University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate and How To Get Accepted Easily

Are you looking for the criteria for applying to Cambridge University? Then you need this article to learn about the University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate and how to get accepted easily.

Are you searching for the safest place to study in Britain then the University of Cambridge is a top choice?

The institution enables students from all over the world the opportunity to study thereby providing a variety of courses in various subjects and levels to both citizens and international students.

Offerings span the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, and medical sciences.

Academic Excellence is something else you stand to earn from this university. Cambridge frequently receives high rankings for its illustrious academic caliber.

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University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate and How To Get Accepted Easily

University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate For International Students

International students make up a sizeable portion of the university’s student body, despite the fact that competition for admission to Cambridge University seems fierce for all foreigners. Reliable data indicate that one-fourth of Cambridge University’s undergraduate population comes from outside the United Kingdom.
It is undeniable that foreigners have relatively low chances of gaining admission into the University of Cambridge. However, these changes aren’t as low as some people think as Cambridge University’s acceptance rate for international students stands at 34.6 percent.

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University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate For USA Students

USA applicants should be aware that offers are frequently offered on an individual basis.
The easiest way to get into Cambridge University as a citizen of the USA is typical with five or more Advanced Placement (AP) Scores in grade 5. Additionally, you should expect to receive good SAT (I) Reasoning Test or ACT scores as well as strong passing grades for your academic requirements.
Only 20 of the 347 Americans who sought to study in Cambridge in 2016 were actually admitted, according to statistics.

You are expected to reveal all of the exams you have taken, together with your results, as an applicant.

Above all, the acceptance rate for University of Cambridge USA students is 12 percent.

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University of Cambridge Transfer Rate

The University of Cambridge strictly forbids applications from students who wish to transfer from another institution to it.

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This stringent approach has made the transfer acceptance rate extremely competitive.
Therefore, it’s crucial that you make sure you adhere to the rules and instructions for the latter if you’re applying as a transfer student.

In conclusion, the transfer acceptance rate at Cambridge University is 7%.

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University of Cambridge Admission Requirements

Both graduate programs and undergraduate programs have various eligibility requirements. Additionally, it depends on your department and degree of study. The following qualifications must be met in order to be admitted to the university:

  • Academic records from the past
  • Personal statement or statement of purpose
  • A pair of resumé letters

Either SAT, ACT, TOEFL, or IELTS score for an English language competence test.

University of Cambridge GPA Requirements

The group of universities that accept applicants with GPAs that are regarded as extremely low is far away from Cambridge University. Your GPA will mostly rely on the requirements specified by the respective department, but generally speaking, Cambridge University wants you to have at least a 3.7 on a 4.0 scale. Your prospects of being admitted to Cambridge University if your GPA is significantly below this are as slim as getting a camel through a needle.

University of Cambridge SAT Requirements

An applicant is anticipated to receive a score of up to 750 on each of their SAT component exams, with 1,500 being the minimum SAT score needed for admission to Cambridge University. But for some courses, a combined SAT score of 1,460 (including 730 in math and 730 in evidence-based reading and writing) is deemed adequate.

University of Cambridge ACT Requirements

High ATC test scores of at least 33 (for applicants applying for subjects in the Sciences) and 32 are given priority by Cambridge University (for Arts and Humanities).

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How to Increase Your Chances of Admission

None of the applicants, including British residents, seem to have it easy when trying to get into Cambridge University. Being a citizen of the United Kingdom does not automatically provide admission to Cambridge because all applicants must meet certain minimal standards.

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Some applicants appear to have stronger prospects of being admitted to Cambridge University than others because of variances in acceptance rates. But regardless of the acceptance percentage for your type of candidate, the following advice should help you increase your chances of getting accepted:

  • Learn more about the extracurricular pursuits that align with Cambridge colleges’ guiding principles. Make an effort to participate in these activities.
  • Make sure you have a letter of recommendation from at least one of the instructors in the division that offers your desired Cambridge course.
  • Make a commitment to doing well on the ACT and SAT. Make sure your ACT and SAT scores are at least 33 and 1,460, respectively.
  • Spend a lot of time volunteering in your neighborhood or hometown and be sure to prioritize initiatives that support community growth.
  • Engage in a wide range of activities that can assist you in gaining expertise in leadership and personal development.
  • Always maintain a stellar academic record; make sure your GPA is more than 3.7 on a 4.0 scale.

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Depending on the degree type and candidate pool, different amounts of time are required to evaluate each application. Before the end of January, the University of Cambridge undergraduate applicants are typically notified of their acceptance status. The appropriate college will notify the applicant if they have been offered a spot, and they must respond via UCAS. Within three months of the deadline, graduate program admission decisions are made public. Acceptance requires the following authorities’ approval:

  • Two or more faculty members from the department
  • Committee for relevant degrees
  • Office of Postgraduate Admission

Admissions decisions at the University of Cambridge are made exclusively on academic standards or the aptitude and potential of the applicant. The University of Cambridge handles all questions about the admissions decision.

FAQs About The University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate

Which Cambridge college is the most difficult to get into?

That would suggest that Kings, Clare, and Emma are the more competitive schools; but, whether they attract the greatest applicants overall is a completely different question.

What minimum GPA is required for Cambridge?

At least a 3.7 GPA is required for admission to the University of Cambridge. The minimum GPA criterion does not, however, imply that you will be accepted. The same holds true for having a better GPA. Like many other colleges, Cambridge has an all-encompassing admissions process.

Are three As required for Cambridge?

For the majority of sciences courses and arts courses, Cambridge typically requires A*AA or 40–42 IB points, including core points, with 776 at Higher Level. For pupils in Scotland, AAA is often required at the Advanced Higher grade level.

Are students at Cambridge competitive?

Yes, the students at Cambridge University are quite competitive.

How many interviews in Cambridge result in admission?

This has historically represented over 75% of all Home applicants (though this varies between courses). Not all interviewees will be chosen or given a position offer, but everyone who receives an offer has gone through the interview process.

Are Cambridge exams difficult?

It is quite challenging to pass the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) exam.

How many applicants to Cambridge are accepted?

Just over 17,000 people applied to study in a Cambridge college in a recent application year. 3,497 applicants were chosen. With a meager 21% acceptance rate, only one in five applicants will be admitted to the school.

How can I obtain a full scholarship at the University of Cambridge?

Fill out the funding section of the standard University Graduate Students’ Application Form in order to be considered for funding. Then, you can be given a chance to apply for any scholarships for which you are qualified. The first week of December is often when applications for Cambridge-Trust scholarships are due.

Does Cambridge provide financial aid?

Outstanding international applicants can receive scholarships from Cambridge to study full-time for a postgraduate degree. The “Student Funding Search” lists scholarships that are open to both current and future students.

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