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Boston University Free Online Courses 2022

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Are you ready for this top expository? Then read on to know about Boston University free online courses 2022

Boston University free online courses 2021

From the year 2002, Boston University has been offering online learning programs that are exceptionally award-winning and recognized worldwide for students who intend to gain great educational feats. Hence, the reason for this post on Boston University Free Online Courses 2022, just for you.

Did you hear that? It’s free! It’s Online. And most importantly, at Boston University whose 3 programs;  Grad Business, Grad Computer Information Technology,  and Criminal Justice ranks in the top 12 for best online programs by U.S. News & World Report 2022.

It is certain that when you take Boston University free online courses, you connect to academic programs that provide specialized skills in the most competitive industries alongside amazing students and staff.

Even more, Boston University uses an innovative approach with online students.

So what then are you waiting for? Register at Boston University (BU) from wherever you are!

Or do you still need more reasons? Continue the read!

Why Choose Boston University Free Online Courses 2022?

  • Firstly, Boston University is unique in pioneering research, academic innovation with globally recognized faculty and alumni.
  • You join a community of engaged, mature students.
  • Students use current interactive technology in addition to undoubted support.
  • And finally, graduating to join BU’s network of 377,900+ alumni worldwide.

Here, you explore a world-class education from anywhere!

Perhaps you need proof, view all Awards & Accreditations.

Academic Programs at Boston University

Academic Programs at Boston University are;

Concentrate program
Bachelor’s Degree Programs
Master’s Degree Programs
PhD (Doctorate) Programs

For a plus, you can check each program’s tuition and fees here.

Here you go, to all free online courses in Boston with perhaps little fees for a certificate.

Boston University Free Online Courses 2022

Strategic Social Media Marketing (edX)

Starts: Apr 30th, 2022

Strategic Social Media Marketing teaches how to link strategy, tactics as well as to measure outcomes. And continuously consumers interact with each other and firms through social media technologies. Thus, this basic shift in the marketplace brings greater opportunities to consumers to be able to speak their opinions, connect with their peers, also increase influence.

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Digital Transformation Strategy (edX)

Starts: June 29th, 2022

Self Paced

This course covers the strategies for operating a new digital economy towards business success. Maybe, you desire success in your business? You’ve got to enroll. Unfortunately, most legacy businesses continue to operate by old playbooks. Therefore, you’ve got to keep pace with the changes in the industry to always lead.

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Product Management with Lean, Agile and System Design Thinking (edX)

Self Paced

Starts: June 29th, 2022

Do you desire to plan, develop, and deliver all work ethics within the lifecycle of digital products using lean, agile, and systems design thinking? Then you’ve got this course to be the “CEO” of the digital product.

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Platform Strategy for Business (edX)

Starts: Aug 13th, 2022

Have you wondered how firms such as Apple, Alibaba, Facebook, SalesForce, Uber, and Yelp function as platform ecosystems matching buyers to sellers, thereby gaining value, market share from network effects, and harnessing users to innovate? Yes! This course teaches you exactly how to convert products to platforms and how to generate platform innovation. From how to bargain platform startup, convert existing businesses, and make all vital decisions.

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Leading in the Digital Age (edX)

Starts: Sept 16th, 2022

The Digital Age is here to foster a new leadership mindset and leadership skills necessary for digital transformation in your organization. You’ve just got to enroll to enjoy a more prosperous and fulfilling life globally.

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Business Analytics for Data-Driven Decision Making (edX)

Starts: July 18th, 2022

Each day, decisions are needed to be better especially using analytic methods thereby creating competitive advantages from data. Eventually, all managerial and leadership positions in the digital economy progressively rely on data-driven decision making, and industries good at “Data-Driven Decision Management” achieve significant productivity gains over other firms.

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The Postdoc Academy: Succeeding as a Postdoc

Availability: Starting Soon

Starts: June 19, 2022

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AP® Spanish Language and Culture (edX)

Starts: Feb 11th, 2022

While other courses are taught in English, this Boston University Free Online Course is taught in English and Spanish! Just great for you!
¡Prepárense con Nosotros! Do you seek a way to get more practice with and exposure to the AP Spanish exam in general? Then this interactive online course from Boston University Spanish instructors is just for you.

