The Top 15 Best Colleges for Sports Management

Virtually everyone finds interest in one sporting activity or the other. Be it soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc. Meanwhile, behind every successful game played there is an administrative body governing it to run smoothly. To ensure better sports management training, we’ve provided the top 15 colleges for sports management for you to look out for.

Nonetheless, sports like football have created more exciting moments in our contemporary. Moments like the great rivalry between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi and the numbers of balloons d’Or eventually attained. Every other sporting activity has its intriguing story to tell and how competitive the is. Meanwhile, sports play a significant role in human existence, including when it was used as a base for dispute settlement. Sports are also great ways of having fun and participating in one is a great deal of exercise. Hence, this helps proper healthy growth.

However, there is a clarion call to sustain the sports management system. Hence to ensure this, we need proficient guys who know every pros and con of sporting activities. To this accord, we wrote this article. So, we’ve answered some pressing questions regarding good colleges of Sports management. Thus, some of the questions include;

  • Are sports management degrees worth it?
  • Which course is best for sports management?
  • Which country is best for sports management?
  • What do sports managers do?
  • What is a sports management course?
  • How do I know good colleges of sports management?

We’ve carefully answered this question and also included the best colleges in sports management that are well equipped to give you a sound academic experience. So, just carefully go through this article and make the best use of it.

The Top 15 Best Colleges for Sports Management

What Is Sports Management?

Sports management is a management/business role that pertains to recreation and sports. Thus, sports management involves planning, directing, budgeting, and evaluating businesses within the sports field. Also, in a more complex form, Sports management is a multidisciplinary field, which combines law, finance, marketing, and business with the sport.

You can get a specialized master’s or bachelor’s degree in sports management. It will help you grow some significant skills in economics, psychology, business administration, and more. All these and how it relates to sporting activities.

Furthermore, sports management is a profession involving the oversight of almost all categories of athletic competitions. As a sports manager, your duties include athletic training and also providing resources for athlete education. You also have to ensure team and coach compliance. Similarly, furthering the interest of your team/club in local communities.

There are thousand-plus fields and sports you can consider applying to as a sports manager. Meanwhile, with your sports management degree, you can work for professional programs like the MLS, NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB. You can also work for other non-professional and professional sports leagues around the world in terms of promotion, marketing, and health. Thus, we’ve included some sports management jobs below;

  • Athletic Coach
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Operations Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Sport Agent
  • Sport Lawyer
  • Athlete Development Specialist
  • Athletic Director
  • Facilities Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Fitness Manager
  • Business Development Coordinator
  • Contract Administrator
  • Contract Negotiation Manager
  • Event Coordinator
  • Fraud Manager
  • Marketing Consultant

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Why Attend Colleges for Sports Management?

The report shows that the global sports market worth over $400 billion in 2021. While projection holds that the amount will grow to more than 80 billion dollars by 2023. Hence, a profession in sports management is very lucrative. And to easily gain ad advantage in this field you need to obtain a sports management degree from the college of sports management. So, it is necessary to attend colleges offering sports management programs.

Also, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics job opportunities in Sports management will grow by 7% in 2029. So, you can see that there are lots of opportunities available in this career path for you.

Meanwhile, getting a degree in sports management is a way for people with a passion for sports and a sense for a business to attain a professional role in this exciting industry.

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How To Determine Best Colleges for Sports Management

There are more than 200 colleges for sports management offering both masters and bachelors in sports management or its related field. So, you have to undergo thorough research to make the right choice of institution. To do this, you have to consider lots of factors. Among those factors are;

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#1. Internships/Networking

You need to consider enrolling in colleges for sports management that will help you easily get internship opportunities. Also, that will grant you a vast networking opportunity from records. So, that’s why we’ve provided you with a comprehensive list of schools having this quality.

Moreover, completing an internship/networking with industry professionals are means for students to gain useful and practical experience in a real-world setting. So, top schools will provide these experiences to their students to ready them for success in the field. Meanwhile, many employers hire first from applicants who have served as interns in the field.

#2. Cost

Obtaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree is a serious financial commitment. So, you have to consider the cost of earning your degree by factoring in financial aid opportunities. Great schools will always have the best interest of their students at heart, so will always provide one for them. Financial aids often exist as scholarships, grants, and loans. While some employers also offer tuition assistance as well.

#3. Student to Teacher Ratio

You also have to consider the student-to-teacher ratio as a significant factor in choosing a school. As class size can also determine the quality of education the school renders. You have to ensure to attend a school you’d feel supported and valued by your professors.

#4. Accreditation

So, sports management schools are institutions you can obtain a degree in sports management. Therefore, you need to ensure that the school you are enrolling for has accreditation from the right body. In the US, NCATE is the accreditation body for education, similar to ACBSP for business programs. Hence, COSMA has the responsibility of accreditation of Sport Management programs.

COSMA is an acronym for Commission on Sport Management Accreditation. Thus, institutions having COSMA accreditation have completed evaluations reviewed by sports management faculty and industry professionals. The evaluation is often carried out using 8 principles for a quality education system. Thus, the principles include;

  • Outcomes Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Curriculum, Faculty
  • Scholarly and Professional Activities
  • Resources
  • Internal and External Relationships
  • and Educational Innovation.

