3 Month Certificate Programs That Pay Well In 2022

Not all programs require the usual 4 years in college. Some require less. Here are the 3 months certificate Programs that pay well in 2022.

These programs can be finished within the shortest period of time; 3 months, and you can even get a job with the certificate and start earning some money.

There are some careers that may require you to attend a short-term course and then clear an exam to gain a promotion and start working to earn money.

If you already work in the IT or healthcare industry, then this guide will be very helpful in boosting your career prospects.

If you are also advancing your already established career or switching career paths, you will still benefit from this post.

The health and computer sector has more short-term programs, courses, and certifications than any other career path.

Moreover, these certifications can offer well-paid jobs and there are quite some well-paid short-term programs you may not have heard of. 

Read on to find out some of the 3-month certificate programs that pay well In 2022.

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3 Month Certificate Programs That Pay Well In 2021
3 Month Certificate Programs That Pay Well In 2022

Why Should You Take 3 Months Certificate Programs?

There are lots of reasons you should consider taking 3 months certificate programs because apart from being majorly free online courses, they are some of the quickest ways to acquire some needed skills as well as gain knowledge on a particular subject.

Below are more reasons you should take 3 months certificate program:

  • You can complete them in a short while: Taking an online course is one of the easiest ways to acquire a new skill. Even better, the easiest way is to put over four years of study in some hours to earn a certificate.
  • You can earn well: These online program certificates are recognized by employers and can land you a job.
  • They add to your professional training: Online programs add to your professional training. They improve your employability as well as help to post your CVs.
  • You can switch your career: If you are planning on switching to a new career, taking these online programs can put you on the fast track to help facilitate the switch.

3 Month Certificate Programs That Pay Well In 2022

Healthcare Sector:

1. Certified Cardiac Monitor Technician

Certification: 3-6 months

This is a certificate program that usually takes 3 to 6 months to complete. 

These technicians work under the guidance of cardiologists and doctors and use electrocardiogram (ECG) devices to detect heart problems such as heart disease and birth defects.

While on their accelerated certification training, heart monitor technicians must study tests, outpatient surveillance, electrocardiograms, stress, and interpretation of these results. In addition to short-term programs, many students can work at school and/or take care of their families because of the flexible schedule offered by many technical schools.

2. Certified Medical Coding Specialist

Certification: 2 months

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Average Annual Salary: $39,180

Insurance and billing errors can cost huge amounts to patients, insurance companies, and hospitals. This is especially if an error result was caused by an incorrect diagnosis.

To really avoid apparently expensive and incorrect costs, medical coders and billers ensure that insurance bills and healthcare are correctly processed using specific sector codes to communicate procedures.

Though a certified billing and coding professionaL work doesn’t take long, the work requires care to become one. All you need is to enroll in a 3-month certificate program and you are good.

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3. Phlebotomist

Certification: 2-6 months

Average Annual Salary: $32,710

Phlebotomists take blood from patients or people and send it to laboratories for diagnosis and testing. They collect the blood for research, individual testing, or possibly for donations.

Certification in phlebotomy can be obtained within a few weeks and usually lasts for about 3 months or more.

A phlebotomy training is essentially practical as once a patient’s blood has been removed, it is up to him/her to prepare it for laboratory tests. Certified Phlebotomists can also have other career opportunities from working as a phlebotomist.

4. Physical Therapy Assistant

Certification: 1 month

Average Annual Salary: $45,290

Physical therapy assistants find career opportunities working with physical therapists. They are required to help patients recover from their injuries or illness. 

Physical therapy assistants get various job descriptions working in this field. You may be the person who moves patients, installs the equipment or performs administrative tasks.

The career is a good career and it only requires rapid education. Before choosing this career, you must check your country’s licensing requirements as the certificate and program usually last between 1-3 months.

5. Paramedic

Certification: 3 months

Average Annual Salary: $32,670

Paramedics help people and can handle a very stressful environment. The only thing required to be one is a paramedical certification program. 

In this medical certification program, you will learn how to treat fractures, stabilize patients, deliver babies, insert IV lines, and more.

Furthermore, you will also learn how to administer CPR and how to administer oxygen. The paramedic career offers a level of excitement and adventure that is rarely found on the job market.

6. Medical Assistant

Certification: 3-4 months

Average Annual Salary: $31,540

A medical assistant program is one of the fast certification programs that pay well in 2022. You will get to help people stay healthy.

In this healthcare certificate program, you will learn to take a patient’s specific temperature, take the patient’s history, and sometimes perform administrative tasks.

Medical assistants also have the task of teaching the patient how to take certain medications or dress their own wounds. They also will be face to face with plenty of patients with a variety of germs and diseases.

