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20 MBA Scholarships For Canadian Students 2021

MBA Scholarships for Canadian students 2021 are available for Canadian students concerned with studying their MBA at a good business school. 

MBA Scholarships For Canadian Students 2021

MBA – Master of Business Administration

The MBA Canada scholarships are open to not only Canadian students but also International Students and students from developing countries.

Xscholarship has made in-depth research to provide all the details you need to know about the MBA Scholarships for Canadian Students 2021 as well as the scholarship links. 

We recommend that you don’t only apply for one MBA scholarship for Canadian students. You can apply for more than one MBA Canada scholarships to increase your chances of being awarded any of them. 

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MBA Scholarship For Canadian Students 2021

Here is a list of MBA Scholarships For Canadian Students.

  •  Harvard Business School MBA Scholarships (USA)
  •  Wharton Business School MBA Scholarships (USA)
  •  Stanford Business School MBA Scholarships (USA)
  •  London Business School MBA Scholarships (UK)
  •  Said Business School MBA Scholarships (UK)
  •  Warwick Business School MBA Scholarships (UK)
  •  Cranfield School of Management MBA Scholarships (UK)
  •  Forte Fellows Program
  •  ESMT MBA Scholarships (Germany)
  •  SDA Bocconi MBA Scholarships (Italy)
  • INSEAD Alumni Fund (IAF) Women’s Scholarship
  • Nestle MBA Scholarships for Women at IMD
  • ESADE Business School MBA Scholarships (Spain)
  • ESADE Women of the World Scholarship
  •  London Business School Women’s Scholarships
  •  ESMT Women’s Academic Scholarships
  •  SDA Bocconi Scholarships for Women
  •  IMD MBA Scholarships (Switzerland)
  •  INSEAD MBA Scholarships (France/Singapore)
  •  HEC Paris MBA Scholarships (France)

Harvard Business School MBA Scholarships (USA)

Harvard business school offers numerous scholarships, with 65% of its students receiving some sort of financial assistance. There are also need-based awards of $5,000 or full tuition in the form of scholarships and fellowships provided plus monthly stipends.

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Wharton Business School MBA Scholarships (USA)

Wharton Business School offers merit-based MBA Fellowships that are accessible to all admitted candidates to their MBA programs. These fellowships target international students and cover full tuition ($20,000) plus living expenses.

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Stanford Business School MBA Scholarships (USA)

Stanford Business School offers need-based MBA Fellowships to all admitted candidates who can demonstrate financial struggle. Approximately half of Stanford MBA students receive fellowship funds, and the average GSB fellowship is about $35,000 per year or $70,000 in total awards.

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London Business School MBA Scholarships (UK)

The London Business School offers a variety of scholarships open to students from different nationalities (including Canadians). These scholarships can be in the form of full fee awards or one-time awards worth between £12,000 and £50,000.

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Said Business School MBA Scholarships (UK)

Oxford University’s Said Business School offers numerous international/regional scholarships for women and entrepreneurs ranging from £10,000 to full tuition plus a monthly stipend.

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Warwick Business School MBA Scholarships (UK)

Warwick Business School offers over £2million Scholarships for the most talented applicants for entry to the Warwick MBA program. These scholarships are available for full-time study, distance learning, executive MBA, and Global Energy MBA. The scholarship amount ranges from 50% of the first year’s fees to full tuition plus stipend.

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Cranfield School of Management MBA Scholarships (UK)

Currently, Cranfield School of Management offers merit scholarships and need-based bursaries worth between £7,000 to full tuition, categorized by gender, nationality, and sector.

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Forte Fellows Program

The Forté Fellows Program offers fellowships to women of all nationalities including Canadians, pursuing a full-time, part-time, or executive MBA education at selected business schools worldwide. The scholarship value ranges between $15,000 – $25,000 or more.

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ESMT MBA Scholarships (Germany)

ESMT MBA Scholarships is sponsored by its 25 corporate founders, and offers numerous partial-tuition scholarships for MBA applicants every year, although there are a limited number of prestigious full-tuition scholarships also available.

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SDA Bocconi MBA Scholarships (Italy)

SDA Boccioni currently offers full and partial tuition waivers (50%-100%) for students from Europe, outside Europe, Italy, Africa, the Mediterranean, Asia, India, and North and South America.

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INSEAD Alumni Fund (IAF) Women’s Scholarship

The IAF Women’s Scholarships offers scholarships up to €15,000 to support INSEAD’s commitment to bring outstanding women professionals to the MBA Programme and increase the representation of women in leadership positions in the business community.

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Nestle MBA Scholarships for Women at IMD

The Nestlé Scholarship for Women value is about CHF 25,000 and was initiated by a group of IMD MBA participants who wanted to encourage women to take an MBA. The.

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ESADE Business School MBA Scholarships (Spain)

ESADE Business School offers numerous scholarships to outstanding full-time MBA candidates from Asia, Africa, Latin America, North America, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Central Europe, Scandinavia, etc. The ESADE MBA scholarships cover up to 50% of the tuition fees.

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ESADE Women of the World Scholarship

These scholarships are awarded to women of all nationalities and backgrounds, especially to those with proven financial needs and with unique intercultural perspectives, with an aim to support significant international exposure. The scholarships on the average cover up to 50% of the tuition fees.

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London Business School Women’s Scholarships

The London Business School offers a 30% Club merit scholarship to support female candidates and increase the number of women studying at the London Business School. The scholarship covers first-year fees, but other awards for women offered by the School range from £20,000- to £35,000.

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ESMT Women’s Academic Scholarships

ESMT currently offers partial tuition scholarships of up to € 15,000 to female candidates applying to the ESMT Full-time MBA program with an exceptionally strong GMAT score (over 700) and a record of academic excellence at the undergraduate level. 

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SDA Bocconi Scholarships for Women

Partial scholarships worth up to 50% and 70% are currently offered to outstanding women applicants of SDA Bocconi’s full-time MBA Programme.

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IMD MBA Scholarships (Switzerland)

IMD offers numerous scholarship programs for excellent international students ranging from CHF 10,000 to CHF 50,000.

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INSEAD MBA Scholarships (France/Singapore)

INSEAD offers about 50 distinct scholarships ranging from €10,000 to €40,000 and consists of need-based scholarships (based on financial need) and non-need-based (based on either merit, nationality, gender, professional background, leadership abilities, the field of previous studies, etc.). 

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HEC Paris MBA Scholarships (France)

Last on our list of MBA Scholarships for Canadian students in the HEC Paris MBA Scholarships. HEC Paris offers numerous scholarships worth between €5,000 to €26,000 to excellent students with financial needs.

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And that’s our detailed information on the 20 MBA Scholarships for Canadian students 2020. As we mentioned earlier, do well to apply to as many related Scholarships as possible and most importantly submit your applications in time. 


The MBA scholarship for Canadian students is aimed at helping Canadians and international students study and complete their MBA programs. Therefore, the MBA scholarship opportunities are open to all qualified students in Canada.