How To Get ASE Certification | 2022 Requirements, Cost, And Guide

With the economy in trouble and unemployment on the rise, it’s critical to consider which industries can offer both financial security and professional advancement. Obtaining an ASE certification may be the most efficient way to accomplish this. Meanwhile, obtaining an ASE certification is widely regarded as a significant achievement for auto mechanics, with benefits for both the mechanic and the customer. As a non-profit organization, the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) was founded in 1972. 

Their mission has always been and will always be to improve the quality of auto mechanics’ work by testing and certifying those who work in the industry. ASE certification is valued by auto shops and dealers in the same way that any other company values greater education and higher pay. The average ASE-certified mechanic earns $45,000 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while the average salary for all auto technicians is $39,550 per year.

Of course, becoming a “master technician” necessitates years of experience. Those who want to work as an automobile mechanic should start their education at the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). In this guide, we will discuss how to get your ASE certification, ASE certification requirements, ASE certification courses, ASE certification test, ASE certification cost and how to set up a myASE account.

What Is the Importance of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certifications?

Some of the reasons why ASE certifications are valuable are as follows:

1. Increased Customer Satisfaction

Obtaining an ASE certification will help you attract new customers by demonstrating that the employees in your garage or automotive shop have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform car maintenance. When customers leave their vehicle with someone they know is skilled and knowledgeable in auto repair, they can feel more at ease and trusting of their vehicle. Shops with at least one ASE certified employee may use the term “ASE certified” to inform customers about their qualifications.

2. Increases Job Opportunities

Having an Automotive Service Excellence certification may assist car mechanics in finding new job opportunities. Candidates with an ASE certification can demonstrate to employers that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to inspect and repair automobiles. It may be especially useful for people with an ASE certification in a specific speciality or sector, as it allows them to look for work in specific markets. 

Auto technicians who have received certification in servicing school buses or commercial buses, for example, may be more appealing to companies that maintain those vehicles regularly.

3. Exhibits Commitment

Obtaining an ASE certificate is a difficult task that requires several years of professional experience as well as the successful completion of multiple examinations, depending on the chosen specialization. Not all auto shops and garages require technicians to be ASE certified to perform their primary duties. Individuals who obtain the certificate can demonstrate their dedication to their profession and desire to become subject matter experts.

4. Pursue a Postsecondary Education

Individuals may be able to apply their ASE certification exam training and expertise toward an associate or bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject, such as automotive repair or technology, at some schools and universities. This degree can help you advance in your career as an automobile expert while also making your CV more appealing to employers. If you want to use your ASE certification to earn credits toward an undergraduate degree, reach out to a few colleges to see which programs will accept your certification.

What Are the Eight (8) ASE Certifications?

ASE offers a variety of options for automobiles and light trucks under the A series of certifications. This series includes eight examinations that, when passed, account for Master Automobile Technician status. They are listed below:

  • A1 Engine Repair
  • A2 Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
  • A3 Manual Drive Train & Axles
  • A4 Suspension & Steering
  • A5 Brakes
  • A6 Electrical/Electronic Systems
  • A7 Heating & Air Conditioning
  • A8 Engine Performance
  • A9 Light Vehicle Diesel Engines

Although the A9 test is part of the A-Series, it is not required for Master Automobile Technician status.

Where Can I Find ASE Certification Preparation Classes?

The ASE Certification examinations are divided into 16 series, each of which includes a set of tests focusing on specific skills and knowledge. The A-series, for example, focuses on automobiles, SUVs, and light-duty vehicles and has conducted engine maintenance, suspension and steering, and brake tests. Each certification exam contains 40-55 questions, whereas recertification exams are only half as long. On its website, ASE offers four types of materials to help ASE certification test candidates prepare. Study guides contain information about individual exams, as well as sample questions and test-taking strategies.

Webinars and simulations prepare test takers for what to expect in the testing environment. An interactive presentation is also provided to help them understand how exams are given.

Registration Window For ASE Certification Test

After you’ve decided which exams to register for, you should consider the time frame for taking the exam. You can take the ASE certification test at any time of year, but there are specific registration windows throughout the year. You will have 90 days from the time you register to take the exam. The registration periods correspond to the seasons:

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Registration Period Dates

Winter lasts from January 10 to March 31.

Spring (10 April – 30 June) Summer (10 July – 30 September)

Autumn (October 10 – December 31)

ASE Certification Cost For Registration

You will be charged based on the number of exams you register for when you register for the exams. In this article, I’ve broken down the total ASE certification cost. However, in a nutshell, the ASE certification costs $47 per ASE certification test plus a single $34 registration fee paid with each order. Taking the A1 and A2 exams, for example, would cost $247 + $34 = $128. Although the ASE certification cost may appear to be high, it can more than compensate in terms of career advancement and additional pay. As a bonus, some employers pay for ASE certification test fees!

To Become A Master Tech, How Many ASE Certifications Do You Need?

