Top 11 Volunteer Opportunities in Seattle in 2022

If you are an active volunteer and you are seeking volunteer opportunities in Seattle, then you are in the right place.

This article will help you learn about the different volunteer opportunities that are available in Seattle, and what their mission, vision, and core values are.

If you are interested in history, enjoy dealing with the public, and are looking for a demanding yet rewarding volunteer opportunity, then Seattle may be the place for you.

Strive for enthusiasm, flexibility, and a desire to share your love of the country’s history with other people.

You will be looking at the 11 best volunteer opportunities you can sign up for in Seattle today. You will be sure to find your best bet yet! Now let’s dive in.

Below are a few volunteer opportunities you might want to sign up for:

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Top 11 Volunteer Opportunities in Seattle

Here’s the list of the top 11 Volunteer Opportunities in Seattle:

1. Financial Services Coalition-Puget Sound Charitable Foundation

The mission of the Financial Services Coalition is to provide financial resources to stakeholders in order to promote the economic empowerment of youth and BIPOC communities in general.

The Foundation also provides financial support to community organizations and projects, as well as individual scholarships, entrepreneurship, and economic development programs.

This Corporation’s objectives shall be to engage in any lawful act or activity, similar to any corporation organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The following are the specific goals of this Corporation:

  • To encourage economic development and to assist economically disadvantaged communities with technical, educational, and advisory services.
  • To award scholarships to college-bound students from economically disadvantaged communities who have expressed a desire to work in the financial services industry.
  • To assist in the education and enlightening of young people about career opportunities in the financial services industry.

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2. GeekGirlCon

 GeekGirlCon is an organization that works to encourage women and girls to pursue their passions, whether they are interested in science and technology, comic books, literature, gaming, or anything else! Everyone, in some way, is a geek at heart.

Their mission is to make sure that all of these geeks are supported, welcomed, and encouraged to pursue their passions.

GeekGirlCon is devoted to celebrating women and girls in the fields of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), comics, science fiction, literature, gaming, and other fields by bringing together techie women and females from around the globe.

Thus, creating a community to foster the continued growth of women in geek culture through events.

The main event of GeekGirlCon is a two-day convention that allows female geeks and their supporters to connect, share facts and fandom, and learn how they can help promote the role of women and other underrepresented groups in geek culture.

They also bring people together in the Seattle area through social media and events. They have a lot of fun doing this and are not afraid to address some serious issues concerning gender equality.

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3. Reaching Care

Reaching Care, a non-profit healthcare navigator was founded with the primary goal of making healthcare accessible to all Americans.

One out of every ten people in the United States lacks health insurance. Reaching Care works to ensure that they receive the care they require. They are here to assist all uninsured and underinsured Americans in obtaining affordable primary care visits, essential healthcare screenings, and vaccinations.

Reaching Care’s aim is to be a resource and to help individuals in need. With the help of their navigators.

They help COVID testing and immunizations be distributed to hard-hit areas and communities. They have 31 active volunteer opportunities.

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4. DemocracyLab

The mission of DemocracyLab is to empower those who use technology for the greater good. They believe that technology empowers all members of our societies by enabling our collective intelligence to solve the most difficult social, economic, environmental, and civic problems.

Their core values include:

  • Community Building: They build and construct with the community.
  • Inclusion: they believe that everyone can contribute to the solutions that bother society.
  • Collaboration: different teams working together in a spirit of goodwill and respect can achieve incredible results.
  • Transparency: Transparency encourages learning and fosters a sense of community.
  • Innovation: To speed up innovation, they encourage experimentation and shared learning.
  • Challenges: they feel that the most challenging questions are the most important. They relish the opportunity to improve their products.
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DemocracyLab facilitates the launch of tech for good projects by matching competent volunteers with projects in need. Individuals, community organizations, non-profits, social purpose enterprises, and government agencies are all welcome to submit initiatives.

Their platform enables volunteers to give back and learn new skills while also speeding the development of new technologies that empower individuals and make institutions more accessible, accountable, and efficient.

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5. DESC – Housing, and Health to End Homelessness

The Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC) attempts to prevent vulnerable persons from becoming homeless. Especially those suffering from major mental or addiction diseases.

They give people the chance to fulfill their full potential through partnerships and an integrated variety of comprehensive services, therapy, and housing.

At DESC, extraordinary efforts yield extraordinary results, eradicating homelessness one person at a time.

DESC is the Puget Sound region’s largest multi-service agency serving homeless adults and over 9,000 people annually. Offering state-licensed mental health and chemical dependency treatment, with 279 emergency shelter beds, and over 1600 units of permanent, supportive housing.

