Top 10 Free GED Prep Courses and Classes in 2022

Do you need to take a GED exam? If you did not have basic high school graduation, you may need to acquire a GED certification. This article provides a list of the 10 top free GED prep courses and classes in 2022.

We would get right into the list but what if you’re learning about GED for the first time and will like to understand precisely what GED is and why you need to take a GED exam?

Continue to read to find out the answer to all the questions you have about the GED exam as well as how to find the suitable GED prep courses for you. 

If you didn’t have standard high school graduation, you can still acquire free GED classes online and get an equivalent certificate. But what exactly is a GED? What exactly does GED stand for?

Free GED Prep Courses and Classes

What is GED?

GED stands for General Education Development. Basically, it is an alternate way to acquire an alternative high school diploma equivalent credential. Also, it serves as a recognized and adequate designation when applying for either:

Most employment as well as positions in civil service

Admittance into a college, professional school, or a university.

In defining GED, it is basically an essential credential used in the place of a high school diploma. This is because most businesses and institutions require a high school diploma. 

A GED qualification is usually more important to get when you do not complete high school. Also, it helps to open you up to more opportunities in the future.

GED Test

To enable you to get a GED certification, you may need to practice some GED tests and then move on to the exam. To do this, you will need to take some GED prep courses and classes to help prepare you for the actual GED exam.

Basically, the test is mainly taken by people who intend to explore bigger opportunities in the future but did not complete their high school degrees.

Meanwhile, the GED tets four categories:

  • Language Arts-Based Reasoning
  • Reasoning Mathematically
  • The Social Sciences
  • Science

Why Should You Take GED Prep Courses?

Did dropping out of high school seem like a smart choice to make back then? Or was it something you had to do to take care of other responsibilities? 

Even worse, was it a result of financial lack? You may have found yourself in a situation that requires your high school degree or an equivalent, and your only option will be to take a GED exam.

There are so many reasons to get a GED. Here are a few:

  • It improves your self-esteem
  • Creates availability of continuing education
  • Opens you up to new opportunities
  • You can earn more money

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What are Top Free GED Prep Courses and Classes?

Although this is going to be a list of free GED prep courses and classes, we would like to let you know that there are only a few free and value prep courses online.

Having known this, this list comprises both paid and free GED prep courses and classes online in 2022. You can enroll for the paid ones if you can. If not, you can go ahead with the free ones.

1. Best GED Classes

This provides a comprehensive list of resources and access to unlimited lessons, study guides, and practice tests to help prepare you for your GED exams.

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Each question comes with prompt feedback and a detailed explanation of the answer on the practice tests. 

Also, the course comes with a full, timed practice exam or tests you can take by subjects. Furthermore, there are quizzes available you may want to practice.

Basically, all of these practices help you improve your reading comprehension skills and time management.

Course Provider: Best GED Courses

Duration: Self-paced

Cost: Free

Apply here.

2. 4Tests

This GED course is designed to allow you to choose which subjects to practice to help you prepare for the actual GED exam.

Also, it comes with a self-assessment quiz designed to help identify your strengths and weaknesses to help determine what areas to best improve on.

In addition to this, the course offers you access to a “How To Pass The GED” tutorial, some test-taking tips, and advice on management and reading comprehension.

Course Provider: 4Test

Duration: Self-paced

Cost:  Free

Apply here.

3. Test Prep Toolkit

This course aims to equip you with the skills you need to ace your GED exam.  The course provides an array of several GED practice tests in addition to thousands of GED prep questions.

Also, it comes with the feature that allows you to take tests by subjects if there are topics you feel you need to improve on. 

By the end of this course, you will understand how best to go about taking the actual GED exam as well as learn skills such as critical thinking and time-management skills.

Course provider: Test Prep Toolkit

Duration:  Self-paced

Cost:  Free

Apply here.

4. Kaplan

Kaplan provides a flexible, self-paced, and on-demand course specifically designed to help students prepare for their GED exams.

The course is developed in collaboration with the GED Testing Service, and it comprises an interactive learning experience. Also, the course consists of over 150-course videos as well as more than 100 practice questions and tests similar to the actual GED.

Course provider: Kaplan

Duration:  3 months

Cost:  $69-$129

Apply now 


This GED prep course provides an extensive guide covering all four key topics covered in the GED exam. It comprises more than 300 short but detailed and captivating course videos on the following subjects:

  • Maths
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • Language arts

In addition, the course contains thousands of practice questions as well as five exhaustive GED study guides with detailed insider tips to help you ace your exam.

Each topic in the course comprises quizzes you will need to take at the end of each. This is to determine the level of your understanding of the optic. At the end of the day, you will receive personalized results specifically pointing you to areas you need some improvements in.

By the end of the course, you will have gained the necessary skills to help you successfully complete your GED exam.

Course provider:

Duration:  Self-paced

Cost: $3-$75 per unit. There’s a free trial option.