A master technician is an automotive service expert who has earned all eight qualifications from the Automotive Service Excellence Institute (ASE). Meanwhile, among them are electrical systems, engine performance, heating and air conditioning, engine repair, and other certification categories. These experts may also supervise the work of other mechanics while diagnosing and repairing vehicles. They may spend a significant amount of time working in noisy repair shops, in awkward positions with greasy equipment and components. To become a master technician, you must pass all eight tests.

How Do You Verify Your ASE Certification?

You can view your current certification status and send or fax a certification status letter using your myASE account. To create an myASE account, enter your username and password in the myASE Login box at or click Create myASE Account. If you’ve previously taken an ASE certification test, you already have a personal myASE account page. If you already have a myASE account but have forgotten your username or password, click Forgot password? to recover your login information.

If you have forgotten the answer to your verification question, please contact ASE Customer Service at 1-800-390-6789 or


Step-by-Step Instructions for Obtaining ASE Certification

There are numerous components to obtaining your ASE certification, and determining how to become ASE certified can be difficult. As a result, we’ve divided it into several stages to help you get started on your journey to becoming the best auto mechanic you can be!

1. Determine Which ASE Certification You Want

There are several ways to obtain an ASE certification. The majority of these certificates have an experience requirement that must be met before you can be certified.

2. Create a Resume

To gain the experience required to become ASE certified, you’ll need to look for an entry-level technician position. Create a professional CV outlining your work history. If you don’t have any automotive experience, include any professional experience you do have on your resume.

  • Include your name and contact information on your résumé.
  • Make a detailed list of your work and educational experiences.
  • Check your resume with a friend to ensure it is free of spelling and grammatical errors.

3. Apply for Automotive Technician Jobs

Look for entry-level automobile repair technician jobs on websites such as and You can also look through your local newspaper’s classified ads. Many jobs will require you to submit an online application. Pay close attention to ensure you don’t miss any questions. Make sure you are properly dressed when you arrive for your interviews.

4. Work As A Technician For Two Years

You can take the ASE certification exam before meeting the experience requirements, but you won’t be able to get the certification until you’ve been working in the field for at least two years. 

  • You do not have to gain all of your necessary experience in the same location.
  • The experience must be relevant to car maintenance and practical.

5. Determine Whether You Want To Train Online Or In Person

You can prepare for the ASE exams by enrolling in ASE certification courses or attending a school in person. Attending classes in person can often provide you with hands-on experience that you would not be able to obtain at work. If there isn’t a technical school nearby, or if your schedule prevents you from attending classes, online courses may be a better option.

  • Consider how you prefer to study when deciding whether to take classes online or in person.
  • Because you won’t have an instructor to hold you accountable for your work, online ASE certification courses will require more self-discipline.

6. Look For A Licensed, Accredited School 

ASE certification programs are offered at several schools. The first step in narrowing your options is to find out if programs in your area or online are accredited. Most institutions will provide this information on their website, and you can also inquire about the accreditation by contacting the admissions department.

  • You can also find schools near you by visiting websites such as
  • Make a list of local or online programs to which you believe you might be interested in applying.
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7. Think About Your Financial Aid Options

After you’ve narrowed down your list of colleges to apply to, consider how much it will cost to attend. To qualify for federal student aid, ask your admissions counsellor if the school offers financial aid.

  • If you want to attend classes in person, keep in mind the cost of any necessary materials as well as transportation costs.
  • Consider whether your computer can handle your online course load; if it can’t, the cost of a new computer must be factored in.

8. Submit an Application for Acceptance

Once you’ve decided on one or more programs to which you’d like to apply and can afford to attend, make sure to submit your application before the deadline for the ASE certification courses.

  • The institution’s admissions counsellors can help you understand the deadlines and what you need to submit.
  • Make a list of everything you’ll need to find, like your high school diploma, and make sure you have it before the deadline.

9. Preparation for ASE Certification courses

Whether you take a class online or in-person, you will need to learn a wide range of topics to pass the ASE exam. Prepare to learn automotive terminology, car components, and basic repair and maintenance techniques.

  • You will almost certainly be required to participate in forums or conversations in addition to completing the required homework if you take the ASE certification courses online.
  • Online lessons may use images of various automobile components, but if you visit in person, other institutions will have actual vehicles to demonstrate on.

10. Schedule Your ASE Exam

Before you can schedule your ASE exam, you must first register for it. You can register online at by creating a MyASE account.

  • The registration deadlines for the current and upcoming seasons are available on the ASE website.
  • The registration deadlines may differ from year to year.

11. Make A Test-Taking Appointment Within 90 Days

After registering online, visit the website to locate an ASE test center near you. You can then make an appointment to take your exam using the ASE website, or you can call the facility directly. It may take up to a day for the ASE website to process your online registration.

  • If you do not schedule your ASE certification test date within 90 days, you must re-register online.
  • You can schedule multiple exams in a row if you’re ready to specialize in something like alternative fuels, large vehicles, or damage assessments.

12. Pay For Testing And Registration

The fee for online registration is $36, with an additional fee of $37 for exam scheduling. These fees are subject to change from year to year; for the most up-to-date information, visit the ASE website.

  • If you want to take additional, more specialized ASE certification exams, you must pay for each one separately.
  • Exam fees are $111 regardless of the number of certifications taken.