DESC also addresses a larger community need, by using its services to reduce the financial burden on taxpayers. Thereby reducing the use of emergency rooms, jails, courts, police, psychiatric hospitals, and other costly resources. At the same time, they improve the quality of life for those who live, work, and do business there.

DESC’s Accomplishments

Where others have failed, DESC succeeds. DESC’s professional staff has discovered that creative and comprehensive approaches, including evidence-based best practices, work best with their very vulnerable and difficult-to-engage clientele, pushing the boundaries of recognized techniques.

Many men and women who have been homeless for a long time are shaky if they lose ties with the mainstream population and lack natural support such as family members.

DESC has garnered national attention for its work with chronically homeless persons with behavioral health illnesses by removing obsolete barriers to services and housing.

Their staff and Board of Directors are dedicated to supporting the disadvantaged and vulnerable persons in the community. Some of them are often forgotten or overlooked by society. To DESC there is no such thing as a throwaway human.

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6. Washington Alaskan Malamute Adoption League

Cindy Neely founded the Washington Alaskan Malamute Adoption League (WAMAL) in 1998 to assist with Malamute Rescue in Washington State, which has subsequently extended into Oregon.

WAMAL rescues rehabilitate, and re-homes Malamutes that have lost their homes or are in need of a new home due to no fault of their own.

In addition to serving the broader Northwest, they are a member of AMAL, a national rescue network that serves other parts of the country.

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WAMAL’s Objectives

WAMAL offers hope to families who need to rehome their malamutes because life has taken a sharp detour. They train and support those families desperately trying to keep their four-legged family members alive.

Also, they collaborate with shelters to rescue strays and pups who require extra care during the adoption process and actively seek adopters and foster homes.

It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers that have been around for almost 20 years!

WAMAL is only able to achieve what it does because of its generous and devoted volunteer staff, who come from all walks of life and from all over the world. They help to save the lives of this gentle, stubborn, and loving working breed. To date, WAMAL has rescued hundreds of malamutes. They have 3 active volunteer opportunities at the moment.

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7. Bloodworks Northwest Volunteer Opportunities

In collaboration with their community, Bloodworks’ mission is to save lives through research, innovation, education, and excellence in blood, medical, and laboratory services.

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Blood performs miracles on a daily basis. Therefore, they collect, test, and distribute, lifesaving blood to nearly 90 hospitals in the Pacific Northwest. As a unique, hybrid provider of community health care services. The transfusion specialists work with physicians.

They also have doctors who provide clinical care to patients with blood disorders and diseases. They work in specialized laboratories, assisting patients and surgeons at organ transplants and cancer treatment centers.

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They are a reputable research institute focused on everything blood-related.

Bloodworks NW collects approximately 900 units of blood per day with the help of its 250,000 registered donors. All blood is tested immediately and thoroughly so that it can be distributed to 90 regional hospitals in less than 24 hours after donation.

Every month, their mobile units travel to hundreds of blood drives at work sites, schools, churches, and other community locations across Western Washington.

Over 2,000 active volunteers contribute to the success of Bloodworks NW. Volunteers make a significant and vital contribution to saving lives, gaining work experience, developing skills, earning community service hours, and feeling justifiably proud of giving back to those in need. They have 4 active volunteer opportunities that are available.

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8. Pike Place Market Foundation

The mission of the Pike Place Market Foundation is to help the heart of the market, its people. The Foundation’s mission is to foster a thriving Market community by assisting neighbors who work, learn, and live in and around the Market.

Since its inception in 1982, The Market Foundation has awarded more than $36 million in grants. Which is used to provide housing, healthcare, healthy food, and childcare, and create a sense of connection among downtown and Market neighbors.

The Market Foundation has contributed to a neighborhood model that allows a diverse community to live and thrive at Pike Place Market for the past 36 years.

Collaboration, inclusivity, respect, optimism, and thankfulness are the principles that guide them.

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9. StolenYouth Volunteer Opportunities

StolenYouth is a Washington-based non-profit organization dedicated to ending child sex trafficking. No child should be purchased or sold just for the purpose of sex.

They are dedicated to fundraising and creating awareness to end child sex trafficking. They fund prevention through education and buyer deterrents, as well as connecting victims to services and empowering survivors of trafficking through education, job training, and other critical success tools.

