Long Island University Acceptance Rate and How To Get In Very Easily

Long Island University continues to redefine higher education by offering world-class academic instruction delivered by world-class faculty. If you’re looking for a university that will help you reach your full potential as an ethically grounded, intellectually vigorous, and socially responsible global citizen, look no further because Long Island University might be the place for you. However, before applying to Long Island University, you should be aware of the University’s acceptance rate and how you can improve your chances of admission.

In this article, we will discuss the Long Island University acceptance rate, its features, admission requirements, and how to get in easily. Read on to learn all you need to know about Long Island University.

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Long Island University Acceptance Rate and How To Get In Very Easily

About Long Island University

Long Island University is a non-profit private university in Brookville, New York. The University serves over 15,000 students annually, with an 11:1 student-faculty ratio.

Long Island University was founded in 1926 and now offers over 500 academic programs in various formats, allowing students to attend in a traditional classroom setting or pursue an online degree.

LIU provides a one-of-a-kind bachelor’s degree all over the world. It is spread across eight countries on five continents and prepares students for careers as global leaders in business, policy, humanitarian relief, social entrepreneurship, economic development, and environmental sustainability.

In addition, Forbes has recognized LIU for its emphasis on experiential learning, and the Brookings Institution has recognized LIU for its “value-added” to student outcomes.

Likewise, the campus has more professional health care programs than any other New York metropolitan area campus, including the Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy & Health Science and The Harriet Rothkopf Heilbrunn School of Nursing.

Furthermore, upon graduation, its students join a community of over 280,000 alumni who have gone on to become global leaders in the arts, health sciences, media, education, pharmacy, business, technology, public service, and professional sports.

LIU provides a distinctive college experience for every student seeking academic enrichment and professional opportunity, from the shores of Long Island to Brooklyn, the hub of business and technological innovation, to the far reaches of the globe.

Finally, Long Island University is home to the renowned Tilles Center for the Performing Arts and Bethpage Federal Credit Union Stadium, where fans assemble to support the Sharks’ Division I athletic program. For 2022, usnews & World Report ranked LIU #288 in National Universities.

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Why Should I Study at Long Island University?

If you’re looking for a college that has brilliant and world-class faculty, vibrant campus life, and offers financial aid, LIU has all these features and even more so before we get into 

the Long Island University acceptance rate, let’s look at a few reasons you should consider studying at the school.

1. Excellent Instructors

LIU typically employs over 400 full-time professors, most of whom have doctorates in their fields. Also, numerous Fulbright Scholars are a part of the faculty, and in 2014, LIU was one of just nine master’s-granting institutions in the country with four Fulbright professors working abroad.

Academy Award winners, well-known journalists, celebrated authors, eminent scientists whose work has significantly advanced medicine, and many other accomplished and seasoned professionals make up the faculty at LIU. As a result, you will have the chance to learn from and receive mentoring from elite professionals.

2. Student-run Enterprises

Before graduating, one of Long Island University’s objectives is to help students develop practical business skills. As a result, there are student-run businesses at the school. From the fashion store The Student Body to Browse, an all-purpose technology hub authorized Apple product retailer, or even Canteen, the official store of its renowned music, sports, and entertainment school. Each student receives practical experience working in these micro-stores, including managing, marketing, operating, and hiring staff independently.

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3. Lively Campus Life

At Long Island University, you can join more than 70 clubs and organizations, including Greek life and sports. Modern recreation facilities at the school offer basketball, Zumba, and spin classes. You can also lend your skills to the student newspaper, jazz ensembles, student government, and other organizations.

4. Grants and Scholarships

Long Island University provides scholarships and awards to students. As a result, students are eligible for full-tuition scholarships, which are awarded to the highest-achieving applicants and include admission to the University’s prestigious Honors College. 

As a result, the University spends up to $100 million per year on Scholarships and Grants Awarded, with funds coming from its highly productive alumni team. All of these outstanding characteristics have a significant impact on the Long Island University acceptance rate.

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How Many Campuses Does Long Island University Have?

The University’s campuses are extremely diverse, with students of all races and religions and thousands of international students from all over the world. It teaches on eight different campuses, the details of which are as follows:

LIU Brooklyn

  • Has a long history of success in Division I athletics.
  • Over 200 academic programs are available to over 11,000 students from all over the world.

