What Can You Do With a Political Science Degree?

A degree in political science might lead to a future in charitable service, administration, policy, journalism, commerce, or even teaching. Political science is a flexible degree that will assist you to get a job in the governmental or corporate sector.

Studying political science at a public college or university might be a terrific way to get started on your profitable professional path. The occupations accessible at each level of schooling, meanwhile, may vary significantly.

Politics entails more than appointing individuals to run a country or studying policies. Acknowledging how the public sector works generally takes years of research and commitment. Politics is an important part of social structure. Political science majors have various work opportunities after graduation.

If you’re interested in present events, government policy, and politics, the best and most paying political science jobs are listed below.

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What Can You Do With a Political Science Degree

What is Political Science?

Political science is defined as the scientific study of government behaviors and ideologies. From municipal governments to international institutions, the research includes all levels of government. Political science majors have higher knowledge of how governments operate.

Learners will have gained professional investigative, writing, and interaction skills after finishing a political science degree course.

Political science graduates with a bachelor’s degree are frequently employed in sectors with excellent incomes and numerous promotion chances

Education options in political science.

. A degree is required to work as a political scientist.

There are 3 main types of degree in this profession.

  • An associate degree
  • bachelor’s degree
  • and master’s degree

All of these degrees are required for this field. Each education option leads to a different set of work employment options. This list includes some of the greatest organizations for political teaching and learning process.

1. Associate degree in political science.

An associate degree normally takes 2 years to accomplish because students must finish Sixty credits. Candidates in these degrees are prepared for careers in charitable groups, business, or administration. Global politics, public agencies, and political philosophies are among the topics discussed.

2. Bachelor’s degree

To earn a bachelor’s degree in political science, Students must finish 120 courses, which normally take 4 years. World political finance, law, economic politics, foreign diplomacy, political philosophy, and government are all included in the curriculum. Participants also improve their verbal, cognitive, and writing abilities.

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3. Master’s degree

You must have finished a 4 degree, while it does not need to be in the exact discipline, in addition, to qualify for a postgraduate program. A 2-master program in political science usually involves higher study in themes such as critical theory, contemporary politics, foreign diplomacy, and government.

Obviously, it depends on the student’s option, the curriculum might be research or dissertation. Before receiving your master’s degree, candidates must present complex, creative projects towards the conclusion of the course. This degree also prepares you for higher-level positions in the industry.

What are political science salaries?

In May 2020, the average yearly pay for such professionals was $125,350, referring to a similar BLS study. The prospective income for various industries, meanwhile, may vary a bit. The following are among the greatest jobs open to individuals at various stages of education.

What can you do with a political science degree?

In all branches of political science, excellent analytical reasoning skills are required for achievement.

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A political science degree qualifies you for a wide range of careers in a variety of fields. Researchers and policymakers, political strategists, congressional associates, political election workers, and public communications professionals are all frequent occupations for political science graduates.

What are the high-paying jobs in political science?

Political science education prepares you to pursue a variety of employment options. Students that pursue a political science degree improve their study, intellectual, and language skills. Students develop competence in writing publications, investigating, and analyzing politics and government as their studies progress.

The top jobs for political science degrees, as well as a tiny handful of the professional pathways accessible to persons with this degree, are included here.

1. Public Relations Specialist

These professionals oversee the planning and advertising events and media appearances for politicians and other influential figures. Their job is to enlighten the public regarding their clients and help them obtain notoriety. Political science graduates are qualified for this position because their training includes the mechanisms of media presentations and electoral bodies or government entities.

Public Relations specialist average salary is $62,000- 63,000

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2. Political Consultant

In this profession, political consultants assist political contenders in developing voter-influencing methods. Their involvement could be focused on rebranding and mending the political student’s reputations. They might also use press attention to influence voters in the candidate’s favor.

Functioning in politics is difficult. It takes charisma, intelligence, and great speaking abilities to appeal to hundreds, if not countless thousands, of individuals. Political consultants are crucial in the profession because a leader is only as good as their team.

Political operatives apply their expertise in politics to develop political tactics for the politicians for whom they serve. These tactics have the potential to sway elections and make a politician more desirable to voters.

Political operatives must have a thorough awareness of how the audience sees a politician, what the press says regarding them, and what ideas the contender has to concentrate on to gain office.

Because of the considerable level of research and evaluation performed on politics, elections, government policies, and survey results, individuals having a political science degree possess the ability to flourish in this sector.

In this profession, the average salary of a political consultant is $54,000 – 55,000.

3. Political analysts

Policy analysts operate with the govt’s legislative branch. They develop cogent arguments for existing laws’ approval and a thesis to back them up. Policy analysts also detect and resolve any concerns that occur. They apply professional political science skills to investigate how reform efforts might affect the public and provide long-term remedies.

In this profession, the average salary of a political analyst is $74,000 – 75,000

4. Legislative Assistants

These professionals consult with lawmakers and policymakers in authority. They’re in charge of doing research studies, polling politicians, and keeping track of initiatives. Legislative assistants help lawmakers organize presentations, assess constituency desire to participate in electoral topics, and deliver legislators’ viewpoints to the people on occasion.

Many enrollments and professional roles in national politics are accessible to political science majors. A legislative associate role is one of these. Legislative associates collaborate with civil workers at all stages of authority, from the senatorial to deputies and council members.

A legislative assistant’s responsibilities differ greatly depending on their job, however few of the most typical roles include gauging audience desire. Legislative associates also assist in the resolution of conflicts with elections in their area by answering constituency inquiries.

