Top 10 Free Online Spanish Courses in 2022

Spanish is a fantastic option if you want to learn a second language. It has a nice ring to it, is the world’s second most widely spoken language, and is considered easier to learn by English speakers than other languages. Because of their convenience, flexibility, and cost, many people now prefer online language courses to traditional language schools. In this article, we will be discussing the Top 10 Free Online Spanish Courses in 2022, and the best online Spanish course. We hope that our list will assist you in finding a course that is right for you and that you will be able to get started on achieving your objectives as soon as possible (without going through the extra research yourself). Check out the list at the end of this article for five reasons why you should congratulate yourself on learning Spanish online. Vamos!

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Free Online Spanish Courses

10 Best Online Spanish Course

With so many options for learning Spanish online, finding a course or class that meets your needs, budget, and learning style is critical. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best online Spanish course and the areas in which they excel.

1. Preply

Preply is a resource for finding online tutors in a variety of languages. You can use our tutor search to find the ideal Spanish language tutor for you, based on when they’re available to teach, whether they’re a native speaker, the type of Spanish they teach, and, most importantly, how much they charge for lessons. Lessons start at around $5 per hour and are one-on-one, making them a far better value than sitting in a classroom with a dozen other students competing for your professor’s attention. Preply lessons, unlike many other online courses, focus on speaking.

Even the shyest student, in our experience, feels at ease speaking Spanish in a private video chat with a caring tutor. It’s a psychologically safe place to begin practicing aloud and, as a result, a quick way to reach conversational proficiency. The best part is that there is no rigid curriculum. You and your tutor can choose what topics to cover in class, how much homework to assign, and how frequently to meet. Give it a shot, and you’ll be surprised at how far you’ve come as a Spanish speaker.

2. Cervantes Escuela International Intensive Course

Attending a language school carries a certain amount of prestige. This is a major selling point for some students: after all, it’s another name to add to their resume. If you want to learn Spanish at a prestigious institution but prefer to learn online, Cervantes Escuela International’s distance-learning courses are a viable option. The prestigious Cervantes Institute, the Spanish government’s official body for advancing the Spanish language study, has recognized the Cervantes International School. Cervantes offers intensive courses at four levels: A0, A2-B1, A1-B2, and C1+.

An assessment test is conducted over the phone to ensure that you’ve chosen the appropriate course for your abilities. The term “intense” is not used lightly. Students must attend 10 hours of Skype group classes and 40 hours of study time. In the end, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. The cost is relatively high, at 440€ for four weeks. It is, however, the closest online substitute for a traditional language course if you want the format and pace of a traditional language course but can’t attend in person.

3. Baselang

Baselang is a good choice for those who want to learn the best online Spanish course in as little time as possible. For $149 per month, they offer unlimited Spanish lessons via video chat. True, it’s a significant investment upfront, but if you commit to three or four lessons per week, the cost per lesson is relatively low. Baselang also has a “grammarless” study option, which allows you to learn Spanish “as a child” without having to memorize conjugation charts — which is great if reading about the imperative makes you break out in a cold sweat! Baselang is ideal for university students on vacation, people on a career break, or retirees who have the time to take advantage of the “unlimited lessons” offered.

However, students should be wary of the all-you-can-eat buffet effect, which occurs when you pay the set price but no longer feel hungry. Unless you thrive under pressure, it may be more cost-effective to use a service that allows you to purchase online lessons one at a time and complete them at a pace that fits your schedule.

4. Coffeebreak Spanish

Coffeebreak Spanish is on the other end of the commitment spectrum if you’re scared of all-you-can-study Skype lessons. It’s for people who want to learn Spanish but only have a few minutes a day to devote to studying — about a coffee break’s worth. In this course, “lessons” are delivered in the form of 15-20 minute podcasts, with each series divided into four levels: absolute beginner, intermediate, upper-intermediate, and advanced. If all you want to do is listen to the podcasts, you can do so for free on any of the major listening apps. However, if you want interactive materials, you can buy their entire course for around $100 per season.

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Each level includes 40 bonus audio lessons, 40 video lessons, and 40 lesson note files to supplement the podcasts. Because this is not a subscription, you can use these resources indefinitely after paying this one-time fee! You’ll probably need to supplement your Coffeebreak Spanish lessons with some interactive speaking practice if you want to get to a conversational level. Nonetheless, this course is excellent value for money, and the podcast has a devoted following.

5. The News in Slow Spanish

Another podcast-based course is The News in Slow Spanish. This course is a world news audio show in slow-paced intermediate Spanish that does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s ideal for those who are tired of working through schematic syllabuses that begin with the same topics every time. It’s far easier to follow a news program in Spanish than you might think because you probably already know what kinds of topics are currently making headlines and can listen to them. Furthermore, if you already have a habit of listening to the news, this will seamlessly integrate into your current routine!

