15 Best HVAC Schools In The US

If you want to learn about the best HVAC Schools in the US so as to make the best decision for a college then this is the perfect guide for you.

First, you will get the full details of what HVAC is all about.

Also, you will learn about some of the top HVAC schools in the US that provide an excellent learning environment for students.

In addition, you will find the names of the instructors for each school so that you can easily find their profiles online.

This will help you to assess them to know whether they have the necessary experience and knowledge to train you.

By applying to one of these HVAC schools, you can get a certificate as an HVAC technician in less than 12 months.

So, if you are ready to get full information about the best HVAC schools in the US and other important information, then continue reading this article until the end.


What is HVAC or HVAC/R?

HVAC is the acronym for (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). Often times people add an R which represents Refrigeration. HVAC is one of the most stable jobs today.

Every day people rely greatly on their heating and cooling systems in homes and offices. If perchance these systems stop working, there is a high rate of discomfort due to the weather conditions.

This is the main reason why many people need qualified and well-trained technicians. Because they understand the nitty-gritty of these complex machines. They also know how to work their way around them to make them better, efficient, and functional again.

But where exactly do people get this technical training or know-how? There are hundreds of thousands of available choices out there. However, it would be wise to attend one of the elite colleges around the globe that offers HVAC programs.

List of the Best HVAC Schools in the U.S

Here are some of the best HVAC schools in the United States. This is not a one size for all option. Some of these programs are cut out for a one-on-one class. While others are based online or hybrid, combining both systems of teaching.

Regardless of the route you want to take towards establishing a career in HVAC. This comprehensive list below is a great place to start. For your search for the best HVAC schools in the U.S.

1. The University of North Dakota (Grand Forks, ND)

The University of North Dakota supports only an online program. This school issues out NATE or HVAC Excellence certificates in less than 12 months. It conducts its courses through videos and course materials happening at different times.

Students have the liberty to start up their classes without having to wait for a new session or semester. They have the liberality to take the courses at their own time. Without having to interrupt their daily lives and working schedules.

Their course instructor Mike baker has over ten years of experience teaching this course. Before he started out as a teacher, he worked for several decades as an HVAC technician.

He has got many certifications which include the HVAC Excellence certificate, the Green Mechanical Council, and many others. Students learn a lot of key subjects of the trade from him. Which include electrical motors, real-time weather systems, and many other HVAC essentials.


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2. Ashworth College (Norcross, GA)

Ashworth Colleges is one of the schools in the US that offers HVAC training. Once a student finishes the career diploma in HVAC at Ashworth College. They graduate with a coupon for taking their EPA certification exam of section 608.

This gives them access to a soft copy text. This text covers the fundamentals of HVAC/R. It also gives them access to online lessons attached to the program.

The best thing about this is that these students leave with several connections. From a great community of students, to mentors, lecturers, and graduates. This opens them up to a long term of networking. Which includes educational and job opportunities. 

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In Ashworth, the HVAC program is purely online. Their diploma course puts the students first. With whatever schedule, the student is able to catch up with the courses while working.

The amazing thing is how affordable the HVAC course is at Ashworth. You can make a one time installment payment of $629. You can also make a monthly installment of $55 each. There is financial aid at Ashworth for those who need it.


3. Penn Foster College (Scottsdale, AZ)

This school offers its HVAC program online. They let their students get their certifications at their own pace. You can gain an EPA certification in just five (5) months.

This enables them to pursue greater job opportunities. In just (8) classes the student is ready for the field. These classes are a combination of all the essentials of HVAC/R to systems for registering commercially.

At Penn Foster, they make use of state-of-the-art learning facilities. This helps to provide an easy system of learning. The modules include a fundamental guide to give students instructions to carry out immediately.

When the program ends, students get a coupon to enable them to take their certification tests. Along with a guide to help them ace their tests.

With this certification acquired, students are ready to take on careers as HVAC technicians/ refrigerator mechanics.


