Top Ten Free Online Courses in Education and Teaching With Certificates in 2022

The act of teaching has brought knowledge sharing so far to this extent. Knowledge sharing is now made so easy due to discoveries and segmentations of teachings. Therefore teachers and educators must regularly improve in their field. Therefore, we’ve provided some free online courses in education and teaching. This program will also issue certificates to you when you’ve completed it.

So, are you a teacher? Or do give an interested in becoming a good teacher? Are you one of those who cherish a good procedure for learning? Then, this article is especially for you. Courses that you’d be exposed to herein will help you become better in this profession.

Meanwhile, teaching and education degrees create improved knowledge and skills for teachers. So, persons who enroll to study the history and philosophy of education will attain a deeper understanding of its purpose and purpose in society. Also, teaching and education help to create skills in lesson planning, classroom management, and student assessment.

Hence, you are required to carefully read this article to get the best utilization of it. As this is a very resourceful piece that will help you grow in the long run.

Free Online Courses in Education and Teaching With Certificates

Why Should You Have A Career In Education and Teaching?

Different people can account for several reasons why they aspire to become a teacher or educator. Meanwhile, a career in education and teaching is a very lucrative one. Coupled with fact that a career job in teaching and education is more secure.

Consequently, as a teacher or educator, you’d be open to lifelong learning in your desired field of teaching. This, you’d also be opened to several international opportunities.

Having a career in teaching and education will open you to great International opportunities. Thus, most countries highly value educators’ training and your certs open up doors to explore the world. Hence, teaching is a true vocation.

Why Enrol In An Education and Teaching Course?

You must enroll in a course in education and teaching if you must contribute to honing the next generation. Therefore, to become a qualified teacher you must pass through the rules being taught. So you could figure out the best ways to impact knowledge.

Meanwhile, enrolling in a program in this specialization will help you build good leadership skills in your career path. Whether you plan to work through the ranks in the teaching career. Or also you intend to progress to an administration position, leadership skills are a crucial part of your teaching career.

Additionally, when you enroll in a teaching and education course whether online or on campus, you’d get more connected to like minds. Thus, those who have slight or no social connections are not so healthy also less happy.

How Do You Become An Educator and Teacher?

Specifically, there are several categories of teachers and educators. So the qualification required largely depends on the field of teaching and education you are into.

However, becoming a teacher or an educator is not an easy one. You’d have to go through rigorous years of study and classroom practices. But traditionally you are expected to complete your high school education before beginning the next step.

The next, thing is to complete tertiary education. This can be in a bachelor’s degree, or diplomas that you’d attain in the college of education. This now depends on the level of educator or teacher you wish to become. You can go as far as getting a master’s and do to rate degree if you seek higher positions, especially as a university teacher.

You can also obtain these degrees online, that’s why we have provided free online courses in education and teaching. This sometimes it can be paid courses. You are also expected to get a teaching license from the state you are practicing to make things more professional. Get professional certifications from several teaching bodies related to your academic field.

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Top 10 Free Online Courses in Education and Teaching With Certificates

Finally, on the list of free online courses in education and teaching, we’ve enlisted the best 10 sighted so far. Meanwhile, this is done in no particular order. So they are viz;

#1. Foundations of Teaching for Learning: Learners and Learning

The Foundations of Teaching for Learning program is among the wonderful free online courses in education and teaching available. Hence, this course is for anyone who is teaching, or who is interested to teach, in any subject and in any content. You can undertake this program, be it at school, at home, or in the workplace.

So, the course provides dynamic lessons taught by conventional and respected professionals from across the Commonwealth. Thus, this eight-course program will see you improve and reinforce your skills in professionalism, teaching, assessment, and more. Thence, while you go through the course, you will find yourself bolstering not only your skills but your relationship with colleagues across the globe. Which is a professional growth opportunity not to be missed.

Also, the teacher’s work becomes significant when it is instructed by research and concepts of learning and their connection to actual practice. This course provides a chance for you to identify and discern learners’ expectations and previous learning.

Provider: Commonwealth education trust through Coursera

Subject: Foundations of Teaching for Learning: Learners and Learning

Duration: 12 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

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#2. What future for education?

