10 Best Countries for Engineering Courses

In this article, we will be discussing the 10 Best Countries for Engineering Courses and the best country for industrial engineering. Engineering has evolved into a broad and complex field of study with numerous branches and specializations. Engineers are top drivers of technological and social changes in the world from the first pyramids up to the complex dams and reservoirs today. All human civilizations are built on the foundation of engineers.

To be an engineer, you first decide what to and where to pursue your undergraduate study and master’s degree in engineering. And studying abroad is a significant decision. Many factors can drive one to study abroad like scholarships but the most important thing one considers is the certainty of opportunities. These may pertain to employment or research opportunities. 


10 Best Countries To Study Engineering Abroad

Foreign students, including engineering students, are increasingly interested in studying overseas. We’ve compiled a list of the Best Countries for engineering courses:

1. Engineering in the USA

The United States has 74 of the best engineering universities in the world, out of a total of 502. When it comes to high-quality technical education, the United States has long been at the forefront of the world. For engineering students, the United States (US) is known as a melting pot of ideas and opportunities. The United States has always been and continues to be the ideal place to polish your engineering talents and find suitable prospects for you.

What distinguishes American engineering education from that of other countries is its strong educational structure and well-coordinated industry-university linkages. According to the most recent QS World University Rankings for Engineering, MIT is currently the best engineering school in the world. Stanford University, which is famed for being the origin of Silicon Valley, follows MIT.

As one of the top 10 countries for engineering in the world, their schools include Harvard University, University of California (Berkeley), University of Michigan, and CalTech. Some of the greatest engineering universities in the world are located in the United States, including MIT, CalTech, and Stanford. The highly sought after engineering programs in the USA are:

  1. Aerospace engineering
  2. Chemical engineering
  3. Computer engineering
  4. Electrical engineering
  5. Materials engineering
  6. Petroleum engineering

Not only for bachelor’s degrees in engineering but also master’s degrees in technology, US universities are well-known.

2. Engineering in Germany:

Germany is the home of science prodigies, from Einstein to Oppenheimer, people that revolutionized modern warfare through the Atomic Bomb. Germany continues to be among the top 10 countries for engineering with the best engineering facilities in the world today. RWTH Aachen University, the country’s leading engineering university, offers undergraduate and graduate engineering programs.

Germany, which is known for its advancements in the automotive and manufacturing industries, is one of the most popular destinations for international students seeking to study in some of the top 10 countries for engineering. Many of Germany’s greatest institutions are public universities, and as you may know, the majority of public universities in Germany are tuition-free.

3. Engineering in Australia

The next study abroad destination on this list of best countries for engineering courses lies in the southern hemisphere of the world has emerged as a strong study abroad destination among the others in recent decades. Australia’s mining and manufacturing industries make it a global powerhouse. The Australian education system is unique in that it places a strong emphasis on research, hands-on experience, and training. 

Technical knowledge, just as in the case of the USA, is a strong suit of Universities in Australia. Australia’s top engineering universities are well-known around the world, and the future potential for studying in Australia is virtually limitless. It also houses cutting-edge training for the development of organizational leaders, efficient engineers, and staff at all levels.

Its well-renowned engineering institutions are the University of Melbourne and Monash University. 19 of the Engineering Universities in Australia feature in the list of best engineering universities in the world.

4. Engineering In the UK

How about studying engineering with the Royalties? Everything that is taught in the UK turns to gold, thanks to the ever-prestigious Oxford and Cambridge. As one of the Best Countries for Engineering Courses which is also the second wealthiest country, the United Kingdom brags about its engineering education competence. The United Kingdom also possessed world-class capability in sophisticated engineering, including mechanical, automotive, and aeronautical engineering.

Among the best engineering schools in the country is the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, and Oxford University. In the United Kingdom, bachelor’s of engineering programs are typically four years long, while master’s programs are even more prestigious. The admissions are always exclusive because of all these reasons, and getting admission can be tough.

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5. Engineering in Canada

Canada is an infrastructurally sound country with an advanced economy and vast access to natural resources, such as gas and lumber. It also has progressive environmental and social legislation, making it an excellent site for engineers who care about these problems to work. The resource-rich economy of Canada will help anyone looking for petroleum engineering employment overseas or chemical engineering jobs abroad.

You will need to join a professional engineering association in Canada to practice, But it will be well worth it because you will be part of one of the most active workforces on the planet. With the highest number of immigrants over the last few years, Canada has been truly welcoming in the past few years. Despite a massive influx of students, the best Engineering Universities in Canada have maintained their standards. 

Canada is one of the cheapest options if you want to study in the best engineering universities in the world.

6. Engineering in Singapore

Recently, Singapore has been exerting tremendous efforts in funding its science and technology sector. As a result, Singapore has become a popular Asian engineering study destination. Companies are already recognizing the country’s engineering education as one that emphasizes hands-on learning, worldwide orientation, and extraordinary participation.

