Top 15 Volunteer Opportunities Madison Wisconsin

Volunteering has been one of the main ways that have contributed to solving the issues of homelessness, hunger, and such problems. On that note, we shall be taking a look at some good volunteer opportunities in Madison WI.

Volunteering is a selfless action in which an individual or a group of individuals provides services for the benefit of another group of individuals without receiving any financial compensation. It contributes to the enhancement of human life and the promotion of virtue. It can be transformed into a format that aids the cleanup process, medical teams, the construction of dwellings, or a rescue operation.

Volunteers are individuals who actively offer their services to others by participating in a variety of activities and performing without compensation.

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Top 15 Volunteer Opportunities Madison Wisconsin

Here is a list of Volunteer Opportunities in Madison

Follow this piece to learn more about volunteering and good organizations that carry out these volunteer opportunities in Madison WI.

1. Little John’s Restaurant Inc

Little John’s is a non-profit pay-what-you-can restaurant that focuses on creating a platform for food sustainability, easy access to food, and job skill training for military veterans. They rescue and repurpose some of the highest quality and freshest products available by working with local farms, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Check out their website here

2. Score Madison

Score Madison is a nonprofit resource that is in partnership with the US Small Business Administration and is America’s primary source of free and confidential small business counseling for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

S.B.A. There are over 300 offices and about 10,000 volunteers across the country who provide free business mentoring and low- or no-cost workshops. Score Madison has tens of thousands of volunteers who have been helping people to find jobs for almost 50 years.

Check out their website here

3. Brighton Hospice

Brighton Hospice believes that the end of life should be as lovely as the beginning. As they leave this world, hospice care gives patients the quality of life they deserve, as well as pain relief.

Hospice care aims to improve a patient’s quality of life in their final months by providing comfort, dignity, and care wherever they are.

Check out their website here

4. Interim Hospice

Volunteers are needed at Interim Healthcare Hospice! So if you would like to volunteer to help out with such welfare services, then you should apply at Hospice Interim.

Volunteers either visit patients and their caregivers read, bring pets or music, provide respite for caregivers, run errands, assist with bereavement and support, or work in the office. They help with mailings, administrative and computer work, and also making cards. The hospice staff is nurses, case managers, social workers, etc.

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Check out their website here

5. Middleton Outreach Ministry

Middleton Outreach ministry is the next on the list. It is a non-profit organization that is leading a community-wide campaign to alleviate hunger and prevent homelessness in Middleton, West Madison, and Cross Plains.

This organization delivers; free of charge food, clothing, housing aid, and emergency cash assistance thanks to the generosity of their business partners, regional schools, and religious communities.

As well as other people and social organizations who come together to join and contribute financially to help the Middleton outreach ministry’s cause.

Check out their website here

6. Habitat for Humanity of Dane County

Habitat for Humanity was founded on the belief that having a safe and affordable home allows people to achieve their full potential.

Its mission is to assist families in obtaining and maintaining long-term housing.

They build affordable homes for families and assist low-income families with home repairs using volunteer work and contributions of both money and goods. They do a lot for homeless people and families.

Check out their website here

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7. Leonardo Academy

Leonardo Academy is a non-profit organization that makes it simple for individuals, families, organizations, and businesses to improve the environment and promote sustainability.

Check out their website here

8. Wisconsin Science Museum Inc.

This organization is a non-profit organization that promotes science in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin boasts outstanding scientific, technology, and biotech stories, and many world-changing breakthroughs have occurred there.

Madison and the biotechnology industry have grown together, and public-private partnerships have aided in the development of the city in regards to the cutting edge of innovation and the welcoming of more technological advancements.

Check out their website here

9. Urban League of Greater Madison, Inc.

The Urban League of Greater Madison, Inc. provides services in the areas of youth education and development, employment and training, and housing. This body is focused on providing better initiatives that will aid the youths in Madison WI.

Check out their website here

10. The Rage Fund

The Rage Fund is beginning its work by tackling challenges and obstacles that people with physical disabilities experience.

They want to increase the number of persons who work as in-home caregivers as personal care workers, directly hired workers, private duty nurses, and the like.

From recent records, they just launched a program called the RAGE4CARE program. They are actively concentrated on ensuring that those with physical challenges and disabilities are duly taken care of.

