12 Best Online Courses in Business Administration

If you are studying towards a business administration career and looking to enhance your knowledge with an online course, then any of these best online courses in Business Administration is an ideal option.

Best Online Courses in Business Administration
12 Best Online Courses in Business Administration

These online business administration courses can be taken from the comfort of your computer or laptop, thereby providing a highly convenient option for students seeking a more flexible type of education. They are a great way to advance your career prospects and the basics are mostly general knowledge about businesses and how they run from the inside out

All vital information about the best online courses in business administration is in this easy-to-digest article. Also, you will get to know;

  • What is an online course in business administration
  • Why study business administration Online?
  • 12 best online courses in Business Administration
  • Business administration salaries
  • And lot’s more

What is an Online Course in Business Administration?

An online course is a form of education a student can take from the comfort of their computer or laptop. It generally takes a short time to complete in a virtual classroom and is a good option for those who want to study a specific major off-campus. It may or may not result in a certificate of completion.

An online course in business administration offers students the opportunity to study specific business topics in-depth. Areas students may wish to enhance their knowledge and skill include accounting, business ethics, team management, global business, and communication. Additionally, courses may be offered in other business-related topics such as banking, entrepreneurship, business administration, management, customer service, finance, insurance, and public relations.

After completing a course in business administration, students may be qualified to make a career change or earn promotions. Online courses in business administration can help students develop skills needed to gain entry-level positions in a new industry or improve at their current positions.

Additional note on what Online Business Administration Courses are:

As students, make sure you inquire with your chosen school about the costs of a course. Costs can vary widely from school to school and depend on the exact course chosen.

Completing a course in business administration opens up opportunities for students to find work in many different areas of business, such as administration, management, consulting, or analysis. Career prospects also include financial planners, research analysts, purchasing agents, customer service representative managers, or even owners of their own businesses. The skills learned from any online program can immediately be used in whatever position a student is working in.

Online courses in business administration are great because it helps you advance your skills, learn new skills to stay competitive in your industry, or change careers. Start by searching for your program in any school offering online courses in business administration and directly contact the admission office of the school by filling in the lead form.

Why study Business Administration?

There is a huge demand for trained administration staff in both public and private organizations
. This is expected to grow well into the future. Administration jobs are valued roles of any organization as they give employers the opportunity to be exposed to a broad range of departments. Business administration graduates are sometimes the face of the business or the executives they work for.

Business administration courses create opportunities for a wide range of job prospects which include personal assistants, accountants, financial advisors, marketers, human resource managers, non-profit managers, accounts supervisors, administration assistants, receptionists, and office managers, among many others. You can also start up your own business, or go into business management at large corporations.

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A nationally recognized qualification in business administration helps you acquire the most in-demand office skills and a plethora of other useful skills that you can apply to nearly any career out there. These skills include:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Analytical and critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision making
  • Project management
  • Resource management
  • How to interpret and use financial data
  • Marketing skills
  • Accounting
  • Business law
  • A strong understanding of how businesses operate

More on why you should study Business Administration:

There are lots of other skills you can gain and they depend on the program. It depends on the area you want to specialize in so as to get a broad overview of all things business.

There’s are other wide range of potential courses you can study under business administration education. They include:

  • Principles of Business Management
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Business Communications
  • Principles of Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Principles of Finance
  • Multinational Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Law and Ethics
  • Business and Society
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Business Policy and Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Quality Management

Types of Business Administration Courses

You can either go for a full degree or a single course. You may also choose to take a bachelor’s degree, a single business course, get an associate degree, or go for your MBA.

A single online course is a small, short commitment that can give you a good overview of what you may be learning should you decide to pursue a business degree. It’s also a good option for those who want to take a very specific course and specialize in one certain area of business that they are most interested in

On the other hand, a full degree requires a time commitment but comes with great benefits such as a much deeper understanding, knowledge, and skills required to be a great business person and official qualifications that will set you apart from others in the job market

An associate degree commonly takes two years to complete. The duration is long if you decide to go part-time. If you don’t have a bachelor’s degree yet, enroll for a BA or BS in business administration. Though it is a big commitment, you will gain the expertise and well-rounded education that will benefit you throughout your entire career.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree that doesn’t have to do with business, then explore options for getting an online MBA.

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12 Best Online Courses in Business Administration

With the various online business courses out there, it can be hard to try and decide or choose one best suited to fit your needs. Xscholarship made a thorough research to come up with this diverse list of 12 best online courses in business administration so as to help you narrow down your options, whether you want to take a single course, get an associate, bachelor’s, or MBA.

1. Penn State World Campus, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

This course from Penn State is one of the best online courses in business administration anyone can get. Penn State is a prestigious and world-renowned university that offers an amazing 100% online program for a BS in Business Administration. It is nationally recognized as one of the best online programs in the United States.

