List of 50 U.S. Universities With a Data Science Major

List of 50 U.S. Universities With a Data Science Major

Having a data science degree is a hot topic in the workplace, but it is still a young field in academia. Data science is all about gaining insights from data by using programming languages, statistics, and other advanced tools. When you work in data science, you have the tools to discover truths about the world in any field, from proving institutional inequality to determining which ice cream flavor is most popular in the United States. You’ve made an excellent decision if you’re considering a data science major in college. Continue reading to find out which data science colleges are forward-thinking and offer a Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science program or a data science major.

us universities with a data science major

What Are the Benefits of Studying at a Data Science College?

What happens to the massive amounts of data that large corporations generate and store? Or even the data generated by small businesses in the course of their day-to-day operations? The people who make sense of all this data are known as data scientists. They use various processes, programming software, and analytical and statistical skills to help them get the job done, ranging from augmented analytics to commercial artificial intelligence. Their findings are then used to inform decision-making or to develop solutions that influence or impact businesses and even government agencies. 

The Atlantic Council examined how big data can help fight crime, combat illicit financial flows, and be used to create legal frameworks to increase national security in 2017 report. According to O*NET OnLine, the employment of data scientists will grow at a rate of 8% between 2019 and 2029, which is twice the national growth rate for all occupations. A bachelor’s degree or higher in data science may help you land a job in this rapidly expanding field. 

Bachelor of data science programs begins with core courses that introduce students to data science tools and theories, such as working with large datasets and data visualization techniques. There are also programs that allow you to specialize in areas like geographic information systems. Many bachelor’s programs in data science, like master’s programs in data science, are project-based, which means students can create portfolios to show potential employers. 

Certain programs collaborate with local organizations to provide students with real-world experience defining problems, gathering data, cleaning that data, and interpreting the results. Data Science is a fantastic synthesis of many different disciplines. You will learn key computer science techniques and coding languages, as well as the ins and outs of data analysis and the proper application of statistical methods, as part of this major. You will be able to take a set of numbers and mine it for insights about the world around you as early as your first introductory data science course. 

Furthermore, you will discover that Data Science is extremely profitable and employable these days. The world is increasingly becoming data-driven, with companies dedicating entire departments to collecting and analyzing data to aid in business decisions. These are some of the highest-paying jobs in the market right now, so a Data Science major will undoubtedly prepare you for financial success later in life.

How Can You Improve Your Acceptance Chances?

1. Create a Focused and Competitive Academic and Extracurricular Profile

To get into a highly ranked school in the United States, you must demonstrate to data science colleges that you can handle a heavy academic and extracurricular workload. This is especially important for students applying to Data Science majors, as data science is one of the more rigorous and analytically demanding STEM fields. To prepare yourself and demonstrate to admissions committees that you can handle a demanding workload, you should enroll in advanced courses that specialize in STEM fields, specifically math and computing. 

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You should take calculus, statistics, physics, and any coding classes your school offers. You can show your dedication to Data Science by participating in extracurricular activities that will help you develop your coding skills and allow you to work with numbers. Robotics clubs, computer science courses, and mathletes are examples of qualifying clubs. Finally, getting some coding experience is the best way to set yourself up for success as a Data Science major. 

Most students who enroll in Data Science courses struggle with coding fundamentals as much as advanced theory and statistics. So, if you have the opportunity to learn various coding languages, you will be doing yourself a favor in the future. Python, R, Java, and MatLab are some popular languages to look for.

2. Concentrate on Your Data Science College List

You may discover that not all colleges offer a data science major as you begin your college search. However, keep in mind that you do not need to pursue a data science major to work in data science. You can major in Computer Science, Econometrics, or another field that allows you to work with data in a variety of ways. If you’re dead set on attending a college with a data science major, do your homework. Some data science programs are more developed than others, and thus have more resources, such as tutoring and software access, than others. 

Most data science students make use of the resources that are available to them, so it is critical that you research and find programs that have as much institutional support as possible. Finally, when conducting your research, keep the location of the university in mind. Most university-based recruitment programs have direct ties with local businesses and industries, and you may want to attend a school in an area with large tech industry. Having said that, this is not required. You’ll be able to find tech jobs in almost any company or area across the country.

How Do You Pick the Best Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science for You?

There are several factors to consider when selecting a bachelor’s degree in a data science program. First and foremost, consider your interests and career objectives. Perhaps you’d prefer to focus on marketing analytics rather than software development. Check to see if the program you’re interested in offers the specialization you’re looking for. You should also think about the program’s cost, admissions requirements, and whether you want to get your degree online or on campus.

What are the Admissions Requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Data Science?

Data science Bootcamp educational requirements may differ from those of your bachelor’s program. There are boot camps for people with varying levels of education and experience. Bootcamps can be used to supplement your university education. Admissions requirements differ depending on whether you want to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree in data science. Transcripts, SAT or ACT test scores, a personal statement, and an application fee are typically required by most schools. 