Check out their website here

11. Sierra Club Wisconsin Chapter

The Sierra Club’s Wisconsin Chapter is the state branch of the organization. At this level, they are primarily a volunteer-run organization committed to environmental education and conservation advocacy. Inside their chapter, they have an active conservation agenda that focuses on a variety of environmental concerns such as investing in clean energy and clean transportation, as well as reducing climate change.

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Check out their website here

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12. Wisconsin Alliance of Artists & Craftspeople, Inc.

The Off the Square Art Fair takes place at the same time as the Art Fair on the Square, which happens on the second weekend of July. During this two-day celebration of visual art, which has become a highlight of the summer season, over 200,000 people are expected to visit downtown Madison. This helps to improve talents and is a good motivation for many people, particularly artists.

Check out their website here


This organization used to be known as VSA Wisconsin. The organization began with a one-day festival for school-aged children.

Their statewide efforts currently include residencies, classes, art workshops, choirs, exhibitions, and professional development opportunities. Many of which date back almost 34 years. They conduct over 160 programs that have been developed by ARTS for ALL Wisconsin over the years, which have directly impacted over 3,000 people.

Check out their website here

14. NewBridge

NewBridge offers a variety of services for older people to help them live longer, safer, and healthier lives in their own homes. Every year, over 500 volunteers assist Madison’s senior citizens. This has helped old people feel remembered and loved.

Check out their website here

15. Canopy Center

Canopy Center is a child abuse prevention and therapy organization founded in 1977 by a young mother who had been molested as a child. She decided to bring a national parent support group concept to Madison because of the impact this abuse was having on her parenting methods.

Most other approaches to child abuse either separate children from their homes or ignore it until it becomes a serious problem. She founded this organization to help girls just like her who had undergone some harsh circumstances.

Check out their website here

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Opportunities to volunteer in Madison

Students from all over the world have a variety of options if they are willing to work in volunteer service. Among the various types of volunteering in Madison are:

1. Service-learning through volunteering

Many educational facilities allow students to serve the community by volunteering. Students can prepare for future opportunities by participating in service learning. It has the potential to shape responsible and caring citizens who pledge to serve society.

2. Skills-based volunteering

It enables students to fully utilize skilled personnel, allowing the infrastructure’s capacity to be increased. These types of activities are primarily aimed at some non-profit organizations in order to achieve and maintain goals. When compared to traditional volunteer work, volunteerism that utilizes skills is generally valued higher.

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3. Volunteering in underdeveloped areas

Some countries are in the process of developing and require assistance in a variety of ways in order to improve their communities.

Volunteers in international communities contribute to the participants’ increased knowledge and skills while also providing societal and community benefits.

4. Volunteering on the internet

It’s also referred to as e-volunteering or virtual volunteerism. Off-site volunteers who can help the organization carry out its responsibilities. The mode of operation is an internet-connected device or the internet, which can be set up in a work center or at a school. It covers a variety of free services such as teletutoring and telemonitoring.

5. Volunteering in times of need

Natural disasters such as tsunamis, forest fires, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and drought have a significant impact on volunteering. Volunteers are regarded as immediate helpers capable of providing immediate response and care to relief operations.


You have seen the different Volunteer Opportunities in Madison, their values, goals, mission, and what they offer to the community. These volunteer organizations and opportunities in Madison go a long way to help both man and beast survive.

There are many volunteer organizations and platforms you can apply for. Volunteering has gone a long way in helping both individuals and the government.

Volunteering is a good initiative to be part of. We have been able to list out some volunteering organizations which go about aiding the community. Partner with one.

Frequently Asked Questions on Volunteer Opportunities in Madison

1. What Are The Challenges In Volunteering?

Volunteering can be demanding and there are challenges that you will encounter some of these challenges are:

1. Being out of your comfort zone

2. Feeling overworked and exhausted

3. Feeling emotionally involved and invested

2. What Skills Do I Need To Be A Volunteer?

These are some options for the right skills to be a volunteer:

3. What Can I Give As A Volunteer?

You can offer your time, effort, and money to any volunteer opportunity that you would like to participate in.

4. How Do I Become A Volunteer?

You can become a volunteer by applying. When you apply to the organization of your preference, or you can simply start your volunteering platform, then reach out to other people who would like to participate.

5. What Abilities Do I Need to Become A Volunteer?

This is very dependent on the position you are interested in. Certain jobs demand specialized talents, such as the ability to speak a specific language especially, if you are helping out a particular ethnic community.


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