New podcasts are added almost every day, so there’s always something interesting to listen to. It is reasonably priced, at $22.90 per month, as far as Spanish courses go. You can try it out for free for the first seven days before investing any money. Again, no speaking practice is provided, which will certainly prevent you from progressing to a conversational level. On the other hand, some polyglots swear that listening practice is the key to learning new languages. This podcast-based course is a good option to look into if you’re patient but don’t want to work through a textbook.

6. Chatterbug

Not sure if you should take Skype lessons or invest in an online course to complete yourself? Chatterbug is an excellent choice for those who want the best of both worlds. There are self-study Spanish materials available for purchase and live video-chat lessons with online tutors. They go together “like peanut butter and jelly,” according to Chatterbug. The pricing is quite adaptable. The more life lessons you want, the more you’ll pay. The “lite” package costs $20 and includes one live lesson per month and full access to online content. The “serious” package, which costs $140 per month and includes eight live lessons with the option to purchase more, is their most popular.

Although some reviewers complain about errors in the self-study materials, they are undeniably good value for money at $20 per month. The live lessons are the most effective for learners because they allow them to talk through any issues with a native speaker in real-time. These lessons cost around $18 for a 45-minute 1-on-1 skype chat; if this is the main feature of Chatterbug that appeals to you, you might be able to get a better deal elsewhere.

7. Spanishdict YouTube channel

If you’ve ever taken an online course, you’re aware that the term “online course” is frequently used to refer to a “series of instructional videos.” Given this, there’s no reason why a YouTube channel shouldn’t be worth as much as a series of videos sold as an online course. The YouTube channel of Spanishdict is proof of this logic! is a well-known name in the online Spanish learning community, and its website contains a wealth of free resources.  Their YouTube course is divided into four playlists or “volumes” that cover vocabulary and grammar from beginner to intermediate levels. They’re completely free, and they’re simple to follow.

Because there are no exercises to go along with the videos, you’ll need a lot of self-motivation to treat this like a course rather than a collection of YouTube videos. However, there is a wealth of well-presented knowledge on offer. It’s been dubbed “Dora the Explorer for adults” in the comments sections, which is a great description.

8. Coursera

Is there really any need to physically go to a great university to get a great university qualification in the digital age? Coursera’s creators are adamantly opposed. Coursera is an online learning platform that hosts MOOCs (massive open online courses) created by top universities around the world (Massive Open Online Courses). You’ll watch video lectures and complete assignments and quizzes if you take a Coursera course. Prices vary, but you can “audit” most courses for free, which means you’ll only have to pay if you want a professor’s feedback on your work or an official certificate. Fee-waiver scholarships are available for those who cannot afford to pay, just as they are at traditional universities.

Another significant benefit is that Coursera courses frequently focus on specific topics. For example, there’s a course for learning medical Spanish and another for sports and travel. True, a lack of speaking experience may limit you, but this is a worthwhile option to consider if you want a prestigious and specialized credential.

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9. AilMadrid

Consider what would happen if someone walked into a language school and said, “Let’s just put this whole thing online.” During the Covid-19 pandemic, this is exactly what happened to AilMadrid, a language school in the Spanish capital. They now offer 20 different online classes per week, starting at 142€ for intensive courses. Courses are available at every CEFR level and are built around 50-minute video-chat lessons. There are options for learning full-time or studying in smaller chunks over a longer period. One of the main differences between AilMadrid and other language schools is the emphasis on the social aspect of the language school experience.

You’ll be in a “virtual classroom” with 6-8 other students, where you’ll have the opportunity to talk privately and work in pairs and groups. There are also informal “after-school activities” such as online museum tours and salsa dancing lessons offered three times a week at traditional language schools. Although the commitment to “a language traditional school experience” is a little strange, you can rest assured that you’ll be using tried-and-true methods. You might even meet some new people online!

10. Babbel

Finally, a shout-out to a well-known language-learning app. Babbel is frequently compared to Duolingo, but its services to students are vastly different. It’s meant to be treated more like a low-intensity course than a game. You’ll go through 20-minute interactive “lessons” on grammar rules and vocabulary conventions that are appropriate for a beginner’s level, never skipping over any complexities. There’s also a flashcard section where you can review vocabulary quickly. The best part about this course is that you don’t have to complete it to access new sections. You can go back and forth between topics that are confusing to you.

You can go over the lesson again and again if you’re having trouble understanding the difference between a direct and an indirect object pronoun. It’s also fine if you want to skip ahead and learn some Business Spanish phrases. Babbel is pricey for a language learning app but affordable as a language course: $12.95 per month for one month, $8.95 per month for three months, $7.45 per month for six months, and $6.95 per month for a year. Of course, you’ll need some live speaking practice to master Spanish truly.

On the other hand, Babbel can be an affordable way to consolidate your knowledge of Spanish grammar and build a basic vocabulary if you’re already living in a Spanish-speaking country or working with a tutor or language exchange partner.

