The Importance of Choosing Trusted Resources for Writing a Synthesis Essay for Scholarship Applying

Despite the more scientific name associated with it, a synthesis essay isn’t more hectic than any other type. However, many people seem to commit the same mistake over and over again here. It’s focusing specifically on your topic and neglecting to make enough connections.

While that might not make sense yet, an analysis of what a synthesis essay is will come to your aid. The ultimate challenge in such an essay is the ability to think on a much broader level. You’re expected to make relationships between sources, compare and contrast, and come up with a thesis that could defend the bases.

This article focuses on how you can choose the best resources to apply for scholarships when writing a synthesis essay.

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Where Are Synthesis Essays Used?

Simply to recap, a synthesis essay is a discussion that pulls information from multiple sources, ones with varied opinions. It then asks you to formulate a thesis, which is a connection found between all the ideas and united into one. Check out a synthesis essay example to read a marvelous essay you should use for your paper. Optimizing the use of paper samples is one of the first trusted and official resources for a synthesis essay. It allows you to nail down your piece instead of neglecting it till the last minute.

Now, you might have already been asked to synthesize but weren’t aware of what it entails specifically. There are three types of assignments in college that include this technique. Analysis pieces invite you to compare theories that are closely related. On the other hand, a research paper should consist of numerous resources discussed thoroughly. Lastly, an argument paper engages your analytical part. You’re expected to explore both sides of the argument to be able to formulate a powerful essay.

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Importance of Credible Sources

You might be asked to reflect on pieces you’ve written before during your scholarship application process. Or, for instance, you might be asked for reference letters or more. This is where credibility comes into the equation. Credibility is also a vital part of persuasive essays. Hence, it always ties back to finding the best resources to strengthen your topic.

When writing a research paper, your claims are always expected to be supported by the correct information. Your education will depend on it, as such skills are required throughout your college career. Moreover, if you’re formulating a humanities paper on, for instance, The Iliad, you must refer to any facts and theories you use.

But how do you find helpful information? And can you ever guarantee one resource is better than the other? Use the following criteria to evaluate whether the source you’re considering is worth mentioning:

  • The author should be a trusted one.
  • The publication should not originate from somewhere you’ve never heard of before.
  • Check the date on the source. If it was written more than 20 years ago, evaluate whether the information it contains will benefit your paper.
  • If you’re using a website as a reference, ensure it’s a secure, trusted, and official page.

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Choose the Appropriate Topic

The importance of choosing the right topic is over underestimated. The title is often the first thing that hooks your audience in. Hence, start your synthesis essay for your scholarship application with a title that grabs attention. For example, aim to address something you’re passionate about. Not only will that help you brainstorm ideas, but it will allow you to explore the area much more.

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Furthermore, not every topic out there has numerous credible sources. So, before you set your mind on a single issue, do your research. Evaluate whether you’ll be able to find enough references, support, and ideas on the internet and in the library. Shifting your concept could be better than stubbornly sticking to it if you feel like it’s an impossible task.

Know Your Structure for Synthesis Writing

Choosing the proper diagrams to build on for your scholarship application might be difficult. You might feel confused about which approach to take when writing your essay. Generally, writers use three main methods to organize their ideas. It’s either by points, by source, or by the blended organization.

Points for Scholarship Application

This is when you use specific points to elaborate on. The structure is divided into paragraphs. You start with the introduction, followed by one point (from two different sources or more). After that, focus on yet another issue. You then mention a completely novel concept in the fourth paragraph, followed by the conclusion. Remember that you should find similar points in the articles you read. For instance, when using two sources, ensure they’re both spanning the same concept. This allows you to provide both writers’ points of view.

Sources for Scholarship Application

While this method is used by many, it’s often advised to stay away from it. That’s because it results in summarized concepts instead of comparison and explanation. The start is the introduction, followed by a summary of a writer’s ideas. You should interpret the image and comment on any necessary ideas. One-third of it revolves around summarization, and the rest is interpretation. Do this for two more paragraphs, then two about shared beliefs, and follow it with a conclusion.

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choosing a good essay writing resource

Blended Organization for Scholarship Application

This one involves a lot of rhetorical skills examples. Hence, if you’re not used to it, it’s advised against using it. It follows an introduction, a point discussed by two sources, another topic, a significant idea discussed by only one author, then another, followed by a conclusion. 

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there isn’t one way to ensure you’re resorting to the best resources. However, you must never forget that the elements you use will significantly impact the quality of your scholarship application. Portraying your skillset, knowledge, and trustworthiness is an essential part. Hence, aim to provide only the best, using the ultimate resources and only ones you know are credible. 

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