13. Complete the Exam in the Allotted Time

When you arrive at your testing location, you will be given the exam as well as a time limit to complete it. The majority of ASE exams have sixty questions and give you an hour and fifteen minutes to complete them. Make sure you know how much time you have for the exam before you begin.

  • Recertification exams consist of only twenty-five questions and must be completed in thirty minutes.
  • Some advanced certifications may require a certain number of questions to be answered in a certain amount of time.

14. Get Your Results Right Away

Because ASE certification exams are completed on a computer, the results will be processed quickly. You will receive your score and learn whether or not you have received your certification before leaving the ASE test center.

  • If you do not pass the exam the first time, you must reschedule a test date.
  • If you have not completed the required work experience, you will not be able to obtain your certificate until you do.


Congratulations, You’re Now ASE Certified

Now that you’re an ASE certified professional, make the most of your certification by proudly displaying your certificate and making sure your employer and customers are aware of your credentials. Consider pursuing another area of expertise within the automotive service industry, as the ASE offers 50 certifications. Consider additional certifications to achieve ASE Master Technician certification and become a member of an elite club. Achieving the ASE Master Technician designation requires passing all eight A-Series, Automobile & Light Truck Certification Tests (A1-A8).

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Those who achieve ASE Master Technician certification will also receive a special ASE Master Technician shoulder insignia patch, wallet I.D. card, and a certificate to display on your shop’s wall. Master Technicians are well-versed in all aspects of automotive repair and service. Master Technician Certification could be the extra push you need to get that promotion, raise, or new job in the industry. This comprehensive guide should have been useful in providing step-by-step instructions to assist you in achieving ASE certification.


We hope this guide has given you much-needed insights on how to get your ASE certification, ASE certification requirements, ASE certification courses, ASE certification test, ASE certification cost and how to set up a myASE account. Fulfilling the ASE certification criteria is a good idea if you want to work as an automobile mechanic. It will assist you in advancing your career in the sector once you graduate. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

How Many ASE Certifications Exist?

According to the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) website, there are over 50 ASE certification exams available. The exams are made up of 40 to 75 multiple-choice questions that assess a person’s knowledge in a variety of subjects.

How Long Do ASE Certifications Last?

Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certifications are valid for five years. Technicians with ASE Certification can expect to earn more money and have more career options. Recertification exams should be taken before any current certifications expire to keep certification. Because the Certification and Recertification exams are distinct, current ASE Certification holders only need to take the recertification test rather than retaking the original Certification exam.

When Will Alpaker Ford ASE Certifications Expire?

Certification credentials are valid for five years. If you haven’t taken an ASE Certification test in more than five years, it’s time to sign up for the Recertification Test. The five-year minimum ensures that credentialed experts remain current in an ever-changing field.

How Much Does A BMW Master Technician With Ase Certifications Earn?

The median annual salary for automotive repair technicians and mechanics will be $44,050, or $21.18 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Master technicians, on the other hand, may earn significantly more money. The average master mechanic salary, according to Payscale, is $61,838.

Where Can I Obtain an ASE Certificate?

The ASE offers the automobile service excellence test at 450 locations across the country. You can register, obtain paperwork, and study materials online, but you will not be able to take the test. Using testing facilities, according to ASE, ensures that everyone has the same testing environment and that anyone who obtains an ASE certification is the same person who took the exam.

Who Hands Out ASE Certifications?

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is a non-profit organization that certifies individuals and businesses in the automotive repair and service industries in the United States and parts of Canada.

What Is The Significance Of ASE Certification?

Obtaining an ASE shows prospective employers that you are serious about a career as an automobile technician. Congratulations on making such a significant decision!

How Should I Prepare For An ASE Exam?

Looking at the ASE Study Guides, taking an Official ASE Practice Test, and looking at More Training Resources can help you learn more about what is included in the examinations. Watch the ASE Testing Demo before taking a test here to get a feel for the testing system platform. You can purchase ASE Practice Test vouchers by logging in to your myASE account.

What Percentage is Needed to Pass the ASE Test?

To pass an ASE exam, you must obtain a score of at least 70% or higher. For example, if you are taking the A1 Engine Repair exam, which has 50 questions, you must answer 35 of them correctly or higher to pass. This means that you can only miss 15 questions on the exam. You must answer 28 or more questions correctly on a 40-question exam (such as A3 – Drivetrain & Axles). In other words, you can get up to 12 questions wrong and still pass the exam.

What if I Fail the ASE Test?

Hopefully, you will have passed the ASE exam the first time around. However, if this is not the case, there is no need to be concerned! The only requirement is that you wait 30 days after your previous attempt before registering to retake the exam. Don’t be too hard on yourself! Even the most skilled technicians can have a bad day or be unlucky with question selection. The important thing is to stay focused on paying the prize to get ASE certification and not give up. Use our FREE ASE practice tests and research a recommended study guide, and I’m confident you’ll be ASE certified in no time!

Where Can I Get ASE Certified Insignias And Other ASE Swag?

ASE insignias and merchandise can be purchased at

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