Top 16 Volunteer Opportunities In Pittsburgh

The goal of Volunteering is mainly to ensure optimum eradication of such ills in society. If you intend to be an active Volunteer in Pittsburgh, then here is your best stop. Volunteering is one of the most used terms and yet most people do not know what it is.

Volunteering is the act of joining non-profit organizations to help reach out to people who are homeless, impaired, hungry, or affected in one way or another by society.

Now, that volunteering entails joining organizations doesn’t mean that you can’t start yours.

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Top 16 Volunteer Opportunities In Pittsburgh

List of Top Volunteer Opportunities In Pittsburgh 

1. Coalition for Project LOVE

Project LOVE Coalition P.L.C is a non-profit organization that helps homeless and formerly homeless veterans through grassroots alliances, advocacy, and service. 

They are committed to the universal dissemination of love/peace, and they also welcome varied community relationships. 

Project LOVE Coalition hopes that people would band together and unite hands and aims to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Check out their website here

2. Allegheny Health NetworkOutpatient Facilities

People are important. Everyone has a role in sharing success. This is a non-profit organization that strives for an inclusive culture where people are treated as professionals and individual distinctions are respected while the collective whole is prioritized. Stewardship Working to improve the health of the communities they serve while also carefully managing the assets entrusted to them.

Check out their website here

3. Every Child, Inc.

This is a non-profit organization that works to improve the lives of children who have problems or disabilities in the community.

Susan Davis founded Every Child, Inc. in 1997 with the belief that all children, regardless of age, race, disability, or special health care need, deserve the chance to grow up with a loving and lasting family. 

Every Child’s services have expanded to include foster care and adoption. They started by focusing on providing care and support for foster children with significant medical needs.

Check out their website here

4. Pittsburgh Three Rivers Marathon Inc

This is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the joy of running and increasing community access to health and fitness education and activities. 

They have been doing a good job in ensuring a significant growth and development of members of the community, including in the health aspects.

Check out their website here

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5. Southwestern Pennsylvania Mentoring Partnership

The Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania (TMP) assists children by supplying resources to mentoring programs around the region. They promote the value of good mentoring, share best practices and research, and provide training, technical help, and professional development to local program employees and volunteers.

Mentors may make an impact in their communities in as little as 2 hours each month! There are opportunities to connect with mentorship programs such as after-school tutors, storytime readers at local libraries, and career speakers to speak to local youngsters. This helps to motivate the young people in the community and is a very commendable approach by this non-profit organization.

Check out their website here

6. Stem Coding Lab, Inc.

Stem Coding Lab is the only nonprofit in Pittsburgh dedicated solely to teaching computer science education to underserved schools around the city.

It works to activate the next generation of digitally literate Stem professionals and expose pupils to learning in underfunded schools by providing expert instruction in both in-school and after-school settings.

Equipping students early with the acquisition of basic computer science abilities is a key step in tackling income inequities that exist throughout the city, especially in majority-minority communities.

Furthermore, we believe that racial and social justice work should begin in the classroom by equipping under-resourced students with the tools they need to break generational poverty patterns.

Check out their website here

7. Greater Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is always there in times of need because of its extensive network of volunteers, donors, and partners. They want to put compassion into action so that every disaster victim in the United States and worldwide will receive care and shelter. This will help the communities to be disaster-ready at most times.

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The American Red Cross uses the power of volunteers and the generosity of donations to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of disasters. ​

The American Red Cross is always there in times of need because of its extensive network of volunteers, donors, and partners. They want to see compassion translated into action so that all disaster victims in the United States and worldwide receive care, shelter, and hope.

Check out their website here

8. Northside Leadership Conference

The Northside Leadership Conference N.S.L.C is a coalition of Northside community-based groups dedicated to addressing shared concerns through a collaborative approach to promote and enhance Pittsburgh’s Northside’s vitality, quality of life, and image. 

NSLC is the city’s most extensive serving 20% of the city and operating seven business lines. Very impressive.

Check out their website here

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9. Pittsburgh Science Workshop

 A community science workshop is unlike any other, with collected rocks and bones, constructed hovercrafts, spinning wobble-bots, and live snakes and lungfish.

It’s a free space where local families may explore their interests and ideas, develop projects, learn new skills, and become intrigued by new science topics. It’s a gathering spot for locals and visitors alike.

Check out their website here

10. Carnegie Science Center

Carnegie Science Center, which won the National Award for Museum Service in 2003, stimulates and entertains visitors by integrating science and technology into everyday life.

