List of Lucrative Trade Jobs for Women in 2022

Hey, are you aware that women are changing the tide in the trade market? In other words, the world trade jobs are shifting and women are becoming the bosses of their own. You will read proof here on the List of Lucrative Trade Jobs for Women in 2022.

Afore time, it was believed that the best career for women is in the fields of health and dental care, education, animal care, law, and business. In fact, in some African cultures, it was a general notion that women are meant for the kitchen. For instance, a general study by the American Association of University Women (AAUW) found out that in 2017, the top five female-dominated jobs in the U.S. were registered nurses, secretaries and administrative assistants, elementary and middle school teachers, customers service representatives, and supervisors of retail workers. But the world is undeniably changing, and a high level of lucrative trade jobs are subsequently dominated by women. This is because gender inequality now has less impact when it comes to business.

Lucrative Trade Jobs for Women in 2021

So the urgent need for a skilled workforce has created lots of opportunities for women to enter and advance their skills. Also, increasing the total number of women employed in the trade has helped close the unnecessary gap in work output in the last few decades.

In this post, we’ll talk about more and more on the list of lucrative trade jobs for women in 2022,  some of which are undoubtedly the most in-demand skilled trades today. Furthermore on how education can help you get your foot in the door. Let’s go!

Why Lucrative Trade Jobs for Women in 2022?

Skilled trades are excellent career choices for women for several reasons. Many of these reasons are best known to the individual particularly. For instance;

  • Interest in trade: If you don’t like the idea of working in a cubicle and enjoy working with your hands in a fast-paced environment, a skilled trade could be the right career for you. Every day on the job can be different, as well as challenging. But if you thrive in a workplace like that, it can be a rewarding career path.
  • Job Security: Unlike other careers, it is easier for you to sustain your job in skilled trades. This is because it will always be on-demand. However, exceptional qualities on the job are highly recommended. So as to remain successful since there are still lots of competition out there.
  • Higher social or economical position: Does learning a skilled trade mean you’ll be doing the same job and having the same pay for your entire career? No, it doesn’t have to. There are plenty of opportunities within the specialized trade industry for upward mobility. In other words, management and supervisory positions are common and available throughout many skilled trade occupations, meaning that you can earn up to a six-digit salary if you so desire and work hard enough.
  • Less Schooling: The time it takes to enter the workforce as an educated and sought-after tradeswoman can be much less than other career paths, and salaries within the skilled trades industry are comparable to others that require a four-year degree from a well-recognized university. A shorter education period means less time spent in the classroom and a better chance of keeping student loan debt to a minimum.
  • Insufficient Skilled-Trade Employees: Currently there is a shortage of skilled trade workers in the world, even in the United States, and employers are eager for qualified candidates. Most workers in the skilled – trades industries today are growing old and close to the end of their careers, which will only increase the demand. Meanwhile, as time passes employers are needed to fill these positions. Many companies are looking to the underrepresented female population for a way out. Women are especially valuable assets because diversity in the workplace is essential for a well-composed company. Different points of view and surrogate ideas make for excellent results. Certainly, companies with a diverse work environment outperform those with a limited demographic.
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Women Association for Trade Jobs

To help women enter the workforce, the women association was formed. This association is to provide ease to career women with the aim to push their careers to another level. Check below for examples of such associations:

  • Women in Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Occupations (WANTO): The U.S. government allocated funding to support organizations and for women entering skilled trade professions. Furthermore, In 2018, the Department of Labour in the US gave $1.4 million to the Women in Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Occupations (WANTO) program, which funds community-based programs to help women enter these fields. Also, WANTO helps employers and unions create an avenue in which women are accepted and have equal opportunities to succeed in trade ventures. Subsequently, they create networking privileges to strengthen the active community of women already working in the trade industry. Check here for more information on grants and registration; Women in Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Occupations (WANTO)
  • Professional Women in Construction (PWC): This is a national nonprofit organization founded in 1980 to advance and support women within the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. In short, their goal is to ensure women enter these fields, promote workplace diversity, and have regular upward mobility. For more, check Professional Women in Construction.

And here we are! To access the most in-demand trade jobs for women.

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Finally, Enjoy it!

List of Lucrative Trade Jobs for Women in 2022

Below are some of the most demanded skills in the labor/trade market available for women in our world today.
Note also that the average salaries attached to each job are current as of March 2, 2022, and are based on data from the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) program unless indicated as being from PayScale. Job growth data, where included, is for the decade between 2018 and 2028 and is based on employment projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Care to take a look.

1. Heating and Air-Conditioning

Average annual salary: $43,640

This is a thriving trade for the female gender. Technicians who work as heating, air-conditioning, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration mechanics are also called HVAC technicians. Furthermore, they repair and install systems that control the quality of air and heat in residences, schools, offices, factories, hospitals, and many other organizations. However, you will need to learn about the three components of air control;

Firstly, you have to understand the sources of cool air and warm air, which may be air-conditioners and furnaces, respectively.

Secondly, you’ll need to learn about air distribution and duct systems.

Finally, you must be familiar with the thermostat which controls heating and cooling levels.

