I Want To Study Abroad: What Country Should I Choose?

Do you want to know how to decide where to study abroad? If the answer is positive then you are on the right page. We will reveal the best countries to study and even stay in after you are done with your college. You can also see here why we believe these countries are the best for studying there.

Where to study abroad

1. United Kingdom Rank: 10/10 Minimum annual wage: $ 50,952

Can I go to college in another country? Yes, you can and it should be the UK. Here you have some of the best colleges in the world and a high minimum wage. Each university is special and you will have a degree that is accepted all over the globe. You may need help with getting to a college here. The competition is tough but even the minimum wage is sufficient and it will give you a nice and rich life. You definitely should consider any type of help you can get.

Once you are in, you will have a bright future. The perks here are impressive and you can see that the lowest wage is much higher than in most other countries. You also have stunning culture and an ideal recipe for a happy life.

The competition and the fact some things such as accommodation or an apartment are expensive are the biggest cons here. 

2. Canada Rank: 9/10 Minimum Annual Wage: $40,950

Here you can easily find a city where you can study abroad and even not far from home. You have a great outcome for jobs after college and language will not be an issue. The country is beautiful and has plenty of great colleges. Some downsides may be a colder climate and also having to adapt to dual language cities (some of them). 

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3. Germany Rank: 8/10 Minimum Annual Wage: $21,356

This has to be one of the best countries to study. You do get a lot of options and there are colleges everywhere. They are well-known and accepted in all parts of the world. If you want to work in the car industry, this is a place to study. Some of the issues include complicated bureaucracy that can be problematic and a lot of rules. Yes, you will have to obey them.  

4. Belgium Rank: 7/10 Minimum Annual Wage: $20,989

Where to study? Many of you will not consider Belgium. But, with excellent facilities and always advancing their education, this can be the best country for some of you. The lifestyle is nice, peace is everywhere and you can earn plenty after and even while studying. Of course, there are some cons here. 

Very high taxes can be a problem for some of you. Public transport is paired with common delays which can be another issue. Also, the property is very expensive so you will have to save a lot of money. 

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5. Austria Rank: 6/10 Minimum Annual Wage: $19,765

Students love this country. It is beautiful and in Vienna, you have almost countless colleges that have been with us for centuries. Yes, they are popular and extremely well-known. There is no need to add that their degrees are special and will help you get a job instantly. 

Cons include old-fashioned rules that are everywhere and a language barrier. You may have a hard time setting in and adapting. Also, don’t forget about winters that are not mild. 

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6. France Rank: 5/10 Minimum Annual Wage: $19,237

In Paris, you will have an education like no other. You will have life inspired by fashion, style, and art. If you want to study anything related to these things, go there. Each university is special as you can assume. 

Some of the cons are the complicated process of getting a new visa or renewing the old one and expensive public transport. There are a lot of high taxes present which can be an issue. You need to study well and get a high degree. 

7. New Zealand: 4/10 Rank: Minimum Annual Wage: $18,214

With detailed and clever education, this country is like no other. You also have some beautiful landscapes and can have a great life. There are plenty of jobs here and there is a lot of room to grow. Language is not an issue due to the fact you can read this article. 

There are some issues. Life is expensive here and you will need a lot of time to find an apartment. Also, the food is not superb like in some other countries from the list. 

8. Switzerland Rank: 3/10 Minimum Annual Wage: $15,457

There is no need to add that each college here comes with a long history and will help you get the best degree. The education here is tough and complicated. But, you have the ability to find an excellent job afterward anywhere in the world. Some of the most successful people have studied here.

Expensive apartments and complicated healthcare plans are the issues. You also have a lot of rules, probably even more than in Germany or Austria. 

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9. Spain Rank: 2/10 Minimum Annual Wage: $15,365

The colleges here are loaded with legacy and the right history. You can easily find something to study that pays well in the end. You also have a warm climate that is great and a huge advantage. Essay writing is very common here so be ready to meet the requirements. But, the campus life is great. 

When it comes to downsides we can see a few. Racism is not extremely common but not extremely rare either. Expensive goods are common and as you can assume bureaucracy is a nightmare. You may even need a class or a book to learn what you actually need. 

10. Japan Rank: 1/10 Minimum Annual Wage: $11,254

Japan has to be on the list. What is studying abroad like? Here it is special. Colleges are stunning and you have a lot of great options. The salary is not bad either. Keep in mind that the colleges are very detailed and you will master your degree perfectly. 

The cons are interesting. The language barrier is the biggest one. Finding an apartment in Tokyo and similar cities is tough and you will probably get a very small apartment. 

The Final Word

How to decide what to study? Learn all about the pros and cons of the specific county where you want to study and make a list. Then take into account the sound of your heart and you will get the answer. All of these countries are stunning for students. 

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