The Carnegie Science Center participates in outreach initiatives that benefit Pittsburgh’s diverse population in addition to giving useful scientific experiences. The Science Center is accessible to disabled persons and is located on Pittsburgh’s North Shore along the banks of the Ohio River.

Every day, discoveries are made at the Carnegie Science Center, ranging from the why of natural phenomena to the how of new technology.

The Carnegie Science Center is dedicated to promoting learning and curiosity by integrating science and technology into everyday life.

The Science Center offers interesting, interactive, firsthand, accessible, relevant, and understandable experiences. The Science Center attempts to recognize and satisfy the needs of the community in all of its variety.

Check out their website here

11. Western Pennsylvania Conservancy (WPC)

The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy works to protect and restore great places in the region so that future generations can enjoy clean water, healthy forests, animals, and natural landscapes.

The Conservancy maintains Fallingwater, a symbol of people living in harmony with the environment, by creating green spaces and gardens that contribute to the vibrancy of towns and cities.

It is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the region’s exceptional natural landscapes.

Fallingwater, a Frank Lloyd Wright architectural wonder near Mill Run, Pennsylvania, is similarly maintained and operated by WPC.

WPC enlists the support of its members and volunteers to help conserve, maintain, volunteer, and improve the natural areas for future generations in Pittsburgh.

Check out their website here

12. Engineers For a Sustainable World (ESW)

Engineers for a Sustainable World E.S.W is an acronym for Engineers for a Sustainable World. They are a growing group of technically savvy individuals that want to make the world a better place.

Projects carried out by ESW’s 50 college-based chapters account for the majority of the organization’s influence.

In many aspects, the mission of ESW-Headquarters is to connect those chapters, to create a community for all members to communicate, learn, and share project ideas, and to bring in funds and other resources to assist projects to thrive.

ESW is led by a group of dedicated volunteers who are committed to making the world a better place. If this describes you, you can freely apply and volunteer in this organization in Pittsburgh.

Check out their website here

13. Pittsburgh Restaurant Workers Aid (PRWA)

Pittsburgh Restaurant Workers Aid offers tools and community support to restaurant and hospitality employees who have lost their financial, housing, food, and healthcare security.

PRWA was founded in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, and it quickly connected restaurant workers from around the county to address the concerns of the industry’s workers.

They recognized an immediate crisis in March 2020, when restaurants were first subjected to COVID limitations. Many low-wage workers in the industry lacked financial security and were unable to obtain necessities such as food. Their group set up a delivery system in less than 72 hours to supply grocery items, diapers, pet food, cleaning supplies, and other donated items to impacted workers.

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Check out their website here

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14. Transitions Care Volunteer Opportunities Pittsburgh

The aim of Transitions Care is to empower patients and families by giving them the medical and social assistance they need to live life to the fullest. They concentrate on the practical aspects of life. Their job is to help patients and families deal with the physical, emotional, and spiritual obstacles that come with having a health problem. “It’s about living,” they always tell patients.

Transitions Care provides end-of-life care, symptom management, and primary care to those who require it. Each patient is unique, and they personalize the treatment approach to their specific needs.

As a result, they treat patients in different settings. This includes home or private dwellings, independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, senior or retirement communities, acute care institutions, outpatient clinics, and hospitals.

Transitions Care serves Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Lawrence, Washington, and Westmoreland counties in the Pittsburgh area.

Check out their website here

15. ProMedical/Heartland Hospice

Hospice is a type of care aimed to provide sensitivity and support to people who are nearing the end of their lives.

Hospice care aims to help patients live a pain-free, aware existence while also managing other symptoms so that their final days can be spent with dignity and quality at home or in a home-like setting. Heartland Hospice strives to achieve this goal. This is undoubtedly a good agenda.

They accomplish this through recruiting professional, compassionate employees, encouraging patients to become active partners in their care, and fostering a supportive leadership environment.

They value solid, mutually beneficial relationships with referral sources, workers, patients and caregivers, and the larger community.

Check out their website here

16. Ursuline Support Service

This is a non-profit organization that provides support to those who are facing difficulties as a result of life’s transitions, instilling hope with protection, education, and advocacy.

Ursuline Support Services is a philanthropic, nonprofit organization in Allegheny County that assists individuals who are vulnerable and in need in various communities, enabling them to be self-sufficient as they navigate through life’s many transitions.

They have various elements and work to improve the lives of residents in a variety of ways. Checks and Balances is one of three volunteer-driven programs that they have.

Check out their website here

What Skills Do I Need To Be A Volunteer in Pittsburgh?

