Here Are the Best Law Schools in Washington DC

There is no better place to study law than in the political heart of the United States. So here you’d discover the best law schools in Washington, DC. Thus, it is necessary to attend law school if you want to obtain a Juris Doctorate or even the highest level of education in the legal field. Hence, the programs that will be taught will give you the intensive tools you need to pass the bar exam and become a practicing attorney. There are over 1.33 million lawyers across the United States today and they all participated in expert learning programs including attending law schools.

Meanwhile, if it’s of your greatest interest to enroll in law schools in Washington, DC, or if you have some questions bothering about;

  • How many law schools are in Washington, DC?
  • Why must it be law schools in Washington, DC?
  • Are there good Law schools in Washington, DC?
  • I want to become a lawyer but I don’t know how?
  • How can I become a lawyer in Washington, DC?
  • Are there scholarship programs for me if I decide to get a law degree in law schools in Washington, DC?

Thus, all these questions and more running through your head prompted this article to answer your queries. Our group of professionals has carefully put our hands together to give you this resourceful content. We also included the top law schools in Washington, DC so you can have a review.

However, you’d learn the necessities to enroll in Washington, DC law school. You’d also learn how much it costs to study in any law school in the rim of the state. So do well to carefully go through this page to get the most of it.

Here Are the Best Law Schools in Washington DC

What Are Law Schools?

Laws and orders help to maintain peace and regulate legal matters in a country. Thus, lawyers must ensure this, and to become a lawyer that’s soiled in serious legal matters, you have to attend a law school. Therefore, a law school is an institution that specializes in legal education. It is usually a part of the process of becoming a lawyer with a given jurisdiction.

Furthermore, law students will spend a lot of time in the library studying subjects from business, civil law, and cooperate law. But they still have many activities outside of coursework. Meanwhile, top law schools like the ones in Washington, DC require hands-on practical legal experience through legal clinics, internships, and extracurricular activities. Hence, these real-world legal experiences together with the courses enable students to choose which area of law is decent for them.

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Why Attend Law Schools in Washington, DC?

Asking why you should attend law schools in Washington, DC is more like asking why you should go to the beehive when you looking for natural honey. Hence, there couldn’t be an any better place to obtain a degree in law than the US capital Washington, DC. It is indeed one place to practice law as it has over 80,000 attorneys in the region. Therefore, there will a better opportunity for you therein as a law student.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to meet policy leaders and build your network with professionals for your career prospect. Also, you’d connect with the smartest minds of students regarding legal issues and become a better lawyer. Through the university’s experimental learning schemes. Thus, as a law student in Washington, DC you can work on Capitol Hill alongside the federal government, judiciary bodies, law firms, and non-profit organizations.

You will also have opportunities to explore different kinds of foods in the state and try out a new lifestyle. Meanwhile, because of the productive opportunities available throughout the metropolitan area. The National Jurist magazine rates Washington DC as a promising city for young attorneys. Thus, having the second-largest legal market and many federal government offices, it is the territory of many chances for striving lawyers. 

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How Much Does It Cost To Enroll In Law Schools in Washington, DC?

It is also important we consider the cost of living and studying in law schools in law schools in Washington, DC. But importantly, know that schools in Washington, DC want the best for their students, therefore provide several opportunities to make the education and learning process easy for them. Considering the state is the epicenter of the US, living and studying expenses will be high to a moderate extent.

However, as a student in Washington, DC you are advised to sort out many financial aid opportunities as many are available to students. Even from the school. Some scholarship programs are tuition fee waivers while some are fully funded. Also, some scholarships are meant to assist students that have proven to be from a low-income earning background.

However, the average tuition and fees of the law schools in Washington, DC is $47,765 for the state residents and $49,787 for out-of-state students. Meanwhile, below we have provided a table including the cost of living and feeding as a student in the state.

