Study at Universite De Sherbrooke in 2022: Admission, Tuition, Scholarship and Cost of Living.

Among the many beauties and wonders situated within the territories of Canada, a country in the Northern part of North America, is the renowned foremost French Speaking university; Universite de Sherbrooke. Read on to know how to apply to study at Universite De Sherbrooke in 2022: Admission, Tuition, Scholarship and Cost of Living.

Universite De Sherbrooke in 2021

The prestigious university is fondly known for its unique approach to conventional learning and mastery of the French Language. It is like any other top university, just that it distinguishes itself through the use of French as its official language of communication.

The university was established in 1954 and opened its doors, welcoming people of all races to benefit from its wealth of knowledge and self-development structure for students, through their various degree programs and approved extra-curricular activities, respectively.

It is important to establish the fact that, majority of its classes are taken in the French language, helping students to master their French language communication skills as well as motivating other students who are not perfectly fluent in French to become better in their French-speaking, reading and writing skills.

The University de Sherbrooke is located in Quebec, Canada and it is affiliated with various professional bodies including:

  • CARL,
  • IAU,
  • QSSF and,
  • AUCC.

The Universite de Sherbrooke is the largest institution in Estrie and Monteregie. The school currently has over 40,500 students from all walks of life.

Upon establishment in 1954, the school adopted the motto ‘Truth in Charity’ having its translation as ‘Veritatem in Charitate’. The school also adopted green and gold colors as their official colors.

The motto ‘Truth in Charity’ has since been a guiding light of the management and students of the institution and has helped their journey successfully to their vision and goal as an institution.

The University has five campuses, namely;

  • The main Sherbrooke Campus
  • The Sherbrooke Health Campus
  • The Longueuil Campus
  • The Joint Campus in Saguenay
  • The Joint Campus in Moncton.
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One may be wondering about the obtainable variety of programs the school has to offer and how he/she could fit into any of them. The good news is, you would discover all your questions as you read through this article we have put together specifically for you.

Universite de Sherbrooke ingeniously offers over 300 programs, which cuts across the Undergraduate, Master’s, and Doctoral levels. Thus giving everyone a privileged opportunity to start a learning journey in any chosen field of interest.

With a well-equipped library consisting of tens of thousands of research papers, journals, and books accompanied by a suitably spacious environment, the university positions its students for high performances.

The Universite de Sherbrooke has a good record for successful job placements for graduating students. Hence, students who graduate successfully are easily absorbed into gainful positions in the work sector.

I trust you are already considering starting a program with the university. I would classify that as a good and gainful thought.  This article will expose you to more relevant information and guide you through your analysis and choice.

Below, you would get to know how you apply to a program and get equipped with relevant information regarding tuition and scholarships.

Study at Universite De Sherbrooke in 2022: Admission, Tuition, Scholarship, and Cost of Living.


Getting enrolled in a new school is an exciting experience. You feel a dopamine hormone drive and excitement regardless of your infant’s commencing of your academic adventure. You get to explore a different environment with varying and static energy levels, make new friends, experience an entirely different routine, and get more enlightened. It sure is a great deal of adventure.

For prospective freshmen/women, the Universite de Sherbrooke has established certain protocols to ensure a successful application.

All prospective students must, as a matter of fact, have a functional and or proven knowledge of French. This is emphatically stated because the Universite de Sherbrooke is a French school and the majority of courses at all levels (Undergraduate, Post Graduate, and Doctoral) are taken in the French language.

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With that information revealed, the prospective student will be required to download and fill the candidate application form. You can access the application form here.


Prospective students will seat for a French Language Proficiency Test, the results would convince the school of your proficiency in French and would aid your application.

Also, a French language support program would avail students who are not perfectly fluent, and students who don’t speak French. It is a microprogram consisting of 5 intensive courses in the following order.

  • Verbal Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Grammar
  • Language and Culture.

These courses are free of any charge for students who require the courses as a condition of admission to the Universite de Sherbrooke.


Concisely organized below, are the various processes for making your application and gaining admission into the university to study your dream course.

Step 1: Choose your prospective program

Step 2: Plan Your request

Step 3: Submit your request

Step 4: Track your request.


The university needs the right amount of time to process all applications, hence you are expected to submit your application before the said deadline. The deadline for each semester is stated below.

  • Undergraduate Students: The deadline for submission of the FALL application is January 15th while the deadline for the WINTER application is September 1.
  • Graduate Students: All applications for graduate programs are to be submitted two months before the commencement of the programs applied to.

To facilitate your stay in Quebec, the university recommends that all prospective students should take advantage of the following information:

  • Reserving a room in a residence or learning apartment should be done as soon as you gain admission for the fall term; the same is applicable for the winter term.
  • All students should arrive in Sherbrooke at least two weeks before the start of the fall term; the same is applicable for the winter term.
  • The start of academic activities would be the end of August for the fall term; while the beginning of January will be the commencement of the winter term.
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The Université de Sherbrooke operates the following faculties:

Faculty of Administration

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Letters and Humanities

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Faculty of Sports and Physical Education

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Theology, Ethics, and Philosophy

Universite de Sherbrooke TUITION FEE AND COST OF LIVING 2022

The tuition fee is as follows for the different levels namely;

  • Undergraduate level: $9,729,45 CAD
  • Masters Level: $8,710,50 CAD
  • Doctoral level:$7,818,60 CAD

For a full-time registration, the following table provides an idea of the costs that could be incurred during a twelve-month period.


CAD Euros
Health insurance (annual fee) $900 €600
Housing (electricity, heating) $4,992 €3,241
Telephone, Internet, cable $1,200 €779
Educational supplies $1,200 €779
Food and medical products $4,200 €2,727
Personal expenses (leisure, clothing, etc.) $1,920 €1,248
Miscellaneous (unforeseeable expenses) $1 000 €650
Urban transit            Included  in  university  fees
Inter-city transit $7204 €467
TOTAL  $16,132 €10,491
TOTAL (including upon arrival) 17,392 €11,310


Do not wait for tomorrow to apply. You can start your academic pursuit with one single click.

Check the school website here for further information.

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