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Driving Digital Innovation through Experimentation (edX)

Starts: Sept 24th, 2022

Apply the principles of technical, organizational, strategical experimentation at your business and transcend digitally after completion. That is to say, experimentation is a key capability for any business to develop. To learn how to control data, build knowledge and apply this knowledge to increase business results and create strategic advantages.

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Advancing Learning Through Evidence-Based STEM Teaching (edX)

Starts: Jan 23rd, 2022, Also, this Boston University Free Online Course is taught in English and Spanish!
Also, this Boston University Free Online course aids effective teaching strategies and research, how to collect, analyze, and work upon results of student learning. This free online course prepares current and future STEM faculty members in effective teaching strategies and demonstrating these strategies.

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Faith and Finance (edX)

Starts: Sep 4th, 2022

Boston University, BUx

Here, you can discover the complex relationships between faith and money as well as strategies for wise, faith-based stewardship of finances. This course delivers a progressive, holistic, Christian theological framework, in dialogue with other religious traditions, for wise personal and institutional financial stewardship.

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The Practitioner’s Guide to Global Health

Schools and Partners: BUx

Availability: Current self-paced

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Boston University Student Resources

Whether you’re learning from home, the field, or the road, students in Boston University online degree and certificate programs have 24/7 access to excellent course material, online lectures, discussion boards, and interactive multimedia content to fully support their learning experience in smart and exciting ways.

As a result, Online learning expertly designed sets the classroom to challenge the notion that the most effective learning is face-to-face. Students study with the same BU faculty who teach on campus, and benefit from easy access to recorded lectures from professors and visiting experts, readings, support material, case studies, student services, and other resources – most of which are available at all times.

Headspace for Mindfulness & Meditation

The Wellbeing Project in partnership with Athletics, Graduate Education, and Student Health Services offers all Boston University students FREE access to Headspace – a research-backed app for mindfulness and meditation. All eligible students can use this app.

Boston University’s official bookstore is Barnes & Noble @ Boston University. The bookstore offers course textbooks as well as BU apparel and other school essentials.


For detailed information about accessing Boston University library resources, visit the BU library website using the libraries as an online student.

Furthermore, you can view the guide on Resources for Students in Online and Off-Campus Programs.

Online Tutoring

Boston University is happy to collaborate with Smarthinking™, to directly deliver online courses. Therefore, see the services and subjects offered by Smarthinking.

Other school resources can be found Here.

Are you satiated with the information? Yes! Then don’t hesitate, just apply to any of the Boston University Free Online Courses.

You can also

Contact Boston Or visit their official website.

Boston University Scholarship Opportunities 2022

Boston University (BU) offers some of the best scholarship opportunities for international students. Read on to know about the Boston University Scholarship Opportunities 2022 Many students want to study in the United States of America. The reason is that American Universities are among the top-ranked all across the world.

Boston University Scholarship Opportunities 2021

Universities in the USA are highly ranked all over the world

The US has one of the highest literacy rates in the world. The USA ranks high at #24 among 214 countries.

This article aims to give precise information about BU scholarship programs and how to apply for them.

Boston University (BU)

Boston University is located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

The university is open for all although it is linked historically to the United Methodist Church.

The University is one of the highest employers in Massachusetts.
The school has over 3,800 faculty members.

As of 2022, Boston University has about 33,000 students.

BU is the fourth-largest private university in the US. The school ranks #40 in National Universities and #23 in Study Abroad.

For more BU rankings, click here.

BU has two urban campuses. These are;

  • The main campus located at the Charles River in Boston’s Fenway-Kenmore and Allston neighborhoods.
  • The medical campus located in Boston’s South End neighborhood.

There are eighteen schools and colleges within the two campuses.

