15 Free Online Nursing Courses with Certificates in 2022

Interested in a nursing online course? If yes, read on to know the 15 Free Online Nursing Courses with Certificates in 2022

Free Online Nursing Courses with Certificates in 2021

Get accredited with a certificate in any nursing course of your choice at your own set pace. We all can attest to the fact that this amiable profession is not only tedious but quite expensive assessing at any institution. In this post, you’ll get to know the 15 Free Online Nursing Courses with Certificates in 2022. Nursing courses!

At the comfy of your home, you can get the various resources needed to be a part of this prestigious profession in the global world. And guess what?

It is FREE! Yes, FREE!

Doubly packaged at the comfort of your home and without expenses. You can’t miss this opportunity! You have to read this post!

Though nursing is a career path, to some it is a calling!

Wonderful, right? Many feel so attached to this noble profession that it creates a large vacuum in their hearts only to be filled by the warmth and hope of recovering patients. The thought of saving lives and restoring well-being is not just so cool but it’s an admirable one.

Its happiness isn’t for a moment but for A Lifetime.

Right now, I will highlight the various reasons why you should take these Free Online Nursing courses.

For the Free Online Nursing Courses;

Note: these courses are not for beginners alone, they are also for those seeking additional knowledge and expertise as well as for those seeking to broaden their field. For leisure and exposure, you should apply also. Remember the famous saying, “No knowledge is wasted”

Reasons why you should apply to any of the 15 Free Online Nursing Courses

Personal Fulfillment

As a nurse, you are permitted to decide from different fields of nursing and medicine to engage in as a career path, while positively impacting lives. The study through this online course opens up for career advancement and skills, which increases health standards as well as the quality of services to be offered globally. Ultimately, giving a sense of personal fulfillment.

Ability to Choose Your Own Specialization
Nurses have a variety of specialties they can choose from after learning from clinical opportunities. For them, Industries and factories are available, not only healthcare. As industries grow, they erect hospitals for staff and this paves way for nurses within that area to apply for opportunities. Sometimes, they improve to the uppermost ranks of leadership, serving as vice presidents or even as chief executive officers.

Job Security
Job security is a great benefit to nurses. They are vital parts of the healthcare system, and without them, hospitals cannot operate optimally. As they are always demanded, even in times of economic insecurity, they always find good positions to work.

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Excellent Wages and Benefits

Nurses receive tremendous wages and benefits. Their wages are among the top 10 best-payed jobs. They also secure excellent benefits from their employers, covering their health and dental bills. One main benefit of the nursing career is the high wage they receive. Of course, better wages are a great motivation to work efficiently.

Travel Opportunities
Many companies search for experienced nurses around the world to invest in their travels to provide services to their companies. They even take up the traveling costs as well as conducive accommodation bills. The benefits are limitless as she works while touring the world.

Obtain Certification
Certification in nursing provides you with the legal authority to practice professional nursing. That means if you have whether on-campus or online Nursing Certificate, you will be recognized as a professional nurse and can be employed.

After exhausting these benefits and more, I’m sure you want to get started.

Right, let’s dive in!

15 Free Online Nursing Courses with Certificates in 2022

1. Complete Guide to Nursing School for Pre-Nursing Students

Nurses are usually responsible to mitigate the long-term illnesses of patients. This course covers Real-world advice, tips, and the steps you need to confidently Research, Apply, and Stand out in Nursing school. You will study the opinions of patients, their families, and professionals, and apply these ideas to your own experiences as a nurse.
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 on Udemy

2. Introduction to Nursing: The Role of Nurses Around the World

This course is what you need to foster a career in nursing, This course expounds on the essentials of nursing and its contributions to the health sector.
Furthermore, it is a 4 weeks online nursing course that will help you understand nursing principles and understand how you can help people and societies take care of themselves as a nurse.
And more hurriedly, this free online nursing program is starting 27 April 2022 so apply.

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3. Nursing theory and advanced practice

If you want to build successful nursing skills, this free Online Nursing Course is best for you.
This Nursing theory and practice course concentrate on the use and criticism of nursing theories to improve your skills. Also, it emphasizes the critique, evaluation, and utilization of nursing and other relevant theories applied to advanced nursing practice and a thorough approach to care.

