20 Highest Paying Jobs in California in 2022

Getting a good job is fantastic; however, many people are dissatisfied with their jobs. Most of the time, it’s because it doesn’t pay well, especially in places like California. So, before you embark on that career path, here are the highest-paying jobs in California in 2022. According to the BLS, demand for healthcare jobs is expected to skyrocket over the next decade. However, some of the most significant growth opportunities will be concentrated in low-wage and high-demand occupations such as home health aides and caregivers.

In this article, we will discuss the highest-paying jobs in California, as well as other relevant information.

What Exactly Is A High paying Job?

A well-paying job is simply one that pays well. But I know that’s not the definition you’re looking for. So, a high paying job pays more than $150,000 per year. High-paying jobs frequently have a low entry point where you earn less than half of the above amount. However, with practice and greater expertise, you can work your way up to becoming a highly paid expert in any field where there is a high demand for expertise. There are numerous opportunities to earn a high salary for your craft, but the decision is entirely yours. You must ensure that you meet the requirements and that you have the determination to succeed.

Why Do You Require a High paying Job?

Of course, money should not be the primary motivator that drives you to work, but it should be taken into account because it has a significant impact on a variety of factors. A well-paying job meets one’s basic needs while also allowing one to spend the surplus on fulfilling one’s dreams, such as purchasing a home, a car, or another luxury lifestyle. Furthermore, your work environment is healthy, and productivity is usually at its peak. All of these amazing benefits cannot be seen in a low-paying job that causes you to worry about your bills all of the time.

In 2021, the following are the top 20 highest paying jobs in California. Our list of the highest paying jobs in California was compiled after extensive research and data analysis. We took into account the salaries of these jobs, as well as their work hours and flexibility. As a result, the highest paying jobs in California are as follows:

1. Judges

Salary: $184,340 per year

A judge is a person who, either alone or as part of a panel of judges, preside over court proceedings. Judges’ powers, functions, methods of appointment, discipline, and training differ greatly across jurisdictions. The judge is expected to conduct the trial impartially and, in most cases, in open court. To become a judge, you must have graduated from law school. Judges are lawyers who have been elevated to the position of deciding cases. The appointment of a judge is subject to the laws of the country in question.

Some are elected by higher courts, while others are elected by the state or national government. Judges must conduct extensive research and processing of documents, witness testimony, and other materials about the case. Furthermore, they comprehend complex cases and have a thorough understanding of the law and legal procedure, which necessitates superior logical reasoning, analysis, and decision-making abilities.

2. Dentists

Salary: $184,560 per year

Dentistry, also known as dental medicine and oral medicine, is a branch of medicine that studies, diagnoses, prevents, and treats diseases, disorders, and conditions of the oral cavity. A dental team, which typically consists of a dentist and dental assistants, performs dental treatments (dental assistants, dental hygienists, dental technicians, as well as dental therapists). A significant number of dentists work in hospitals and prisons, as well as in private practice.

Because teeth problems occur regularly, dentistry is one of the highest-paying careers in California. Every time, whether as an adult or as a child, you face the same problem. You can’t avoid it no matter how well you care for your teeth. This is one of the high-demand jobs in California 2022 and among the highest paying jobs in the world.

3. Computer And Information Systems Managers

Salary: $185,640 per year

Managers of computer information systems typically work in offices and can work up to 40 hours per week. However, if a deadline is approaching or a problem arises, the computer information systems manager may be required to work on weekends to meet the deadline. They are extremely important. Managers of computer information systems typically hold a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related subject such as management information systems, information science, or computer science.

Surprisingly, some employers prefer managers with graduate-level educational experience. A bachelor’s degree program can take four years to complete, with an additional two years required if pursuing a master’s degree. Their earnings are out of this world, as they continue to be one of the highest paying jobs in California.

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4. Paediatricians

Salary: $200,270 per year

Pediatricians are doctors who specialize in the care of children’s health issues such as physical, behavioral, and mental health issues. They are qualified to diagnose and treat a wide range of childhood illnesses, from minor health issues to life-threatening diseases. Pediatricians are medical doctors who have completed their medical education. They have also completed a three-year pediatric residency program. This residency provides them with hands-on experience with child health cases.

With the population growth as a result of childbirth, it’s safe to say that we’ll always need pediatricians to help us care for our children. Children will be healthier as a result, and harmful deficiencies will be avoided. This is one of the high-demand jobs in California 2022 and among the highest paying jobs in the world.

5. Family Medicine Physicians

Salary: $203,320 per year

Family physicians are highly trained medical professionals with a distinct attitude, skills, and knowledge that allows them to provide ongoing and comprehensive medical care. To be more specific, they provide health maintenance and preventive services to all members of the family, regardless of gender, age, or problem type. Family physicians are unique for a variety of reasons, but one of the most important is their knowledge of the family’s history.