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To avoid getting infected, it is advisable to always practice safe hand washing techniques.

7. Pharmacy Technician

Certification: 3-4 months

Average Annual Salary: $30,920

This 3-month certificate program is one of the best healthcare certifications in demand today and pays well in 2022.

Pharmacy technicians help people understand their medications by explaining the prescriptions so that patients can understand them properly.

They are required to tell their patients about their medications, the possible interactions, and side effects.

During your career, you may also help your patients find non-prescription drugs such as traditional medicines and vitamins.

There are career opportunities for pharmacy technicians in clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, prisons and etc.

8. Home Health Aide

Certification: 1 week or more

Average Annual Salary: $18,450

Another quick certificate program that pays well is the Accredited home health aide training program.  Usually, it takes about 75 hours long. But sometimes it can take a few weeks to a few months depending on how much time you can commit to your study. There are generally time limits to home health aide courses.

9. Emergency Medical Technician

Certification: 1-3 months

Average Annual Salary:  $32,000

EMTs are caregivers who are trained at medical schools or community colleges to respond quickly to emergency situations regarding traumatic injuries, medical issues, and accident scenes. This is one of the quick certificate programs you can do within 3 months that pays well.

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10. IT Sector

Cyber Systems Security

Certification: 3 months or more

Average Annual Salary: $ 130,000,

Due to this increase in the number of hackers on the web space, there is a strong demand for cyber system security.

A system security certificate course teaches you how to protect your employer’s infrastructure and data from attack. if you love coding and computers, you should take this course

11. IT Certifications

Certification: 3 months or more

Average Annual Salary: $ 100,000

Computer certifications such as CCNA, VMware, RHEL, MCSE, Java, etc. are always in demand. However, experience is always useful for these certifications. 

These careers can easily earn you $ 100,000 if you have the required experience.  Even if you work, these certifications will help you a lot to find a new or part-time job and keep you up to date with the latest trend in the field.

12. Cloud Engineer

Certification: 3 months or more

Average Annual Salary: $ 100,000

You have a good chance of earning a living wage as a cloud engineer if you have an AWS or Azure certification. 

There are many job requirements in this area, including junior to senior level jobs. This is a typical 3-month certificate program you can do and it pays well in 2022.

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13. Website Designing

Certification: 3 months or more

Average Salary: $ 40,000-70,000

Website designing is a certificate program you can acquire in three months and start earning money. 

A large number of websites are opened every single day, so there’s a high demand for website designers.

Website design courses usually cover quite a large number of topics required to successfully create a website i.e. designing graphics for the website to everything from coding the website to working with different types of multimedia.

An additional advantage of these certificates is that you can be a freelancer while maintaining your full-time job.

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14. Electrician

Certification: 3 months or more

Average Salary: $ 52,720

Electricians are experts in the installation, fixing, and maintenance of electrical wires in offices and homes. They are also into the installation of smart gadgets, cameras, monitoring systems, e.t.c. Electricians can constantly work at various locations. Though you will have to work in extreme temperatures sometimes, It is still a leading fast certification program and a well-paid trade.

15. Flight Attendant

Certification: 3 weeks or more

Average Salary: $ 48,500

A flight attendant is a career with travel benefits as your job will be to offer drinks, food, and assistance to airline passengers. You travel all over the world and since travel can be during the day or night, you have a varied schedule that may include weekends, nights, and holidays. This quick certificate program is a good certification if you like traveling.


The 15 quick certificate programs listed above will help you easily decide on a new career path and/or advance on your already existing one. With any of these programs, you can earn good money whether part-time or as a freelancer. 

FAQs 3 Month Certificate Programs That Pay Well In 2022

What certificate programs pay the most?

Certified Medical Coding Specialist 
Physical Therapy Assistant
Medical Assistant
Pharmacy Technician
Home Health Aide
Emergency Medical Technician
IT Sector
Cloud Engineer
Website Designing

What certifications can you get in 3 months?

Certified Cardiac Monitor Technician
Certified Medical Coding Specialist 
Physical Therapy Assistant
Medical Assistant
Pharmacy Technician
Home Health Aide
Emergency Medical Technician
IT Sector
Cloud Engineer
Website Designing

What certifications can I get online that pay well?

Project management
Information technology
Website design
Information security/Cybersecurity
Computer science
Bookkeeper/Accounting technology
Human resources

Can I get a job with an online certificate?

Yes, you can get a job with an online certificate.

Will Google certificates get me a job?

Yes, a Google certificate can get you a job. This is because Google IT Support Professional Certificate is widely recognized and it can prepare you for jobs by equipping you with all the necessary skills you require to land a job in a particular field.


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