4. Excelsior College (Albany, NY)

You need a certificate if you want to be a successful HVAC professional. Your certificate will show your employees that you have the required skills. In addition to the technical know-how to install and repair these complicated machines.

The focus of Excelsior College is to hand students a work-ready certificate for their HVAC/R technician program.

This program encompasses all that the student will need to earn a certification. This includes a waiver for state testing. With this certificate, these students can work under the supervision of a licensed professional and master technician.

Excelsior HVAC/R college program allows students to get their training in minimal time. They also learn safety protocols, machinery, and many more.

With these concise courses and lesson plans, Excelsior college is a unique choice for HVAC professionals across the globe.  


5. Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology (Okmulgee, Oklahoma)

The air conditioning and refrigeration degree at Oklahoma State Institute of Technology give students everything needed to become qualified professionals.

They have certified and experienced HVAC professionals. Who teach the students first-class knowledge in installing, repairing, and maintenance of complex HVAC systems.

Oklahoma State University practices a one-on-one approach to teaching. However, this does not limit it. Every student must partake in the internship program.

Students are attached to professionals to partner with. This gives them practical knowledge on working with different HVAC systems.

In addition, the school gives students credit. It encourages them to bring their best expertise to the table. This makes the learning environment very vibrant. It brings out the best in the students.


6. Ferris State University (Big Rapids, MI)

Ferris State University has a full accreditation. It has amazing resources, this makes it one of the best HVAC universities in the nation.

The Ferris Associate Degree Program pinpoints the industry to prepare the students with the proper training needed to enter the field.

Alongside their theory and practical classes, the program give the students the best to be HVAC professional technicians. Even if they don’t have prior knowledge or experience.

Ferris State University is one out of the two institutions in the nation that offer a bachelor’s degree in HVAC.

A HVAC (BA), and an Arts degree, gives these students everything that they might need to become qualified HVAC technicians.

In addition, these qualifications help the students have a full quality education. Because of this, these students become highly sought after in different fields. 


7. Northern Michigan University (Marquette, MI)

For anyone to be a successfully trained HVAC/R professional, they need to be able to understand the very technical functions of the heating and cooling units.

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The students at Northern Michigan University have two choices laid out for them to get their training.

The HVAC/R technology certificate program in NMU can be completed in only two years.

While they learn and earn their 44 credits required for their certification. The students are assigned to work with specialists that have decades of experience.

They are taught the methods used to create energy-efficient and comfortable environments for homes, offices and even different industries.

For the students who want an advanced training, NMU gives them a two-year Associate’s Degree in Applied Science.

This way involves all the specialized courses including Liberal Arts or general knowledge.

Through this way, the students have a higher level of education. Allowing them to work in the field as well as continue their Bachelor’s Degree. Working as HVAC professionals.


8. Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology (Boston, MA)

HVAC professionals know that specialized training is needed.So they don’t want to waste time in the classrooms. Because there is practical work to be done.

Benjamin Franklin’s Institute of Technology goes straight to the point with the business. 

They give the students a program of 800 hours for 8-months. This guides them into the field. With a free choice of evening or day classes, the students can easily plan their schedules as it suits them.

Meanwhile, because it is expensive. They help students out in their special Mentor Works Initiative.

This helps the students to hold off any payments for tuition. Until they are done with school and start to earn in their careers.


9. UC Berkeley Extension (Berkeley, CA)

UC Berkeley has been known for its excellence as one of the best universities in the nation. They have a well designed curriculum with lessons that focus on the fundamentals of the certification program for HVAC. 

The students learn the technical knowledge they need to repair, install and design workable HVAC systems. 

This preparation on completion comes with a certificate from the Golden Gate Chapter. This is the most important organisation of elite professionals. The ‘American Society for Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning’ (ASHRAE).


10. University of Northern Ohio (Lima, OH)

The University of Northern Ohio is located in the middle of the Rust Belt. It is the perfect place to earn a degree in HVAC technology.

The UNO gives their students two distinct offers. One is the 2-year Associate’s Degree which gives every student the certification they need to become HVAC technicians.