Top 15 Best Colleges for Sports Management

We’ve carefully selected the best colleges for sports management below. You can check through them and select the one you deem best fit for you. We ensured all the schools here meet all the criteria of consideration. Hence, we made the selection after reviewing several site rankings and checking the alumni networks of the school. Also together with their productivity over the years. All schools selected for this ranking hold COSMA accreditation. 

#1. Liberty University – Lynchburg, Virginia

Liberty University has strong recognition for its sports management courses, therefore, one of the best colleges for sports management programs. Thus, they offer high-quality master in courses in sports management. Meanwhile, they also have online programs for students who want distance learning. Hence, the program still consumes the equivalent time of learning as the on-campus programs. Taking two years to complete. The online courses consist of eight-week sessions with no set log-in times.

Furthermore, students can customize their degree by selecting a concentration area. Course offerings include:

  • Social Issues in Sports Management
  • Economic and Financial Management of Sport
  • Sports Marketing and Public Relations

Average Graduate Student Tuition: $7,935/year
Student/Faculty Ratio: 17:1
Concentration Areas: Coaching and Athletic Administration; Outdoor Adventure Sport; Sport Administration; Tourism; General
Points: 10

#2. Lasell University – Newton, Massachusetts

Lasell University yet another prestigious school in its sports management courses offers personalized programs to students. Thus, this school has adequate facilities and tech know-how to train you to the best standard of sports management. So, among the best colleges in sports management.

Meanwhile, students have the option of choosing from four specialized concentration areas to develop a skill set that meets their professional goals. Some of the professional courses students will learn include;

  • Administrative Procedures
  • Sports Sponsorship and Marketing
  • Fundraising Concepts aincludend Practices

Average Graduate Student Tuition: $10,800/year
Student/Faculty Ratio: 13:1
Concentration Areas: Sport Leadership; Sport Tourism and Hospitality Management; Parks and Recreation; Athletic Administration
Points: 10

#3. Northeastern University – Boston, Massachusetts

The College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University offers a high-quality masters in sports leadership. Thus, one of the best colleges in sports management programs. Their incredible courses prepare students for a variety of sports-related occupations. Hence, the school accepts both full-time and part-time students to complete the 12-18 months program.

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Furthermore, the courses are developed for both aspiring and seasoned professional students to help them build a strong business foundation along with the sports management-specific training.

Average Graduate Student Tuition: $25,264/year
Student/Faculty Ratio: 14:1
Concentration Areas: Professional Sports Administration; Collegiate Athletics Administration; Analytics; eSports
Points: 8

#4. Troy University – Troy, Alabama

Troy University has also gained significant recognition in its master’s in sports management courses. Thus, the school curriculum includes a variety of teaching mediums including lectures, seminars, and experiences.

Meanwhile, some of the sports management elective courses in the school include;

  • Global Perspectives in Sport
  • Sport Psychology
  • NCAA Governance, Compliance, and Institutional Control

Average Graduate Student Tuition: $7,650/year in-state and $15,300/year out-of-state
Student/Faculty Ratio: 15:1
Points: 6

#5. Ohio University – Athens, Ohio

Ohio University captions an innovative dual MBA/MSA degree that prepares students for leadership positions in the sports administration field. Thus, the program boasts an academically tough curriculum grounded in business and improved to include sport-specific industry knowledge. So, some of the elective course offerings include:

t include sport-specific industry knowledge. Elective course offerings include:

  • Sponsorship in Sports
  • Intercollegiate Athletics Governance
  • Athletic Fundraising

Average Graduate Student Tuition: $9,444/year in-state and $17,436/year out-of-state
Student/Faculty Ratio: 15:1
Points: 6

#6. Shorter University – Rome, Georgia

Shorter University is a Christian school offering a sports management MBA program for upcoming professionals who want to dominate the world of sports. Thus, scholars with a bachelor’s degree can obtain this MBA program in just one year. While, those without their bachelor’s can obtain both degrees in four years, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Average Graduate Student Tuition: $12,600/year
Student/Faculty Ratio: 12:1
Points: 6

#7. Endicott College – Beverly, Massachusetts

Endicott College also offers high-quality masters in sports management taught by all-star practitioners. Hence, one of the prestigious colleges in sports management.

Meanwhile, the school also holds several flexible online formats that can improve professional and collaborative development. Hence, students can complete the program on their schedule by taking 4 to 6-week courses in areas like:

  • Facilities Planning in Sport
  • Event Planning and Programming
  • Sports Law and Risk Management

Average Graduate Student Tuition: $12,666/year
Student/Faculty Ratio: 11:1
Points: 6

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#8. Arkansas State University – Jonesboro, Arkansas

The College of Education and Behavioral Science at Arkansas State University has also gained strong recognition in sports management programs. Hence, one of the best colleges in sports management. They offer a cost-effective full-time sports management program that meets the needs of both working professionals and traditional students.

Furthermore, the programs they offer balance theory and practice to place graduates for success in the labor market.