Singapore’s top engineering schools are the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University. If you wish to study engineering at one of the world’s greatest engineering institutes, Singapore, which is often overlooked as a study abroad destination, can be an excellent choice. The country has the highest living standards, and it has the best of the prestigious educational institutes.

7. Engineering in Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its wide opportunities for mechanical and electrical engineering. Swiss education is one of Europe’s most prestigious higher education systems and, with its four official languages, a true European melting pot. It has two of Europe’s highest-ranking engineering universities- ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.

After the US and UK, the world ranking features Swiss Universities, the reason being they are technically sound. There’s more to this lovely landlocked country than snowy mountains and lakes. Many international diplomatic events, buildings, and NGOs’ offices are held in Switzerland. If expensive living costs are something that is not a hurdle to you, you should consider Switzerland as a study abroad destination.

8. Engineering in China

Another Asian study abroad destination that is often overlooked, China boasts of some of the best universities in the world. According to the rankings, China has 36 of the world’s best engineering universities. Seven of them are ranked among the top 100. China The sleeping giant of Asia is also a top location for engineering studies, particularly in the sectors of metallurgy, automotive, construction, mining, and manufacturing, thanks to its millions of factories and companies. Tsinghua University is its top engineering institution included in the Top20 of the QS World University Rankings for Engineering.

9. Engineering in France

France is a fantastic blend of business and leisure, and it is another European destination with tremendous benefits. The Universities are known for their quality education and high research output, and aviation engineering takes the cake among the other fields. However, all the engineering courses are equally good, and when it comes to the best engineering universities in the world, France is home to 18 of the top engineering Universities.

10. Engineering in Italy

Last but not least, the land of coliseum and pizza has one of the oldest and most profound universities in the world. Italy is famed for its educational legacy, which includes the world’s oldest university, the University of Bologna. Italy is the epicenter of the famed Renaissance, and its Cultural Revolution continues to feed Europe’s industrial revolution.  With CERN and Politecnico di Milano as two of its main engineering institutes, Italy is one of the best research facilities in the world today. Italy’s engineering programs are world-class, and it is home to many of the best engineering universities in the world.

How To Choose a Country to Study Engineering 

There are many countries out there where you can have a quality engineering education, as well as practical knowledge and training from the greatest enterprises in each county. Our ambitions have surpassed the echelons of human aspiration, and we must always know and obtain the finest, even in our first step to achievement, education. If your field of study is in engineering, you can do more research on those above listed 10 best countries for Engineering Courses.

Other developing countries may lack higher education facilities and are not internationally recognized since they do not meet the standards for a quality engineering degree. Those ten best countries for engineering courses stand out among the 195 countries in the globe today as the finest places with the best engineering universities in the world. Engineering is a booming field all over the world, therefore studying it overseas is a fantastic idea.

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People are becoming more aware of how vital, exciting, and profitable engineering is, making it more difficult for overseas students to study engineering in the top 10 countries for engineering. Acquiring a degree in the above-mentioned fields of Engineering opens the door to an array of career opportunities. If you want to pursue programs abroad in these emerging fields but are not sure about the admission process then proper further research will lend you a helping hand.

There are online counselors from these institutions that will not only guide you in completing the Not only will they assist you with admissions-related processes, but they will also assist you in identifying the best countries for engineering courses and the best-fit university abroad. Either way, the good news is, the need for engineers is growing.


Scope Of Engineering 

Almost every country’s engineering curriculum is the same. There may be minor changes in standard codes from one location to the next. However, the formulas and theories in most syllabi are the same. As far as placement is concerned it depends upon the individual capability to choose the best countries for engineering courses that work for you. You must generate opportunities in the current world situation. This is what it seems like so far in terms of the best engineering universities in the world:

  1. In the United States (MIT, Berkeley, CalTech, Stanford), 
  2. United Kingdom (Oxford, Cambridge). 

However, different schools have different focuses on engineering. Berkeley takes a more theoretical approach, while others take a more hands-on approach (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo). Cal Poly isn’t in the top 25 worldwide, but still one of the BEST schools in the US for undergraduate engineering. This institution features tons of hands-on projects, requirements of graduating include a design and build project (Looks favorable to employers, at least in California).

Some Cal Poly engineering students go on to work for Apple, Cisco, and Google, among others. Only a few engineering students in the United States choose to study overseas, which makes sense: an engineering course is demanding enough. Many of the best engineering universities in the world, on the other hand, allow you to continue your engineering education while learning a new language and traveling to a different place.

Finally, it appears that the ideal places to study engineering are determined by the individual and their circumstances. Regardless, of how it comes to the individual, It’s what they learn and how they apply it after their university years that truly counts. However, Industrial engineering is a broad branch of engineering that deals with improving processes and products.

Moving to any of the best countries to study engineering, you will look to make things more efficient to save time, money, and resources. Math, physics, design, and business are all topics included in industrial engineering studies.

Job Margin Of The Best Countries For Engineering Salary

When it concerns jobs, no one can beat the USA. The best country for Engineering Courses according to employability is the USA. But the problem is concerned with visa and PR. Canada is also topping the top 10 countries for engineering with an awesome environment to be settled there. Engineering education and employment prospects are favorable. When you ask about the best countries for engineering salary, Germany comes to mind but from a few days some employability problems arise but if you are good in German then surely you will find a good job.