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4. Understanding clinical research: behind the statistics

This free online nursing course will help you understand medical statistical analysis in interpreting common statistical concepts. Also for those interested in literature or research, this course is your first step.
Note, taking a free online course in statistical analysis paves the way for a better understanding of the data. The course is always on for enrollment.

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5. Caring relationships

To choose nursing, caring and tolerance are among the basis to be learned. This is because different people possess different characters that can cause frustration if not managed.
In this course, you will learn to perform complex tasks while relaxing patients through difficult experiences as your duty.
To start this course, you must create an account. This account will enable you to track your learning, access the test and quizzes, and earn a Statement of participation on completion.

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6. Understanding dementia

This free course helps nurses understand more about the brain, the causes of dementia, and how the disease affects not only patients but also their friends and loved ones. Resources include video clips, activities, games, scenarios, and quizzes.

Furthermore, you will have the platform to meet an international network of peers online to discuss the key issues surrounding dementia and get a free certificate.

Note, you can always enrol for this course anytime. and it’s a 3 hours a week course.

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7. The Role of Personal Assistants in Disability Support

This free online course is for personal assistants and those interested in disability support or even certified assistant nursing. This 4 weeks course will encourage you to discuss ways to avoid and/or manage personal conflicts, whether you are a disabled person or a personal assistant.
Additionally, it is based on new evidence on the close working relationship between people with disabilities and support workers, and how to improve them.

Guess what? This free online nursing course is with a certificate and extra benefit worth $39.

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8. Diet therapy

Are you worried about your patients and you request quick recovery? This online nursing course will help you get there.
This free online nursing course teaches you about diet therapy and discusses intestinal, bowel, and food-related diseases. A well-nourished person is more mentally and physically lively, and capable of being immune to infectious diseases. This is why patients in a hospital are given an appropriate diet to aid their recovery.
If you are educated in proper nutrition as a nurse, you can encourage patients on nutrition and restoration of health. It’s all on this course.

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9. Cancer Survivorship for Primary Care Practitioners

One major deadly disease is cancer. With this free nursing course, cancer recovery will be made clear and how to develop an effective care plan for patients.
Furthermore, this course is a 4 weeks course that will teach you the psychological, social, and emotional impact of cancer, new and emerging treatments, results for survivors, and the possible side effects of treatment.

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10. Clinical Supervision: Assessing and Providing Feedback

This online course concentrates on the principles of workplace-based assessment and workplace-based assessment tools. It will show you how to apply them as part of your clinical supervision.

Furthermore, it is a 3-week program that will look at models to monitor performance, provide effective feedback, and explore strategies to identify and support struggling students.

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11. Kidney anatomy

Is your major on kidney diseases? You’re on the right track. This Kidney Anatomy free course will aid your knowledge on kidney diseases.
Fundamentally, this course describes everything about the design and function of the kidney, which can be taught to patients and help elevate their knowledge of this organ.

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12. Chronic urticaria

This course is among the free online nursing courses with a certificate of completion UK. It is for healthcare professionals who need to advance their chronic urticaria knowledge.
Urticaria is an allergic reaction that can be caused by food, environmental factors, and stress.
Additionally, it aids in understanding the causes and methods of preventing hives.

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13. Vital signs

Location: University of Pennsylvania

This free nursing course is a 6 weeks course that explains the basic anatomic and physiological vital signs of the body. It also explains the normal ranges, normal variants, and the mechanisms involved in the objective measurement of vital signs.
Note, this free online nursing certification course will be starting on April 13th, 2022. Be quick.

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14. Children with asthma

This course helps nurses ensure asthmatic children under them are safe and can mingle with other children and activities. Nurses responsible for the childcare section will encounter asthmatic children so this course helps you take care of them as well as teach methods to save their lives during seizures.

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15. The Musculoskeletal System: The Science of Staying Active into Old Age

Location: Newcastle University, The University of Sheffield, and University of Liverpool

This is one of the free online nursing training courses you can go for if you want to know about the bones, joints, and muscles and why they function the way they function.
This course is a 3 weeks program targeted at people who lead active lives and seek knowledge on how their lifestyle will affect their long-term health. It provides a framework to teach patients how to stay healthy through exercise as they age.
Although the courses are free, to get the certificate, you will have to pay $54. Note, these free nursing online courses will be starting on the 8th of June 2022

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