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Even though all students submit the same application materials, there are ways to differentiate yourself and stand out. Here are a few key questions you can ask yourself to assist you in doing so:

  • Is there a minimum SAT/ACT score required by the school?

Some programs require you to submit SAT/ACT scores to determine where you will stand in terms of credits and classes. It’s a good idea to aim for more than the minimum score. If necessary, consider taking the test more than once.

  • Have you taken high school classes to learn object-oriented programming, linear algebra, or game theory?

Experience with specific high school classes in specific topics may influence your placement and/or exemption from certain classes.

  • What is your educational background? Do you excel at math, science, and communication?

Some schools may use your math, science, and communication competency and skills to predict the level of difficulty (or lack thereof) in completing the program’s coursework.

  • Do you have any relevant professional experience?

Relevant experience can be beneficial in deciding on a specialization. Relevant professional experience can also be applied in the classroom and vice versa.

Differences Between a Data Science Major and a Data Science Minor

If you are unsure whether you want to major in data science, you can look for universities that offer both a major and a minor in data science. You can start with a minor in data science to get a better understanding of the field before advancing to the major. A minor typically requires 6 to 25 credits as opposed to more than 40 credits for a major. Regardless of whether you plan to major or minor in data science, it is critical to consider meaningful electives. Electives can help you narrow down a specialization and apply your data science skills to a topic that interests you.

How long will a Data Science Program Last?

As with most bachelor’s degree programs, those pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Data Science can expect to complete their program in four years or less. Your enrollment status (whether full-time or part-time) can either lengthen or shorten the time it takes to complete your degree. When looking for the right program for you, consider how many credits the data science college of your program considers to be full-time or part-time.

What Is the Cost of a Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science?

The cost of a bachelor’s degree in data science is determined by the program in which you wish to enroll. Tuition costs are often influenced by the location of the school that offers the program. For students who don’t mind staying in their home state, in-state schools and programs may be an affordable option.

Can a Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science Help You Find Work?

Demand for computer and information scientists is driven not only by the explosion of big data but also by the requirement to write algorithms that aid computer scientists in developing software that can help businesses better understand their customers. A bachelor’s degree in data science can provide you with the skills and knowledge you need for this task and many others. Specializing can also prepare you for a variety of jobs, from cybersecurity to finance.

Because progressing to a position as a data scientist may take some time after graduation, you can begin by working for a company with an analytical role in computer programming or a related field. You’ll want to ensure that you have the opportunity to advance within the company or take on more responsibility. After gaining some work experience, you may want to consider pursuing a master’s degree in data science to help boost your value and earning potential for future endeavors in the field.

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50 U.S. Universities with a Data Science Major

This list consists of the best universities for data science in the USA.

Thomas Edison UniversityB.S. in Data Science and AnalyticsOnline/Campus120 credits
DeVry UniversityBachelor of Science in Software Development with a focus on Big Data and AnalyticsOnline129 credits
Maryville UniversityB.S. in Data ScienceOnline128 credit hours
California Polytechnic State UniversityMinor in Data ScienceCampus80 credits
University Of San FranciscoB.S. in Data ScienceCampus56 units
Yale UniversityStatistics and Data Science Undergraduate Programs.CampusB.A.: 11 credits


B.S.: 14 credits

Florida Polytechnic UnversityB.S. in Data ScienceCampus132 credits
Florida Polytechnic UnversityB.S. in Data ScienceCampus132 credits
Chaminade UniversityB.S. in Data Science, Analytics, and VisualizationCampusN/A
Luther CollegeData Science Major


Data Science Minor

CampusMajor: 10 credits


Minor: 8 credits

Brigham Young UniversityB.S. in Data ScienceCampusN/A
Indiana University-Purdue University IndianapolisB.S. in Data ScienceCampus120 credits
University of EvansvilleMajor in Statistics and Data ScienceCampus89 credits
Valparaiso UniversityB.S. in Data ScienceCampus40 credits
Northern Kentucky UniversityB.S. in Data ScienceCampus82-85 credits
Smith CollegeStatistical & Data Sciences Major or MinorCampusMajor: 10 credits


Minor: 6 credits

Worcester Polytechnic InstituteB.S. in Data ScienceCampus57 credits
University of MichiganData Science MajorCampus128 credits
Winona State UniversityB.S. In Data Science


Minor in Data Science

CampusMajor: 60 credits


Minor: 25

University of New HampshireB.S. in Analytics and Data ScienceCampus129 credits
Fei Tian CollegeB.S. in Data ScienceCampus125 credits
University of RochesterB.A. and B.S. Data Science DegreeCampus17-19 courses
Case Western Reserve UniversityB.S. in Data Science and AnalyticsCampus128 credits
Pennsylvania State UniversityIntercollege Major – Data Science Undergraduate Programs.Campus40-59 credits
College of CharlestonB.S. in Data Science