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Legislative assistants’ other responsibilities include tracking expenses, studying policy concerns, and polling lawmakers’ political views. You should also be aware of a legislature aid produces reports for office employees and their legislators.

In this profession, the average salary of a legislative assistant is $51,000 – 52,000

5. Political Campaign staff.

A campaign strategy is developed and implemented by political campaign workers. Their primary purpose is to improve a product’s or political participant’s reputation. These specialists manage the product’s or participant’s brand persona by writing media statements and presentations. Political campaign personnel might also manage the participant’s social media profiles and plan activities to expand the participant’s outreach.

In this profession, the average salary of a campaign strategy is $36,000 – 37,000

6. Political Scientist.

Politicians operate in both the governmental and commercial sectors. Their responsibilities may include statistics gathering and assessment, political topic investigation, and policy evaluation. They also research government structures in order to come up with optimization methods for political issues. International relationships, campaign contributions, elections, economic change, and immigration are the main topics of their studies.

Political science is more than a subject. Most people continue on to become political scientists, frequently for the government. This government position includes doing political studies, assessing the quality of initiatives, and gathering data.

As a political science master’s degree, it may be one of the simpler occupations to move into. There are, nevertheless, important details to remember. To work in this field, you usually require a master’s degree.

In this profession, the average salary of a political scientist is $125,000 – 126,000.

7. Arbitrators

 Arbitrators assist disputing parties in reaching an agreement. They serve as an impartial party in disagreements, making choices based on the facts offered by the disputants. Nevertheless, the arbitrator’s choice isn’t lawful, and any party can pursue charges if the result isn’t satisfactory.

An arbitrator is a heavily compensated political scientist who acts as a neutral 3rd entity in a litigation conflict. Arbitrators assist persons and businesses in resolving legal disputes outside of the courtroom.

The particular tasks and functions of an arbitrator can alter depending on the circumstances of each class action. Arbitrators often assist parties in conveying their complaints, interrogating relevant eyewitnesses, producing legal documents, and conducting agreements.

In this profession, the average salary of an Arbitrator is $66,000 – 67,000

8. Lawyers

Attorneys, sometimes referred to as lawyers, practice in several legal systems. Taxation, environmental law, commercial law, labor law, and company law are just a few of the disciplines. Lawyers oversee obtaining case data, performing investigations, counseling clients, drafting briefs, and defending clients in court. In addition, to pursue law, you must qualify for the bar test.

A lawyer is one of the top jobs for political science degrees. Even as political science professionals must study law to operate in this sector, the long-term job opportunities and high pay prospects make it worthwhile.

As a lawyer, one utilizes their legal understanding to defend clients in both criminal and civil situations. The work of a lawyer is complex and complex.

In this profession, the average salary of a lawyer is $126,000 – 127,000.

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9. Urban and regional planning.

Urban and regional planners are professionals in charge of reviving regions by implementing financial, social, and natural remedies. These professionals supervise cost estimates and guarantee that they adhere to regional growth, heritage protection, and land-use guidelines. They also contact the general audience for feedback on issues, initiatives, and remedies.

A career in this profession can be rewarding for political science graduates. Practitioners assist in determining the optimal ways to use land. The choices adopted here, contribute to local economic improvement and communal improvement activities.

This role has various roles, including performing investigations on natural and financial challenges in the region, consulting with government leaders, and drafting and proposing ideas to the people

In this profession, the average salary of Urban and regional planners is $75,000 – 76,000

10. Public relations managers

Public relations professionals have one of the greatest crucial positions in politics. They are in control of public affairs and fundraisers. These professionals develop and manage initiatives to sustain a company’s image. Communicating with the press is a big aspect of their responsibilities.

In this profession, the average salary of a public relations manager is $118,000 – 1190,000

Tips on how to get a high-paying job in political science

1. Prepare your curriculum vitae.

Working on your curriculum vitae is the primary and perhaps significant suggestion. Your CV is the earliest impact you make on a company, and it will determine if you get an appointment. Ensure it’s current, well-organized, and has all required info.

2. Partake in internship training.

Internship presents opportunities to get hands-on knowledge in elections, which is vital because companies favor individuals who have worked in the sector before. There are likewise several associate opportunities available that can provide you with valuable knowledge.

3. Obtain a graduate degree.

Though an associate’s degree in political science will earn you a job, an advanced degree will give you a far greater opportunity of receiving a greater position.


As you can notice, political science students have a variety of options. These are not just governmental roles, anyway. Whilst political science degree courses educate you for a career in the political system, the abilities you learn can be applied to a variety of sectors.

Political science is a highly adaptable major that provides leads to career options in a wide range of sectors. If you want to operate in politics, legislation, or a charitable group, getting the correct education is a smart start. You could also get an online political science education to get yourself started on the path to your dream job


Is a political science degree worth it?

Yes, a political science degree is worth it. Political science jobs are expected to expand by 9% between 2020 and 2022. The rate of job development will vary based on the profession you choose.

Which University offers Best Master’s Degree Programs in Political Science?

Duke University, Gorge Washington, New York University, University of Florida, etc. Check out these Top 10 Online Law Schools.

Which university offers Best Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Political Science?

Arizona State University, Columbia college, etc.

Which University offers the Best Associate Degree Programs in Political Science?

University of North Georgia, Casper university, etc.

Is a political science degree hard?

No, it’s not but requires dedication and lots of practice.


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