Providence College Acceptance Rate And How To Get Accepted Easily

How can I get easy acceptance into Providence College? If this was you, a few minutes back. You just got answers to your questions. Now, take a deep breath and scroll down this article to get all the information you need about Providence College Acceptance Rate and how to get it easily. This article will give you the information you need on Providence college acceptance rate, Admission Information, Admission Requirements, GPA Requirements, and SAT/ACT Requirements.

Providence College is a Roman Catholic Private College that opened in 1919. Providence College offers a strong” liberal arts program as well as a “fun and lively social environment” for students. Many undergraduates consider Providence’s “Western Civilization curriculum” to be a highlight of their time at the university.

Providence College majors in Accountancy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, and all others. You can CLICK HERE to know more.

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Providence College Acceptance Rate And How To Get Accepted Easily

Admissions Information for Providence College

  1. Programs– In its four schools, Providence College provides a wide range of programs. This college offers 48 undergraduate programs and 15 graduate programs, including an MBA program.
  2. Application Process: Providence College offers both early decision and early action options. Early decision is a commitment, which means you must attend if accepted, whereas early action permits you to apply early without committing. The deadline for Early Action applications is November 15, which is rapidly approaching! At Providence College, the early decision admission rate is 85 percent, compared to a 54 percent overall acceptance rate percentage. For all deadlines, Providence College’s acceptance rate is around 59 percent of early action candidates and 54 percent of all applications.
  3. Application Deadline: For regular decisions, the next deadline is set for January 15.
  4. Admission Portal: CLICK HERE
  5. Admission Fee: Sixty-five U.S dollars ($65)

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Providence College Admission Requirements

  • Transcripts, Reports, and Certificates from High school.
  • Application Essay Recommendations
  • High School Transcripts/Reports/Certificates with Standardized Test Scores
  • Recommendations
  • Standardized Test Scores in the United States
  • Financial Documentation- Current Bank Statements- English Proficiency Test
  • Financial Certification for International Students (only if not intending to apply for need-based Financial Aid)
  • Profile of CSS/Financial Aid (to request Financial Aid)
  • You must include a passport photo and a biographical page.
  • Test of English Proficiency
  • Financial Record-Keeping
  • Bank Statements Currently Available

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Providence College Acceptance Rate

With a 47 percent acceptance rate, Providence College admissions are quite selective. The average SAT score for students admitted to Providence college is 1210-1360 or an ACT score of 27-31. Providence College has a typical admissions deadline of January 15th. The deadlines for early action and early determination are November 1 and November 9, respectively.

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Providence College Acceptance GPA Requirements

Providence College expects you to have a 3.48 GPA in high school and be in the middle of your class. You’ll need a mixture of A and B grades, with only a few Cs. If your GPA is poor, you can make up for it by taking more difficult subjects such as AP or IB. This will help you improve your weighted GPA and demonstrate your college readiness.

You’ll need a better SAT or ACT score to compensate if your GPA is at or below the school’s average of 3.48. This will enable you to effectively compete against applicants with higher GPAs.

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Providence College ACT and SAT Requirements

Providence College’s average SAT composite score is 1280 on a 1600-point scale. The school is competitive in terms of SAT results with this score.
The New SAT score for the 25th percentile is 1220, and the New SAT score for the 75th percentile is 1340. To put it another way, 1220 on the New SAT puts you below average, and 1340 puts you above average.

The average ACT score at Providence College (PC) is 82. If you want to be considered for Providence College (PC). If your score is closer to 74, you’ll probably have a harder difficulty getting in. Aim for a score of 90 to consider Providence College (PC) a “target” school (one that you have a strong probability of getting into).

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Applicants must fill out the Common Application online. To avoid any last-minute complications, International applicants must submit their documents many weeks before the deadline. Before applying for Providence College admission, make sure you have all of your documents available. For international students applying to PC for undergraduate or graduate courses, English Language Proficiency test scores are required. Providence College has a relatively limited number of seats, thus applicants are recommended not to wait too long to apply, otherwise, they may miss out on the chance to study here.