As a result, many families feel safer when they have a physician rather than constantly looking for a new physician whenever a health issue arises. Many families can share a physician, and the physician can still have his health center or serve the community. Because most physicians are paid on a retainer basis, they continue to be one of the highest paying professions in California.

6. Airline Pilots

Salary: $208,070 per year

An aircraft pilot, also known as an aviator, is the primary controller of an aircraft, controlling its directional flight controls. Although he is the lead navigator, he is not alone in this role, as other aircrew members such as navigators and flight engineers are also considered aviators. It is not easy to become an aircraft pilot. Most of the time, navigating the aircraft isn’t the most difficult task. Of course, you are in charge of other flight crew members, so you must ensure that everyone is focused and working together harmoniously.

Before you can take the controls, you must have at least 1,500 hours of flight time, which includes your training time. You must also be at least 23 years old and have a commercial pilot certificate. Qualifications for military flight are different. Pilots will always be busy ensuring that passengers arrive safely at their destination as long as people continue to move from city to city. As a result, they earn a lot of money for the work they do all over the world. This is one of the high-demand jobs in California 2022 and among the highest paying jobs in the world.

7. Physicians

Salary:$210,140 per year

Physicians essentially carry out the duties described above for family physicians. However, their responsibilities do not revolve solely around the family. They primarily work in hospitals, health care facilities, and similar settings. Every physician receives medical training that allows him to properly diagnose and treat medical problems. A physician in another country earns well, and thus remains one of the highest paying jobs in California and the world.

8. General Internal Medicine Physicians

Salary: $212,510 per year

Internal medicine physicians are specialists who treat patients with particularly complex or multisystem disease conditions that single-organ disease specialists may not be trained to treat. Weight loss, chest pain, dyspnoea, fatigue, and changes in consciousness are examples of complex cases. They also manage multiple chronic diseases that can occur in a single patient. Most of the time, an internal medicine physician and a medical intern are interchangeable.

The former, on the other hand, are qualified medical doctors with a postgraduate degree in internal medicine. As a result, they are one step ahead and more qualified than regular physicians. This is one of the high-demand jobs in California 2022 and among the highest paying jobs in the world.

9. Chief Executives

Salary: $216,520 per year

Every Chief Executive Office has a distinct method of achieving results, and their responsibilities vary widely. A CEO of a construction company will not actively perform the same duties as a CEO of a small store. We do know, however, that they share the same hiring and firing responsibilities. A great CEO must actively inspire and communicate with his junior colleagues or staff members. Furthermore, he must be a person of integrity and reward quality performance.

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You cannot become a CEO by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in any program; instead, a CEO is someone who oversees the operations of a business, and thus he is a businessman. Your ability to consistently solve problems and be rewarded for it may put you in a good position to become a Chief Executive Officer. This is one of the high demand jobs in California 2022 and among the highest-paying jobs in the world.

10. Orthodontists

Salary: $220,410 per year

A dentist can assist you in cleaning your teeth and removing a bad tooth; however, when it comes to realigning your teeth, you must consult with another professional known as an orthodontist. Orthodontists not only treat crooked teeth but also help patients with other issues. Some of these issues are as follows: Overbites and underbites, crossbites, spaces between teeth, overcrowding of teeth, and the treatment of temporomandibular disorders are these issues (TMD). An orthodontist will also need to treat any additional jaw problems.

Because of the sensitivity of their work, orthodontists demand a high fee for their services. Furthermore, very few people are qualified to carry out this practice. As a result, these professionals have one of the highest paying jobs in California.

11. Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeons

Salary: $222,180 per year

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is concerned with the preservation of the skeletal structure of your mouth and jaw. This surgery is usually performed after a person has lost teeth or broken their jaw in a car accident. Surgeries in this field are usually emergencies, and specialized personnel are scarce. To take on the process, the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon must understand dentistry as well as other forms of general medicine. As a result of the complexities, few people want to study it.

Accidents involving the mouth and jaw are common, so Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons make a lot of money from their expertise. Sometimes people just want to change their jawline or something. As a result, when it comes to high-paying jobs, they are on the list. This is one of the high-demand jobs in California 2022 and among the highest paying jobs in the world.

12. Nurse Anesthetists

Salary: $227,290 per year

Nurse anesthetists are advanced practice registered nurses who assist patients during surgical, diagnostic, and obstetric procedures. These nurses have a master’s degree in nursing practice. CRNAs also perform patient evaluations to determine the best type of anesthesia to use. They obtain their findings by discussing existing allergies and medical results to administer the appropriate treatment.

CRNAs must be able to think critically to assess changes in their patients’ conditions and quickly decide on the best course of action. These professionals must also have excellent communication skills to collaborate with other healthcare professionals and interact with patients during procedures. This is one of the high-demand jobs in California 2022 and among the highest paying jobs in the world.

