Careers for Math Majors: 2022 Career Opportunity For Maths Majors

An individual who enjoys being precise about the generalities of life at every point suits better the position of a mathematician.

Hence, venturing into the broad road of majoring in mathematics, where the relative study of number, structure, and pattern is in sync.

In other words, being equipped with skills such as logic, analysis, abstract thinking, and problem-solving are great requisites for future employers and employees of the maths career opportunities.

If you’re wondering about the career path to take as a math major, you might have to read through this article till the end.

Career Opportunity For Maths Majors

How Do I Know If I Want To Major In Maths Or Not?

For most students, the study of mathematics feels like a chore, and those who enjoy using formulas to emerge solutions are qualified candidates for math majors in college.

Unlike in high school, the study of mathematics in tertiary institutions involves the application of determination and a lot of time in study to master those particularly tricky theories. 

Mathematics exists somewhat as a broad field of topics, ranging from trigonometry to calculus, statistics to number theories.

It is advised that one must ensure to have a high level of interest to major in maths and further venture into the career opportunities in math majors.

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Is It True That Math Majors Are In High Demand?

With the various skills provided for a maths major student, the potential for being a “high in demand” employer or employee in the maths major career field is overwhelming.

Math majors are diverse and offer multifaceted approaches to business goals. This varies across every area, skyrocketing demand barriers to 28%, according to the BLS.

This demonstrates the surge in demand for mathematics majors from 2020 to 2030, with 67,200 positions available.

In addition, careers in math majors will continue to be in high demand for as long as the world continues to change and government agencies continue to make use of big data. And a mathematics major can perform a more accurate analysis, particularly those who professionalize in a maths major career of any kind.

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Is It Advisable To Major In Mathematics?

Even though for a fact, one needs to put in great effort to major in mathematics, the outcome of a maths degree can lead to a more profitable career than you can imagine.

Yes, if you maintain an outstanding interest in proffering solutions in a logical and well-analyzed manner, the study of mathematics at a degree or even higher level, such as a master’s and Ph.D. is the right choice to make career-wise.

More so, mathematics is a good major because it teaches you not only how to do the math. Also, how to think critically and solve problems, which are skills that can be used in almost any job. There are many career options for math majors.

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Can I acquire a maths degree with an online course?

To grab in on the opportunity of the various careers available for a maths major you don’t necessarily need to be on campus in a college. You can get a qualified certificate in the comfort of your home and with a convenient schedule.

You can get the majority of these classes for next to nothing, and sure, there are places like Coursera that will provide you with a free online math class if you want to major in mathematics.

Most of these courses provide you with a standard certificate that can be attached to your resumé when going in search of career opportunities for a maths major.

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Check out these free online courses on Coursera –free online courses

17 Awesome Career Opportunities For Maths Majors.

Many inquisitive minds would question the career opportunities for a math major providing the fact that a maths major isn’t one of the most popular Arts and science majors. A maths major is thought to be the most difficult in pursuing a career opportunity.

But a major like mathematics can generate over 17 employment alternatives, of which roughly 10 pay outrageous amounts of earnings compared to other majors.

Here are the career opportunities for math majors and, in order of the most paid careers down to the other, many career opportunities for maths major

They include:

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1. Physicist

This is a career opportunity for a math majors student with a higher level of degree, such as a Ph.D. who can secure a job as a physicist and earn up to an average sum of $58 per hour.

At the end of the year, you can earn about $170,000 or more in this juicy career opportunity for a math major.

As a physicist, you need to be able to make accurate observations of the natural world and turn them into complex mathematical calculations based on your knowledge of how the universe works.

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2. Mathematician

In an era where automation and AI threaten many occupations, mathematicians will remain in need until at least 2026.

Some mathematicians opt to move beyond the purely academic and devote their time to solving problems in the actual world. Applied mathematicians are several experts who specialize in solving complicated problems in business, government, and engineering.

On the other hand, you’ll need a more competitive degree, such as a master’s or doctoral degree in mathematics, if you want to acquire a profitable position within a rising organization.

 In 2017, the average mathematician earned $103,010, according to U.S. News. With a little on-the-job experience, a mathematician’s salary may easily reach $130,000 per year.

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3. Aerospace Engineer

As a math major, you’ll be on the cutting edge of designing new spaceships, planes, and missiles to keep your country competitive and industry expanding.

 Aerospace engineers design new fuselages, wings, engines, and other flying craft components using math and physics. They create testing for these ideas and figure out how to incorporate them into genuine flying machines. 

Impressively, with only a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering, you can specialize as an entry-level aerospace engineer. Alternatively, you could enroll in a five-year program in aerospace engineering that includes a bachelor’s and master’s degree.

 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, aerospace engineers earned an average of $115,220 a year.

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4. Economists

Math geniuses looking for a top professional in a math degree might consider economics. As an economist, you can work for a corporation and help increase earnings.

The most form of degree needed for this field is at the master’s degree level.

As an economist, you can earn about $104,340 by just being a major in maths. How awesome can that be?

5. Actuary

An actuary is the most delicate career opportunity for math majors. That’s because, as an actuary, you can earn a fair living if you enjoy analytical maths. 

Insurance firms use actuaries to assist them to set prices and manage risks. As an actuary, you will analyze various types of statistics and research clients to protect an insurance company’s bottom line.

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In this sector, your ability to interpret complex data will help you advance. This means you need just a bachelor’s degree for this career opportunity in maths major. As recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an actuary makes a total of $101,560 in a year.