ExpenseFull-Time JDPart-Time JD
Room and Board$22,800$22,800
Tuition and Fees$67,380*$49,770

How To Enroll In Law Schools in Washington, DC

To enroll in any law school in any law school in Washington, DC, you must ensure to meet the school’s minimum educational requirement. Hence, a bachelor’s degree Is the minimum educational requirement to be enrolled in a law school. Therefore, to obtain this, you must have concluded your high school and must have been a commerce major. Where you’d have treated subjects like government, commerce, economics, etc.

Next, you’d apply to a university or any tertiary institutional body to obtain a bachelor’s degree in law. Furthermore, you will now take the law school admission test. So on passing the test, you would now select any Washington DC of your choice and complete their application process.

Additionally, when you get into law school, you’d earn a Juris Doctor degree. After which you’d pass the bar examination and advance your career.

The 6 Best Law Schools in Washington, DC

Here, we have provided the 6 best law schools in Washington, DC as ranked by Edu-Rank rankings. Thus, the order was determined by the survey of the individual school performances over the years and the productivity of the school. So, endeavor to check out any school of your choice using their respective school links herein.

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#1. American University in Washington

The law school of American University is one of the tremendous law schools in Washington, DC. Hence, It is located on the western side of Tenley Circle in the Tenleytown section of Northwest Washington, D.C. The American University Washington College of Law offers various degree programs. Thus, these programs include LL.M Degree, MLS Programs, SJD Program, Juris Doctor Program, and Dual Degree Program. The J.D. program is 3 years full-time, while the part-time consists of 4 years.

The program includes foundation legal research and then permits the pupils to choose their electives. This law school has one of the well-known LL.M degrees. The LL.M. programs are modeled for international and US law graduates and caption a flexible curriculum of technical law courses and excellent learning prospects. Other than this, there is an online degree called the MLS (Master of Legal Studies) from the American University Washington College of Law.

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It captions professionals and non-lawyers with the legal receptacle needed to resolve law-related conflicts that can occur in all industries. Then, the law gives the most unique degree the SJD (Doctor of Juridical Science). SJD includes subjects like criminal justice reform, intellectual property law, international finance and tax law, environmental law, and international human rights law. While the tuition fee for full-time is $56,724 and: $39,614 for part-time.

Founded: 1893

Acceptance Rate: 36%

Average ACT: 29

Average SAT: 1300

Net Price: $40,469

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#2. Georgetown University

The law school at Georgetown University is regarded as Georgetown Law School. It is thus, one of the best law schools in Washington DC. Also, it is one of the most proficient graduate schools of Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. The law center is situated at 600 New Jersey Ave NW, Washington, DC. Moreso the law center offers Juris Doctor Program. Hence, this is alongside LL.M and Certificate programs or the highest degree in the legal area with our Doctor of Juridical Science.

In addition, the J.D and LL.M degrees are also given in combined Degree programs in many various fields. Not only, but the students can also increase legal practical knowledge practice in 15 clinics. But there are about 20 research centers and 10 legal journals. For the full-time degree, the program tuition fee is $62,244 and the part-time is $42,237.

Founded: 1789

Acceptance Rate: 14%

Average ACT: 33

Average SAT: 1465

Net Price: $28,442

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#3. George Washington University

George Washington University also has one of the greater law schools in the state. The law school was founded in the 1820s. GW Law school is the oldest law school in the national capital. Hence, one of the most respected law schools in the nation. One of the most significant characteristics of this law college is that it enables more than 275 elective courses. The GW Law gives 5 academic degrees which include;

  • The Juris Doctor (JD)
  • Master of Laws (LLM)
  • The Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD)
  • The Masters of Studies in Government Contracts (MSGC)
  • And the Masters of Studies in IP (MSL-IP).