Apply here.

6. GED Testing Trial

This is one of the best GED prep courses you will ever find. It is put together by the individuals who set the actual GED exam.

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The course comprises a practice test which, after you have completed it, comes with an assigned probability score that shows how much you are likely to score in the actual exam. 

Basically, this course aims to equip you with all the basic skills you need to write your GED exam successfully. In addition, you get to receive a study plan specifically designed to help improve your score for your next practice and the actual exam as well. 

Course Provider: GED Testing Trial

Duration: Self-paced

Cost: Free trial for 90 days, and then you get to pay $119

Apply here.

7. Union Test Prep

This course aims at helping you successfully complete and scores big on your first GED attempt. It is a comprehensive course offered through an interesting portfolio.

When you apply for this course, you will gain access to a broad range of study materials, including practice tests, flashcards,, and study guides, all aimed at helping to prepare you for the actual GED exam.

The course covers an array of subjects whose topics are further broken down into sections to best model the main GED exam.

Course Provider: Union Test Prep

Duration: Self-paced

Cost: $9

Apply here.

8. Essential Education

This is also one of the best GED prep curses to go for. It provides an extensive guide to successfully writing your GED exam. 

To do this, this course prompts you to take a test following your enrollment, Te testis designed to identify your strengths and weaknesses best. Afterward, it develops a personalized study plan for you to prepare with.

In addition to this, this course also provides a variety of resources, which includes free one-on-one support from student advisors.

Also, you gain access to live coaching sessions and webinars, all of which will provide you with the skills and tools required to help fast-track your study and get GED test-ready.

Course Provider: Essential Education

Duration: Not specified

Cost: $19-$23 per month

Apply here

9. Mometrix University

This is also another one of the best GED prep courses to go for. The course offers you all the resources you need to prepare for your GED exam. It comprises 1000+ practice questions, 112 lessons, 290+ instructional videos, and 430 flashcards.

This is a paid GED prep course, and the university offers a one-week money-back guarantee.

Course Provider: Mometrix University

Duration:  Self-paced

Cost:  $29.99 per month

Apply here.

10. UGO Prep

If you are looking for a detailed GED prep course with less time to complete, then you might consider going for this course. Basically, this course is primarily for students who would rather work or learn intensely but quickly too.

It comes with an assessment that helps to identify your weaknesses and then begins to strengthen the areas the most improvements are needed yet.

In addition, this course comes with an array of helpful resources, including printable practice questions, simulated exams,, and thorough review guides that offer a deepened understanding of each exam topic.

Course Provider:  UGO Prep

Duration:  Not specified.

Cost: Custom price

Apply here.

FAQs Top 10 Free GED Prep Courses and Classes in 2022

Who is eligible to take the GED exam?

Anyone who didn’t complete their high school degree but desires an equivalent certificate to either gain access to great job opportunities in the future or to continue education.

What are the requirements for taking the GED exam?

The following requirements are needed to take the GED exam:

1. Must be at least, 16 years and older
2. Do not possess a diploma or a certificate of high school equivalency.
3. Do not attend a regular high school
4. Valid ID: passport, military ID, driver’s license.

When will I receive my scores after GED exam?

After the GED exam, you will be able to view your results online about 3 hours later.

When will I receive my GED transcript or diploma?

You will receive your results in the mail four weeks after your test date.

Can I take all 4 GED tests in one day?

Yes, all 4 GED tests can be taken in one day, but this is not recommended. This is because they are usually lengthy and can be tiresome.

How much time will I get to complete each subject on the GED exam?

Basically, you will need seven and a half hours to complete the entire GED. 

How early should I prep for my GED?

How early you should prep for GED depends on your education level, Basically, most people begin as early as 12 months. On the other hand, people who are more confident in their capabilities tend to begin as late as two weeks.

However, we recommend that you begin early to enable you to allow yourself enough time to identify your weak areas and improve on them.

How many practice tests should I take before the actual exam?

There is no set number of how many practice tests you should take before the GED exam. You have to keep taking tests until you have become better and confident enough of your capabilities to write the actual GED exam.

How long are most GED prep courses?

Basically, an online GED course taken between 2 and 3 weeks could get you prepared for your actual GED exam in 3 months.

However, you may decide to begin your preparations early to give yourself enough time to identify your weaknesses and improve on them. 
Also, you may consider beginning early if you have a busy schedule.

Is GED prep worth it?

Yes, GED prep courses are worth it. They help you to prepare for the actual GED exam. They will help to boost your chances of passing the exam. This will in turn help you to earn better. 

How much does GED prep cost?

The course of GED prep courses may vary across different providers. While some providers offer their GED prep courses for free and at no hidden charges, some others provide theirs at a flat fee or a monthly subscription.

The difference between these providers may be that the providers who attach fees to their GED prep courses may add extra services to their offer. These services may include tutoring or creating personalized studies for users at an additional cost. 


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