What Is a Good SAT Score?

SAT score means a scholastic aptitude test score. They usually use it as a measuring basis of a high school student’s willingness for a college education.

For over 80 years now, they have used SAT as a deciding factor for college admission. 

The scores from the exam enable colleges to impartially distinguish applicants from several backgrounds.    

If you are interested in taking the SAT exam and would love to know what it entails, stay with us. In this article, we will review if your SAT score can get you into the college of your choice.

What Is a Good SAT Score?

What Is a Good SAT Score?

A good SAT score would get admitted to the college of your choice. SAT scores for universities vary depending on where you’re applying. For some schools, SAT scores of 1400 will be considerably high, while for others it might be low. 

SAT scores above 1400 would be over average and sufficient for various colleges. A score of 1,350 puts you at the top, making your application competitive at more selective schools. 

When determining what a good SAT score is, you could check the average SAT score of your target college for an admitted freshman. 

It is also important to note that some colleges are test-optional. This means that it is not mandatory for students applying to these colleges to submit their SAT scores. 

The goal of these institutions is to check the student’s potential to succeed in college. Thus, it is not safe to conclude that a test-optional college will refuse the SAT score if submitted.

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Why Should You Consider Taking the SAT Examination?

The objective of this heading is to show you the benefits of taking the SAT. Stay with us as we reveal some points together.

  • Most institutions require SAT for admission so it gives you an edge in the process if you have it.
  • There are several scholarships for students who score very high on the SAT.
  • Some potential employers may need to see your SAT scores before they employ you. 
  • The SAT most likely will suit you better than many standardized tests.
  • It enhances your English communication skills.
  • The SAT fees are not particularly high compared to other entrance exams.
  • Most colleges in the United States accept SAT for undergraduate studies.

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What Are the Requirements for Writing the SAT Examination?

They expect students who are intending to travel abroad for admission to undergraduate degrees to qualify for the SAT exam. However, in order to pursue admission for an undergraduate degree, it is necessary for them to have graduated from high school.

An admittance ticket, a photo ID, two sharpened pencils, an eraser, and a calculator are all that are required. The SAT exam requires the use of these materials.

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How Long Is the SAT Examination?

The duration of the test is 3 hours with an approximately 15 minutes break. And it depends on the college’s requirements. Some schools want you to sign up for the SAT essay.

The SAT essay takes about 3 hours and 50 minutes to complete or 4 hours, 5 minutes with breaks. 

The test may contain an extra 20-minute section. SAT organizers will pre-test new test items on a regular basis to determine whether or not they should use them on subsequent SAT versions.

The pre-test items can come up in any section and are not contained in calculating students’ scores. This means 20 minutes extend the test period for students taking both the SAT and the SAT Essay. 

In the fifth section, if there is one, the test center administrator will share instructions before the test begins.

Which Schools Can You Apply to With a Good SAT Score?

As you apply to college, it is good to have multiple choices. We will be examining some schools where you can use your SAT score to gain admission.

  • Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
  • Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
  • University of Chicago, Illinois 
  • Yale University, New haven, Connecticut 
  • Columbia University, New York
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
  • Stanford University, California
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Duke University
  • California Institute of Technology
  • Dartmouth College
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Northwestern University
  • Brown University
  • Rice University
  • Vanderbilt University
  • University of Notre Dame
  • Washington University in St. Louis
  • Georgetown University

Is it Worth it to Get a Good SAT Score?

Yes. Apart from the fact that it is an admission requirement, the SAT is also an excellent test for scholarship hunts. 

The SAT organizers are content professionals in maths, English, statistics, and various other disciplines. The questions on the test are made to help students show how well they can think. Also, college teachers look over the questions to make sure they are fair to the students.

Some changes have been made. The SAT is now more oriented towards skills that are vital to your success as a student. The test evaluates your knowledge of high school subjects, and how qualified you are for college.

Schools around the world approve SAT as a credible indicator of English mastery, and so do scholarship institutions. An authorized SAT certificate guarantees that you have fulfilled all English Language conditions for College.

The Student Search Service is the name of a program (SSS). It was made to help colleges, scholarship groups, and other educational programs find students who are qualified.

It is available to all students who wrote the SAT. All you have to do is choose to take part. Through the database, these eligible bodies will get all the information they need about you.

Institutions and associations usually search for students with specific factors or interests to enroll them into different academic or other programs.

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Below are good SAT Scores for top schools in the US.

1. Princeton Requirements for Admission

  • Acceptance Rate: The acceptance rate at Princeton is 5.5%.
  • Average SAT Score: 1510
  • Good SAT Score: 1570

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Princeton University is now operating as a test-optional college for students applying for 2022-23. They will not disadvantage individuals who wish to apply without the SAT during the procedure.