2. Architecture & Engineering Services

Average annual salary: $56,700

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A lot of women are joining the architectural and engineering sectors. As a matter of fact, a study by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards in 2018, found that 40 percent of Architectural Experience Program (AXP) completions and 39 percent of Architect Registration Examination (ARE) completions were by women. Meanwhile, several women have received mind-blowing industry awards and recognition for their hard work and great contributions to their fields as of recent. Also, the World record in 2017 shows that women earned 21.3 percent of bachelor’s degrees in engineering. Subsequently, it was observed that about 6 percent of these women are part of the engineering workforce across the globe.
So, if you are prepared to make waves into nontraditional, good careers for women, then the fields of architecture and engineering are open and could be a great opportunity for you to explore.

3. Elevators

Average annual salary: $76,650

This is also another awesome trade job thriving in the labor market. It is observed that many industries now have elevators, moving staircases, boardwalks, and chairlifts, either for goods or humans to aid movements. Working on elevators involves fixing, installing, and maintaining elevators, moving staircases, boardwalks, and chairlifts. Elevator installers and repairers find and fix the problems that cause elevators to malfunction. They also test, install, and maintain equipment. Their familiarity with basic math, understanding of blueprints, and the rudiments of electrical and electronics safety help them with these functions. Elevator installers and repairers also keep service and maintenance records and ensure that elevators are in compliance with building codes and safety regulations.

4. Industrial Designer

Average annual salary: $71,430

As a woman, you can put your artistic, business, and technical skills to good use as an industrial designer. You could be responsible for developing designs for just about any kind of manufactured product right from playing toys to furniture to moving vehicles. In short, you can design almost anything. And it also comes with good pay, one very lucrative trade job for women.

5. Graphic Designer

Average annual salary: $54,680

Graphic designers help companies share their messages through printing and electronic media. As a graphic designer, you could produce designs for advertisements, brochures, web pages, and other forms of media. And you will obviously enjoy a good salary considering the fact that many companies are in desperate need of graphic designers.

6. Multimedia Artist

Average annual salary: $78,230

These trade jobs are among the most demanded and highest-paid women jobs. It entails the creation of art, animation, and special effects for movies, TV, video games, and other types of electronic media. Now that the media world is growing without bounds, you can make a lot of money in a short while.

7. Video Game Designer

Average annual salary: $64,398

Make a statement in the game industry by acquiring expertise in the game development cycle and fine-tuning your skills in graphics creation, coding, and level development. And also prepare to be rewarded for your knowledge and passion in one of the highest-paying jobs for women.

Other lists you can find interesting is;

8. Plumbing and Boilers

Average annual salary: $49,140 to $56,560

As a Plumber, you manage the drainage, gas, and water systems in residences, industries, and other structures. They set up and maintain water heaters, dishwashers, kitchen disposal units, and bathroom fittings such as bathtubs, sinks, and other fixtures. Whereas, Boilermakers set up and maintain boilers, containers, and secure vats used for storing gases and liquids. They also install blast furnaces, tanks for storing and processing, smoke vents and chimneys, and other equipment needed to minimize air pollution. Furthermore, you can take apprenticeship courses to broaden your knowledge and you will also learn on the job.

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9. Building Inspection

Average annual salary: $53,450

To have a career in building inspection, a degree in the field of engineering and architecture is needed. You can take a building inspection course from a community college or through some online courses. Most importantly, you must have a sharp eye for detail because you will be examining various buildings and structures to make sure they are constructed in compliance with local and state regulations.


10. Construction management and technology

Average annual salary: $54,456

These trade jobs cover a broad array of exciting careers in the construction industry, and you can work anywhere across the global world, as far as you are good at your job. The U.S. Bureau of Labor expects the demand for construction laborers to grow by 12% by the year 2026, which means an additional 180,500 new jobs nationally. For those looking to climb the ladder in the world of construction technology, you will need Construction Management degree programs to prepare you for entry-level positions in the construction industry.

11. Computer Programmer

Average annual salary: $89,580

A computer programmer is the 12th point on the list of lucrative trade jobs for Women. To be relevant in this field, you must gain an understanding of computer programming languages so that you can develop computer software programs. Your position most likely entails writing code, testing programs, and repairing bugs and glitches so that an organization’s software programs run smoothly. It is also one of the most paid jobs in developed countries.

12. Database Administrator

Average annual salary: $92,030

Second to the last on the list of lucrative trade jobs for women is the database administrator. She protects an organization’s critical, confidential data. Along with ensuring data integrity, you also make sure that the data is organized and accessible to those people who are authorized to access it. Learning how to install, configure, upgrade, secure, backup, and recover data is also an important part of your job.

13: Phlebotomist

 Average annual salary: $41,000

Healthcare is booming with no end in sight for the growth. Why? There’s an aging population within the United States and a high demand for medical services. A Phlebotomist is part of the medical team that is in charge of taking blood and specimens from patients for lab testing and other services. Not only do we have the larger macro trend for growth in healthcare, there’s also a greater push for non-physicians to be doing the primary care (like nurses, phlebotomists, or medical assistants) to save costs and lower the price of treatment. In addition, there’s a huge shortage of medical workers in general. All of this bodes well for this career. Not only does it require just a certification to get hired and begin work, but it’s also a perfect stepping stone to get into healthcare and grow into other roles like nursing. One can find a great list of reputable phlebotomy training schools here.

I bet you had a nice read!

In conclusion, being a female gender is not the basis for not getting a lucrative job. You can always get what you want by going for it. Start here! Start now by engaging in this List of Lucrative Trade Jobs for Women in 2022!

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