Sweden and Denmark have the potential to be major players in Europe. These countries have the highest living standards and provide excellent technical education. They provide you with a 1 year to 18 months visa after completion of your course to find a Job. As for Industrial engineering, it is a high-demand career that most countries have a high job offer for.

Germany is the first country that springs to mind when I’m asked to pick one. It is a well-established country in industrial engineering and most engineering in general, with generally favorable conditions. There are many individuals who, although they could have chosen to work there, left a country with good conditions to work in Germany, where the conditions are even better.

But, as I previously stated, an industrial engineer, even a recent graduate, would always have favorable working conditions. Not as excellent as a senior position, but pay rises with experience. However, I would advise you to look for work in your area, as I am confident you will find enough. 

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However, I believe that the most important factor to consider when deciding where to work is where you wish to live. It won’t matter if you have a fantastic job with a terrific company if you are unhappy living in the area where you work. Choosing a country to reside in is a very personal decision that is based on what is important to you.

However, I do not suggest that you move anywhere that you will struggle with the language and customs, especially if you have a family.

Salary Margin For Engineering Jobs

  1. In Canada, the average compensation for an Industrial Engineer is $72,714 per year or $37.29 per hour. Starting salaries for entry-level employment start at $46,639 per year, with the highest-paid professionals earning up to $123,613 per year.
  2. Industrial engineering jobs in Switzerland pay an average salary of 97,201 CHF per annum. The lowest salary is at 39,852 CHF and the highest is at 149,689 CHF.
  3. In the field of industrial engineering, the United States is one of the highest-paying countries. The average annual pay is $72,925, with the lowest being $18,000. The highest pay is $133,500 per year.
  4. Denmark offers its industrial engineers an average salary of $62,019 per annum. The lowest it can offer is $50,000 and the highest is $77,000.
  5. The UK pays an average salary of £33,494 per annum. The lowest pay is at £24,000 and the highest is at £43,000.
  6. The average industrial engineering salary in the UAE is AED 114,648 per year, with the lowest paying roughly AED 30,000. The most expensive is likely to be over AED 352,000.
  7. Following the best country for industrial engineering, the average salary in Australia is AU$71,300 per annum. The lowest is at AU$38,000 and the highest is at AU$100,000.
  8. In Sweden, another best country for industrial engineering, workers can earn on average 501,352 SEK per year. The lowest pay is 205,554 SEK, while the maximum pay is 772,082 SEK.
  9. On average, an industrial engineer in Qatar earns 174,972 QAR per annum.
  10. The average salary in the best country for industrial engineering engineers (Germany) is €45,271 per annum. The lowest salary is at €34,000 and the highest is at €66,000.
  11. As one of the best countries for industrial engineering, occupations pay an average of 562,742 NOK per year in Norway. Its cheapest offer is 230,724 NOK, and its most expensive is 866,623 NOK.



Many students who want to determine which academic major often ask themselves, ‘What is engineering?’. Engineering is rooted in mathematical principles. Using scientific principles to construct or develop structures, equipment, devices, or manufacturing processes, or to use them alone or in combination, in a creative way;  Or to construct or operate the same with full awareness of their design.

Engineering is also a very broad topic. The discipline of engineering is divided into several subgroups. Engineers operate in a wide range of fields, from astronauts to beer plant engineers. Engineering students are well prepared for a variety of intriguing jobs, including the design of environmentally friendly electrical systems, as well as the production of automobiles, spacecraft, and computers.

Many nations have potentially great engineers, it’s how much the government aids these engineers and the support to see them through to the end. Bean counting, spending money that could be better applied to research of medicines and national safety, does no one any good.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which engineering is the best for the future?

The following are the fastest-growing engineering industries:

  1. Software engineering jobs
  2. Aerospace engineering jobs
  3. Civil engineering jobs
  4. Environmental engineering
  5. Biomedical engineering
  6. Computer engineering
  7. Electrical engineering
  8. Plastic engineering

Which engineering field pays the most?

Following engineers get the highest salaries:

  1. Computer Hardware Engineer
  2. Aerospace Engineer
  3. Nuclear Engineer
  4. Systems Engineer
  5. Chemical Engineer
  6. Electrical Engineer
  7. Biomedical Engineer
  8. Environmental Engineer

Which engineer is the most sought after?

Engineers of all kinds are in demand, but some are more popular than others depending upon the need of employers and technology in the best countries for engineering courses. Check out the list of engineers who are more popular than others:

  1. Automation and Robotics Engineer
  2. Alternative Energy Engineer
  3. Civil Engineer
  4. Environmental Engineer
  5. Biomedical Engineer
  6. Systems Software Engineer

Who earns more than a doctor or engineer?

It is entirely dependent on the circumstances and cannot be generalized. Engineers and doctors both make decent money. In comparison to the best country for engineering salary, the process of becoming a doctor is extremely extensive.

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