Apart from these degrees, the George Washington University Law School provides joint degree programs both for J.D and LL.M. The Juris Degree Programs J.D/MBA is based on 57 credit hours. Of which 12 cross credits are allowed from MBA to law. Then, 14 cross credits are permitted from Law to MBA. The second one is J.D/MA, J.D/Master of Public Administration for 40 credits and 12 cross credits to and from each program.

Notwithstanding that, Students can have legal education through almost 15 clinics. This includes

  • The Immigration Clinic
  • The Project for Older Prisoners
  • D.C. Law Students in Court.

There are also over 5 legal journals to join. Including the American Intellectual Property Law Association Quarterly Journal and the Journal of Energy and Environmental Law.

Founded: 1821

Acceptance Rate: 41%

Average ACT: 32

Average SAT: 1375

Net Price: $38,829

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#4. Catholic University of America

The Catholic University of America also has one of the best law schools in Washington, DC. The school is a national research university with over 5,700 undergraduate and graduate students. Thus the school offers over 250 academic programs on a residential campus in the heart of Washington, D.C.

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Furthermore, the Catholic University of America is special being the national university of the Catholic Church. Also, being the only higher education institution established by the U.S. bishops. Founded in 1887 as a contracted graduate and research center. Meanwhile, the University began offering undergraduate education in 1904.

Founded: 1887

Acceptance Rate: 85%

Average Aid: $27,232

Receiving Aid: 97%

Net Price: $36,331

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#5. Howard University

Howard University is renowned for offering its Law Degree programs differently. Thus, the faculty, staff, and administration of the Howard University School of Law remain committed. Hence to ever giving students the finest legal education accessible and readying the next generation of leaders.

Furthermore, the school led by a visionary dean has talented student bodies and exceptional faculties. Also, they have thousands of Alumni making significant contributions to the legal profession and their communities all across the nation.

Founded: 1867

Acceptance Rate: 36%

Average ACT: 25

Average SAT: 1205

Net Price: $21,428

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#6. University of The District of Columbia

University of the District of Columbia is David A. Clark school of law. Thus, it is one of the most proficient law schools in Washington, DC. Irrespective of the endowment of the city, the school has also proven to be good in its academic endeavors.

More or so, from the community college to graduate and professional degrees and more. UDC is effective in every ward giving quality education and enhancing the lives of learners, neighbors, and stakeholders alike.

Founded: 1851

Acceptance Rate: 35.4%

Average ACT: 29

Average SAT: 147

Net Price: $12,437

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Finally, if you have carefully read through this article as required, you would have learned a lot about law schools in Washington, D.C. Also, you would have discovered the myriad of benefits available for you over there. Together with seeing how to enroll in law schools there.

Therefore, if any law school interests you after your careful review, then do well to check out the school webpage and see their application processes. For you to come to this extent, then we believe you can win. Thus, shine bright like a diamond.

Frequently Asked Questions About Law Schools in Washington, DC

What law schools are in the DC area?

There are at least six ABA-approved law schools in D.C., which include:
American University, Washington College of Law.
The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law.
George Washington University Law School.
Georgetown University Law Center.
Howard University School of Law.

Is law school difficult?

In summary, law school is hard. Harder than regular college or universities, in terms of stress, workload, and required commitment. But about 40,000 people graduate from law schools every year. So it is attainable.

Which types of lawyers are in demand?

Among the types of lawyers, Corporate Law experts are in great demand due to their specialization in contract law, securities law, bankruptcy, tax law, accounting, intellectual property rights, licensing, zoning laws, etc.

Is Washington DC a good place to be a lawyer?

As the political epicenter of the nation, Washington has the highest location quotient out of the top 10 cities, making it the best location in terms of job demand and lawyer population.

How can I become a lawyer?

1. Complete a Bachelor’s Degree Program You Enjoy. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum educational requirement for admission to law school.
2. Pass the Law School Admission Test.
3. Identify Law Schools and Complete Applications.
4. Earn a Juris Doctor Degree
5. Pass the Bar Examination
6. Advance Your Career

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