13. Obstetricians And Gynecologists

Salary: $236,730 per year

Obstetricians and gynecologists have similar health roles, but there are some minor distinctions. While an Obstetrician is concerned with conception, pregnancy, and childbirth, a Gynaecologist is concerned with all issues concerning women. Regardless of their differences, these two professionals earn the same amount of money from their expertise. They can practice in public places, but they can also practice privately.

14. Psychiatrists

Salary: $236,930 per year

A psychiatrist is a doctor who specializes in psychiatry, which is the branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, prevention, research, and treatment of mental disorders. These professionals assess patients to determine whether their symptoms are the result of a physical illness. As a medical specialty, psychology encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including forensic psychiatry, addiction psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, and hospice and palliative medicine.

To become a psychiatrist, you must have a medical degree as well as a postgraduate degree in psychology. Psychiatrists have delicate duties and therefore charge a high fee for them. So, when it comes to high paying jobs in the world, psychiatrists are at the top of the list. This is one of the high-demand jobs in California 2022 and among the highest paying jobs in the world.

15. Surgeons

Salary: $248,100 per year

A surgeon is a physician who uses operative or manual methods to physically change body tissues to treat disease, injury, or deformity. However, there are various types of surgery, and each of these processes is performed by a different surgeon. Surgeons are medical degree holders who have key specializations in various fields. There are abdominal surgeons, as well as leg and head surgeons.

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Surgeons are well compensated for their expertise due to the complications required to complete the job, regardless of the area of surgery they practice. So, when it comes to the highest-paying jobs in California and the world, surgeons are at the top of the list.

16. Petroleum Engineers

Salary: $137,720 per year

Petroleum engineers devise the best methods for extracting oil and gas, design and develop extraction equipment, and devise and carry out drilling plans. Employers frequently prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering, but professionals with degrees in other engineering disciplines may be considered.

Salary & Job Outlook 2019-2029: According to the BLS, petroleum engineers earn a median annual salary of $137,720.11 and the employment of petroleum engineers is expected to grow by 3% over the next decade. This is one of the high demand jobs in California 2022 and among the highest-paying jobs in the world.

17. Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers

Salary: $135,900 per year

Have you ever chosen one product or service over another for reasons you couldn’t quite put your finger on? Your choice most likely owed a lot to the hard (but sometimes unseen) work of advertising, promotions, and marketing managers. These professionals work to pique the interest of consumers and convert it into sales for their clients. The majority have a bachelor’s degree and extensive work experience in their field.

Salary & Job Outlook 2019-2029: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, advertising, promotions, and marketing managers earn a median annual salary of $135,900.13 and employment of advertising, promotions, and marketing managers is expected to grow by 6% over the next decade. This is one of the high-demand jobs in California 2022 and among the highest paying jobs in the world.

18. Financial Managers

Salary: $129,890 per year

Financial managers analyze data to create plans that support their employers’ long-term financial health. They may be responsible for a variety of tasks, such as staying on top of market trends, preparing financial statements, and looking for cost-cutting opportunities. Typically, they provide financial advice to senior management. They may also be in charge of other members of their team.

Salary & Job Outlook 2019-2029: According to the BLS, financial managers earn a median annual salary of $129,890.14 and the employment of financial managers is expected to grow 15% over the next decade.

19. Natural Sciences Managers

Salary: $129,100 per year

These individuals supervise teams of scientists, such as biologists or chemists. They hire and supervise technicians and other staff, manage the budget, track the progress of scientific projects, and provide technical assistance. Many natural sciences managers were scientists before taking on managerial responsibilities. Employers typically require a bachelor’s degree in a related field and may prefer a master’s degree.

Salary & Job Outlook 2019-2029: According to the BLS, Natural science managers earn a median annual salary of $129,100.15 and the employment of natural science managers is expected to grow 5% over the next decade.

20. Pharmacists

Salary: $128,090 per year

Pharmacists interpret physician orders for medications, analyze potential drug interactions, resolve insurance coverage issues, dispense medications in accordance with standards, train and supervise technicians, and educate patients about medication use and side effects.

Salary & Job Outlook 2019-2029: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, pharmacists earn a median annual salary of $128,090.16 and pharmacist employment is expected to decline by 3% over the next decade.


When it comes to jobs, there is almost no such thing as a perfect job. You design the ideal job for yourself. And, to succeed, a great deal of hard work, patience, and perseverance are required. Although the jobs listed above pay well, they require a significant amount of time to master. To practice something like medicine, you must study and study. To summarize, you must have a lot of guts and a strong desire to succeed in whatever career path you choose. Only then can you make it work for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Highest Paying Job On The Planet?

Athletes in sports have the highest-paying jobs in the world.

What Are The Most In-Demand Jobs?

Jobs in health care, web development, cybersecurity, AI, and robotics are in high demand right now.

What Constitutes A High paying Job?

A high-paying job pays more than $150,000 per year.

What Is The Best Type Of Job To Have?

A job that fulfils you is the best job to have.


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