Minor in Data Science

CampusMajor: 65+ credits


Minor: 19+ credits

Augustana UniversityData Science Major


Data Science Minor

CampusMajor: 43 credits


Minor: 18-19 credits

Westminster CollegeData Science MinorCampus16 credit hours
University of Wisconsin-River FallsMajor or Minor in Statistical and Data SciencesCampus63 credits
Bethel UnversityB.S. in Mathematics and Data ScienceCampus123 credits
Bowling Green State UniversityData Science SpecializationCampus14 courses
Bryant UniversityMajor in Data ScienceCampus122 credits
California University of PennsylvaniaB.S. in Statistics and Data ScienceHybrid120 credits
Calvin CollegeData Science MajorCampus46-49 hours
Chatham UniversityData Science Major


Data Science Minor

CampusMajor: 51 credits


Minor: 18 credits

Colorado State UniversityData Science MajorCampus120 credits
Columbia UniversityB.A. in Data ScienceCampus18 courses
DePaul UniversityB.S. in Data ScienceCampus192 credit hours
Drexel UniversityB.S. in Data ScienceCampus187 credits
Eastern Michigan UniversityB.S. in Data Science and AnalyticsCampus124 credits
Houghton CollegeB.S or B.A. in Data ScienceCampusBA: 31-32 credits


B.S.: 61-64 credits

Iowa State UniversityData Science MajorCampus48 credits
Iowa State UniversityData Science Major


Data Science Minor

CampusMajor: 48 credits


Minor: 15 credits

John Carroll UniversityB.S. in Data ScienceCampus46 credits hours
Lebanon Valley CollegeComputer and Data Science MajorCampus46 credits
Loyola University of MarylandComputer and Data Science MajorCampus15 courses
Marist CollegeData Science Major


Data Science Minor

CampusMajor: 120 credits


Minor: 18 Credits

Marquette UniversityData Science MajorCampus120 credits
Mills CollegeB.A. in Data ScienceCampus53 credits
Montana TechB.S. in Data ScienceCampus120 credits
Northeastern UniversityB.S. in Data ScienceCampus132 credits
Purdue UniversityData Science MajorCampus120 credits
Saint Mary’s UniversityComputer Science Major: Data Analytics TrackCampus122 credits
Saint Michael’s CollegeData Science Major


Data Science Minor

CampusMajor: 46 credits


Minor: 24 credits

Salem UniversityBS Computer Science – Data ScienceCampus15 courses
Siena CollegeB.S. in Data ScienceCampus47-54 credits
Simmons UniversityB.S. in Data ScienceCampus63–67 credits
Temple UniversityB.S. in Data ScienceCampus123 credits
Tufts UniversityB.S. in Data ScienceCampus38 courses
University of California IrvineB.S. in Data ScienceCampus135 credits


Interested in preparing for one of our time’s most promising and in-demand career paths? Take a look at Data Science! The term “Data Scientist” was coined in 2008, and it was ranked the #1 Best Job in America by Glassdoor in 2016, 2017, and 2018. Learning about “big data” will teach you how to ask critical, real-world questions, collect data, organize information, translate results into solutions, and communicate your findings in ways that will affect positive change.

Here’s a list of schools with strong Data Science undergraduate programs based on data from U.S. News, Tech Republic, Discover Data Science, and the Data Science Degree Programs Guide are publications that have featured data science degree programs. Some data science colleges and universities have a line after their name indicating that they only offer a minor, certificate program, concentration, or degree track in Data Science.

Furthermore, different schools call Data Science programs different things, such as “Statistics and Data Science,” “Data Analytics,” and “Business Analytics.”

FAQs on US Universities with a Data Science Major

Why USA is best for data science?

The United States of America is the best country for research opportunities after Germany. Data science calls for a lot of investigation and invention. As a result, the American government and colleges provide ample opportunities and research possibilities to overseas students.

Does university ranking matter for data science?

50 institutions make up 31% of the sample, whereas 100 institutions make up 9%. Accordingly, if you attended a prestigious university, your chances of becoming a data scientist increased by around six times.

What is the future of data science in the USA?

According to the United States Bureau of Labour Statistics, by 2026, there will be a 27.9% increase in the number of jobs for trained and competent data scientists. However, this enormous demand has also resulted in a severe lack of skilled personnel.

Is it easy to get data science jobs in the USA?

Although the increase in the number of data job postings is thought to be the primary cause of the exponential growth of data science applicants, finding a job in the field is more difficult than ever.

How much does it cost to study data science in the USA?

The annual tuition range for MS in Data Science programs at US colleges is between 21,000 and 75,000 USD. The projected cost of tuition for an Indian aspirant to study in the United States ranges from 15 to 55 lakh INR. In the USA, data scientists make an average yearly income of $155,000.

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