6. Statistician

 To be a great statistician in career opportunities for math majors, you can start by discovering trends by studying data. Great statisticians are people who are curious about why things happen in the world.

It is important to note that a B.A. will get you an entry-level statistician position, but if you want to make more money straight away, you should get an M.S.

Statisticians earned an average of $84,060 in 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

7. Cryptography

As a cryptographer in a math majors career opportunity field, your job would be to determine new ways to encrypt and decrypt data, a cryptographer’s job is purely data analysis.

 However, this job necessitates a great deal of imagination, making it ideal for a daring math major who wants to venture into career opportunities that come with a maths degree. 

To get started with cryptography, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or mathematics. According to cryptographers earned an average of $112,560 in 2015.

8. Financial Analyst

 Another one of the daring career opportunity for a maths major would be the Financial Analysts, also referred to as quantitative financial analysts, assisting financial institutions in reducing risk and increasing profitability.

As a financial analyst, you’ll develop complicated mathematical models to help a bank or other financial organization run more efficiently. 

To work in this career path as a maths major, you’ll be required to go for a  master’s degree. The average salary for financial analysts was $85,660 in 2018.

9. Neuropsychological

If you’re considering studying math and psychology, you have the personality to be a neuropsychologist.

These specialists use data analytics to discover why people behave as they do.

 For solid work as a neuropsychologist, you’ll require at least a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience. Neuropsychologists earned an average of 94,650 dollars in 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

10. Astronomer

Astronomy causes meticulous data analysis and calculations. As a math major, astronomy is a great way to contribute to our understanding of the universe while using your math skills.

It entails much more than simply stargazing. To grasp the relationships between cosmic bodies, you’ll need to perform difficult mathematical computations. Now that is where your maths degree comes in handy.

A bachelor’s degree would put you on the right track for an astronomy job. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides evidence of astronomers’ average wage of $100,590 in 2017.

Other career opportunities include:

11. Teacher

One of the easiest and most prevalent careers for math majors is teaching. They can teach primary, secondary, or advanced math, and their salary varies.

Math teachers teach math-related courses, create curricula and lesson plans, communicate with parents and students, manage classrooms, and help students prepare for standardized tests.

A bachelor’s degree in mathematics or a similar area is necessary, as well as a teaching credential.

12. Account

In the career opportunity path of a math major producing tax returns for individuals and corporations, preparing balance sheets, reconciling financial discrepancies, and preparing payments.

Accountants also handle disbursements, accounting concerns, financial standards, tax and financial documentation, and client communication.

 A bachelor’s degree is required for accountants on the career path as a math major.

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13. Data Analyst

 In the career opportunity path of a maths major, using statistical techniques, interpreting and analyzing data, making reports, constructing databases, and data gathering systems are the major responsibilities of a data analyst.

Similarly, optimizing quality and efficiency, getting data from multiple data sources, assessing trends and patterns, reviewing reports, and working with management and locating process improvement opportunities are just a few of the responsibilities of a data analyst.

It is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree in economics, information management, statistics, or another math-related discipline.

14. Financial Planner

Financial planning analysts’ responsibilities include analyzing financial data, budgets, and income statement forecasts.

Furthermore, making recommendations, putting together financial reports, developing economic models, conducting business studies, analyzing forecast models, identifying financial trends, reconciling transactions, and consulting with management.

 It is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, or another math-related field.

15. Operations research analyst

For a successful career opportunity as a maths major, Analytical abilities are essential for operations research analysts.

 They do the employment of statistical analysis and mathematical modeling tools to discover how to make an organization run more efficiently. 

You may assist airlines in creating flight itineraries or computer manufacturers in improving their manufacturing processes. For some jobs, you may need to obtain a particular security clearance.

16. Data scientists

Data scientists work as data analysts to extract usable information from large amounts of data. 

On the other hand, data scientists can create new tools and algorithms to solve business challenges while data analysts review data using existing tools and systems.

 One of the finest career opportunities for math majors with superior quantitative skills is that of a data scientist: In a poll conducted by, data scientist came out on top as the most satisfying job.

Most jobs require at least a master’s degree in math and statistics, however, some employers prefer individuals with a doctorate.

17. Meteorologist

 An unexpected career opportunity for a maths major is weather forecasting as it causes knowledge in a variety of subjects, including calculus and physics. This career path is surprisingly inclusive of a career opportunity for a maths major.

 To forecast atmospheric conditions, meteorologists employ complex modeling tools. Many of them work for NOAA or the National Center for Atmospheric Research. 

Likewise, Airlines, consulting organizations, and agricultural companies are all good places to look for work. For research work, you’ll need a master’s degree in meteorology and a bachelor’s degree in math.


Just so you know a maths major deals with a lot more than just numbers and symbols.

Therefore, the ability to critically think at the speed of light about the best solutions to offer to the world is their specialty.

Hence, to be included amongst the great problem solvers and solution bearers, a maths major is your starting point to unlocking every career opportunity maths has to offer.


Is mathematics a challenging major?

Mathematics is a tough, rewarding, and enjoyable subject. It’s both rational and original. Mathematics majors offer a wide range of options. The mathematics major prepares students for traditional careers in mathematics, such as graduate school, teaching, and actuarial employment.

Can I take statistics courses as part of my math major?

Yes. Statistics courses can be added to a maths major, such as MATH/STAT H203 and MATH/STAT H286. It can be used as an elective for a math major. A math elective can be any stats course at the 200-level or higher.

Can I do a double major in mathematics?



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