For more inquiries, check here

2. Columbia University Requirements for Admission

  • Acceptance Rate: The acceptance rate at Columbia University is 5.9%.
  • Average SAT Score: 1520
  • Good SAT Score: 1570

The acceptance rate reflects the extreme selectiveness of the school. Fulfilling their SAT requirements is very important to proving your academic preparation. 

If you don’t meet their expectations, your chance of getting in is low.

For more inquiries, check here

3. Harvard Requirements for Admission

  • Acceptance Rate: The acceptance rate at Columbia University is 4.7%.
  • Average SAT Score: 1520
  • Good SAT Score: 1580

To gain admission, you need to strive for the 75th percentile, with a 1580 SAT. You also need a 4.18 GPA or greater. A lower GPA will need a higher SAT score to equalize.

For more inquiries, check here

4. Yale Requirements for Admission

Acceptance Rate: The acceptance rate at Columbia University is 6.1%.

  • Average SAT Score: 1520
  • Good SAT Score: 1580

Yale is looking for individuals that can put up with challenges in different fields in addition to retaining outstanding grades. SAT scores are optional. You can decide if you want to present it for admission or not.

For more inquiries, check here

5. Stanford Requirements for Admission

  • Acceptance Rate: The acceptance rate at Columbia University is 4.3%. For every 100 applicants, only 4 are admitted.
  • Average SAT Score: 1495
  • Good SAT Score: 1570

The school seeks those with a GPA of 3.96, which means you have to be top of your class. To do this, you would require almost straight A’s in all courses to be considered. The admission requirements for the SAT are high, which encourages hard work for applicants.

For more inquiries, check here

6. University of Pennsylvania Requirements for Admission

  • Acceptance Rate: The acceptance rate at Columbia University is 8.4%.
  • Average SAT Score: 1515
  • Good SAT Score: 1570

The admission requirement of the University of Pennsylvania is an average GPA of 3.9 on the 4.0 ranking. This shows that they admit mainly A- students.

For more inquiries, check here

7. Duke Requirements for Admission

  • Acceptance Rate: The acceptance rate at Columbia University is 8.9%.
  • Average SAT Score: 1520
  • Good SAT Score: 1570

Duke is very selective when it comes to admission. You require a 4.13 GPA or higher to stand a chance. The SAT scores are also high which breeds more competition for potential students.

For more inquiries, check here

8. Johns Hopkins Requirements for Admission

  • Acceptance Rate: The acceptance rate at Columbia University is 11.5%.
  • Average SAT Score: 1525
  • Good SAT Score: 1570
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Johns Hopkins University admission requirements are of a high standard. Satisfying their SAT requirements is not enough if you don’t meet their GPA requirements.

For more inquiries, check here

9. Dartmouth Requirements for Admission

  • Acceptance Rate: The acceptance rate at Columbia University is 7.9%.
  • Average SAT Score: 1500
  • Good SAT Score: 1560

To get in, you need an SAT score of 1550, which puts you in the top 75%. Also, you require a 4.11 GPA or higher. There is the SAT score policy which allows you to select your best score to send to the college. 

For more inquiries, check here

10. University of Michigan Requirements for Admission

  • Acceptance Rate: The acceptance rate at Columbia University is 22.9%.
  • Average SAT Score: 1450
  • Good SAT Score: 1560

The school has high admission requirements, with a GPA of 3.87 and SAT score of 1340-1520. It is necessary for an individual to fulfill all the prerequisites before they take their application into consideration for admission.

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We have seen what a good SAT score means. It is also a known fact that if you want to study abroad; it is an admission requirement. You also have to consider targeting getting the most suitable score or above for your school choice.

It will be helpful to note the SAT score for various schools and their acceptance rates. Additionally, the range of scores between 25th and 75th percentiles for the new class of admitted students. 

We also reviewed that the SAT improves your English and numerical knowledge. They consider SAT scores for a scholarship.

We hope you found this article to be of great help.


What is a good SAT score for test-optional schools?‎

This may depend on the school and if you are up to the 75th percentile score. 

What is a good SAT score for Ivy League schools?‎

A good score for an Ivy League college is one on or above the 75th percentile. 

How to get a good SAT score?

Practicing test questions helps. There are online platforms that have SAT preparatory test questions. 
You have to keep up with studying and practicing schedules. The more you practice in advance, the better you build on your weak points. 
Finally, you have to be time conscious. Since it Is a time test, you need to pay attention to your speed. 

Who will benefit from a good SAT score?

All individuals who are interested in schooling in top colleges abroad. The higher your test scores, the more opportunity you will have at colleges giving merit scholarships.

What colleges can you get a scholarship from with a good SAT score?

University of Michigan
Duke University 
Harvard University
Princeton University 


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