quite an audio course for Italian.

Learners may not be familiar with all the unique sounds Italian speakers make. The Mimic Method is one of the best ways to focus only on learning how to pronounce Italian, by treating the language like ‘music’.

There’s a supplementary Q&A video for lessons provided by the Mimic Method with the hope to cover any further questions users may have regarding the material presented in the course.

The Mimic Method Italian method is very unique and different from the ineffective, conventional study. Students learn Italian by learning how to speak it. However, some learners may find this unorthodox approach hard to understand. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are the best Italian language courses

The best Italian language courses are;

  • Rocket Italian
  • Coffee break Italian
  • ItalianPod101
  • Babbel
  • Glossika Italian
  • News in Slow Italian
  • Pimsleur Italian
  • italki
  • Italian Uncovered
  • Italy Made Easy
  • Mondly Italian
  • Wyzant Tutors: Italian
  • Mimic Method: Italian

2. What are the best ways to learn Italian?

  1. Online Courses.
  2. Through a Free online app 
  3. Listen to podcasts.
  4. YouTube videos.
  5. Through Italian language books.
  6. Face-to-face course.
  7. Use flashcards.


learning how to speak and write the Italian language is beneficial because it’s a very popular and desirable language for many, it necessary for anyone who desires to travel to Italy and communicate well. It’s also the official language of Italy and is a great language to learn for business & professional development, relationships, and more. 

If you have any questions about online Italian courses, let us know in the comments below

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