By learning this course you will start to critically evaluate your education, teaching, and learning. Hence, would develop critique through engagement with concepts and ideas developed through educational research. Also, you learn to use these ideas to question or support your education.

Additionally, during this program, we will focus on one major question, using lecture videos, key readings, and challenges to investigate some normal place impressions about education. Also, you’d guided together with your team to use these ideas to critically reflect on your understanding. So, when you’d be done with the course, you ought to have an improved personal response to the main question: what is your preferred future for education?

Provider: The University of London through Coursera

Subject: What future for education?

Duration: 14 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

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#3. University Teaching

University Teaching is a preliminary course in teaching and learning in tertiary education. Hence, this course is modeled by staff at the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning at the University of Hong Kong.

Thus, this course exposes you to study evidence about beneficial university teaching and practical instructional design strategies. It also exposes you to numerous examples of productive teaching. Also, to hear the views of teachers whose teaching has been judged to be excellent.

More specifically, University Teaching will assist you to deal with the following questions:

  • What does teaching in higher education involve?
  • What does research evidence tell us about effective teaching in higher education?
  • How can we ensure that our instructional design will help our students achieve their intended learning outcomes?
  • What pedagogic options do we have to make our teaching successful?
  • What assessment and feedback practices can help our students learn more effectively?

Provider: The University of Hong Kong through Coursera

Subject: University Teaching

Duration: 18 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

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#4. MOOC and Blended Learning

The growth of online education has given rise to opportunities and challenges for conventional teaching and learning. Presently it’s very important to understand online education, which can enable us to study better and more easily.

Meanwhile, this course concentrates on 5 themes viz;

  • Interpreting online education
  • Discussing why online education is needed
  • Explaining the current status of online education in colleges and universities
  • Predicting the future of online education
  • Sharing online education practices and experiences from a large number of excellent teachers
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Provider: The University of Tsinghua University through Coursera

Subject: MOOC and Blended Learning

Duration: 5 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

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#5. Teach English Now! Lesson Design and Assessment

In these free online courses in education and teaching, you will learn to develop lesson plans based on precepts and also knowledge of learning objectives, assessment plans, techniques, materials, and learning activities.

Furthermore, students will find and ready reasonable teaching materials through thorough analysis, adaptation, and innovation of professional resources. Learners will also analyze the cohesion between lesson plans and teaching philosophies.

Provider: Arizona State University through Coursera

Subject: Teach English Now! Lesson Design and Assessment

Duration: 21 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

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#6. e-Learning Ecologies: Innovative Approaches to Teaching and Learning for the Digital Age

Teachers must learn to adopt an e-learning teaching approach. The truth remains that a great part of technology has not melted into to fabrics of education, so making recent development insignificant and the results looking disappointing. Therefore, this course is a leading-edge to moving education forward. Thus, teachers will learn to use e-learning facilities to foster student educational experience.

So, what is new? How can we use technologies to improve education? Hence, this course examines seven affordances of e-learning ecologies, which open up profound possibilities for what is called new Learning transformative, 21st-century learning:

  • Ubiquitous Learning
  • Active Knowledge Making
  • Multimodal Meaning
  • Recursive Feedback
  • Collaborative Intelligence
  • Metacognition
  • Differentiated Learning

Meanwhile, these affordances, if acknowledged and harnessed, will ready you for success. Hence, in a world that is increasingly dominated by digital information flows and tools. Used for communication in the workplace, public spaces, and personal life. This course presents a wide variety of instances of learning technologies and technology executions that, to varying degrees, illustrate these affordances in action.

Provider: The University of Illinois through Coursera

Subject: e-Learning Ecologies: Innovative Approaches to Teaching and Learning for the Digital Age

Duration: 19 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

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#7. The Place of Music in 21st Century Education

What do kids need from education now, and in the future? How does technology improve teaching and learning? How do we reconcile innovative approaches to education with the established, conventional ones? What does student-centered learning mean?

Thus, this five-module course is not just for classroom or ensemble music teachers. The course is also available for those who are education creatively infused. Also, as contemporary education issues, and the integration and use of digital technology.

