Exploring the World of Opportunities with an Education Degree

Having an education degree doesn’t limit you to the four walls of a classroom. Contrary to popular
belief, the skills you’ve acquired can be applied in multiple fields that not only bring satisfaction but also
yield a handsome income. From working in educational administration to even venturing into
entrepreneurship, the sky’s the limit. Let’s delve into some lucrative career options for those who’ve
earned an education degree.

Transitioning to Educational Administration: A Step Up From Teaching

Many people assume that an education degree is a one-way ticket to becoming a teacher. While
teaching is an incredibly fulfilling career, it may not be the ultimate goal for everyone. The good news is
that an education degree can also serve as a stepping stone to administrative roles within educational
institutions. Positions like principals, academic deans, or admissions directors offer a chance to bring
about meaningful change on a larger scale.

These roles often come with higher salaries and increased responsibilities, including overseeing the
academic quality of an institution, coordinating educational programs, and even handling disciplinary
matters. To transition to an administrative role, you may require additional qualifications, but the core
skills of managing classrooms and understanding educational psychology can be tremendous assets.

Specialized Education Degrees: Diverse Career Paths

An education degree comes in various specialized forms, each tailored to specific career opportunities
that are not only fulfilling but can also be financially rewarding.

  • M.S. in Adolescent Education and Special Education
    This dual focus prepares you for specialized positions in secondary schools and therapeutic settings,
    addressing the educational needs of adolescents, including those with special needs.
  • M.S. in Childhood Education and Special Education
    Aimed at younger learners, this degree can lead to roles in early intervention programs and educational
    consultancies focusing on inclusive education.
  • M.S. in Childhood Education and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
    Highly sought after, especially in diverse linguistic communities, this degree opens doors to curriculum
    development roles and educational policy positions that focus on language accessibility.
  • M.S. in Early Childhood Education and Special Education
    This specialization targets the youngest learners and sets you up for roles in preschools and childcare
    centers, as well as administrative positions overseeing early childhood education programs.
  • ESOL Advanced Certificate Online
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This online certificate allows you the flexibility to teach English remotely, catering to markets where
English education is highly sought after but locally scarce.
Each of these specialized programs equips you with unique skills and expertise, extending your career
options beyond traditional educational roles.

Consulting: Helping Educational Institutions Thrive

Consulting can be an ideal career path for those who want to leverage their deep understanding of
educational systems without directly involving themselves in day-to-day teaching.
As an educational consultant, you might help schools or educational technology companies develop
curricula, improve teaching methods or implement new technologies effectively.
It’s not uncommon for educational consultants to earn six-figure incomes, especially when working on
larger projects or if they have a specialized niche.
Consulting roles offer the flexibility to work on a variety of projects and, often from anywhere in the
world. Your expertise as a holder of an education degree is invaluable in this field, as you understand
both the theoretical and practical aspects of education.

Corporate Training and Development: Where Business Meets Education

Imagine taking the skills you’ve honed in educating younger minds and applying them to the corporate
world. Companies are continually seeking experts to train their employees, whether it’s for specific jobs-
related skills or broader topics like leadership and teamwork. This is where corporate training and
development roles come into play.

In such positions, your role may involve designing training modules, conducting workshops, and
evaluating the effectiveness of training programs. The skills you’ve learned while pursuing an education
degree, such as curriculum development, effective communication, and pedagogy, can be directly
applied here. With the corporate world willing to invest heavily in employee development, these roles
can be quite lucrative.

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Curriculum Development: Shaping the Future of Education

In the era of technology and innovation, education is not static; it evolves. As someone with an
education degree, you can be at the forefront of this change by diving into the world of curriculum
Companies, educational publishers, and educational institutions often seek experts who can craft
curriculum guidelines, textbooks, and digital learning resources that cater to modern educational needs.
Your background in pedagogical methods and educational psychology equips you to design learning
materials that resonate with diverse learning styles.
This career path allows you to continue impacting education at large, but from behind the scenes. The
pay scale for curriculum developers can be highly competitive, mainly if you specialize in areas such as
STEM education or work on large-scale educational initiatives.

Educational Technology: Bridging Technology and Learning

The intersection of technology and education has never been more critical, and this is where your
expertise can shine. Educational technology (EdTech) offers various roles ranging from instructional
designers to EdTech consultants.
Your understanding of education theory, coupled with some technical know-how, makes you an ideal
candidate to work on the next generation of learning platforms, virtual classrooms, or educational
The EdTech industry is booming, with considerable investment flowing into the sector. So, not only does
a career in educational technology offers a lucrative income, but it also promises the opportunity for
exponential career growth.
As someone already familiar with educational principles, you’re well-positioned to ensure that
technology truly serves the needs of learners and educators alike.

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Policy Advocacy: Making Waves in Educational Policy

If you’re passionate about effecting systemic change in the educational landscape, then policy advocacy
could be the career path for you. Many non-profit think tanks and even governmental organizations
are in dire need of experts who understand the intricacies of education to help draft policies, research
initiatives, and advocacy campaigns.
The work might involve analyzing educational statistics, developing policy papers, and engaging in public
or governmental discourse. This career path can be not only financially rewarding but also deeply
satisfying, as you get the chance to make long-lasting changes that could benefit millions of students
and educators across the nation or even globally.


The versatility of an education degree cannot be overstated. Beyond the fulfilling but often narrowly
perceived path of classroom teaching, there is a plethora of career avenues—from administrative roles
and consulting to curriculum development, EdTech, and policy advocacy.
Each of these sectors offers unique challenges and substantial financial rewards. And for those looking
to diversify their career options further, an MBA can provide an additional layer of qualifications that
can catapult you into even broader career opportunities.
Your education degree isn’t just a piece of paper; it’s a passport to a multitude of exciting, impactful,
and lucrative career paths.

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