Then there is the 4-year Bachelor’s Degree which includes a complete Liberal Arts Education.

Whichever option they choose, every student leaves the program with practical knowledge of HVAC.

Which includes understanding of the rules guiding the industry. Every student that completes their courses are ready to move into the field and become expert technicians.

The UNO makes sure students succeed, with classes of just 20 students and a 70% time spent working on the HVAC systems under the supervision of expert professionals.


11. Centura College – Allied Health and Trades

If you are searching for a more practical career in HVAC, the Centura College is the best stop for you.

With their small class sizes and very well-equipped work environments, every student stands a chance to explore their new skills. They meet with top employers to know the industry needs and trends.

The Centura College is dedicated to give quality and profitable education and offer career placement guides to help you secure a good job after completion. They always put the students first. Regardless of what stage you are in life, you can perfectly fit in. 

They have accreditation from the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). They have Day time, evening, and even weekend classes for HVAC training with schedules varying by location.


12. Fanshawe College (Canada)

Fanshawe College in South-western Ontario in Canada is your best bet if you stay in Canada. It incorporates a 60-week program for HVAC.

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Once you are done with this program, you will get a diploma as a certified HVAC technician.

The program gives practical experience and theory work to help you succeed in the field. The great thing is that once you are done graduating, you will become certified for the Gas Technician II and III examination for certification.


13. Centennial College (Canada)

The Centennial College is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

It offers a 2-year program for HVAC. The program teaches you how to install, repair and design HVAC systems for both residential and commercial purposes.

This is one of the best HVAC schools in the US. Because of its numerous offers. It teaches students’ courses on servicing and installations for homes, commercial and industrial clients.

This is an amazing program for those who want to gain knowledge on these things.  


14. Cambrian College (CAN)

The Cambrian College is found in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Its Diploma Program would most definitely certify you as an HVAC technician. Once you are done with it.

It has a well constructed curriculum that gives adequate training and a grounded understanding of gas units, refrigeration, and heating.

Once you are done with the course, you are endorsed by the TSSA to take the Gas Technician II and Oil Burner Technician II exam.


15. Dalhousie University Canada

Located in Nova Scotia, Dalhousie University offers a program completely online. It gives you a proper understanding of what HVAC is all about. It also gets you certified after completing the program.

The key to having a successful HVAC career is gaining hands-on knowledge and experience.

Take an online course at Dalhousie University. It will give you a great edge. Then back it up with an apprenticeship it will be very helpful to you.


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Now you have all the necessary information on the best HVAC schools in the U.S. You can make a better decision on your school of choice.

There are many reputable schools out there that have state-of-the-Art HVAC systems of education. You can be a certified HVAC technician in 8 weeks to 12 months or less.

You also have the liberty to switch careers in no time at all. Literally, any one of these schools and colleges will give you what you want, from designs to installations.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best HVAC Schools in the US

What kind of HVAC degree should you get?

Even though most universities offer similar training, they have their own unique specifications. Some schools insist on having both practical and theory applications. Others make sure the students have hands-on experience, to learn while doing.

How much do certified HVAC professionals make?

If you only get the certificate before fully taking on the associate degree program, then you should be earning an average of $45,000 per annum. But if you are ready to finish the associate degree program, there will be a wage increase of $52,000 average. As time goes on, your chances of earning $76,000 a year grow.

What are the requirements needed to get an HVAC degree?

You do not need any requirements to have a degree in HVAC other than a passion for it. If you want to further get your associate’s degree, you will need to take specialized courses for it like brazing and piping, and some other topics. Associate degrees take 2-years to complete, whereas normal HVAC certifications take 6-12 months to complete.

Can you get an HVAC degree online?

Why of course you can get an HVAC degree totally online. The online HVAC training is totally flexible and very convenient for learning. Busy or working (practical 9-5) students who are not always available for a physical on-campus program can easily learn online without any restrictions and get their certificates too.

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