10 Tips on How to Cheaply Decorate a Student Room

Being a student on a budget doesn’t mean you need to live in a dull room. For every student, this place should feel comfortable and homey so that they don’t feel frustrated or homesick. When you just move in, the room may seem so uncozy and plain. You may think that a nice room costs a lot, but it is rather a myth. The only thing you need is your creativity and fantasy to decorate a student room into a comfortable place for studying and relaxation. Even if it looks too small, it shouldn’t bother you.

How to decorate a student room
How to decorate a student room

There are plenty of ways to make your student bedroom look cozy and original without paying a fortune for it. Keep on reading to find affordable yet creative ideas for your university room decoration. You will be able to afford it even if you are on a tight budget.

How to decorate a room at the university on a student budget

Here are cheap and creative ideas to decorate your student room at the uni to make it look cozier.

1. Chalkboard for your Desk

This doesn’t only look attractive, and such a board also has a practical purpose. You can write motivational quotes to cheer yourself up. Alternatively, you may write your notes like “order a custom writing for tomorrow” or “group meeting at 3 p.m”. Chalkboards look stylish, and if you use them for notes and daily reminders, they will also help you organize your work more effectively.

The chalkboard can also be very useful for the learning process. You can use it to organize your brainstorming ideas for the best research paper topics or to visualize the structure of your future term paper. This is not a complete list of how you can use this chalkboard – so only the sky (your imagination) is a limit.

2. Reed Diffusers

Except for the visual aspect, you need to add an aromatic element. The scent can add uniqueness and comfort to the atmosphere and create positive vibes in the student room. Reed diffusers don’t require any flame and use natural scented oils. We recommend choosing relaxing scents like wool or lavender. Such kind of aromatherapy will help you reduce stress and even sleep better. It’s an awesome idea to decorate a student room, you know.

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3. Fairy Lights

For most of us, they are associated with the holiday season. However, you can use them as a room decoration at any time of the year. They will make even the most unfriendly room more vibrant. If you hang them over the windows, they will look flawless both from inside and outside the room and draw attention.

4. More Life with Plants

It doesn’t mean that you need to turn your room into a greenhouse. Opt for small and undemanding plants like cactuses that will be ideal for putting on your desk. They will give your room a fresher and more natural look. Although the plants may be quite simple, you can buy original and even funny pots to brighten up your desk. You can even get fake plants if they look nice. If you have these, you can hang them on the wall like fairy lights to make an interior look brighter.

5. Nice Bed Sheets

Nice and comfortable bed sheets are a must-have, no matter whether you are at home or in a college room. This small detail plays an important role and can even influence the quality of our sleep. You can go cheap with the rest of the room decoration, but for bed sheets, we recommend choosing natural fabric, ideally cotton or linen. Comfort while sleeping should be your priority.

Choose bright colors and original patterns. Bedding can become an interesting design element and make you feel at home. You can choose pillowcases of different colors to give even more brightness to your room. 

6. Storage Boxes

While talking about room decoration, many elements are important. While browsing college bedroom ideas on sites like Pinterest, you’ve probably noticed that all of them are minimalistic. If your room feels messy or overwhelmed with things, you need to find a way to organize them. Storage boxes are ideal because you can put them wherever you want, even under your bed or in the wardrobe. This way, you can store more things conveniently and access them easily.

7. Box for wires

Especially if your room is small, you can notice that many wires on the floor add so much untidiness. Moreover, it is simply uncomfortable to walk in such a room. There are numerous ways to hide them all creatively. We suggest buying a box or basket withheld to keep all the cords in one place. It is an ideal solution even to hide modems and routers.

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8. Organize your Desk

A desk is a place where you are likely to spend the most time studying or working. And it needs to be organized not to distract you from important things. You can buy a few special plastic storage boxes for your books, notebooks, papers, and other things. Keep only the essential things on your desk and put all the others on a shelf or somewhere else.

9. Hang Pictures or Photos

Pictures of your family or friends can cheer you up when you feel homesick or have a stressful day. You can hang a few photos on one string to make them look even cozier. Or you can choose an original frame for your photo or picture. Polaroid-style is very popular, and you can add such an effect in any photo editor online and print the photos. A collection of special moments of your life will bring joy and a feeling of warmness during hard student days. 

If you are a fan of minimalistic style, you can hang a picture that matches the colors and the interior of your room. Not necessarily to buy it, you can simply print a picture from the Internet and put it into a nice frame. A motivating quote in a frame will also draw attention and inspire you in important moments. This is probably the most affordable but powerful point on our list. This way, you make your room special just for you.

10. Pillows

Bright pillows will add positive vibes to your room and make you feel comfortable. If you want to freshen up your interior a bit, you can buy new pillowcases, e.g., for Christmas or other holidays. It is an affordable way to change your room decoration. 


As a student, personalizing your space brings you one step closer to adulthood. Your mood will be lifted by a well-decorated area, which also helps to successfully utilize the available space and makes the room appear complete. You may start with simple, affordable, and cost-effective decorations.

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The advantages of decorating your space will likely outweigh the cost of doing so. When your room is designed to your taste, you’ll feel more fulfilled, and this will assist in creating an environment that is favorable for studying.

FAQs on How to Decorate a Student Room

How do you hang things on uni walls?

Without the inconvenience of using nails, screws, or tacks, you can hang common university room accessories like picture frames, portraits, decorations, lights, and much more with the use of command adhesive strips and hooks. They come off the wall neatly, without leaving any stains or damage, whether it’s time to move on or you just feel like a change.

How do you hang decorations without damaging the ceiling?

If the ornament weighs less than five pounds but is too heavy to hang from the ceiling with tape or a tack, you can use an adhesive hook instead. These hooks come in a range of sizes, and a lot of them include unique release tabs that let you take the hook out without harming the paint.

Can you decorate temporary accommodation?

Don’t decorate or change your temporary housing without authorization. Any items removed from or damaged in the property that are not normal wear and tear will be charged to you.

How do you stick decorations to the ceiling?

Use mounting putty, also known as sticky tack, self-adhesive Velcro, or sticky tape, for lightweight items like posters, streamers, and paper decorations. Simply attach each corner of your design to the ceiling while standing on a chair or ladder.

Why is temporary accommodation so expensive?

Temporary housing expenses are typically quite costly since, in addition to the rent charge, there may also be a management fee or a support fee. As a result, even though this kind of lodging frequently asks for very expensive rent, housing assistance nevertheless covers it.

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