These are some options for the right skills to be a volunteer:

  • Commitment
  • Communication
  • Compassion
  • Leadership
  • Strong work ethic
  • Teamwork
  • Time management

1. Commitment

You must be able to commit to your cause or charity as a volunteer. You must select to volunteer for a cause that is important to you. Many volunteer organizations impose a monthly commitment of a specified number of shifts or hours. You must be able to plan around this promise and keep it.

2. Communication

Because you will most likely interact closely with fellow volunteers and the people you assist, written and verbal communication is a crucial ability to have as a volunteer. If you volunteer as a tutor, for example, you must be able to give your students precise instructions and clear their confusion as well.

3. Compassion

Volunteering is based on helping others or supporting a cause. When serving others, you must evaluate their viewpoints and problems with compassion. Your empathy might assist you in seeing that everyone has various opportunities and that you can make a difference in their lives. You must first understand the situation of those you came to help, without empathy and compassion it will seem as though the whole act is just for formality’s sake.

4. Leadership

If you want to supervise a group of volunteers or manage a project, you’ll need to be a leader. You must be able to motivate people and ensure that they remain productive as a leader. You must remind people about your organization’s mission and the vital work they accomplish. Also, you need to meet up with deadlines, and ensure that your team has the necessary resources.

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5. Dedicated to your job

Certain volunteer projects necessitate a strong work ethic. A happy attitude while maintaining a strong work ethic allows you to continue serving others.

Volunteering necessitates a great deal of collaboration with others. Many of your jobs will demand you to collaborate with others, therefore you must have the necessary collaboration abilities.

6. Organize your time.

Many volunteer projects have a strict deadline. You’ll need these abilities to meet deadlines and transition to new duties. You may also need to multitask, so good time management skills will help you get everything done.

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What Are The Challenges Of Volunteering in Pittsburgh?

Volunteering in Pittsburgh can be demanding and there are challenges that you will encounter some of these challenges are;

1. Being out of your comfort zone

Volunteering requires that you give your time and effort consistently. In situations where you have to constantly step out to go for volunteering activities, it can be inconvenient and you might want to give up at times.

2. Feeling overworked and exhausted

You can be overwhelmed while volunteering. It’s a good thing but at the same time, it requires energy, a lot of energy. The human body is conditioned to get tired often, there is barely anything you can do. Volunteering is exhausting and tiring and though it might be a good thing, it can be very stressful.

3. Feeling emotionally involved and invested

Yes, in volunteering you must be emotionally involved and sometimes it happens subconsciously, it’s not always planned. Going out, connecting with people, and helping homeless people out, one way or another will get you emotionally connected and involved in volunteering activities.

4. Limited communication with staff

You don’t always get to talk to the staff of the volunteering organization that you belong to. It can be tough because at times you would need answers to some questions and the staff is in a better position to answer but when they’re hard to reach, communication becomes difficult.

5. Finishing your volunteer time and coming home

Going out for volunteering usually takes a lot of time and you can’t be too certain when you will be back home. Sometimes, it requires you to travel to other states and cities and this may not always be the best adjustable option.


We have come to the end of this article. You have been exposed to the many volunteer opportunities in Pittsburgh. The best, their aim, vision, mission, and core values.

Now, you would just have to choose from the elaborate list above and decide on the best volunteer organization that best suits you in Pittsburgh. In case you are confused, you can go through the FAQ session for more clarification.

Frequently Asked Questions about Volunteer Opportunities in Pittsburgh

1. What Can I Give As A Volunteer in Pittsburgh?

You can offer your time, effort, and money to any volunteer opportunity that you would like to participate in. What you can give in volunteering is not far-fetched. Volunteering organizations appreciate even the little things you have to offer.

2. What Abilities Do I  Need To Become A Volunteer?

This is dependent on the position you are interested in. Certain jobs demand specialized talents, such as the ability to speak a specific language, for example, if you are helping out a particular ethnic community.

3. How Do I Become A Volunteer?

You can become a volunteer by applying. When you apply to the organization of your preference or you can simply start your volunteering platform, then reach out to other people who would like to participate.

4. How Do Volunteer Organizations Get Funds?

They get funds from individuals who decide to contribute voluntarily. They also value other contributions like time and presence. Etc.

5. How can I Recruit Volunteers Using Social Media?

1. Share Interesting Content.
2. Regularly post updates on your current projects.
3. Inform Your Audience.
4. Include signup links in your posts and bio.
5. Make certain that communication is two-way.


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