How Can I Become An FBI Agent in 2023?

What is FBI

Established in 1908, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is designed for special investigations of criminal cases. The FBI, which is not a very important branch of the government, had started out as a team of special agents for special security assignments in the times of Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency. They have worked on cases that involved John Gotti, the KKK, Bonnie and Clyde, Al Capone, etc. The FBI is popular for its success in protecting the country and its citizens from different forms of threats.

Who’s an FBI agent?

An FBI agent is one who is responsible for securing American citizens and the country. The FBI agent lives to fight issues that threaten life, safety, and security like drug trafficking, terrorism, murder, organized crime, white–collar crimes, fraud, cyber theft, public corruption, human trafficking, hate crimes, violations of human rights, etc. An FBI agent employs the use of computers, skills, and finances to protect the nation and its citizens.

What does an FBI agent do?

As an FBI agent, your duty is to secure the nation and keep it safe by specializing in certain security-linked fields like financial fraud, all types of criminal investigations, terrorism, murder investigations, organized crime, etc. The description of an FBI agent is one that requires you to be at your best with respect to skills, standards of conduct, and fitness.

Advantages and disadvantages of being an FBI Special Agent

Some of the advantages of being an FBI agent include: life insurance, paid sick days, paid vacations, health insurance, and full retirement plans.

Depending on your type of person, one of the major disadvantages of being an FBI agent is traveling. You might be posted to a different location, nationally or internationally. This would result in not meeting with your family and friends for the period of duty, just like in the military. Another disadvantage is that you will be very busy, working for at least, 50 hours every week. Also, you are on call for any minute of the day, round the clock. Another disadvantage is the danger involved in the job and having to keep most of the job you do to yourself, your work goes unnoticed

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What is an FBI agent’s salary in 2023

On average, an FBI agent earns about 51 9200USD every year as a starting salary. As you rank higher in the bureau, your salary increases up to 78 680 USD per year in the first five years of working.

How do I become an FBI agent?

You will need to earn a relevant bachelor’s degree from a nationally accredited university, and garner at least, two years of experience in the field you want to specialize in. Furthermore, you should meet all the basic requirements for becoming an FBI agent, and pass all the required tests. After passing these tests, you need to undergo the New Agent Training exercise which lasts for about 20 weeks.

Requirements to become an FBI agent

Just like any other employment opportunity, you are required to fulfill some criteria before you are accepted to become an FBI agent. You will have to fulfill the basic, educational, and experience requirements before you become an FBI agent.

Basic requirements

Applicants must be US citizens who have lived in the US for at least, three years. You should be in the age range of 23 – 37. This age range is to make certain that the bureau takes people who are mentally mature and have the physical brawn and endurance. As an applicant, you are expected to have good background history and clean security records. Other details that the FBI will look into are your medical records, employment records, law enforcement records, military records, credit records, etc. you also need to undergo and pass the Personal Fitness Test of the FBI. The FBI will also give you a series of written and physical fitness tests, drug tests, and lie detector tests.

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Education requirements

Not all majors are relevant to a career in the bureau. In addition to requiring brawny and strong-hearted people, the FBI also requires academic experts and specialists.

The minimum requirement to join the FBI is a bachelor’s degree with a GPA of at least, 3.0. The best majors for FBI agent aspirants are computer technology, sciences, finance, law enforcement, foreign languages, criminal justice, and international studies.

Experience level requirements

Another important requirement to become an FBI agent is having a relevant experience level of at least, two years. However, for those with at least, one graduate degree, the experience level requirement is reduced to one year. Relevant experience, it means that the experience has to be related to the field you wish to go into (financial sector, cyber security, law, etc.)

How do I become an FBI agent? Step-by-step process

Time needed: 90 days

Here are the processes you should follow to become an FBI agent:

  1. Get a relevant degree (computer technology, sciences, finance, law enforcement, foreign languages, criminal justice, and international studies.)

  2. Acquire at least, two years of experience that is related to your major, and the field you want to apply to.

  3. Ensure that you meet the necessary requirements (age limit, medical records, employment records, law enforcement records, military records, credit records, etc.)

    Being an FBI:

  4. Pass the Physical Fitness Test of the FBI.

  5. Undertake the New Agent Training

Other careers with the FBI Minors and Internships.

If you intend to apply to become an FBI agent, it is advisable to add extra minors to your major as this increases your chances. You could take a minor in finance, international studies, foreign languages, etc. These minors should be relevant to your major, or the aspect you want to go into at the FBI.

In addition, you could get ten-week Honours Internships with the FBI while taking your degree. This paid internship enables you to explore your possibilities with the FBI. These internship positions are usually offered to high-achieving students in their specific fields. Most times, the FBI will contact you if you are a top student, if not, you will have to reach out to them.

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What college should I go to become an FBI agent?

There is no specific college you need to earn a degree from for you to become an FBI agent. You may obtain your bachelor’s degree from any university. Your bachelor’s degree can be obtained from any accredited university. However, you need to ensure that your course major is closely linked to the field you wish to specialize in.

What disqualifies you from being employed at the FBI?

The FBI agent position is a very important placement, because of its sensitive nature and importance to the nation. This results in high standards of selection with respect to your criminal history. A strong factor that could disqualify you from being employed at the FBI is your criminal history.

The offenses that can cause disqualification

You will not be disqualified from being considered if you are guilty of some very minor offenses. However, bigger misconducts, especially the acts done as adults, will reduce whatever chances you had of being employed. You will be disqualified for some other offenses like a felony.

There are other issues, that might seem minor and not considered to be criminal cases which can significantly reduce your chances. Such minor issues as defaulting on student loans. The other records that will definitely disqualify you are issues like not filing tax returns, not paying child support, and domestic violence. Another issue is if you do not meet the strict guidelines for the FBI drug use.

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