Scholars can bag the following degrees from Boston University;

  • Bachelor of Science degree (BSc.)
  • Master of Science degree (MSc.)
  • Bachelor of Art degree (BA.)
  • Master of Arts degree (MA.)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (BEng.)
  • Bachelor of Liberal Arts (BLA)
  • Doctorates (PhD.)
  • Dental degree (DDS and DMD)
  • Business degree (BBA)

Full list of degree awards.


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Boston University Scholarship Opportunities 2022

Boston University Admission Requirements

BU admits 22% of its many applicants. This means that for every 100 students who apply, BU admits 22. This rate goes to show the competitive and selective nature of the university.

The main admission criterion for nationals is a standardized test result. Boston University accepts SAT/ACT.

About 50% of students who gain admission to Boston University have high SAT scores of 1330 and 1500. Either that or an ACT score of 30 and 33. About 25% of admitted candidates make higher grades. Statistics also show that about 25% of admitted candidates score below this range.

The standard score is 1330 for SAT and 30 for ACT.

When applying for admission, students should note these;

DeadlineBoston University will not accept applications after January 6.

FeesThe application fee for BU is 80 USD.

GPA is an essential requirement for admission. Letter of recommendation from your school, class rank is also needed for admission.

Important documents for international students include;

  • School Documents
  • English Proficiency Testing (EPT) Results.
  • Proof of financial support
  • Copy of student’s data page of the passport

SAT/ACT and TOEFL are a requirement.

Boston University Courses

For Undergraduates

Boston University ranks #76 in undergraduate teaching in the USA. BU offers a vast number of courses at the undergraduate level.

For Graduates

Some of the institution’s highest ranking in graduate studies in the US include;

  • #4 in Project Management
  • #5 in Health Care Law
  • #9 in Biomedical Engineering / Bioengineering

See other rankings here.

BU offers a list of courses for Masters and Doctorate degrees. These courses cut across different fields.

To get the full list of courses offered in BU, click here.

Scholarship Opportunities for International Students 2022

Boston University scholarship opportunities are available for international students all over the world.

BU offers two scholarship opportunities for international scholars. These are the Trustee Scholars Program (TSP) and the Presidential Scholarship

Trustee Scholars Program

Trustee Scholars Program (TSP) is Boston University’s most reputable scholarship. This scholarship provides the opportunity for students to become a part of this distinctive campus institution.

Via the TSP, Boston University admits up to 20 students.

This scholarship is eligible to candidates who;

  • Display excellent academic and non-academic performances.

In most cases, admitted candidates have a 4.0 GPA in their respective high schools. These candidates are usually the best students in their class.

Excellent grades are a major criterion for admission.

Students who get admitted via TSP also show a high level of skilfulness in other fields of life.

TSP Scholarship benefits

TSP covers the following;

  • Full undergraduate tuition
  • Compulsory undergraduate student fees

TSP is renewable. Students can apply for TSP renewal for four years. To qualify for renewal, they must meet certain requirements.

TSP Scholarship Application

Students who wish to apply for the Trustee Scholarship are to submit the Common or Coalition Application. Students should also submit all needed documents for admission into any undergraduate degree program. Completing the TSP essay on the Common or Coalition Application is also required.

The deadline for submission is December 1. For more information, visit the BU website.

Presidential Scholarship

This scholarship program is strictly available to first-year students
A major criterion is an excellent academic performance. The annual value is $25,000. The Presidential Scholarship program is renewable for up to 4 years.

Visit the BU website for further information.

Boston University scholarship opportunities come with great benefits. However, many applicants do not get admitted because they do not follow due process.

Here are few tips for prospective applicants;

Pay attention to details

Candidates must note all the needed requirements. They must ensure that they adhere strictly to application guidelines.

Pay attention to the deadline for submission.

Visit the University website for updates. Also, do this frequently.

Excellence is key

Many students apply for BU scholarships. Admission through scholarships is quite competitive.

The university upholds excellence as a core value. Therefore, excellent students receive preferential attention. Scholars are advised to strife to attain maximum excellence in academic and non-academic endeavors.


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