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Advantages of Learning the Best Online Spanish Course

Consider how inconvenient it would be to wait for your professor to rewind a tape every time you wanted to hear Spanish spoken aloud. Doesn’t it sound inefficient and constricting? One of the many reasons we’re fortunate to improve our language skills in the digital age is because of this. You can now do the following thanks to online courses:

1. Learn at your own pace

Making a study schedule and sticking to it over time is the best way to improve your Spanish skills. A successful study schedule maintains momentum while also fitting comfortably into your daily routine. When it comes to hitting this sweet spot, online classes are unbeatable! The best online Spanish course necessitates sufficient time and effort to help you achieve your fluency goals. However, unlike traditional in-person classes, they do not require such a high level of commitment that they will take up all of your free time! Many online classes are highly flexible and allow you to work at your own pace.

That means you’ll never have to rush home from work in the rain or schedule your social life around getting to the best online Spanish course. Most importantly, a learning habit that is easy to fit around your other obligations is more likely to stick over time.

2. Set up your classroom wherever you want.

One of the most significant advantages of learning anything online is that we are no longer bound by geography to achieve our language goals. You don’t need to travel to Spain or Latin America to learn Spanish, and if you live in a small town without a language school or university, studying Spanish online is a game-changer! Even if there are opportunities to learn Spanish in person near your home, the ability to study remotely has significant advantages. If you’re tired after work, it’ll be much easier to convince yourself not to cancel a lesson if the lesson is held at home, on your sofa. Most importantly, you will not be sacrificing quality. According to a recent MIT study, the best online Spanish course is just as effective as those taught in a classroom or lecture hall.

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3. Take pleasure in a more relaxed learning environment.

The decision to “go back to school” can be difficult for many adults who are learning a new subject. Do you recall how it felt to be a student in a classroom as a child? What effect did it have on you? Unless you went to Hogwarts, you might put “bored,” “tired,” and “frustrated” ahead of “inspired.” Thankfully, short of running away and joining a Mexican circus, online learning is the most entertaining way to learn Spanish. Language learning apps are designed to keep our attention by employing the same techniques that make video games so addictive. Thanks to online learning, you can practice your Spanish vocabulary while scrolling through your phone! This is far less stressful for Spanish students than poring over grammar exercises in a textbook for Spanish students.

4. Save money while gaining the same knowledge.

A language school’s classes are not price-flexible. The price listed in the brochure is the cost of this course, and if you can’t afford it, you won’t be able to enroll. On the other hand, online courses are available at all price points. There’s always another option to consider if one doesn’t fit your budget. After all, you’re effectively paying for several things other than study materials and your teachers’ expertise when you enroll in a traditional language course. You’re also paying to rent, furnish, and heat the classroom space and get physical, printed copies of all your resources if the class isn’t fully subscribed.

Professors can host online courses for less money so that students can take them for less money. You can, for example, filter our list of Spanish tutors by how much they charge per hour on Preply. It’s a fantastic way to gain the same knowledge without risking a lot of money.

5. Take advantage of personalized instruction

No matter where you are in the world, the first few months of any new Beginner’s Spanish class will be pretty similar. Basic greetings, the alphabet, how to introduce yourself, and talk about your daily routine will all be covered. That’s fine; it’s a convention, after all, because all of these things serve as a necessary foundation for learning more! But what if you’ve tried and failed to learn Spanish before and already know the basics? What if you’re simply tired of this type of material? The best online Spanish course is far more adaptable to your individual needs. If you use an online tutoring service like Preply, you can ask your tutor to focus on specific aspects of Spanish that you want to learn.

Perhaps you’re content to do mechanical grammar exercises independently, but you’d like to practice speaking with a real-life human. Perhaps you’d like to brush up on the vocabulary you’ll need on a hiking trip! Whatever your preferences are, your tutor can always do something to make the class more personalized for you.


Your priorities and objectives will determine the best online Spanish course for you. Hopefully, this list has given you a better understanding of the various options available, and you’re now asking the right questions to find the best online Spanish course for you: Which learning styles do I prefer? What is the size of my budget? How much time per week do I have to devote to this? Do I want to study for a long or short time? Because of its simplicity, low price, and focus on the skill that matters most — your spoken Spanish — we believe Preply offers the best online Spanish course. However, if you put enough time and effort into one of these well-designed courses, you’ll almost certainly be pleased with the results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to learn Spanish for free?

Duolingo is scientifically proven to work, whether you’re a beginner learning the fundamentals or an advanced learner looking to improve your reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Is Duolingo useful for learning Spanish?

After using the Duolingo app and putting it through its paces, our team has come to the conclusion that Duolingo isn’t the best way to learn Spanish. Duolingo has some serious flaws, and we recommend it as an e-learning tool or supplement rather than a full-fledged program for learning Spanish.

Is Babbel a better language learning program than Duolingo?

Is Babbel a better language learning program than Duolingo? We believe Babbel is superior to Duolingo for a variety of reasons after thoroughly testing and reviewing each language learning program. Babbel is the superior app to Duolingo based on the strength of its curriculum, teaching style, and delivery.

How can I learn Spanish for free and quickly?

Online courses, software, and apps are all available.
Language exchange/tandem learning with a native speaker is a great way to learn a new language.
Podcasts, TV shows, and movies are examples of media resources.
Public resources and library books

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