Writing a nursing entrance essay: a step-by-step guide

Writing a nursing entrance essay or nursing scholarship essay is an inevitable part of enrolling into college or university to receive a specialization in nursing. According to Statista, specialization in nursing and healthcare services remains popular in English-speaking countries, like the UK and the USA. The nursing entrance essays should briefly describe future students’ reasons for choosing nursing as their professional field. Obviously, it is necessary to keep your essay original, as this assignment should contain only your thoughts and motivation. In brief, you should stick to a clear structure, add personalized content to your nursing entrance essay and be creative and open-minded in your writing style, and your essay would be more likely to receive positive reviews.   

1. Keep your nursing entrance essay organized

The critical value of a good essay is clear organization and consequential introduction of different thoughts. People who will review your essay will need to understand the applicant’s motivation and qualifications, and a well-structured essay helps create the best impression. There is no need to create simply an extended version of one’s CV. A nursing entrance essay has to cover more topics than only a listing of one’s expertise. Still, it is helpful to outline the main topics that will appear in the essay from scratch:

  • Applicant’s personal information
  • Motivation for entering the nursing program
  • Previous qualifications and experience

Later, you can expand these points into short paragraphs or sub-lists of topic statements for the future entrance essay. Typically, the writer dedicates one paragraph to one topic above. Still, you can modify this rule if you want to focus on your expertise, personality, or motivation in detail. Besides, the entrance essay should catch the reader’s attention from the first line and end with a final statement that would wrap up the information provided above. As it is not always easy to predict the look and the content of the essay body, the introduction and the conclusion of your entrance essay should be the last parts that you write. Using this approach, you would tailor the introduction and the conclusion perfectly to the content and avoid additional editing after finishing the main part. Hence, the organization is a vital factor for a successful nursing entrance essay, and an outline is a valuable tool for its creation. 

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2. Customize the essay and make it personal

The admission committee reviews tens and sometimes even hundreds of nursing entrance papers every day, so it is necessary to make them pay attention to your custom paper. The easiest and the most helpful way to improve the ability of your essay to attract the reader is to add several personal details. Of course, the entrance essay includes basic personal information about the candidate’s background, but coloring it is an additional effort that often pays off. It is possible to extend your essay by adding personal details in the motivation section or in your practice as an expert, but choosing only one topic is helpful to stay within the word limit.

To amend the motivation section, you should do a self-analysis and identify why you seek a nursing education. Firstly, it is useful to write it down exactly the way you think about it without paying attention to academic writing standards. This short paragraph or a sentence will serve you and outline for the work amendment. However, as soon as you find the main idea that lies in the foundation of your desire to enroll in the nursing program, you should formulate it in a concise yet persuasive manner. 

It is easier to enrich your expertise description, as everything you need is information about a case that would illustrate your dedication and desire to be a nurse. Still, it would be better to choose a specific and attention-worthy case from your previous nursing practice or medicine-related activities if you had one. For example, your habit of playing doctor as a child is not the most appropriate example. Meanwhile, the emergency help you provided to people around you or your support to a relative with a chronic medical condition can persuade the committee that you have a serious intention of becoming a nurse.  

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There are several sources to find an appropriate style, like a college website or expectations from your future career. However, combining formal writing about nursing service with a decent dose of sincerity and warmth may be hard for a person who lacks broad experience with this type of paper. In this case, you can choose nursing writing services similar to CustomWritings, a company where a customer can buy an original and cheap custom nursing entrance paper from experienced writers. This sample, which you can order online, can serve as an example of professional essay writing, and following it would improve your chances to create a top entrance essay. 

3. Don’t be afraid to look for inspiration

The last but important thing for your essay is the inspiration that helps the text become smooth and free. Not everyone has a unique practical experience or advanced writing skills that allow describing one’s motivation in the most compelling way, but inspiration provides assistance for overcoming these difficulties. Still, it is a spirit hard to catch, and there are several places where you can look for it:

  • Your education institution website. Most websites feature descriptions and main topics of their nursing programs, and you would be able to do a little research and be more specific in your writing.
  • Examples of nurses you find impressive professionals in their field. You can choose people whose actions should motivate you to develop your abilities and become as skilled as they are.
  • The image of your future. Let yourself fantasize about your future nursing career as if you have already completed your studies. In which positions and companies do you see yourself, and how do you plan to act in the future? This insight is helpful to understand what you want from nursing education and express this sincere desire in your essay.
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When the text is written, you should check its grammar, style, and punctuation. Thus, bear in mind that an essay with grammatical mistakes or overly informal style would not pass the committee check, so consider these factors of the essay quality as important as its content and structure. 

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