FAQs on The Providence College And The Acceptance Rate

Do they give Honors or Advanced Placement courses more weight in the application process?

Providence College looks at the availability of Honors and Advanced Placement courses at each high school when assessing a student’s high school transcript, and then they analyze what the student has taken advantage of throughout his or her course of study. Each student’s curriculum is rated, ensuring that all Honors and Advanced Placement courses he or she may be taking are given due consideration. Then, on an unweighted 4.0 scale, the school looks at a student’s GPA and utilizes both the GPA and the strength of curriculum ranking to help evaluate candidates.

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Is there a benefit to using Early Action rather than Regular Decision?

For both the Early Action and Regular Decision categories, the admissions standards are the same. Most essential, the Committee on Admission wants you to make the best decision possible in your college search when considering Early Action. You want to be confident that you are presenting the best application possible by the November 1 deadline, which means you are satisfied with your standardized test scores and believe that your curriculum and academic success will remain fairly consistent in your senior year, at providence college will only see your academic work through the junior year.

Is it easier to get into college if you apply for Early Action?

While Early Action students have a greater acceptance percentage than Regular Decision students, this disparity is due to the Early Action candidate pool being much stronger than the Regular Decision applicant pool. Regardless of when they apply, providence college’s goal is to admit the students who have the best academic preparation as well as the personal qualities and interests that are a good fit for Providence College.

What is the maximum number of letters of recommendation a candidate should submit?

Providence college requires one recommendation from your high school counselor or college advisor. The school also allows you to submit extra recommendations from professors or other trusted individuals in your life, but this is not required. If you choose to do so, make sure that these additional letters provide the Committee on Admission with different information about you. You don’t need letters from two distinct English professors, for example, because they will get the same information from both. Rather, ask a teacher who teaches in a subject you’re interested in majoring in, or a teacher who has served as a coach or club advisor to you. Employers and community members are examples of people who can write significant recommendations outside of the high school setting.

Should my extracurricular activities and employment outside of high school be featured on my extracurricular resume? Should my extracurricular activities and employment outside of high school be featured on my extracurricular resume?
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Absolutely! We want to know about whatever you’re doing, whether or not it’s sanctioned by your high school. Part-time work, church activity, and family commitments are all essential ways in which you spend your time. We want to hear about your favorite activities, and everything will be taken into account during our examination of your application.

What is the significance of the application essay?

The application essay allows the Admissions Committee to hear your voice while also giving us an idea of your writing ability. Use the essay to talk about something personal to you, and make sure to proofread and revise your final draft before sending it in with your application. You have six major subjects to choose from on the Common Application, including “Topic of Your Choice,” which allows you to freely express your thoughts and ideas about anything. Remember that every part of your application, including the essay, is a reflection of you, and you want to show yourself in the best light possible!

What is the cost of tuition broken down into?

The Bursar’s Office provides a breakdown of tuition and fees.

What are the criteria for getting a Merit Scholarship and how are they awarded?

Selections for merit scholarships will be made by the Admissions Committee. Please check the selection procedure and award levels for more information.

To be considered for a Merit Scholarship, do I have to apply for need-based financial aid?

No. You do not need to fill out the FAFSA or CSS Profile forms if the only type of aid you are interested in is merit-based.

Are Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and/or Dual Enrollment credits accepted?

The Office of the Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies evaluates AP, IB, and Dual Enrollment credits before applying them.
Students must get a 4 or a 5 on the AP exam in order to receive credit for AP courses. Students must get a score of 5 or higher on the Higher Level IB exams to receive IB credit. Dual enrollment courses must be delivered on a college campus by a full-time college instructor, according to Providence College. These courses must also meet or surpass the student’s graduation requirements from high school. Dual enrollment credit is rarely granted at Providence College as a result of these factors.
Students who receive AP, IB, or dual enrollment credit must still satisfy the College’s eight-semester full-time requirement.

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