StolenYouth collaborates with and funds the following organizations:

  • YouthCare’s Bridge Collaborative
  • Organization for Prostitution Survivors (OPS)
  • Center for Children and Youth Justice (CCYJ)
  • Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST)
  • Seattle Against Slavery (SAS)
  • Real Escape from the Sex Trade (REST)
  • FYRE
  • Scarlet Road
  • Innovations HTC

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10. Discover Your NorthWest

The mission of Discover Your NorthWest is to encourage visitors to discover Northwest public lands, enrich their experience, and promote stewardship of these places today and for future generations.

They envision more residents and visitors as active stewards who appreciate and protect the Northwest’s distinctive natural and cultural legacy.

Discover Your Northwest is a nonprofit social enterprise that operates in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, and Montana under the 501(c)(3) tax code.

They are committed to ensuring that public lands provide opportunities for education, enjoyment, and inspiration for all people.

The National Park Service, US Forest Service, Bureau of Reclamation, US Army Corps of Engineers, City of Seattle Parks & Recreation, and Washington State Parks are honored to be their partners.

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Benefits of ‘Discover Your NorthWest’

They promote appreciation for Northwest public lands by operating on-site educational bookstores that provide visitors with high-quality books, products, maps, media, and other items that enhance visitor comprehension.

Their retail sales support visitor events and programs; cutting-edge exhibits; free publications; speakers and performances; habitat cleanup and restoration; and volunteer opportunities for people from all walks of life.

Retail activities lay the groundwork to successfully raise funds for various projects as well as administer grants and agreements that improve visitor experiences on Northwest public lands.

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Discover Your Northwest is a great place to find some volunteer opportunities.

Get Access to their website here.

11. Washington Education & Squash Academy

The mission of Washington Education & Squash Academy provides year-round academic tutoring, community service, and extensive squash training to groups of poor adolescents so that they can discover and realize their full potential as students, athletes, and citizens.

Seattle Urban Squash works with a devoted group of poor Northgate Elementary students to help them succeed in high school and build college routes.

They’re a part of the rising national movement of urban squash programs that now have over 1,000 students enrolled in 13 different locations around the country.

Over 160 institutions have received disadvantaged students according to the National Urban Squash + Education Association.

Get Access to their website here.

How can you volunteer in Seattle?

Many Seattle food banks, including the University District Food Bank, Rainier Valley Food Bank, and West Seattle Food Bank, offer different volunteer opportunities. Organizing a food drive at your workplace, school, or a local business is a way to make a difference.

What are the five core values of a volunteer?

1. Respect

2. Trust

3. Integrity

4. Creativity

5. Innovation

How can you start volunteering?

Here are some actions you may take to get involved in your community as a volunteer:

1. Choose which causes are important to you.

2. Determine what talents and information you can bring to the table.

3. Create a volunteer résumé.

4. Decide how frequently you can volunteer.

5. Look into volunteer opportunities in your area.

6. Make use of a volunteer site.

What are the different ways to Volunteer?

1. Volunteer at your local library, it is a great way to give back to your community.

2. Participate in a field trip as a chaperone.

3. Participate in a local nonprofit’s volunteer program.

4. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

5. Work at a community center as a volunteer.

6. Become a lifeguard volunteer.

7. Become a crossing guard by volunteering.

8. Volunteer to manage a local non-social profit media.

What makes a successful volunteer program?

1. Respond to genuine community needs.

2. Form genuine connections with members of the community who are in need.

3. Merge volunteers with opportunities that are a good fit for their interests and abilities.

4. Evaluate your mission, goals, and processes on a regular basis.


We have now come to the very end of this article and have seen different volunteer opportunities in different parts of Seattle. We have taken note of their vision, mission, and different core values. Now it’s up to you to decide which of the volunteer opportunities would work best for you. You can check out our frequently asked questions for more information and clarity.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Volunteer Opportunities in Seattle

1. What are 5 ways to volunteer?

Help serve soup in the kitchen.
Help in your Church.
Participate in Summer Camp.
Help in your School.
Tutoring students.

2. Why do you want to volunteer?

Volunteering is done for a variety of reasons. For some, it provides an opportunity to give back to the community or make a difference in the lives of those around them.

3. What motivates you to work as a volunteer?

At this point, you have several options. One is gaining knowledge and developing new skills. You are young and just starting out in your professional career, so now is the time to try new things and broaden your mind and horizon.

4. What is the most difficult part of volunteering?

Volunteers, whether or not they are paid, must perform well in the areas they serve. Volunteers, like normal employees, may confront obstacles at work.

5. What is the definition of volunteer burnout?

Both volunteers and volunteer managers are concerned about volunteer burnout.
For volunteers, it can be a source of hostility toward volunteering due to an overwhelming sense of stress.


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