LIU Post

  • Over 200 academic programs are offered on 330 acres of land on Long Island’s idyllic Gold Coast.
  • More than 120,000 global alumni live here.

LIU Pharmacy

  • Over 130 years of service to the state and country.
  • Educates over 20,000 graduates and undergraduates worldwide.
  • Produced notable Pharmacy graduates who went on to work in other health professions.

LIU Global

  • Immersive international program.
  • Taught more than 3,000 alumni.
  • Provides opportunities in 8 nations.

LIU Brentwood

  • Academic programs in Mental Health Counseling are available, as well as a thriving teacher education program and an accredited business program.
  • Campus enrollment has increased by 1,000 students.
  • Early Childhood Education, Childhood Education, School Counseling, Special Education and Literacy, Mental Health Counseling, Library and Information Science, Criminal Justice, and the LIU Post RN-to-BS Nursing degree are notable master’s degrees.

LIU Hudson

  • Situated in the tri-state area – Purchase, New York
  • Offers over 70 graduate programs, including master’s degrees and advanced certificates in:
  • Teacher Education
  • Educational Leadership
  • School Counseling
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Marriage and Family Counseling
  • School Psychology
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Public and Health Administration
  • Business Administration

LIU Riverhead

  • Began in September 2006 with 125 graduate students.
  • Offered classes on weekends and in the evenings
  • At the Eastern Campus of Suffolk County Community College, off County Road, 51 Riverhead-Moriches Road in Riverhead, New York, classes are held in a 10,000-square-foot free-standing academic building.
  • Seven wireless classrooms, a computer lab, a student lounge, and teaching and administrative staff offices.

LIU Southampton

  • Southampton College, the easternmost campus, opened in 1963 and shut down in 2005.
  • Located on Long Island’s Atlantic coast in a beautiful natural setting
  • offers a program in marine science that is well-known nationwide
  • It produced a record number of Fulbright awards.
  • Renowned research institutions and universities employ an impressive number of former students.

The University’s campuses and colleges are all located abroad. It implies that candidates from outside the United States may be accepted into their desired program through either of the colleges on either of the campuses.

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What is the Long Island Acceptance Rate?

The University manifests a lightly competitive admission policy; as a result, the Long Island university acceptance rate is 85%.

What are Long Island Admission Requirements?

The Long Island University acceptance rate demonstrates how competitive admission is. Still, if you have a strong academic record and a strong personal profile, you will have a better chance of being accepted. The requirements for admission to LIU are as follows. 

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Long Island GPA Requirement

To be considered for admission, candidates for Long Island University must have a minimum GPA of 2.50. Students who don’t meet this requirement might still be admitted depending on the supplemental materials.

Long Island SAT Requirements

Even though LIU has a test-optional policy, having a strong SAT or ACT score will improve your application chances, especially since most other applicants will also be sending in their scores. Nevertheless, LIU Brooklyn’s average composite SAT score is 1250.

Long Island SAT Requirements

The average ACT score at LIU Brooklyn is 26. This score makes LIU Brooklyn Moderately Competitive for ACT scores.

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What are the LIU Requirements for International Students?

Below are the eligibility requirements and language requirements for applying to the various programs that LIU offers to international students:

Requirements for International Undergraduates

The SAT or ACT scores and high school grades determine admission to undergraduate programs. To be admitted to undergraduate programs, students must have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Requirements for International Postgraduates

To enroll in the University’s postgraduate program, candidates must hold an undergraduate or bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. For the majority of the courses, a GRE or GMAT exam score may be necessary.

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LIU Post Application Process for International Students

The international students should follow the following instructions while applying.

Application Portal

Applicants must fill out the online application through their online portal.

Click here to visit their application portal.

Application Fees

Students are required to pay a $50 Non-Refundable application fee. 

Admission Requirements for International Students

All international candidates must satisfy the below-mentioned details to be eligible for LIU Post admissions.

  • Fill out the pre-admission application to Brooklyn College.
  • Official school/ undergraduate transcripts with their English translation if written in other languages other than English. Candidates must also attach original documents with the translations.
  • SAT and ACT scores
  • Minimum GPA of 2.94
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
  • Statement of purpose
  • Resume/ CV
  • GMAT or GRE scores will be required for a few courses (Accountancy M.S., Behavior Analysis M.A., MBA, MA in Psychology, M.S. in Taxation, Clinical Psychology, and M.A. in Behavior Analysis)
  • Digital Portfolios/ Auditions in DVDs/ CDs (for Art, Theatre, and Music Programs) 
  • Copies of documents can be emailed in pdf format to post-enroll@liu.edu.