Furthermore, the course challenges old paradigms, inspire innovative and creative pedagogical philosophy, and develop your ability to critically react to the latest research. We’ll visit schools with largely different strategies for learning and teaching, and meet inspiring teachers and principals. Also, We’ll enter classrooms to carefully observe how technology is incorporated into music education. Or how it’s decidedly not! We’ll talk to global experts about creative and conventional approaches to music education, and I’ll give insights from my practice as well as from some of my students.

Provider: The University of Sydney through Coursera

Subject: The Place of Music in 21st Century Education

Duration: 22 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

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#8. Online Learning Design for Educators Specialization

This course is for teachers seeking to enhance and expand their repertoire of online teaching skills associated with the design, development, and delivery of effective and interesting online courses and lessons for school-age and adult learners.

Learning in the 21st century no longer takes place exclusively between the four walls of a physical classroom. With advances in technology, learners now expect to be offered flexible study modes outside of the traditional face-to-face model. This course explores the foundational skills needed to design, develop and provide an effective and engaging online course or lesson.

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This course is for anyone responsible for designing and/or delivering online learning experiences, as well as educators and teachers who are familiar with physical learning and teaching and are now adjusting to online environments.

Provider: The Macquarie University through Coursera

Subject: Online Learning Design for Educators Specialization

Duration: 22 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

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#9. ADHD: Everyday Strategies for Elementary Students

This course will give a summary of ADHD diagnosis and treatment. Course participants can anticipate learning about ADHD as a developmental disease that begins early in childhood, and participants will also learn about fact-based methods for diagnosing ADHD.

This program aims to enable you to identify the behaviors characteristic of ADH. Also, the components of a diagnosis and evidence-based treatment procedures can be used in the school or at home.

  • Identify the key areas of functional impairment, symptom presentation, and diagnostic decision-making for youth with ADHD.
  • Develop a behavioral intervention suitable for treating ADHD in the school setting.
  • Apply effective parenting and teaching strategies for supporting youth with ADHD in the home, classroom, and neighborhood.

Provider: The University of Buffalo through Coursera

Subject: ADHD: Everyday Strategies for Elementary Students

Duration: 8 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

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#10. Motivating Gen Z Learners: What Parents and Teachers Need to Know

The objective of this course is to equip parents and teachers with the knowledge of motivational concepts and their application in life contexts. Hence, this course depicts common motivational issues that the participants can settle using the motivational precepts explained in the course.

Through the various sessions, parents and teachers will progressively create a repertoire of strategies that allow them to better discern the Gen Z learners and improve their motivation to learn. Course participants will also have the chance to check their knowledge through quizzes and to communicate with one another through discussion forums.

Provider: The National Institute of Education at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore through Coursera

Subject: Motivating Gen Z Learners: What Parents and Teachers Need to Know

Duration: 8 hours

Start Date: Self-placed

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In a nutshell, the essence of teaching and education cannot be over-emphasized. So, if you are an aspirant for this specialization then you have to know that you’ve made the right decision.

Therefore, do well to apply for one of the free online education and teaching programs herein. If you encounter any difficulty doing this, do well to reach us using our various options including the comment box.

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Online Courses in Education and Teaching

How many types of teaching courses are there?

5 Types of Teaching Courses –
NPTT (Nursery Primary Teacher’s Training)
B. Ed (Bachelor of Education)
M. Ed (Master of Education)
D. Ed (Diploma in Education)
D. El. Ed (Diploma in Elementary Education)

Is there a diploma in teaching?

A diploma in teaching is a qualification that is usually awarded through a technical or vocational school. This qualification in education usually takes 18 months to acquire while a degree is usually studied over four years. A diploma in teaching will often allow you to specialize in a certain field of teaching.

Can you get into teaching without a degree?

Most routes into teaching require you to have a degree before being accepted onto Initial Teacher Training but since 2012 there is a route into teaching without a degree through the Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS).

What is the salary for an unqualified teacher?

Unqualified teachers in Inner London can expect to receive a salary of between £20,092 and £29,379 or £18,977 to £28,272 in Outer London. Upper pay ranges, which are dependent upon position, performance, and experience, ranging from an average of £37,000 in the London Fringe to around £44,000 in Inner London.

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