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The university offers online programs to get your Associate in Science in Business Administration or a Master’s in Business Administration. They also offer a ton of other specializations as well, including entrepreneurship, accounting, financial services, health services, management, and marketing, or you can create your own individualized plan of study. Penn State also.

2. The University of Florida, Bachelor’s in Business Administration Online

The University of Florida offers both a Bachelor’s in Science and a Bachelor’s in Arts in Business Administration. The BS is a good option for anyone who prefers to learn about the technical and practical facets of the business and has a strong foundation in business disciplines. The BA is more interdisciplinary in nature, as it allows students to gain a foundation in business principles and then pair it with any specialization of their choice, from anthropology to sports management.

3. University of the People, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

University of the People offers three high-quality degrees in business administration. They are; Associate, Bachelor of Science, and MBA. These courses are all tuition-free. The application fee and an assessment fee per course completed are the only costs students must pay. Scholarships are also available to help students who can not afford to cover those nominal fees. The University’s mission is to provide affordable, tuition-free education for everybody

4. The University of Turku, Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business

For anyone that dreams of conducting business all over the world, the University of Turku, based in Finland, offers an International Business Online program that focuses especially on how to become knowledgeable and competent in an international business environment.

5. The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Business Foundations Specialization

The University of Pennsylvania is run by Coursera and offers a Business foundation Specialization that comprises 5 courses plus a capstone project. This will enable students to develop basic literacy in the language of business. In the end, a certification will be given to you and you can show future prospective employers that you received a business education from an Ivy League university.

6. University of California, Business Administration Certificate

The online Business Administration Certificate program offered by the UCI Division of Continuing Education provides students with the necessary tools to become successful managers in the private or public sector. You’ll obtain knowledge and skills in leadership, human resources, marketing, finance, management, communication, and business analysis.

7. University of British Columbia, Business Foundations Certificate

The University of British Columbia in Canada offers a month’s self-paced Business Foundations course that focuses on the general perspective on business, and the terminologies, concepts, and frameworks necessary to succeed in the business world. You may also enroll in UBC’s MicroMasters program in Business Fundamentals if you want to further your education after completing this single course.
8. Macquarie University, Global MBA online program
Macquarie University teaches students to become masters in leading, strategizing, analyzing, influencing, adapting, and problem-solving in the business world. The university is based in Sydney, Australia, and has a reputable Global MBA program that is uniquely designed for the future of work.

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Students will also have access to world-renowned faculty and industry leaders, through highly interactive and engaging learning activities. You can meet your peers in person if you wish as they even offer local meetups in select countries so

9. IE Business School, Global MBA online program

IE Business School’s Global MBA combines online modules with face-to-face modulE. There are also interactive video conferences and discussion forums.

This online course was ranked as the number one online MBA program in the world by UK-based organization QS. the ranking is based on institutional reputation, graduate employability, academic experience, level of diversity, and faculty profile. IE’s Global MBA is held in, San Francisco, Miami, Madrid, Israel, and Shanghai.

10. Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of Business Online MBA

Carnegie Mellon University offers a Part-Time Online MBA program that combines online learning and technology with on-campus immersive Access Weekends held several times a year to provide their online students with valuable networking opportunities with peers, professors, faculty, and alumni.

11. Certificate IV in Business Administration by OpenColleges

This BSB40515 Certificate IV in Business Administration by OpenColleges teaches an advanced knowledge of how the business world works, and the skills necessary to get ahead in your administration career.

12. Certificate IV in Business Administration (with Finance electives)

This is last on the list of best online courses in business administration. The BSB40515 Certificate IV in Business Administration is an all-rounder course that focuses on financial skills and prepares students with the knowledge and skill to take on a variety of administration roles.

Business Administration Salaries

According to PayScale College Salary Report, the average starting salary for graduates of business degrees in the US ranges from $46,600 to $58,700. By mid-career, the average salary increases from $71,600 to $112,200. This depends on the career or field of work.

FAQs on Best Online Courses in Business Administration

What skills do you need for business administration?

Communication Skills.
Technology Skills.
Attention to Detail.
Written Skills.
Time Management.
Problem Solving.
Supervising, Delegation & Team Working.
Organizational skills, and more.

Can I study business administration online?

Yes. You can study a range of on-campus and online business management courses. Even if you’re employed, you can still enroll as a trainee so you can learn your skills while you earn.

Which course is best for business administration?

For those interested, business administration offers various specializations. The most sought-after specializations are those in human resources, finance, marketing, IT/systems, operations management, and entrepreneurship.

Why should I choose this course, business administration?

The abundance of available employment options is one of the best justifications for choosing to study business administration. A business administration degree gives a lot of versatility and may be the entry point for careers in marketing, human resources, finance, accounting, and more.

What are the benefits of studying business administration?

You can work as an executive in marketing, human resources, finance, management, and other fields as a business administrator. By studying business administration, you would be able to hone and enhance your management abilities, which are needed by companies in the business world.

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