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How do I Improve my Chances of Getting Into Long Island University?

Having known the Long Island acceptance rate and its admission requirements. There are ways you can make your admission stand out from other applicants, so the following are strategies for increasing your chances of admission to the institution.

1. Achieve the best GPA Possible

Although LIU does not have a particularly high GPA requirement, ensure that you earn beyond what is expected of you if you want to increase your chances of being admitted. Consequently, achieve As in all, or nearly all, of the most difficult courses offered.

2. Aim for a 1250 SAT and 26 ACT

As previously stated, LIU has a test-optional policy; however, to be safe, we recommend that you submit your SAT and ACT scores. Any score between 50 and 60 percent is acceptable, but the higher your score, the better your chances of admission. Furthermore, the SAT and ACT are both super scores at LIU, which means that your best section scores from multiple test dates will be combined to create a new composite score.

3. Write Engaging Essays

In addition to the common application, LIU will ask you to write an essay in which you must answer several questions. These essays and response questions allow you to highlight your skills, character, and authentic voice, as well as the possible outcomes of your presence in the classroom.

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Additionally, if you’re a freshman, the essay provides an additional opportunity to help admissions officers get to know you better.

4. Get a Letter of Recommendation

Long Island University requires letters of recommendation when making its admission decision. You must submit two letters from a counselor or a teacher of a core academic subject from your junior or senior year. Admissions officers will learn about you as a student and peer from your letters of recommendation.

What is the Long Island University Application Process?

The LIU application procedure is straightforward for all applicants. The application procedure is the same for all graduate and undergraduate programs at Long Island University. The following details the application process step-by-step:

Step 1: Visit LIU Online Application Portal at apply.liu.edu/quickapp2/ and click on the ‘start an application’ button.

Step 2: Create a new account using an active email address.

Step 3: Choose the intended campus you want to study on.

Step 4: Choose the applicant type, such as an international graduate or international freshman.

Step 5: Choose the term you want to get enrolled in.

Step 6: Start filling the form with all the details required about your citizenship, academic history, exam scores, etc.

Step 7: Upload the supporting documents and pay the application fee.

Step 8: Review and submit the online application. Then, wait for the results.

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When will I hear From Long University After Submitting my Application?

To allow for a thorough review of applications, the University goes through several processes before making an application decision. However, the duration may vary depending on the program. The application is reviewed and processed in 4 to 6 weeks. When a decision is made, the school will notify students via email.


Since its inception, Long Island University has been committed to raising students who are ethically grounded, intellectually vigorous, and socially responsible global citizens. 

LUI offers online and onsite degrees, and its student and faculty ratio is 11:1. Some benefits you get to enjoy at a Long Island University are that; you’ll have access to financial aid, the opportunity to be taught by highly regarded faculty, and the cultivation of real work business skills. Thus, if these features appeal to you, you can give them your shot by applying.

However, the Long Island university acceptance rate is 85 percent, which shows that it’s selective in its admission. Still, following all the tips in this article will increase your chances of gaining admission. Cheers!

FAQs About the Long Island University Acceptance Rate

What is LIU known for?

Long Island University is known for preparing students for careers as global leaders in business, policy, humanitarian relief, social entrepreneurship, economic development, and environmental sustainability.

Is it hard to get into Long Island University?

Admissions to Long Island are competitive, with an acceptance rate of 85%. The average SAT or ACT score of applicants to Long Island is between 1250 and 1290, or between 22 and 29.

What GPA do you need for Long Island University?

To be considered for admission to Long Island University, you must have an average GPA of 2.50.

What is the Long Island University Acceptance Rate?

The Long Island university acceptance rate is 85 percent.

How do I apply to Long Island University?

The following are simple ways that you can apply to LIU:
Create an account & profile.
Complete all fields on the application and hit “SUBMIT.”
Ask two teachers (one teacher and another non-relative who knows you well) to complete the teacher evaluation form.
Pay the application fee online.


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