Average Graduate Student Tuition: $4,986/year in-state and $9,972/year out-of-state
Student/Faculty Ratio: 18:1
Points: 5

#9. Wichita State University – Wichita, Kansas

The wonderful significance sports management master’s degree program at Wichita State University can turn your passion into a profitable career. Thus, Wichita State understands the significance of applied learning. So they have built in a six-credit-hour internship experience. Meanwhile, some of the required courses you’d learn in the school include:

  • Sports Management Technology
  • Management in Sport
  • Sport Marketing

Average Graduate Student Tuition: $5,544/year in-state and $13,615/year out-of-state
Student/Faculty Ratio: 19:1
Points: 5

#10. Bowling Green State University – Bowling Green, Ohio

Bowling Green State University features a master’s in sports administration planned over two years of study. Hence, their comprehensive curriculum encompasses areas like interpersonal communication, business administration, and marketing.

Also, some of their elective course offerings include directed research opportunities and an internship. So, students can select whether to complete a thesis, master’s project, or comprehensive exam as their finishing experience.

Average Graduate Student Tuition: $8,017/year in-state and $14,009/year out-of-state
Student/Faculty Ratio: 17:1
Points: 5

#11. University of Southern Indiana – Evansville, Indiana

The Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education at the University of Southern Indiana offers yet another good program in sports management. Thus, they offer a cost-effective masters in sports management. for individuals who have completed their bachelor’s degree.

However, their program requires years to complete. Although it can also be concluded in a year of accelerated. Because it is a 33 credit hour program.

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Average Graduate Student Tuition: $10,246/year in-state and $19,469/year out-of-state
Student/Faculty Ratio: 17:1
Points: 5

#12. University of Louisville – Louisville, Kentucky

The College of Education and Human Development at the University of Louisville also offers an affordable masters in sports administration. Thus, this includes an internship and a lot of elective coursework.

Also, students gain useful professional experience engaged in service-learning projects with local agencies. Hence, they provide both online and conventional classroom systems.

Meanwhile, getting admission into the school is highly competitive. Hence you need to prove exceptionally if you must easily gain admission.

Average Graduate Student Tuition: $13,260/year in-state and $27,374/year out-of-state
Student/Faculty Ratio: 14:1
Points: 5

#13. Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The master’s in sports management from Louisiana State University is a great option for professionals who want to make their imprint in this competitive industry. Thus, students will become innovative and thoughtful sports management leaders by taking courses like sports governance, and organizational and behavior development.

Average Graduate Student Tuition: $9,132/year
Student/Faculty Ratio: 20:1
Points: 4

#14. Central Michigan University – Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Central Michigan University is another great school offering sports management programs. Hence, sports management programs here are offered through the Herbert H. & Grace A.

Furthermore, this COSMA accredited sports management program gives students access to innovative instructional and athletic facilities. Also, they offer the opportunity to gain practical experience in areas like coaching and sports administration.

Average Graduate Student Tuition: $14,223/year
Student/Faculty Ratio: 19:1
Points: 4

#15. University of Indianapolis – Indianapolis, Indiana

The University of Indianapolis also offers top masters in sports management programs that prepare students for a variety of professional careers in sports administration. Thus, this is where India’s unique geographic location positions students right in the middle of the action.

Students will enjoy being close to the NCAA, conference offices, several professional sports organizations, and even Olympic governing bodies. The flexible hybrid format allows students to complete a significant portion of their coursework online.

Average Graduate Student Tuition: $38,452/year
Student/Faculty Ratio: 12:1
Points: 4

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A career in sports management is very lucrative and offers varieties of career options. You will primarily be tasked with the duty of managing and recordings sporting events. If you are a game lover it sure is the best way to build your knowledge of sporting events. So, the best decision you can make for yourself is making the best choice of institution. Hence we recommend you take a second look at the list of best colleges of sports management and apply for any that catches your attention.

Furthermore, if you have more queries regarding the colleges of sports management, do well to reach out to us.

Frequently Asked Questions About Colleges for Sports Management

Which country is best for sports management?

Best countries for a Master’s in Sports Management
The United Kingdom.
The United States.

Which course is best for sports management?

These classes will allow you to develop a better overall understanding of the business and legal aspects of the sports industry.

Sports history
Sports law
Sports marketing
Sport event management
Sport facility management.
Ethical and legal issues in sport.

Are sports management degrees worth it?

So, the short answer is “yes, a degree in sports management is worth pursuing,” if you’ve got what it takes to excel at the program. It offers a great deal of interdisciplinary applicability, in terms of its emphasis on teamwork, leadership strategy, and franchise management.

What is a sports management course?

Sports management is an interdisciplinary field, drawing on aspects of marketing, law, finance, and business. A specialized master’s degree helps students develop essential skills in business administration, economics, finance, law, psychology, and marketing – all with a specific focus on the sports sector.

What do sports managers do?

Specifically, sports management as a profession involves the oversight of nearly all aspects of an athletic program’s competition. This may include athletic training, providing resources for athlete education, ensuring team and coach compliance, and even fostering interest for your team or club in local communities.

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